The Ringwraiths’ fate

The explosion in Lebanon is of no importance to the priest of the fourteen words. Let’s better remember a 2011 article by Michael Colhaze, ‘Lords of the Ring’. Pace the Christian Colhaze, who apparently asked Kevin MacDonald to remove his articles from The Occidental Observer, what really matters is understanding the process of white decline and being willing to sacrifice Semitic-inspired worldviews to save the West.

I kept thinking about the last two paragraphs of my morning post and it seems clear to me that the One Ring means gringo gold, or speaking without metaphors, the status of reserve currency that the US dollar maintains in the world.

Remember that the Ringwraiths, the nine fallen kings or black riders, became the dreaded ring-servants of the Dark Lord Sauron. These Ringwraiths are Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, the other Nordic countries, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. All of these wimp countries of the American Empire consider the anti-white wars that occurred in 1860s and the 1940s to be good.

The fiat currencies of the Ringwraiths are pegged to the dollar. When the One Ring is destroyed—when the US dollar collapses—like Sauron the kings of these reigns will also lose their power. Mordor’s power comes from the One Ring, from the privilege that its banknotes have become the world’s reserve currency. Since the ring will fall into the Mount Doom lavas in the not-too-distant future, such a milestone will mark the beginning of the fall not only of Mordor, but of the nine Ringwraiths.

As we have also seen, Tolkien’s novel differs from Peter Jackson’s third movie in that in the novel the drama does not end with the destruction of the One Ring. The drama continues in a war that is waged in the Shire: a war in which Gandalf does not participate, but allows Frodo and his compatriots to fight by themselves (a war by the way in which Saruman dies).

All this seems to me like a metaphor for how the white man should behave after the ring falls into the rivers of red-hot fire from which it arose. The destruction of the American empire of steel, iron and imported Orcs will only open a window of opportunity to recover the bucolic Shire. But full recovery will be the job of the Hobbits, who are now only little characters who don’t dare go out for fear of Sauron and his slaves, the Ringwraiths. The good news is that, like Sauron, the wraiths also have their time counted. Salvation will lie in that, after the ring is destroyed, the Hobbits put their shit together on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Tarot card predicts future of US

Yesterday I changed the title of this site from ‘Christianity and the JQ are one and the same’ to ‘Only the transvaluation will save whites’ (not long ago the subtitle read ‘The site of a man fused to a weirwood).

We have been talking about the transvaluation for a long time. See for example what Jack Frost wrote five years ago in the comments section of The Occidental Observer.

But as Thomas Kuhn said, paradigms are not abandoned: they are replaced. And the only way to replace them is for those who currently believe that the JQ caused everything, to be dying and being replaced by those who know that it was Christianity and its secular epigone that empowered not only Jewry, but negroes, suicidal migration and even self-hatred. (Now that I finished reviewing the fifth book of my From Jesus to Hitler I stumbled again upon the terrible passages about the Christian views of hell: pure and demented self-hatred of whites by whites themselves.)

Frost was ignored by the Observer and is currently ignored, under another pen name, in the comments section of The Unz Review. What I fear is that, if it is true that those who believe in the old paradigm have to die, will there be time for those enlightened in the new paradigm to multiply to the extent of taking over the narrative?

There aren’t many people like me or Frost trying to enlighten others about the root cause of civilisation’s evil. Fortunately, unless the Chinese virus kills me (or something unforeseen) I will see the consequences of the dollar’s fall on the psyche of whites. Yesterday I was watching a couple of recent videos of Mike Maloney on the subject that I don’t want to bother linking to. But that calamity is our only hope. Only the extreme suffering of millions of whites around the world can lead them to straighten their sinful paths, so that at least some transvalue their values.

The fall of the dollar will mark the end of the grotesque, demented and infinitely malignant interregnum that gave not only political power to Mordor, but cultural and media power as well. But only the death of the US would be like watching Sauron’s tower collapse.

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Broken sword

At midnight I was talking about the feeling of unreality that I felt when I saw a video of Jared Taylor. Finding ourselves on the brink of a civil war or rather an anti-white, exterminationist war that gets closer and closer to Ward Kendall’s novel, Taylor gives counsel like getting married, having a good job, and trying to do politics without overtly revealing our true colours…

Another notable racialist webzine, Kevin MacDonald’s, recently published a terrifying article of things I had already seen in London the last time I visited the city. The island has truly become the ultimate example of what I call ‘sin against the holy spirit of life’, an unforgivable sin: doing mass propaganda for English roses to have kids with blacks. But the most serious issue about the MacDonald webzine article is that there is not an iota of hatred among the commenters, or even in the writer. And without hatred there can be no war of recovery of the English roses.

What can save the white race at this point? Only that a million white men on each side of the Atlantic develop the infinite hatred that I feel. But how likely are they to become like me?

Probabilities seem null, don’t they? However, there is a possibility of salvation: a Deus ex Machina in the real world, the convergence of catastrophes.

What would happen if in the coming winter, as happened with the Spanish influenza of a century ago, the contagion curve rises dramatically? And what would happen if that catastrophe converges with the fall of the dollar? (Both gold and silver have already started to rise—the real indicator that something big is coming, as we have been predicting on this site since 2011.) And what if in the US Biden wins and the old senile president dies so that his negress vice president transitions from soft totalitarianism to hard totalitarianism?

Several times I have said on this site that the first president of Paraguay forced whites to marry Indians, blacks or mulattas: an even ‘harder’ step to exterminate the white race than the ‘soft’ steps taken in the UK.

What happened these days on the Taylor and MacDonald webzines confirms what I have been saying: white nationalism only represents a couple of baby steps for the normie to start going to the other side of the Rubicon. It should be more than obvious that on the other side we already can see warriors ready to fight for the recovery not only of their land but… of their beautiful women! Will catastrophes converge in time to make the white male react?

Most white advocates don’t even know that the dollar is going to collapse. Still others are in a state of abject denial about the Chinese virus saying it’s like the flu. And still other racialists are reluctant to see the extreme gravity of the situation: a soft totalitarianism that aims to exterminate the white race. They cannot even imagine that historical inertia is directly aimed at a hard totalitarianism that implements the anti-white policy of the first president of Paraguay throughout the West, as in Kendall’s novel.

Lack of warrior hatred in the movement; the lack of the most elementary knowledge of history (most racialists don’t even want to read Pierce’s non-fiction book) and of the economy, make the white nationalist movement of today a sort of child throwing a tantrum in the middle of the Rubicon, unwilling to walk past his first baby steps.

But history leans toward what we say in The West’s Darkest Hour, not what they say. It is true that we cannot predict, for sure, what will happen to the Chinese virus. But if the herd’s immunity or vaccines are not created (I doubt it—cf. Chris Martenson) and that converges with the catastrophe of the dollar crashing, a window of opportunity will open for white males to start waking up in enough quantity to make a difference.

An opportunity is only an opportunity. In no way is it assured that, even if catastrophes converge with a negress president who starts to implement policies such as those implemented in Paraguay, whites will want to wake up.

‘Men will fight to the death for only the most basic of motives’, said George Lincoln Rockwell. If I understand human psychology well, in the convergence that will unfold in the following years and decades, at least thirty to forty percent of whites will have to die horribly before the survivors finally begin to wake up and wield the sword. Including this article, there are sixteen entries on this site under the heading ‘The Sword’. But when catastrophes converge, who among today’s racialists will want to wield it?

Austrian school

Virtually no racialist knows the trauma model of mental disorders. One of the problems I see in the white nationalist movement is that there are serious blind spots from their POV. Not only do they ignore that psychiatry (which promotes the medical model of mental disorders) is false science. Nor do they know that Keynesian economics taught in universities is another ‘science’ similar to astrology.

The only one who got to talk about these two topics, pseudo-scientific psychiatry and pseudoscientific economics, before YouTube deleted his channel was Stefan Molyneux. And it is a pity that no racialist whose mother tongue is English says what Molyneux knew about the real state of the economy and the true cause of mental disorders (child abuse).

Today’s article on Counter-Currents by Robert Hampton, ‘Are We Really Heading To A Civil War?’ exemplifies blindness as to the state of the American economy.

Like the vast majority of racialists, Hampton doesn’t seem to have the remotest notion that the truly scientific school of economy is the Austrian school, which has been predicting, since Nixon unpegged the dollar from gold, that this would lend itself to abusively print fiat currency ad infinitum to the degree of currency collapse.

Now, Hampton is right that his bourgeois compatriots are not going to rebel. As I have said on this site, the One Ring has corrupted the Aryan psyche, as Richard Wagner saw in his most ambitious work. Hampton is correct in saying that his compatriots are comfortable in what I call ‘happy mode’ and that, in that mode, revolution is unthinkable. But Hampton is unaware that the precious currency of the Americans is going to tank.

Above I mentioned Molyneux whose mother was Jewish and I was sorry that a racialist Gentile did not say the same. The same could be said of Peter Schiff, whose father was Jewish, but among those who explain Austrian economics Schiff is the one who does it best on YouTube, as we see in his most recent podcast.

Those reluctant to listen to him can watch the crash curses of the non-Jews Chris Martenson or Mike Maloney, who say more or less the same as Schiff. In this matter it’s irrelevant who is Gentile or Jew. What matters is that the dollar is short on time, and that once it collapses Americans will transition from happy mode to angry mode.

True, an angry mode among whites is still insufficient for the armed revolution, but the fall of the American empire (no more pro-Israel wars after the dollar loses its purchasing power) will mark the end of the interregnum that began in 1945, when Europe lost the power they held for centuries.

The end of the interregnum doesn’t mean automatic salvation, as Americanised Europeans are as bananas as those who live on this continent. However, the end of American hegemony will start to open a window of opportunity for our cause.

Covid update

Left, The four horsemen of the apocalypse in the time of covid-19 by Joseph Hutchinson.

Chris Martenson has confirmed tonight what was said in his previous video: apparently, there will be no herd immunity or vaccine for the Chinese coronavirus.

Everything seems to indicate that it will truly be an apocalypse rider, as the devastation it will create in the service sector in the US (70 percent of the American economy) will surely contribute to the financial collapse we have been predicting.

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Busy again

I am reviewing the books I wrote in my native language and so I am not paying much attention to this site. In any case, I think I’ve already said the elementary, summarised in the first book that appears on the sidebar. (New visitors who haven’t read it would do well to download the free PDF or get a hard copy.)

I recently said that regarding covid-19 I am inclined to trust the research of Chris Martenson. But this scientist is limited to the facts. In my view, the current debate between those in favour of the lockdown and libertarians is almost irrelevant. What matters is that covid-19 punctured the economic bubble, which was going to burst sooner or later even without the virus.

I have insisted so many times that visitors should watch the YouTube crash courses of both Martenson and Maloney that I sometimes wonder if I should mention them again. Probably not, until the dollar finally collapses. ‘To the good listener, few words’ seemed to be the motto of the laconic Spartans (nothing more opposed to Jewish loquacity!).

In any case, now that I am busy with my books, if an important idea occurs to me—something that doesn’t usually appear on racialist sites—I will interrupt my work to post something here.

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My fatherly advice to Americans

If you have already received your helicopter check (fiat currency), use most of it to buy real money (silver or gold) before your paper dollars turn into confetti.

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‘Run, run!’

If you look at the ocean from the beach you will see something that you have never seen: a huge blue wall that covers the entire horizon that your brain struggles trying to decipher.

Only after a few seconds you realise that it is a wall of water that is approaching you.

You can either run—get some silver coins—or stay on the beach…

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Greg Johnson on the coronavirus

Ferdinand Bardamu’s long and important essay on Christianity appears in The Fair Race. On the coronavirus as a subject, of the in-depth articles that have been published to date in the racialist forums, I only recommend the article by Bardamu on The Occidental Observer, and the one that Greg Johnson published today in Counter-Currents. Johnson wrote:

Extreme classical liberals don’t believe it is legitimate for the government to do anything for the common good, because they don’t believe that collectives exist or have interests that are legitimately pursued by the state. Thus their reaction to the globalvirus is the same as their reaction to any other collective problem: simple denial. Denialism comes in two flavors: vanilla economism and tutti frutti conspiracy theories.

Since we have a Republican administration, when intelligence reports about the globalvirus outbreak in China started coming in as early as November, they fell on deaf ears. Apparently there was not a single populist who cared about the American people anywhere to be found in the Trump administration, just business boosters who wanted to protect the economy from people who feared drowning in their own bodily fluids. And, because Republicans are not just greedy and stupid but also cowardly, they were well aware that any attempt to restrict travel from China would be decried as “racism” by the Left. Hence they decided to go with the “It’s just the flu, bro” narrative.

If Hillary Clinton were in office, the result would have been exactly the same, because she is 100% owned by the oligarchy. Her rationalizations would simply have put greater emphasis on anti-racism.

However, the criticism I made of Bardamu can be made to Johnson as well. Bardamu and Johnson are well aware of what the virus earthquake means, but neither is aware of the economic tsunami approaching their beaches: the real killer, as unlike the virus it will affect the hundred percent of westerners.

This is unsurprising. Hardly anyone in the racialist forums has followed Austrian economists closely, whose message I have been promoting since 2011 on this blog, and more so now that their predictions have finally begun to come true.

The only content creator I know who masters both topics—the coronavirus and why cash will become trash—is Chris Martenson. While Martenson’s latest videos are all about the coronavirus, there is also the older ‘crash course’ videos on his channel. For a brief intro to the course see, e.g., here.

Cash is going to be trash!

As bad as the fact that a Chinese government agency has likely created the virus, that’s nothing compared to how the US Federal Reserve will destroy cash.

As Milton Friedman sarcastically put it, ‘Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program’. Let’s go back and listen to President Nixon’s hypocritical announcement to ‘temporarily’ cut the link between the dollar and gold in 1971.

Temporarily? That was forty-nine years ago! Mike Maloney observes about Nixon’s announcement: ‘We were supposed to go back to gold some time or another… It might be coming soon’.

Yes: it will come right after American cash becomes trash.

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