Castilian intolerance

When in December I closed the comments of this site for a couple of months, I put a link to this notice:

I am a very busy person and do not have a moderator who is approving or censoring comments. If the visitor is not someone whose personal religion is virtually identical to the ideology of the SS Germans, I would suggest that he not even try to post a comment. Otherwise, email me ( and I’ll consider your comment.

To illustrate what was the guiding ideology of the cream of the crop of National Socialism, I would suggest that you read the last pages of the latest book I have compiled, On Exterminationism (PDF: here, hard copy: here).

Apparently, some visitors continue to ignore what I am trying to do on this site. See for example what I just said about my Castilian intolerance: here.

I think visitors should take seriously what I said in December, especially the words: ‘If the visitor is not someone whose personal religion is virtually identical to the ideology of the SS Germans, I would suggest that he not even try to post a comment’. As I wrote in one of my autobiographical books, one of my ancestors, José María Tort y Vivó, mentioned by José Zorrilla in Recuerdos del Tiempo Viejo, lived opposite the building where the Inquisition of New Spain had its headquarters.

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Valar Morghulis

‘Valar Morghulis’ is the tenth and final episode of the second season of the HBO medieval fantasy television series Game of Thrones. The episode aired on June 3, 2012. The episode’s title is a code phrase spoken by Jaqen H’ghar to Arya Stark during the episode, but its meaning is not explained until the next season: ‘All men must die’.

It’s in this episode when Robb marries non-white buttocks, and let’s talk no more about it. Incidentally, from this post I will open the comments section after two and a half months of closing it (but that doesn’t mean that I will let everyone comment).

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There won’t be a PO box

It will not be possible to rent a PO box in the country where I live, as I had recently promised. I have just returned from the offices and they informed me that my full name had to come, as addressee, in each envelope that arrived at the post office box. As I recently had problems because a (Jewish?) woman complained to relatives of mine, a woman whose son guessed who’s C.T., I can’t afford to keep putting my full name on this site or allow that envelopes are being addressed to me.

The idea of renting a PO box was not bad considering what will happen to the pro-white sites once the new administration is inaugurated: we will have to return to more archaic forms of communication. I would suggest that those interested in not losing contact with me write down my email address that appears on the sidebar: the only way to keep in touch after the US enters a state of complete anti-white totalitarianism.

The American elites have already been able, in the past few days, to deplatform Trump and his fans across the internet, and even threaten not to give jobs in the real world to those who have supported him. And this happens before Biden’s inauguration. We can already imagine what will come next…

By the way, yesterday and today I visited Counter-Currents to see who Johnson was posting in the aftermath of the event in the Capitol. The same old conservatives keep writing there. Let’s remember Commander Rockwell’s litmus test to distinguish who’s a conservative and who’s a National Socialist: the conservative wants to protect his social status and money, the National Socialist wants to protect his race.

From this angle, all those who claim to defend the white race on the internet are, in reality, conservatives: as no one begins to speak of revolution by quoting those famous words of President JFK.* It was last week when I used a commenter’s words ‘Civil war or the gulags. That’s now the choice and whites should take chances with the former’. But white advocates insist on remaining de facto conservatives.

Although I can’t be sure that the woman who complained to my family is Jewish (they don’t want to tell me her name), it’s worth ending this post with some humorous links. What bothered the woman the most is the little swastika that appears at the top of this page and what I wrote about Beth’s beautiful tits (after she complained I added this and this).


(*) In 1962, John F. Kennedy famously said, ‘Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable’.

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If you…

want to post a comment please read this.

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Third-world turtle

I had forgotten that the bureaucracy in a third-world country can have the speed of a turtle. As I promised yesterday, today I went to try to rent a PO box and the bureaucrat told me that I had to go the next week for the procedure!

I don’t know how long something as simple as renting a PO box in this nefarious metropolis is going to take. But when the bureaucratic turtle reaches its destination I’ll notify my visitors.

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Wewelsburg Castle

Obergruppenführersaal (SS
Generals’ Hall) with the
Black Sun on the hall floor

A decade ago, in one of the threads of Counter-Currents Greg Johnson said:

To win this battle, it might be necessary for some of us to become monsters who cannot return to normal society to enjoy the fruits of victory. We need leaders who are willing to sacrifice their immortal souls to this cause. I don’t believe there is an immortal soul, but psychologically speaking what passes for it are immortal scruples or absolute principles other than victory. All these need to be slain and sacrificed on the altar of victory.

This could have been Himmler’s advice at the Obergruppen-führersaal of the Wewelsburg Castle right before launching their Master Plan East! But compare this splendid quote with Greg’s more recent pronouncements: ‘…and Pierce’s absurd Nordicism and repugnant exterminationism’ (exterminationism that we can read in Pierce’s Who We Are).

Greg Johnson is one of the most prominent figures in white nationalism, an internet movement that I consider schizophrenic because of things like the ones cited above—very typical of most white nationalists, so reluctant to abandon so-called immortal scruples or absolute principles.

Considering such schizophrenia I finally decided to rent a PO box, the first thing I’ll do tomorrow morning. Now the question is: Who should email me and who should send paper letters to consider both comments as candidates for discussion threads? The answer is simple: the priests of the fourteen words will write to me by email and non-priests by ordinary mail. But how to know who’s a priest of the fourteen words?

If we recall once more the Master Plan East from the final pages of On Exterminationism (PDF on the sidebar), unlike Greg and company such a plan seems perfectly moral to the priest. Unlike white nationalists the priest isn’t a schizophrenic insofar as he has left Christian standards of morality behind; and let us remember that the so-called human rights are neochristian mandates, ultimately inspired by the gospels despite the anti-clerical Jacobinism of the French revolutionaries (a cultural phenomenon we call ‘neochristianity’).

To the priest of the fourteen words the ethnocidal conquest of other lands seems so moral that, if you are an American for example, after due ethnic cleansing in your country you’ll long for a ‘Master Plan South’ to turn the continent into New Scandinavia. If you don’t want that with all your heart, write your comments to the PO box please. If you would like to carry out such a plan not only in the South but throughout the world—Pierce’s fictional dream in his Diaries—write to me by email.

If the person who writes me is a true priest (‘with all your heart…’), the entry of his comments on this site will be practically guaranteed. In case you are not a priest, your lack of passion to give your life during the wars for a New Scandinavia will show up in your prose, in case you want to deceive me by sending me your text by email instead of sending it to my PO box.

Let not those who try to deceive me be surprised that I won’t answer their letters. And a warning to the Antifas who would like to send me a little gift by ordinary mail: I’ve already hired an employee of colour who doesn’t know English to pick up the mail at the post office and even open the envelopes…

Dear Caesar,

I sent you a small donation in support of the Daybreak Publishing project. I believe this is an invaluable project for our people, a sign of great devotion to the Nordic ideal and the 14 words. I did a little research on Lighting Source and it seems as though the initial cost for submitting the complete manuscript is $120 with additional fees for revisions, etc. Is that what your research shows? I made it a recurring donation, but please let me know if there are any additional costs and I will do my best to assist you.

I have never been much of a tech junkie or online poster so you probably do not recognise my name. Nonetheless, I certainly value your insight and the dedication that goes into your prodigious web site. I have been perusing your website from a distance for several years and I am a firm believer that our world is now completely consumed by neochristianity—a most astute observation my friend!

The recent COVID insanity is a case study in the absurdity of Christian ethics in modernity. I keep telling people that we are totally neglecting the most basic Darwinist principles and the mindless lemmings always reply: ‘We can’t possibly do that, people aren’t ready for that, we need to protect the vulnerable’.

The funny thing is that these people are not even professed Christians! So tiresome. Seems as though the survival of the fittest philosophy was burned up in the Hellstorm. Nonetheless, I am most hopeful that there are a few embers still burning. The new David Irving book is good evidence of this theory—I plan on ordering my copy later tonight.

Furthermore, I want you to know that I am really enjoying the new pdf book, On Exterminationism. Thanks again for all your hard work and please let me know if you need any additional help.

Best regards,

SS physician

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Best comment

by Tikhar


This will be a long post, but I would appreciate it if you would read it.

When I discovered your blog a year ago I was a ‘racialist’ Christian. Not even just a neo-Christian: an outright Christian. I would say I was at Level 4 on Mauricio’s scale.

At first, your blog posts filled me with anger, disgust and despair. You had revealed my belief system for the Chimera that it was: irrational, contradictory and two-faced. And I hated your for it. You dashed my belief in God or the afterlife, the belief that co-existence with non-Aryans was possible and more importantly my belief that Christianity and Christian values were compatible with The Fourteen Words. Almost every part of me wanted to leave this place and never come back, but something inside of me said, ‘Stay and push through the pain’.

I dreaded every new blog post and comment you created and put off beginning to read your essays until about two months ago, because I knew the further I went the more my worldview would be dismantled.

I scoured the internet in a frenzy to look for any piece of evidence that would debunk or rebuke you, but found none because no debunkings and rebukes were possible.

Eventually, I arrived at the conclusion that your explanations for the decline of Aryans, and the solutions of how to fix it, made more sense than any other, and I accepted them. And the most astonishing thing of all? I achieved this in the span of but a year! Far quicker than the 5-10 years Apollokult had estimated. You had rehabilitated me and made me sober.

Sober. That is the word I use.

Because my actions were like that of an addict who had been presented with undeniable proof that their addiction is harmful and leads to a dead end. When such a situation happens, an addict will respond frantically, even violently. They will search for any and all excuses for why they should be allowed to continue their destructive behaviours: 95-99 percent of them will fool themselves and go into relapse.

However, there are a scant few that will be honest with themselves and accept that there is no excuse, take the step into sobriety, and help others to do the same.

I am such a case.

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Dear Cesar,

Greetings in the name of Aryan man,

I write to you as a young Aryan man, trying to navigate myself in the dark world that we live in. To begin: I must say, great thanks to you, my friend! You have done more for our race than many in these darkest of times! Truly, your name will be remembered as one of those of glorious thought, of those who stood by us in the darkest hour.

I have read your last three editions of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour and I am almost finished with Daybreak. I, again, thank you for such literature. As I am sure you know, it is rare to discover those who understand National Socialism so deeply, and to compile such profound literature into a single piece.

I have been reading your website for the past thirteen months or so, and yet again, I am utterly stupefied that I can read the work of someone else who holds my ideological purity. If I can implore you on one issue: keep writing! It seems to me that while your website may have a small community, its future influence will not be insignificant. I enjoy reading your pieces about your personal life, about your family, with your ‘Nobody wanted to listen’ series. I understand a good deal of Spanish, but I eagerly await an English translation of your works currently kept in Spanish.

Believe me when I say that while your works have a wealth of logical backing to them, I find great emotional comfort in your writings. (To paraphrase Aristotle—for what are we without emotion; although yes, we cannot allow it to control us, we must remember it and deal with it accordingly.) It is as if a thought comes to myself—and to many others, rest assured: ‘Yes! Here is someone who understands us! Totally and without reservation’. It is glorious, that in these times of absolute darkness, those who fully understand our Führer’s mission are of enough understanding to write on it, and carry it out.

To conclude, thank you. One day we will triumph, and people like you, and websites like yours, will provide us with the National Socialist warrior-poets we require. Sieg Heil!



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Nobody wanted to listen, 11


Every time I tried to draw water from the well, the bucket came out dry in the desert of my acquaintances. Parents or personal tragedies, as a subject, was forbidden throughout society. For decades I couldn’t cover the topic with anyone.

For the human galaxy of those who commit suicide that history has seen, ‘at least one soul in the entire world’ could have saved them, some confessed. But they had no one to show solidarity with them and they killed themselves. How many millions of humans could have written a History of My Mind like the one the poet Kleist threw into the flames before blowing his brains out? Throughout my twenties and thirties something similar happened to me: I couldn’t write when I had everything ready to do so. Nor could I study a career, and what is worse, I didn’t understand why. In addition to the Letter I had written, my will faded away as I tried other enterprises. Then someone appeared in my life.


The day before I received your letter. How long the mail takes!

I have finished reading your book, it is so shocking and disturbing that sometimes I had to stop reading because of the sadness and pain I felt. It made me think and once I started to cry and I better stopped reading it because I was going to wet the pages… I understand your suffering and at the same time I admire your strength. Another lad would have become an alcoholic, a drug addict, a homosexual, a robber or whatnot.

Despite everything, I imagine that your parents love you, as well as you love them. How good it would be if they recognised the damage they caused you and changed their attitude towards you. The past could no longer be changed, but perhaps you would feel better in your self-esteem. (I think deep down they feel remorse, but they don’t want to admit it. How humility is necessary to recognise one’s mistakes.)

November 24, 1998. And you walking through those gloomy streets of Manchester, at midnight, with the solitude of Chirico’s paintings. Like a repetitive nightmare: the teenage Caesar slapped and alone. The one who lost his family and only loved his tree. The Caesar who walked around in his bedroom at his grandmother’s house when he turned thirty…

July 17, 1999. The letter you want to send to your mother (‘Postscript: I will never forget the golden stage that, thanks to you, dad and my siblings, I passed as a child in the house in Palenque’) touched me. I really like that about you.

But I am very sad that there is no reconciliation with your family. I felt a lump in my throat when I read your postscript: you love them Caesar. I can’t understand why your parents harden their hearts—they love you too! How sad that out of pride, for reasons unknown, they don’t come near you. How would it feel to lose their child? I don’t want them to leave this world with that abyss towards you…

Don’t take me wrong, believe me it comes from my heart.

Take care,


Returning to the country after a year in the gloomy and rainy city of Manchester, and speaking with her in person, she confessed to me that upon reaching the passage of my Letter where I put on a jacket when running away from home when my father hit me, she felt like a Thumbelina like the one in the children’s story. That Thumbelina, she told me, although she couldn’t travel back in time to that night in April 1976 and console myself, felt all the intensity of my tragedy. She wanted to be, although at least as small as the character in the story, an inner voice of comfort in my heart during the most crucial night of my life.

Paulina’s compassion was the cure for my soul: the antithesis of all the offenses of so many people over so many years. A single word of comfort can save a life. It’s like seeing life in colour again after centuries of seeing everything in black and white. ‘If at least one soul in the whole world…’ said those who would commit suicide.

But they had none.

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