Uncle Adolf’s table talk, 147


5th July 1942, evening

Falsification of war communiqués—Switzerland believes the Jewish lies—Britain in the hands of the Jews—Conservation of our racial integrity—Farcical success of Saint Paul.

Commenting on a completely false Soviet war communiqué which had been published in the Swedish and Swiss Press as well as in that of Britain and America, the Fuehrer said: These communiqués are typical Jewish fabrications. Although they do not even give names of places, they are nevertheless published by news agencies all the world over; and the explanation is, of course, that these agencies themselves are for the most part in the hands of Jews.

Unfortunately, this Jewish twaddle is being accepted without question not only in Britain and America, but also in Sweden and Switzerland.

Thanks to the development of National Socialist Germany, I firmly believe, if only on purely biological grounds, we shall succeed in surpassing the British to such an extent that, with one hundred and fifty to two hundred million Germans, we shall become the undisputed masters of the whole of Europe.

A recrudescence of the problem Rome or Carthage in the new guise of Germany or Great Britain is not, in my opinion, possible. For the result of this war will be that, whereas in Britain each additional million of population will be an additional burden on the island itself, the increasing growth of our own races will have open to them horizons of political and ethnological expansion which are limitless.

Further, any alleviation of the overcrowding of towns by a movement back to the land is not possible in Britain, for this would necessitate an immediate revolution of the whole social system of the Kingdom, which, in its turn, would lead to the disintegration of the rest of the Empire.

These very important facts have been largely overlooked in Britain because the country is ruled not by men of intelligence but by Jews, as one must realise when one sees how the intrigues of the Jews in Palestine are accepted in Britain without comment or demur.

One odour most important tasks will be to save future generations from a similar political fate and to maintain for ever watchful in them a knowledge of the menace of Jewry. For this reason alone it is vital that the Passion Play be continued at Oberammergau; for never has the menace of Jewry been so convincingly portrayed as in this presentation of what happened in the times of the Romans. There one sees in Pontius Pilate a Roman racially and intellectually so superior, that he stands out like a firm, clean rock in the middle of the whole muck and mire of Jewry.

The preservation of our racial purity can be assured only by an awareness of the racial issues involved; our laws, therefore, must be framed with the sole object of’ protecting our people not only against Jewish, but also against any and every racial infection.

We must do all we can to foster this racial awareness until it attains the same standard as obtained in Rome in the days of her glory. In those days the Roman protected himself subconsciously against any racial adulteration. The same thing occurred in Greece at the height of her power; according to reports handed down to us, the very market place itself in Athens shook with laughter when St. Paul spoke there in favour of the Jews. If nowadays we do not find the same splendid pride of race which distinguished the Grecian and Roman eras, it is because in the fourth century these Jewish-Christians systematically destroyed all the monuments of these ancient civilisations. It was they, too, who destroyed the library at Alexandria.

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The foundation

by Amasius

Christianity has no racial component. That wasn’t a problem a century ago, but it is now with our globalized multicultural world. With Christianity taking account only of faith and ignoring blood, it cannot help us in the situation we face. Those who profess Christianity and also have racial awareness possess the latter in spite of the former, not because of it. Christianity certainly isn’t helping now.

High_SparrowWe need to start with the foundation that race is everything: everything else grows out of it. We need a new religion that is tailored to this reality. It’s what William Luther Pierce and Alfred Rosenberg wrote about and they certainly weren’t Jews. It’s what I believe and neither am I.

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Xtian axiology feeds Ignatiev

by Jack Frost

Noel Ignatiev actually does make an effort to be consistent. He states, for example, that the Jewish race also does not exist, and favors its abolition, along with the abolition of the Jewish state of Israel. See, for example, here.

Ignatiev can be a challenge to deal with because, like most sophists, once you accept his premises, his conclusions actually do follow. Those premises are the scientific canard—backed up now by what is considered mainstream science—that race in humans doesn’t exist, along with the usual litany of de-Christed Christian hogswallop, which has sunk so deeply into their culture that most whites will accept it without thinking. To wit:

1. Universal brotherhood, both as a “scientific” fact and as something desirable to bring about.

2. Life viewed fundamentally as a moral struggle, wherein Good does battle with Evil, and it’s incumbent upon human beings to join with the Good to help defeat Evil.

3. That Love is better than Hate, Peace better than War.

4. That Justice requires treating everyone equally.

5. That the moral vision expressed by all of the above is more important than life itself; that even race suicide is not too much to demand in order to bring it about.

Once you reject his premises, Ignatiev’s argument falls apart. Of course, the fly in the ointment is that rejecting these premises in a culture shaped by Christianity is a rhetorical non-starter. This is why it’s imperative that the Christian worldview be defeated.

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Kurwenal who had not commented in this blog for a while, has just posted three insightful comments diagnosing Western malaise. This one deserves promotion to article entry:
A particular animating force, the Jewish-Christian spirit, has been travelling and ever moulding the outlook, the discourse, and values that today inform Western consciousness. The defining character of this spirit is egalitarianism. It has expressed an egalitarian will, an egalitarian mentality—instinctive at the beginning, but increasingly conscious of itself until, in our own times, it has become fully aware of its aspirations and final goals.

Western civilisation is condemned because the egalitarian utopia that has inspired it for the last two thousand years is in contradiction with the demands of modern society. Enthralled by this utopia, European man can no longer assume control of the world’s destiny, or be the creator of a new future.

Ashamed of a past which over time has given it undisputed superiority, the egalitarian West now wants the “end of history.” It desires a return to the static stage of mammalian happiness: to an Edenic pre-human past.

Egalitarianism has passed through different phases: mythical, ideological, and synthetic. It entered history (Phase One) in the garments of the Christian myth—“There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:28)—and, as with any other myth, without explaining itself in either its discourse or in its actions, sensing its internal dialectics still as unity and harmony. Then (Phase Two) the “contradictions” began to be felt and rationalised: first on a religious level, when the theologies of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation became “ideologies” and the dialectical contraries took social and political shape—becoming “parties.” In this second phase, egalitarian consciousness becomes deeper, re-conceiving the idea of “equality of souls before God” as “equality of men as citizens before their institutions.” This has come to be called “the revolutionary era,” since its manifestations were sometimes, though not always, violent. Liberalism—in its Anglo-Saxon and French modalities—started here.

Goethe was wont to say that ideas, taken to their ultimate consequences, become absurd. Egalitarianism was indeed pursued to its ultimate consequences: the aspiration and will of attaining “equality of men before Nature itself.” This Third Phase may be characterised as “theoretical,” since it claimed to merge—”rationally” and “ecumenically” in a superior synthesis—the ideologies that derived from the myth. It started in an embryonic manner with Hegelianism; then came a first political-philosophical manifestation: Marxism.

In the synthetic phase in which we currently find ourselves, the dialectics of egalitarianism are felt as an obstacle to achieving a global ecumene. Hence the constant presence of terms like “internationalism,” “cosmopolitism,” and “multiculturalism”—and the establishment of “political correctness” as the only legitimate discourse.

With hindsight, Marxism-Leninism may be considered a “deviation” from the main current of the egalitarian tendency, since it tried to “force” or “anticipate” the natural evolution of egalitarianism towards a final synthesis. It was not until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, and the peaceful ending of the Cold War—when Communism became reabsorbed into the common egalitarian matrix (partly because the objectives pursued by Marxism in the Eastern bloc had already been attained in the West)—that the final and true “recovered unity” of the egalitarian tendency took shape.

Its consecration may be observed today in the unanimous acceptance of the doctrine of human rights and its expansion through liberal-capitalistic or socialist-Third Worldist globalisation—a project of planetary homogenisation which seeks to progress till the conclusive exit of humankind from history.

Angry Christian

On The Occidental Observer Bonny Alba responded to the following angry comment:

I’m so tired of this absolutely idiotic “Christianity” bashing in our movement; normally, I always simply avoid the comment section when I see that it is (once again) “discussed.” It shows that many (maybe most) people in our movement simply lack the necessary broad perspective and clarity of thought.

Apparently, any assessment of the effect of blind faith in a universalist religion that people interpret to mean that all people are equal and the same and that you must turn the other cheek, be completely passive, let authorities destroy you and your family and race, and treat hostile aliens as you would with your closest relatives is an idiotic thing to do at a White nationalist site which examines the attacks of a hostile foreign elite using other minorities and immigrants as weapons against said Whites.

You call that idiotic?

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Silly Christian apologetics

on The Occidental Observer

by Jack Frost

I’d suggest re-titling this piece [“Is Universalism So Bad for Whites?” by Enza Ferreri—a woman!]: “Is Worshiping a Jew So Bad for Whites?” or in the alternative “Is Anti-Darwinism So Bad for Whites?” Maybe then the well-worn silliness of these arguments in favor of Christianity would stand out a bit better.

As I’ve written before, Christianity’s worldview opposes on virtually every point the scientific view presented by evolutionary theory. Nothing could be clearer than that the racist case will never succeed among people still hypnotized by the pre-scientific belief systems of Christianity, so we should welcome its demise, and do what we can to accelerate it…

Any theoretical arguments pro and con may be beside the point. Owing to its universalism, it’s simply a fact that today Christianity is very close to the tipping point of being a majority non-white religion worldwide, if it hasn’t already passed it. Come to think of it, a third alternative for a better title might be “Is Racial Suicide So Bad for Whites?”

After all, that is what all the Christian churches are promoting with their evangelism and their enthusiastic support of immigration. Of course, one would not expect to encounter such a straightforward question coming from a disciple of the crucified rabbi. But the honesty would be refreshing, and it would be equally good to at last see a Christian admit that, according to all the precepts of his religion, the answer must be “No”.

2nd podcast


Today’s Radio Renaissance podcast touches subjects reviewed here, like the criticism of Christianity. I don’t want to add anything to it except quoting Jack Frost again, who was not invited to the program: “The culture-wide triumph of Christianity has made it immoral to support one’s own race exclusively, or even to value it above others.”

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A question for MacDonald

What is the evidence that, even in pre-Christian times, Europeans were prone to moral panics and excessive guilt and/or altruism? I’ve never seen any and find it hard to believe there is any.

Jack Frost

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Quotable question

Since Christianity is premised upon the belief that a certain Jew is God, why should it be at all surprising that America, with its deeply Christian heritage, adores the Jews?

Jack Frost

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Sacrificial lamb

by Jack Frost

Valerie-SjodinIn our culture, shaped as it has been by Christianity, the premier innocent victim is and always has been Jesus.Jew-lamb
He laid the groundwork; established the archetype.

It’s inconceivable that the Holocaust racket would have been as successful as it has been in a non-Christian culture.

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