Linder reads Siege

Virtually everything you hear on the radio while you lose hours on the way to work is trash. But it is possible to do something useful at that time, like listening to James Mason’s audiobook, Siege, available on YouTube.

I have listened to the first three audios and it seems to me that the Covingtonistas should do the same. Mason in the voice of Linder says it is no time for a direct orchestrated struggle, like a frontal combat. Gathering all the racists of the world in one place would expose themselves to Uncle Sam bombarding them as sitting ducks, even if women and children die.

If there is to be urban guerrilla, things are not as simple as taking the novels of the late Covington as a script for our film (the blogger Severus Niflson, who retired his blog from the Internet years ago, wrote an article along these lines criticising Covington’s plan). I think Mason is right in saying, seek ye first the eradication of Uncle Sam and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. The Covingtonistas do the opposite: they put the chariot ahead of the horse. Their strategy is to first form the ethnostate by humiliating Sam with their little guerrilla wars—and then crossing their fingers so that he does not behave as he did in 1861 and 1945!

But going back to Siege. While it is true that the printed book is boring (it was not boring in the 1980s because then the articles appeared from time to time in Mason’s newsletter), with the voice of Linder it ceases to be boring in the journey to work.

If the thoughtpolice were to remove those YouTube audios, do not forget that Linder has a backup of all his spoken books on his website.

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Linder quote

I, for one, would like to see
a thousand Breiviks and Dylann Roofs.

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‘Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable’.

—John F. Kennedy

This month will be one year after the event in Charlottesville, which incidentally happened on my birthday: an ambush on the white nationalists of the United States in which the government of the state of Virginia colluded with the antifa and the media. If there is one thing that emerges from that day, it is that the System has decided to make a peaceful revolution impossible. They were able to violate their own laws and decree a state of emergency in order to sabotage the right of peaceful assembly of those protesting against the government’s decision to remove a Confederate statue.

With the hindsight of a year later it should be increasingly obvious that the System itself is telling us that there is no other way but violent revolution. I have spoken with Norman Spear and Joseph Walsh about this matter via Skype. Although I disagree with Spear that the federal government of the USA would never allow, in my opinion, a Neo-Nazi state as Covington dreamed in the Northwest, his Twitter account is a treasure trove of FAQs on how to make a Revolution.

Using chess terms I would say that I disagree with Spear’s ultimate strategy. In my humble opinion, the strategy should be to checkmate Uncle Sam à la Turner Diaries. But we completely agree on tactics about what guerrilla fighters should start learning right now.

Linder quote

Violence not only must be thinkable, it should be talked about quite openly. Organizations can be easily monitored and destroyed immediately if needed, or subverted over time.

Ad hoc grouplets or individuals working toward a commonly understood goal can’t be known or controlled, whichever means they use.

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A remainder to Anglin et al

Editor’s note: Five years ago I discovered this text as a sort of online flier and linked it for this site as a PDF. Now I am reproducing the text as a regular entry because of its very first words:

Defense of U.S. No Longer in White Man’s Interest

The highest priority of a country that any White man should fight to defend must be the protection of his race by prohibiting sexual contact between Whites and non-whites, thereby preserving the biological basis for European civilization. This is most effectively accomplished by the establishment of large geographical areas set aside for the exclusive use by those of wholly European ancestry. Those areas must be eternally defended against non-white entry by irrevocable law and military force.

European-descended people are now in a planet-wide race war as non-whites from every point on the globe seek to migrate to White countries, while our nation’s courts render legal decisions requiring Whites to feed, house, medicate and educate these non- whites. The United States Government, the State and City governments and the courts have failed us regarding these things and all of them are illegitimate. They are illegitimate because they do not serve the long-term racial interests of European-Americans. The government’s policies serve only the interests of the non-white races on American soil. The U.S. Congress and the state legislatures have enacted anti-discrimination laws and the courts have ruled “unconstitutional” certain racial laws enacted by our ancestors to protect them and their descendents.

What we have instead is Affirmative Action, non-white trade contractor “set-asides”, the defilement of our universities by the admission of low I.Q. Negroes, and an explosion of non-white crime that is many times greater than their percentage of the U. S. population. We have the mass media promoting sexual contact between White females and non-white males on nearly every TV program and in nearly every movie the American public sees. The same people who author these television programs are promoting the mainstreaming of queer “marriage”, the adoption of infants by queer “couples”, transsexualism and the encouragement of Whites to adopt non-white infants domestically and from overseas, “gun control” and massive non-white immigration into the U.S.

Any White person in the U.S. military, employed in law enforcement, or anywhere in the judicial system, is fighting to defend all of the above degeneracy and its practitioners.

Anybody who ridicules what is happening is usually portrayed in the media as a White male, and is always cast as a misfit, an outcast, an oddball or a pervert. The mass media expend a great deal of energy pacifying the White population and try to keep them off-balance and always on the defensive on racial issues by unending accusations of “racism” and “discrimination”— as if there were something morally wrong with us taken measures to protect our European race, our culture, and our ancestral and New World homelands. There is nothing wrong with it!

As the complexion of America continues to darken, Whites will become increasingly impatient, angry and conscious of the fact that something must be done. The Democrats, the Republicans and the Independents are all against us, and all now openly embrace multiculturalism, so we have passed the point where these developments can be reversed peacefully and the only avenue available to us is to encourage civil war and secession, in which individual states and clusters of contiguous states become race-based sovereign nations, or ethnostates. The coming civil war will be a guerrilla war and is actually underway now in its embryonic stage. That means that a weakened, chaotic, crime-ridden, unstable, and cash-strapped America with a flourishing underground economy is good for now. There are many things that we can do to hasten that day and be prepared for it. Among them are:

  1. Above all, understand that Whites are currently engaged in a low-level guerrilla war. In other words, we are in a planet-wide race war against all non-whites and that there will be no normal life for us from now on. This guerrilla war is about to escalate. Get ready!
  1. Raise your children with a strong sense of racial awareness and pride in their European heritage.
  2. Do not join the U.S. military or law enforcement. Do not defend the U.S. in any way and discourage your children from doing so.

  1. Home school your kids if you have an acceptable amount of education.
  1. Try to be self-employed so you can have control over your income, or at least have a small home-based cash-only business plus your day job. Try to barter your goods and services with individuals and businesses for items you and your family use daily, like food, gas, clothes, or other items that you know you can quickly sell for cash.
  2. Disassociate yourself from non-white acquaintances and, if possible, move to an all-White area. If you cannot avoid contact with non-whites in your work or school, keep those relationships on a formal basis—do not socialize with them away from work.

  3. Remember: Homeland security begins with a racially homogeneous society. Multiculturalism/racial integration = racial death.

Our enemies band together to protect their group interests with organizations like Rainbow Push Coalition, NAACP, La Raza, MEChA, AIPAC, Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith (ADL), Southern Poverty Law Center and others. They have a political agenda. Their political agenda promotes the racial homogenization of all of the Whitelands, destroying the biological basis for European civilization, and is extremely hostile to the interests of European-descended people.

The enemy is organized! Are you? Copy and Pass On

Annapolis shooting – novelist wanted

Siege’s most recent entry is important. Let’s take a look at Mason’s words:

At present the worst enemies of a revolution happening in America are: the unbroken sway of the System’s thought-control, i.e. the mass media; and the continued existence of this economy, as agonizing as it is protracted (and miraculous).

Regarding Mason’s second point, Mike Maloney, like millions of normies, may be a perfect western idiot. But it is worth watching his first four videos of why the American dollar is going to suffer a great setback in our lifetime.

Regarding Mason’s first point, there are limits to what one can say online. Perhaps a talented writer could write a series of novels in which the revolutionaries silenced the media by means of dozens of assassinations of anchors after the revolutionary front had warned: ‘An anti-white message in MSM leads to certain death’.

Strategically, those novels would be quite different from the quintet of Harold Covington. I’ve recently seen, on Twitter, that the Covingtonista who appeared on the last WDH podcast believes it’s possible to hostilely take over a piece of territory from the US and that, unlike what Uncle Sam did in Atlanta during the Civil War in the 19th century, and unlike the genocidal bombing of cities in Germany in the 20th century, this time Uncle Sam is going to behave and respect a neo-Nazi state!

The Covingtonistas are dreaming. Mason is down to earth. Again, regarding his second point above, the System itself will do us the favour of collapsing its own economy (those who have not yet seen the first four videos of Maloney’s course should watch them today).

Regarding silencing the media, we need a novelist with the talent of Covington who elaborates, in a fictional saga, the question of settling accounts with the media (as yesterday happened, in real life, in the Annapolis shooting).

Siege, 44

Readying for revolution

The mood of much of the population and the state of the economy both indicate that everyone could have a surprise in store for them at practically any time. Belief in the rottenness of the System coupled with the belief in ourselves and in our power to make revolution will guarantee that, even if we are surprised by any suddenness of events, we will not be found unprepared and helpless, to become victims rather than masters.

At present the worst enemies of a revolution happening in America are: the unbroken sway of the System’s thought-control, i.e. the mass media; and the continued existence of this economy, as agonizing as it is protracted (and miraculous). In short, the System survives and functions so people are not allowed to think, to know. Plus they can still be alternately rocked to slumber or subtlety coerced into inaction.

Our agenda at present then, as indicated by the prevailing conditions, would include: focusing all our concentration on the ideological swing from reaction all the way over to total revolution.

In other words, effecting a revolution within our existing Movement first; learning rapidly to live outside of the economy and live off of the System in order to help hasten its demise and to insure our own survival—whether there remains a month or twenty years left to this state of affairs; getting away from metropolitan areas and quickly establishing solid, independent enclaves for ourselves and our families; practicing both the subtle and overt undermining of naive faith in the existing government or System on the part of the people around us, not as “radicals” but as friends and leaders for the future; and having prudent stocks of weapons and sufficient stores of ammunition. Going “overboard” in quantities or in grossly exotic and illegal weaponry is a serious blunder.

Concentrate on safe refuge and let all words and actions go toward undermining the System and toward strengthening the Revolution.

In the future, at any time, the best friends of a revolution in this country will be any worsening or collapse of the economy along with any large-scale disaster, disruption, or upheaval from any source. We want, first, for the System to “crap out” before one and all so that the evil Jinni, the illusion that’s been holding it together for these past decades, will be once and for all dispelled. We want its pimps to be deprived of their entire purpose, their entire excuse for living (as well as their protection)—which depends completely on this economy’s survival.

And we especially want to see the System and its hired hoods under attack by the identical forces they created and unleashed upon our segment of the population as part of their “master plan” of control. We want to see the System’s strength and structure largely destroyed, initially by forces independent of our own. Only at that time will we be able to begin undertaking bold and sweeping actions toward assuming open control for ourselves.

By that time, and it could come much sooner than anyone expects, we will absolutely need to have a strong and well-functioning revolutionary organization already operational and with a full spectrum of direct experience under its belt. It is in this area and nowhere else that the breakthrough must be made: the area of revolutionary organization. Without it, the revolution must go to someone else who does possess the strength of discipline and the will necessary to move and achieve it.

First and last, the responsibility is entirely ours.

Vol. XIV, #12 – December, 1985


Why we are reproducing articles from Siege can be surmised: here.

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Siege, 41

There was no time to say goodbye

You can’t exist it the middle of an embryonic revolutionary movement and expect to live trouble-free indefinitely. We around here never did. At present if the System decided upon one, big midnight raid on all known Movement members, he’d probably make his bag with little difficulty and that is because we are nowhere nearly enough prepared defensively. But then neither are we properly prepared offensively and so Big Brother is not likely to be contemplating such a strike.

I’m speaking instead of the kind of situation where there exists the immediate threat of arrest and/or jail for a so-called “criminal violation” which on the surface would appear, legally and otherwise, to have no political connection. That, as all of you should be aware, remains our #1 threat individually as it has been for twenty years.

What would you do this minute if you were made aware that an arrest might be imminent? Not the kind of arrest that could be seen as the System vs. the Movement, but merely as the police against you. Would you, could you, leave your home, your family, immediately? Do you have dependable transportation readily available? Do you have safe accommodations nearby which you can depend on without notice? Do you have safe accommodations out of state which are likewise dependable without advance notice?

How about out of the country if necessary? Do you have lines of communication back home which can act as your eyes and ears in your absence? Do you know which foreign governments—and how to approach them—might offer aid and sanctuary should you have to depart permanently? Could you and would you go if you had to? Or would you be caught flat-footed, paralyzed by terror and indecision, without instant recourse?

If your answer to any one of these questions, except the last one, is “no” then I suggest that you take steps to correct the situation while you still can. Your liberty may depend on it. Forget a glorified, dramatized guerrilla war in which hundreds or thousands are involved. In more or less “normal” times, could you, on a one-to-one basis, evade the damned police if you had to? Just pick up and go on a few, precious moments’ notice??

If not, you’re living under a deadly disadvantage and possibly fatal handicap. We were suddenly faced with this very thing here and managed to pass the test. Our lines of communication discovered afterward—once we were out of reach and safe—that the situation was one which could be controlled or at least looked to be a decent enough gamble and not a one-way ticket to Who-Knows-Where. We’re back in the saddle now and making our moves.

Whatever the outcome of that, it afforded a priceless and 100% realistic “dry run” for what can happen in life under a police state, in life in the reality of revolution, and not the fantasy of books. I urge all of you to think about it. Then act.

Vol. X, #6 – June, 1981


Why we are reproducing articles from Siege can be surmised: here.

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Siege, 38

Brief your people

As we’ve said often enough in the past, not everyone is a leader type. Not everyone can be expected to do all the thinking, all the time. If you are working with others, under whatever pretenses, it is a serious mistake to assume they will be able to think things through and make all the right moves under a sudden and stressful situation—such as a police attack—with no preparation. The only best way to prepare for such an event—which you may safely assume WILL occur sooner or later—is by BRIEFING YOUR PEOPLE in advance of any contingency.

A briefing is just that: it is a going-over, aloud, of only the essential points involved in any specific situation. Only the crucial, critical facts and principles that are known to be involved.

I personally have worked miracles through the successful use of briefings. A person totally unfamiliar to a given situation can be made to pass as being intimately familiar with it after a thorough briefing. And a thorough, successful briefing should require no more than thirty minutes time, maximum. Anymore than that and you run the risk of confusing your people. At times I have taken people either by car or on foot from place to place while I have briefed them on the essentials and facts (and if there is a fabrication to be made, then that is to be injected after the known, indisputable facts have been introduced and established).

The key is to remove all confusion and uncertainty. Avoid redundancy and concentrate upon making as many important impressions on the minds of your subjects as possible. Making them acquainted at first hand by sights and motions only aids in making those impressions. Once they grasp the workings and are aware of the facts, then most anything can be added, including extra events and even extra people. This, of course, comes in most handy when prepping or coaching witnesses before appearing under oath.

When getting ready to head off a possible mess involving the law, as in the case concerning a revolutionary circle living and existing outside of legal bounds, briefings made well in advance of any expected investigation or attack and rehearsed periodically, designed to DELETE certain group activities, are what is required.

A successful briefing will never involve an attempted recital of a cut-and-dried script. To be credible and, thus, be effective in practical use, whether offensively or defensively, one’s given story must flow naturally and show all the characteristics of a normal, relaxed conversation. It must never go in direct contradiction of the known facts but instead merely present an “unknown side” of the story, basically in agreement with all the others. It must never include easily, readily demonstrable lies. Further, when under investigation or attack by any Pig agency of the System, it is of the utmost importance that everyone KEEP THEIR STORIES STRAIGHT! Consistency is one of the most basic keys to successful briefing.

A shrewd individual will know how to brief his people so that the enemy will provide the cues for the prepared stories or answers. To be really successful at briefing people, you must make them able to recognize dangerous or trick questions when they are asked. Most generally, the appropriate answer will be only too obvious. With practice, all involved will get better. Briefings should properly provide what amounts to “instant experience” in whatever area it is you are going into. Its effect should be of building confidence within, and robbing the enemy of any element of surprise.

I have done this successfully with groups, with individuals, with the elderly and with very small children. The object is always the same: defeat the Pig.

Vol. XIII, #7 – July, 1984


Why we are reproducing articles from Siege can be surmised: here.

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Siege, 34

Helter Skelter is coming down

But while membership and support for the traditional Movement has just about died, look what has been born in just the past year or so! To call it the “Movement” or to call it the “Right” would be a bad misnomer.

From the forces favoring Life itself there has begun an assault, not just in the United States but in Europe as well. Not more parliamentary garbage which plays by Master’s rules but armed assault! A few of the more aspiring attempts were frustrated but, as we have said, only because they were first, infant steps. Others will follow and will succeed. Those which have been the most uniformly successful have been the one-on-one, gut, animal-level encounters. Encounters one might well, only a few years ago, have ascribed as peculiar to the jungle.

The System’s “Justice Department” announced that it has fourteen major U.S. metropolitan areas under surveillance by what is referred to as a “Community Relations Service”. It means that one, at least, of the milestones we set for the scenario immediately preceding a revolution has arrived: when the System can no longer pay billions in tribute to the millions of savages in its cities, then we might look for some action.

The means by which the System hopes to prevent this from happening lies in their trying to “re-direct” violence or, in other words, defuse the bomb. The main weapon they have to do this with is the infiltration of both sides of the radical sphere. Black and White, and using the infiltrators to screw things up. Is this not what we have been reading about so often lately? But problem upon problem will compound for the Big Brother System and the time will soon come when, first, he has trouble paying enough pimps to keep the revolutionary movement from climbing to its feet and, second, the time is going to come when few individuals will want to take that kind of chance—for any money—once infiltrators start being killed as soon as they are uncovered.

The elements, already in motion and proceeding at the same pace along routes destined to converge at some future date, will come together suddenly.

This year it was reported in the System’s media that 1980 saw no fewer than nine major riots in large U.S. cities. But during 1980 I recall only one riot—Miami reported as such by the media. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell exactly how far along things actually are at any given moment because of the controlled media. Big Brother will never allow Dan Rather to report that he is hanging on the ropes by his eyelids.

Look at the situation in Britain. When that occurs on a comparative scale here it will mean the END OF THE SYSTEM!

Media reports indicated only weeks ago that a dam was blown in New Jersey (already in critical shape for usable water) and resulted in the System’s puppet-in-charge declaring a state of emergency. The balance the System maintains today is incredibly delicate and highly vulnerable to attack by just individuals. It isn’t a case of kill or be killed, instead it is a matter of killing in preference to allowing Death to win by default.

I believe that through past experience, by weighing in cause and effect, and by taking these incidents that have occurred over approximately the past year, we can estimate closely the time-table for the destruction of the System. The weakening of society, the increase in the number of those fighting for their life who step outside Master’s rules, what the Blacks can be expected to do, almost universal apathy all the way to hostility toward the System among the masses, etc., will increase until the current balance becomes absolutely untenable. That’s when all bets will be canceled, the gloves will come off, and Helter Skelter will commence.

Those already dead in the Jew’s money, and especially those now exercising power through the Jew’s money, will fall like flies when, first, the System can no longer maintain artificially—as it now does—the hellish, unnatural life-support of the megalopolis which contain the bulk of the genetic morass and the clonish, zombie-like lost “Whites”, and, second, with the money-weapon having evaporated into thin air from their hands, the sold-out politicians and pigs become fair game for a population bent on bloody lust.

Those who own the show today will go to their reward wondering why and how this could happen to them, how the tables could have turned so fast. The beginning is HERE and few recognize it. The end will be even more unexpected.

Vol. X, #8 – August, 1981

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