March of the Titans

The following passages of one of the last chapters of March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race by Arthur Kemp caught my attention:

“Civil rights”

The forty five years following the end of the Second World War were dominated by three issues: the decolonization process; the development of the concept of Civil Rights, and the hostility between the “West” and the “East,” also known as the Cold War.

The first time that the black bloc vote played a significant role in helping to elect an American president occurred as early as 1948, when Harry Truman was elected to the office through a combination of the bloc Black vote and a minority of White votes. Truman had gained the support of Blacks by issuing an executive order that eventually desegregated the armed forces and by supporting a pro-civil rights policy for the Democratic Party over strong opposition from Southerners.

Whites in the Southern states bitterly opposed the moves to desegregate schools. In September 1957, the governor of Arkansas, Orval E. Faubus, ordered the state’s National Guard to prevent nine Black students from attending Central High School in Little Rock. On 23 September, following a number of racial clashes between Blacks and Whites in the town, Eisenhower dispatched federal troops to force White students to attend the school, frog-marching the protesting Whites at gunpoint with bayonets drawn, into the classrooms.


(Faubus speaking to a crowd protesting the integration of Little Rock schools.)

Where intentional segregation existed in the north, as in the city of Boston, the federal courts ordered redrawing of neighborhood school district lines, starting the practice of “bussing”— where children of different races were transported, sometimes 50 miles or more—across huge distances to force them to attend schools attended predominantly by other races. This bussing system caused a great many racial clashes and violence. Very little point was achieved by sending a hundred White children into a school of 2000 Black children, or vice versa, apart from increasing racial tensions dramatically. The practice of bussing then spread all over America, soon becoming a major national political issue which was debated right up to presidential level.

The 1960 election of John F. Kennedy as Democratic Party president of America—again with overwhelming Black voter support—saw a new surge in laws designed to strike down the last of the segregationist measures in America.

The long established American laws forbidding intermarriage between Whites and Blacks were also then challenged in courts and repealed: between 1942 and 1967, fourteen states repealed their anti-miscegenation laws. In the case known as Loving v. Virginia (1967), the US Supreme Court struck down laws banning interracial marriage and by 1968, all forms of de jure segregation had been declared unconstitutional.

Black riots started in the 1960s. The first serious disturbances broke out in Cambridge in 1963 and 1964, and the National Guard was called in to restore order. Then in 1965, a particularly severe Black riot erupted in Watts, a Black ghetto in Los Angeles. The Watts riots lasted six days, taking 34 lives and causing $40 million in property damage. Black riots then spread across more than thirty major American cities, turning almost every major center into a battle zone of White policemen trying to control mobs of Blacks rioting and burning and looting anything they could.

Baffled by the Black riots—in theory there should have been less reason to riot than ever before—president Johnson appointed a commission, headed by the former governor of Illinois, Otto Kerner, to investigate the causes of Black unrest. The report of the Kerner Commission, issued in 1968, warned of the increasing racial polarization in the United States and said that the “nation is moving toward two societies, one white, one black—separate and unequal.”

Increasing Black urbanization, coupled with its associated problems of an increased crime-rate, increased racial tensions and resultant integrated schools—which in every measured case led to fall in educational standards—created in the 1970s the phenomena of “White flight”. Entire neighborhoods of Whites started moving, lock stock and barrel, out of the major American cities into outlying suburbs. In this way many city centers became almost overnight Blacks-only areas: and this, combined with the dropping of any type of voter qualification, meant that by the mid-1970s, a number of these major cities had elected Black mayors and city councils for the first time.

Civil rights in review: a colossal failure

In real terms, the decades of civil rights programs have been a failure. Not only have average living standards for all but an elite of Blacks declined, but they have also dropped on every other social indicator.

In 1997, over one million Black American men were in prison, and homicide was the leading cause of death among Black men aged 15 to 34. Nationwide, blacks—although only 12 per cent of the population—account for 64 per cent of all violent-crime arrests and 71 per cent of all robbery arrests (Paved With Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America, Jared Taylor, Carroll & Graf, 1993).

In 1988, there were fewer than ten cases of white-on-black rape—as opposed to 9,405 cases of black-on-white rape. Taylor reports that black men appear three to four times more likely to commit rape than whites, and more than sixty times more likely to rape a white than a white is likely to rape a black. This black crisis still disproportionately hurts whites. Black criminals choose white victims in more than half of their violent crime; the average black criminal seems over 12 times more likely to kill a white than vice versa. Homicide is now the leading cause of death for black men between 15 and 44; one in four black men in their twenties is either in jail, on probation, or on parole.

All this has happened despite the USA subsidizing its Black poor, publicly and privately, to the tune of more than $2.5 trillion in federal moneys alone since the 1960s. The cities run by Black Americans—Washington DC, Detroit and others—are marked by collapse, decay, exceedingly high levels of violent crime, drugs, gang wars and economic decline.

The words of the 1968 Kerner Report have remained as valid as ever: America is a society of racially separate unequals.

Italian scum

“White Nationalists treat Mediterraneans like Republicans treat Mestizos.”


The 1924 US immigration Act was aimed at restricting the Southern and Eastern Europeans, among them Jews who had migrated in large numbers since the 1890s, as well as prohibiting the immigration of Middle Easterners, East Asians, and Indians. Thanks to it, the quotas for immigration from Southern Europe were so restrictive that there were more Italians, Greeks, Hungarians, Portuguese, Romanians, Spaniards, Chinese, and Japanese that left the United States than those who arrived as immigrants. Alas, white Christians are crazy, and after their saner periods they cannot control their ethno-suicidal impulses. A good example of this is precisely how the Italian mafia infected a previously Nordic, genuinely white nation.

Recently, at home, I watched a few scenes from both the first two Godfathers and Goodfellas. Tommy DeVito (interpreted by Joe Pesci in Goodfellas), inspired in a mafia fellow of the real US world, is one of the most repulsive characters I have ever seen on the big screen. Presently I can no longer tolerate watching the whole films. I find that Italian subculture nauseating. That’s why, at the beginning of the second Godfather film, set in the year when I was born, Senator Geary’s words after he attended the First Communion celebration for the son of Michael Corleone, the head of the Corleone crime family, are notable. That’s in fact my favorite line of all mafia films I’ve ever seen.


After the public ceremony, Senator Geary meets with Michael in his office. The Corleone family had obtained control of several casinos in Nevada. Geary offers to help Michael obtain a disputed gaming license in exchange for an exorbitant bribe, and this is how he addresses the godfather in front of his private gang:

Because I intend to squeeze you. I don’t like your kind of people. I don’t like to see you come out to this clean country [I remember how I loved these words while watching the film in the middle 1970s!] with your oily hair, dressed up in those silk suits, passing yourselves off as decent Americans. I’ll do business with you, but the fact is that I despise your masquerade, the dishonest way you pose yourself. Yourself and your whole fucking family.

Unfortunately, since many white nationalists are dense or dishonest enough to see “white” when a non-snatched individual sees “brown” or “olive,” I only will be able to share this soliloquy with non-“snatched” folks.

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VNN commenter on GD crackdown

GD symbol
The kikes that placed Greece in the economic chaos it is in, should be the ones wearing handcuffs and placed behind bars, not Golden Dawn members. To the international izzies it is a crime to look after and protect your own race, ethnicity and country first and look out for your own interests first.

To these kike vermin it is a crime to want your own kind to be safe from the illegal mud immigrants coming into White nations that commit violent crimes and take everything from the native White population. That is, of course, unless that nation is Israel—then it is okay to do whatever it takes to protect the “native” people. I hope GD fights these jew criminals and continues to be the effective force for the Greek people that it has been for years.


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Jewish-controlled media – Why?

The blogger Armor linked the below article by William Pierce in the previous thread but the question remains: How on Earth could whites handed over no less than their culture-creating medium to an alien tribe?

For goodness sake!: Why? I for one blame the latest phase of Western Christian civilization for such treachery (for a very brief reason see: here).

Pierce said:


There are so many things worthy of comment today that it’s difficult to make a choice.

Certainly, one of the more significant things is the world’s reaction—or lack of reaction—to the election of Ariel Sharon to be Israel’s prime minister, as soon as he can put together a government. Do you remember the reaction of the mass media, the politicians, the leaders of the Christian churches, and all the rest of the big shots when Jörg Haider’s Freedom Party won enough parliamentary seats in the Austrian elections a little over a year ago to have a role in the Austrian government? Some countries recalled their ambassadors. Politicians around the world were shaking their fingers at Austria and announcing that they would not tolerate Haider’s participation in the Austrian government. Trade embargoes against Austria were threatened. And the reason? Haider had broken some taboos by making statements the Jews didn’t like. He had said that there had been many decent people fighting on the German side during the Second World War, including people in the SS. He had said that some of Hitler’s economic policies in the 1930s had made good sense. And he had called for a cutoff of immigration into Austria.

Now, Haider is not made of very stern stuff, and when he was criticized for his statements, he apologized and back-pedaled. But his apologies had not been enough, and the electoral success of his party resulted in a continuous barrage of sensationalistic media attacks against him and the ostracism of Austria by everyone who stepped to the music of a Jewish drummer.

So now Ariel Sharon is set to become the prime minister of Israel. Sharon is the man who, as Israel’s minister of defense in September 1982, during Israel’s invasion of Lebanon, made the arrangements for the slaughter of more than 3,000 Palestinian women and children in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps just outside Beirut. The Palestinian fighters had evacuated the camps, leaving their women and children behind, after being assured by the U.S. government of Ronald Reagan that their families would be safe. As the Jews moved in, radio communications among Israeli military commanders were monitored in which they talked about carrying out “purging operations” in the refugee camps. Then the Jews surrounded the camps with their tanks so no one could escape and sent in the butchers. For two days they kept the camps sealed while the slaughter went on. They kept the camps illuminated with flares at night to assist the murder squads. That was Ariel Sharon’s work: more than 3,000 murdered women and children, murdered in a characteristically Jewish way after tricking the men into leaving their families unarmed and defenseless.

But the massacre of refugees in Sabra and Shatila that gave Sharon the nickname “Butcher of Beirut” wasn’t his only work. Long before 1982, when Sharon was an Israeli army general, he was notorious for the atrocities he and his troops committed. He liked nothing better than to sneak into an undefended Jordanian village at night with his soldiers and go on a throat-cutting rampage. After the reaction to his butchery in Sabra and Shatila in 1982, Sharon was obliged to resign as defense minister and leave politics for a while. But when he decided to run for prime minister last year, he prepared the way by deliberately provoking the violence and killing that have been so much in the news in recent months. At a moment when things were already extremely tense, he marched up to Jerusalem’s TempleMount with a large contingent of armed bodyguards who chased away Moslem worshippers and caused outrage among Palestinians. This outrage predictably erupted into stone throwing by Palestinian children and the shooting of Palestinian civilians by Jewish soldiers. Barak couldn’t restore order, and so Sharon beat him in last week’s election and won the chance to become prime minister in his place.

And where is the outrage among the politicians who were wagging their fingers at Jörg Haider a little over a year ago? Where are the sensational media stories about Sharon’s criminal history? Why are the church leaders who condemned Haider’s “immoral” statements now silent? Who is threatening to recall an ambassador from Israel or to cut off trade with Israel?

This is a lesson for those with eyes to see. It is a lesson not so much about Israel’s atrocious behavior but about the hypocrisy and utter dishonesty that characterize virtually all of those outside Israel who occupy positions of power and influence. And it also is a lesson about the nature of our mass media, a lesson about the motivations of the men who control the media. The conventional wisdom is that the media are liberal, that the men who determine their policies are liberals, leftists. But that isn’t so. The truth of the matter is that the media are not liberal: they are Jewish. The men who control them are not liberals: they are Jews. And that is why the media reacted the way they did to Haider’s electoral success in Austria and to Sharon’s success in Israel. Understand? If you believe that you have any other explanation for their behavior, tell me about it.

Well, I could talk all day about this subject—about the absolutely fundamental problem for the whole world that this Jewish control of the media is—but let’s talk about some other things today. There have been lots of new Black-on-White crimes that the media bosses have decided that you don’t need to hear about. An unfortunately high percentage of these crimes have been against young White women. In Little Rock, Arkansas, for example, a serial rapist has raped at least eight White women at gunpoint during the past five weeks. I say “at least eight” because eight victims so far have come forward and given matching descriptions of the Black rapist to police. I have no idea how many other women have been too afraid or too embarrassed to go to the police or simply are unable to give an adequate description. Anyway, we have a Black rapist on the loose in Little Rock who has brutally raped at gunpoint at least eight White women in the last five weeks, and it’s not news outside of Little Rock.

Three months ago, back in November of last year, I told you about the disappearance of Lucie Blackman in Tokyo. Lucie was an exceptionally attractive 21-year-old English girl—a tall, slender, blue-eyed blonde—who went to Japan as a tourist and ended up working as a “hostess” in an exclusive Japanese businessmen’s club. And then she disappeared. In November I told you that although no trace of her had yet been found, Lucie almost certainly had been drugged, raped, and murdered by a Japanese real estate tycoon, Joji Obara, with whom she had been seen leaving the club. Obara liked tall, blonde girls and already had raped a number of them and gotten away with it. Well, now Lucie has been found. That is, her head, her torso, and her hands have been found embedded in a concrete block a little over 200 yards from Obara’s waterfront luxury apartment. It’s big news in Japan, but I’ll bet you hadn’t heard about it. I mean, what a story! Tall, beautiful English girl, wealthy father, predatory Japanese rapist who is a business tycoon, girl’s dismembered body discovered in concrete block near tycoon’s apartment, and it isn’t news in America!

Listen, this is another subject I could spend all day talking about. I have detailed reports on my desk right now of half a dozen other cases of White women raped or murdered or both by Blacks here in the United States in the past few weeks, and the news has been covered up except in the immediate areas where the crimes took place. I believe that it’s worthwhile continuing to talk about these crimes even after I’ve made my point because there always are new listeners who need to be convinced.

After I reported on the mass rape and murder of Whites in Wichita, Kansas, by two Blacks a few weeks ago, I had a number of new listeners write to tell me that they hadn’t believed me when they heard my broadcast, so they had checked it out themselves and were astounded to find out that it was true. They hadn’t thought it possible that anything so horrendous could be or would be covered up. They hadn’t believed that any responsible person—the news director for any national news medium, for example—would want to cover up such a thing. I believe that every time I talk about something like the Wichita massacre I help a few more people discover just how serious a problem we’re facing.

And certainly it’s a serious problem when the people who control the national media deliberately distort the news, suppressing some news and exaggerating other news, in order to mislead public opinion. That is a serious problem. But I’m afraid that often I am guilty of not probing the nature of the problem deeply enough. I’ll give you an example. Members of my organization, the National Alliance, have been distributing some of our publications in Little Rock recently, calling attention to the rising incidence of Black crime against White people. This is a bit of a sensitive issue in Little Rock at the moment because of the series of Black-on-White rapes there I mentioned a minute ago, and while the consciousness of the White citizens of Little Rock is up a bit, we are seizing the opportunity to provide some information to them to which they otherwise might not be as receptive.

Well, the unfortunate fact of the matter is that a majority of the White citizens of Little Rock—and every other city in the United States—are not receptive to any information or idea that is Politically Incorrect, no matter how atrocious the situation. They will cling to Political Correctness like a drowning man clings to a life preserver. They will think what they are told to think and say what they are told to say by Authority. They are lemmings.

After one of our distributions in Little Rock a couple of days ago I received a letter from a lemming there. He began his letter:

Get out of Little Rock! The last thing this city needs is a bunch of ignorant, shortsighted, ill-bred bigots tainting the rest of us with hate. I was disgusted when I saw hundreds of your organization’s pamphlets littering the driveways of normal, decent people here. Et cetera.

He went on to tell me in a prissy, self-righteous way that he is a White conservative who always votes Republican. He also said, however:

Give up your dream of a White nation. It is not going to happen, and it shouldn’t. The world is a diverse place, and it is the better for it.

That, of course, is the party line of both the Democrats and the Republicans, with perhaps a barely detectable difference in emphasis. “Diversity is good. More diversity is better” is the Politically Correct party line. The lemmings believe it because they have heard it directly from their TV. Their favorite sports stars and Hollywood celebrities say the same thing. Al Gore and George Bush say that they believe it, and, by golly, so does every lemming. And the lemmings never heard either Al Gore or George Bush say a bad word about Black rapists who prey on White women. Their TV never has told them anything about Black rapists.

Undoubtedly they are against rape—at least, the respectable, Republican lemmings are. Presumably, the lemmings who have voted for Bill Clinton in the past can’t be very much against rape. But even the Republican lemmings will suddenly have very mixed feelings when the racial aspect of rape is raised. They know that it’s okay for them to be against rape. But it’s not okay to talk about or even think about Blacks raping White women. That hints of not being sufficiently enthusiastic about the wonderful diversity that has been growing like a rapidly metastasizing cancer in our society for the past 40 years or so. The Correct party line is that diversity is all good; there must be no reservations about that: nothing that questions the goodness of diversity.

I mean, just imagine where talking or even thinking about Blacks raping White women might lead. One might think back to a time where Blacks raping White women was virtually unheard of, because, for one thing, Blacks weren’t permitted to hang around White neighborhoods, and for another thing, for a Black to lay a hand on a White woman meant certain death. One might then begin thinking about how and why such a big change has come about over the past 40 years. One might begin thinking about the relationship between the increase in diversity and the increase in the incidence of Blacks raping White women. Oooh! Very Incorrect thinking!

It’s easy to see why the Republican lemming who wrote to me from Little Rock is upset. He is afraid that if I and other National Alliance members talk about the racial aspects of rape in Little Rock it will, to use his words, “taint the rest of us with hate.” Which is to say, that if National Alliance members in Little Rock make a big enough fuss about Blacks raping White women there, and people in Little Rock start thinking about it and talking about it, people in other parts of the country may suspect that the folks in Little Rock are “tainted with hate.” They will suspect that the Republican lemmings of Little Rock aren’t sufficiently enthusiastic about increasing diversity there. I believe that, unfortunately, the Republican lemming who wrote to me is more concerned about that than he is about stopping the rape of White women by Blacks.

Ten years ago I used to think that the way to straighten out the thinking of Republican lemmings was to hit them up alongside the head with a piece of two-by-four or with a sturdy, oak table leg. Then as I learned more about lemmings I realized that wasn’t really necessary. Trauma and privation certainly aren’t bad things when people need to be reoriented, but what is far more effective is simply to change their authority figures. Lemmings don’t need to have their thinking straightened out with a piece of two-by-four, because in a very important sense of the word they don’t think.

The Republican lemming who wrote to me didn’t look at the evidence, think about it, and then come to the conclusion all by himself that more diversity is better. That’s what his TV told him, and he’s just parroting it back. Lemmings no more think about what they’re saying than talking parrots do. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re stupid. This Little Rock Republican may be able to program his own VCR and figure out his income taxes all by himself, but when it comes to the question of Political Correctness, he does not think. It’s a conditioned reflex.

I’ve talked with you before about this lemming phenomenon, but it’s an extremely important idea, and it leads to some very important practical conclusions, so I want now to run quickly through the idea once again. First, in the struggle for racial survival in which we are now engaged perception is extremely important. It is essential for people to believe that our struggle can be won. Many people who should be working with me or actively supporting me look at all of the people parroting back what they hear on TV, and they compare that 96 or 97 or 98 per cent of the White population with the very small number of people who are willing to speak out against Sumner Redstone’s plan for a more diverse America, and they are discouraged. They conclude that it’s hopeless, that the odds against us are too great, that the forces of lemminghood are too strong. And so they give up. They won’t fight back.

But you know, that’s the wrong way to look at the struggle. It’s not us versus the lemmings. It’s us versus the people who tell the lemmings what to think. And that’s a very important distinction. I’m reminded of something I saw as a small boy. It’s the scene in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy and her friends discover that the seemingly all-powerful wizard is not so powerful after all without his illusions and special effects. The Jews are primarily illusionists. They work behind their television screen to create the illusion that everyone agrees with their poisonous ideas and is happy with the way Jews are pushing things: the illusion, for example, that every “normal, decent” person is happy with the trend toward more and more “diversity.” But pull the plug on their television, so that the illusions no longer appear on their screen, and one finds them not so formidable a force after all. And the lemmings, without being told what to think, can only mill around in confusion.

Which is not to say that the lemmings in their mindless millions are not dangerous and can be ignored. The point is that we don’t have to convert the lemmings. We don’t have to persuade them. We just need to whip the illusion-masters. Then the lemmings can be turned 180 degrees in a matter of weeks. The same lemmings who now call for more diversity—and really believe what they are saying—will be calling for racial cleansing and a homogeneous White America—and really will believe what they will say, when the mass media have been taken away from the Jews and returned to the control of our own people.

And that is why I emphasize over and over on these broadcasts the importance of being able to communicate with our people, the importance of breaking the Jewish monopoly control on the dissemination of information and ideas and images and illusions. The key to the survival of our people—the key to returning our people to moral and spiritual and racial health, the key to salvaging what is left of our civilization and our culture and restoring them to health and progress—is, first, to be able to compete effectively with the Jews in communicating with the non-lemming two or three or four per cent of the population able to think for themselves; and then to smash the Jews’ grip on the media with which they control the thinking of the lemmings.

That certainly is not an easy task—but it’s a much more feasible task than trying to make the lemmings think for themselves, and it is more feasible than trying to convert the lemmings while the Jews are still in control of their machinery of illusion. So what we do now is continue to build our own media—continue to gain more listeners every week to these broadcasts; continue to build our ability to disseminate leaflets wherever they may reach anyone with an open mind; continue to make books and other printed material and audio material and video material available to people seeking the truth—and to do this faster than the Jews can move forward with their efforts to ban the First and Second Amendments, thereby outlawing their competition and assuring the perpetuation of their monopoly control of the minds of the lemmings.

We’ll talk more about this in later broadcasts, because it is by far the most important task for the survival of our people.


Originally a broadcast, “Sharon, Rape, and the Wizard of Oz” was eventually published in Free Speech – February 2001 – Volume VII, Number 2.

The national equivalent to what happened in New Orleans

An edited version of the following article, “Katrina’s Intimation of the End: Afterthoughts on the Impending Catastrophe,” published originally at National Vanguard, is the eleventh essay in Michael O’Meara’s book Toward the White Republic, available from Counter-Currents Publishing here.

For a moment, as Katrina’s hurricane winds and high flood waters swept away the smoke and mirrors, the lemmings glimpsed an America that was not quite the bowl of cherries our programmers would have us believe. With a major U.S. city turned over to a mob of tar-face primitives straight out of Black Hawk Down or Pontecorvo’s Burn—reports of cannibalism and savage mayhem—the state-of-the-art Superdome filled with the sub-Saharan stench of feces, sewage, and dead children—corpses floating in fetid waters: America’s Third World future suddenly affronted us in its all irrefutable barbarism. The banner of Austria’s Der Standard said it all: “Third World USA.” For here, televised for the rest of the world to see, was the coming anarchy, the horror Kurtz found in the darkened heart that was Africa—and is becoming America.

Even the Judeo-corporate powers who operate “the rolling tent show we call America” were forced to take note of the unprecedented disaster afflicting New Orleans. The New York Times, flagship of the country’s controlled media, published not one but a series of editorials that hammered home a single unambivalent point: The system is not working. In the Times’ view, the preparations leading up to the storm were criminally negligent, those in its wake pathetically inadequate, and subsequent emergencies likely to follow a similar pattern.

The momentary outburst of discontent on the editorial page of this and other Establishment organs was not, of course, the sort White nationalists feel. The elite opinion molders are exasperated by the current leadership (or lack of it) because its incompetence, irresponsibility, and corruption has allowed “the lie of multiculturalism to explode before their eyes,” exposing the scabious underside of their anti-White plutocracy. Better than most, they see that Katrina was not just a natural, but a political disaster that imperils the entire system. As one European observer (Philippe Grasset) characterizes it, Katrina is the system’s Cindy Sheehan. For against the technocratic conditioning which Baudrillard calls the simulacra deluding and manipulating the facetiously named “public,” a single elemental force—be it a mother’s insistence or nature’s fury—tore away the veil cloaking the system’s corruption of all that once distinguished White America.

The third-rate human being presiding over the United States and the rabid Zionist cabal advising him ought to take the greatest heat for the apocalyptic events that befell New Orleans. But theirs, alas, is not the sole responsibility. More seriously, fault lies at every level of government and society: For an American city was lost not because of individual negligence or incompetence, but because of the system that made such a disaster possible possible

As the accusations and recriminations mount, we, the remnants of White America, must do our utmost to prevent the media moguls, crooked politicians, alien interests, and leading lights from evading the condemnation they deserve. More critically, we need to highlight the systemic sources of their misdeeds, for the system they represent operates not simply in opposition to the interests and welfare of White America, it seeks (and, for two generations, has sought) to destroy the racial-cultural basis of the civilization our forebears founded on this continent. But even more, we need to use this occasion to make every White man aware that the present ethnocidal system targets their survival, that its cataclysmic end is approaching, and that steps need to be taken now to ensure that the next cycle of American civilization is White, European, and anti-liberal.

Since 1999, the great European nationalist, Guillaume Faye, has been predicting a series of converging catastrophes that will provoke the collapse of the liberal-democratic regimes of money that have governed the West since 1945. [See “The Widening Gyre,” National Vanguard, 29 May 2005] Katrina’s destruction of New Orleans (following on the heels of 9-11 and the Iraqi fiasco) heralds what seems to be the first, albeit local, gasp of the system’s death throes.

Contrary to what the scoundrels in charge would have us believe, America was no gift of Yahweh. Like every organic or mechanical order, its social-political system contains elements that sustain its growth and development and, at the same time, ones that impair (or have the potential to impair) it. If ever the latter should dominate, the system cannot but become dysfunctional—and perhaps collapse. In Faye’s view, the present system controlling the former White nations of the West—subordinated to market principles, opened to all the world’s peoples, contemptuous of White tradition, culture, and ethnos, and indifferent to the destructive impact the system has on both human and mother nature—has reached a stage in its development where the dysfunctional elements are increasingly dominant, just as they were in the ex-Soviet Union in the early 1980s.

From this perspective, what happened in New Orleans is symptomatic of the system-threatening catastrophes gathering on the horizon. Be it racial-demographic trends, environmental deterioration, climatic shifts, casino-like economies, decadent social forms, corrupt, sclerotic institutions disloyal to their original intent—each represents a looming catastrophe whose eventual convergence will make all the others unmanageable.

Already the system is beset by failures that have begun to wear it down, erode its legitimacy, and undermine its capacity to rule. The biggest of these is related to the imperial “overreach” that began with the neocon aggression on Iraq. This was preceded by 9-11 and the dangerous geopolitical realignment it provoked and is today accompanied by a series of slower burning, but potentially greater, catastrophes related to the declining U.S. economy, the crisis of Third World colonization and the state of emergency on the border, and to all those cultural, educational, and social problems that come with the globalization of American life.

At each level of these crises—and I have named only the most obvious—the system is failing to resolve the problems besetting it. Though it continues to muddle through, a possible convergence of these mounting catastrophes—provoked, for example, by the confluence of a major economic breakdown, another ecological disaster, and a politically-discrediting scandal—will likely compound the existing crises, straining the system to the point of collapse. The result will be the national equivalent to what happened in New Orleans.

At virtually every level of its operations, the system has become more incompetent, shortsighted, and negligent. And this is not just a temporary or contingent development, for the same sort of failures have occurred day in and day out in the administration’s conduct of the Iraq war, in its international relations, and in its mismanagement of the nation’s economy. These failings, moreover, are system-wide.

Despite the media-amplified rhetoric of leftists and Negro race-hustlers, incompetence and irresponsibility during the emergency were not confined to the top. The corrupt municipal government of New Orleans’ foul-mouthed major, Ray Nagin, was no less guilty of criminal incompetence, neglecting to implement the most obvious precautions: It failed to issue a mandatory evacuation order until pressured by Washington, failed to implement it, and failed to make use of hundreds of city buses to transport those without cars. At the Morial Convention Center and at the Superdome, where it went through the motions of taking action, nothing of consequence was actually done, as local officials waited for “Whitey” to intervene and take charge. The horror tales now told of these sites are rivaled by few in literature. The utter absurdity of the New Orleans’ municipal effort assumed an especially unreal quality when Nagin gave his entire police force (which had shamed itself in the course of events) a five-day paid vacation in Las Vegas, once FEMA and the National Guard arrived to take control.

Thus it was that an indifferent, Israeli-oriented authority at the top and an utterly incompetent, African-led one at the bottom converged in New Orleans to create one of the great disasters in American history. The system’s routine production of such leaders (is it possible to imagine any other system in which a mentally unbalanced non-entity could become the nation’s número uno or a jive-talking African clown the mayor of a major American city?) not only condemns it to self-destructive actions: It closes itself off from any possibility of self-correction, as the illusory values and beliefs its liberal and neocon ideologues arrogantly propagate are confused with reality itself. Not surprisingly, the virtualist mindset of such a leadership is already preparing the basis for future disasters.

But more telling than even the system’s growing incompetence and illusory grasp of reality is its determination to replace its core European population. Evident in the terms that have come to designate New Orleans—Mogadishu-on-the-Mississippi, Haiti North, Post-America America—this once splendid enclave of Franco-American civilization has, since desegregation, been turned into a Third World slum. With a pre-Katrina population more than two-thirds Black, New Orleans had, in effect, ceased to be an American city in any ethno-cultural sense of the term. And it was the non-White racial character of the city’s population that was instrumental in turning a natural disaster into a social-racial nightmare. For once order collapsed in the wake of the flooding, and the veneer of civilization controlling the city’s Congoloid residents gave way, the ruined city almost immediately descended into barbarism. (As David Duke pointed out, the only thing separating American order from African anarchy is that “thin blue line of police armed with high-powered weapons.”)

How, though, is this racial turmoil reflective of the system’s growing dysfunctionality? Besides the fact that the system has eroded the country’s earlier White civilizational forms and violated the most elementary requirements of every social organization (i.e. the biological defense of its people’s genetic interests), it has encouraged the growth of the non-White population through a consciously-implemented policy of open borders and mass immigration, through welfare programs that subsidize non-White births and discourage White ones, through a brain-washing, totalitarian ideology of multiculturalism that undermines the historic conventions of America’s European culture and allows whole cities to be turned over to alien hordes. All these policies, to one degree or another, reflect the system’s effort to undermine the country’s White population and replace it with a non-White one attuned to the demographic requirements of the new global economy.

That the barely humanoid character of many of these “new Americans” lack the civilizational potential of Whites, that they are inordinately prone to violence and aggression, that they harbor murderous feelings towards the former majority, that they sustain a counter-culture of drugs, prostitution, and crime, that they soak up public funds and deprive other programs, like levee maintenance, of needed monies, that they made New Orleans one of America’s murder capitals, all, again, stem from the system’s Judeo-liberal disposition to privilege market exchanges, international labor markets, population transfers, multicultural deculturation, and the destruction of the nation’s historic European core. These anti-White policies are, indeed, so extreme that even criminals and miscreants were allowed to serve in New Orleans police force (as long as they had the proper hue). Was it surprising, then, that Whites caught in this multicultural hell were targeted for aggression, that nursing homes and children hospitals were attacked, or that White areas of Louisiana and Mississippi devastated by the storm have since been ignored or marginalized by government relief efforts?

For those who care to see, the horrors of New Orleans herald America’s possible future. Given the nature of the dominant forces, and the system nurturing and directing them, things are almost certain to get much worse, and do so at a quickening rate. Thus, as the various catastrophes afflicting American life begin to converge in a greater systemic disaster, the system itself is likely to collapse. Such a collapse will be either good or bad, depending: For collapse will either threaten our people with new, more horrendous ethnocidal forces, or it will create an opportunity to begin again. To ensure that the latter is the case, the defenders of America’s European core will need to start heeding the writing on the wall. As Guillaume Faye says, we need to start thinking in post-catastrophic terms.

The UK race riots

(A most embarrasing scene in the recent London riots…)

“In this country in 15 or 20 years’ time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man.”
—Enoch Powell, Rivers of Blood speech.

Enoch Powell was right. But the System killed the messenger. The Labour government with its insane immigration policies is guilty of a colossal crime against its own people. In the most recent thread about the UK race riots at The Occidental Observer:

Mark said…

@ “The events we see in the UK and in Wisconsin will continue until White men defy the laws of the land and start conducting guerrilla warfare against our enemies. No amount of blogging or book review writing is going to change a thing.”

Jon Wood said…

Mark: Thank God! Someone finally said it!

The reason we are all stuck in this blog to intellectualise about this crisis, is because that is what we have allowed ourselves to be reduced to. We are allowed to ‘talk’, but even then, blogs such as this are compelled by law to impose limits on what people can say. In particular there is a widespread prohibition in most Western countries against any statement which could be construed as inciting hatred against a particular race, ethnic group or ‘people’, unless it’s about whites.

So, we are really stuffed unless people can break free of what is clearly a determination to prevent white people from forming a ‘meeting of minds’ with the purpose of getting our act together.

On the issue of the media coverage of the UK race riots (yes, that’s what they are!), it has been quiet amazing to watch the lunatic left internationalists going into verbal overdrive on every media outlet. It’s almost funny, if it were not so serious, to watch these morons prattle on with one social theory after the other. And, and, and! Not once has the racial element been acknowledged.

The racial element to these riots is right at the core of the issue, and everyone knows about it, but no one in the media will speak its name.

I said…

Mark and Jon: you just nailed it. Time to order The Brigade from Amazon and start to think seriously…

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The Bell Curve

The totalitarian system of political correctness in which we live has hidden from us the main reason why has crime grown so much in Mexico.

When Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray, authors of The Bell Curve, published their study, with chapter 13 discussing the differences of intelligence quotient (IQ) between the various races, I was in Houston. Like thousands of other naïve westerners I swallowed the media claim that the science behind Herrnstein and Murray’s book was not solid. No, I didn’t read the book, even though by 1996 a Houstonian friend used to recommend it: the politically correct book-review at Scientific American had already brainwashed me.

Today, fifteen years after I believed the silly book-review of The Bell Curve that prevented me from reading it, I listened the YouTube clips on the actual content of the book, of which I will insert # 3, presently featured at The Occidental Observer:

[Note of February 21, 2014: the Thought Police has removed this instructive video from YouTube]

The information in clips #3 and #8 has been extended more recently by other authors who have written on the “Color of Crime,” or how people with lowest IQs are more prone to violence.

I do not agree with everything of the spoken introduction to The Bell Curve. In clips #6 and # 8 for example individualism is presented as the cornerstone upon which American culture must be built, and the book promotes a return to the egalitarian values of the founders of the United States as to how to stratify society.

However, even though if compared with white nationalists Herrnstein and Murray seem too cautious and even shy, their book has the merit of having brought a science spanning more than a century to the public eye. And if something can be inferred from IQ studies is that the explosion of crime at both sides of the Río Grande has to do with the type of people that the system has helped to breed geometrically: some blacks to the north and especially the slightly “mestized” Indians at the south.

Anyone willing to understand the crime rates in Mexico in recent decades, with all those ghastly beheadings and kidnappings, an unheard of phenomenon when I was a child, should become familiar with IQ studies. It is obvious that the calamity that many of us have suffered here down the South—I have been kidnapped twice in Mexico City—could have been avoided with a reverse social engineering policy of the very trendy currents of today.


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