Crypto crash

‘Luna’ just crashed and its value evaporated.

At midnight, my next post will advertise Andrew Anglin once more. But on cryptos he’s so wrong… Bitcoin may Luna after all! If you still own crypto currencies, it’s time to sell them and buy gold or silver.

Postscript of May 13:

If you don’t want to buy precious metals, fans of this site who have savings in Bitcoin or Monero can make a donation to The West’s Darkest Hour (click: here). I’ll do something productive with crypto-currencies while they still have value…!

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Anglin celebrates Easter

‘The Jews murdered God’, writes Andrew Anglin in The Daily Stormer, ‘but He rose again’.

Fortunately, Christian Anglin has all his savings in Bitcoin. That means that when crypto-currencies crash, he and other white nationalists who believe in cryptos, and who suffer from schizophrenia (such as that a gospel written by Jews is good news for Jew-wise Aryans), will be fleeced. This will happen once the longed-for day comes that we have been prophesying on this site since 2011: the collapse of the American dollar.

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The Megyn Kelly Show

Perhaps few Americans believe the words of the Canadian I quoted yesterday: ‘Murka is done, it is finished…’ Perhaps it is worth mentioning yesterday’s exchange on Megyn Kelly’s Show with Peter Schiff about what will happen to the economy when inflation skyrockets in the US (what Americans are suffering now is inflation, not hyperinflation).

Peter Schiff: But when the dollar loses its status, then the rest of the world isn’t going to want dollars anymore… So, what would have to happen if the dollar is no longer the reserve currency, is: American spending would implode, consumption would collapse because we will have nothing to buy, and so our entire GDP would implode. We’ll have a massive recession because Americans wouldn’t be buying anything because we couldn’t afford anything and all the shelves would be empty because foreigners wouldn’t be sending us the stuff that they produce and we don’t have the capacity to produce it for ourselves.

Megyn Kelly: What is the likelihood that that will happen?

Peter Schiff: Oh, a hundred percent.

Biden’s recent sanctions only prompted Russia and other countries to dump the dollar and start trading in gold, or fiat currencies such as the rouble, the Chinese yuan or the Indian rupee. If you are rich, brace yourself by buying gold. If you are poor, buy silver (Bitcoin will collapse even before the dollar crashes).

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On the coming US crash

by Andrew Anglin

Most Americans don’t really understand the importance of dollar hegemony. It’s effectively the only reason that the US is not a third world country. The stock market’s value and the value of property and other assets is a result of money being sucked out of the global economy and directed into Wall Street via the dollar swindle…

The thing is, we are pretty late game here, in terms of the American Empire. There are not really very many moves left. Especially after the last few weeks.

If the current government would have just met the demands of Putin with regards to Ukrainian neutrality, they’d have several more moves than they have now. Even after Putin had invaded, they could have made very different decisions. But as of March 16, 2022, the moves are pretty much just either:

  • Go full WWIII basically immediately using some gassing hoax, and maybe a fake bombing in Poland, or
  • Loss of dollar dominance and rapid decline into third world status as China assumes the role of dominant global superpower

I’m somewhat confident that if I was the age I am right now in 1999, I could have plotted this out. But at this point, if you can’t see the collapse of the empire coming into view, you really aren’t paying attention—or, like most, you’re in a state of denial.

I would argue that even very intelligent and competent people couldn’t salvage things at this point.

If I was made dictator tomorrow, I would immediately surrender Ukraine and remove all sanctions on Russia, then call up for negotiations on the surrender of Taiwan and the South China Sea in exchange for trade guarantees and peace with China. Then I would make drastic social changes in the US, restoring national pride and white heterosexual male identity [Editor’s note: What most racialists fail to understand!], and begin a project to rebuild the manufacturing and energy industries while we have the lifeline from China.

But that would not be a plan for world domination, that would be the reestablishing of the 19th century model of a multipolar world. Everything about the current thinking in the entire West is still based around the whole “end of history” global government scheme, and there is just zero chance they are capable of completely transforming their thought processes. It’s either pull the trigger on a last ditch effort to establish this one-world order, or to choke, and fall back, with a bunch of yes men and outright morons explaining it all away as being part of the plan.

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Good Christians

The apoplectic left is choking on their own saliva—including Fox News (they’ve always been phoney traditionalists)—because Putin has defecated on American superbia (‘Nobody invades countries but me…’). Here’s another quotable quote by Nick Fuentes: ‘I for one am glad that Putin is standing up to Washington DC. Fuck the State Department, fuck the Pentagon, and fuck NATO!’ (see again our previous link from Fuentes here).

Someone with far more media audience than Fuentes in Eastern Europe, Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill, has endorsed Putin’s vision on Ukraine. According to him, ‘the West essentially organises genocide campaigns against countries that refuse to stage gay parades’. Unlike these good Christians, neither normies nor most white nationalists are getting the historical significance of the Ukraine war.

If Putin wins it’ll be the biggest setback for the anti-white project we’ve suffered since the defeat of Nazi Germany. With the Russian-Chinese alliance (one flaunting the atomic missiles if the anti-white West wants to attack, and the other the economic muscle), the interregnum that started in 1945 will be over and the dream of Fukuyama, winning using ‘soft totalitarianism’, will evaporate like morning dew in the sun.

And soon the petrodollar will evaporate as well…

Reflections of an Aryan woman, 80

It is impossible to say to what extent the Thüle Gesellschaft [a German occultist and Völkisch group] was in possession of this priceless heritage, coming from the depths of the ages. Certainly some of its members were—Dietrich Eckart, Rudolf Hess, and the Führer himself had it. One of the traits of the initiate would be the ability to feign anger, madness, imbecility, or any other human state whenever he deemed it appropriate for his purposes. The Führer forced himself, as he said,[1] to ‘appear tough’.

And his all-too-famous fits of rage—the existence of which the enemy pounced on with delight, as if they were a source of ridicule, exploitable ad infinitum—were, according to Rauschning, ‘carefully premeditated’ and ‘intended to disconcert those around him and force them to capitulate’.[2] Hermann Rauschning, who at the time of writing his book hated his former master, had no reason to destroy, as he does, with the stroke of a pen, the legend that aimed to discredit him in the eyes of more than one well-meaning man. Or rather, if he had a reason, it could only be, despite everything, a remnant of intellectual honesty.

As for Rudolf Hess, the comedy of ‘amnesia’ that he played so masterfully at the Nuremberg trial has fooled the most experienced psychiatrists. And the ‘normal’, sometimes even playful, tone of his letters to his wife and son[3]—tone that disconcerts the reader, in a man who was captive for more than thirty years—would be enough to prove his superhumanity. Only an initiate can write, after three decades in a cell, in the light-hearted and detached manner of a husband and father on holiday from his family for three weeks.

The Führer apparently outgrew his masters in the Thule Society (or elsewhere), and escaped the influence that some of them—one will never be clear which ones—would have wanted to have on him. He had to do it, being sovereign, being one of the visages of the One Who Returns.

And if, suddenly, the war took a wrong turn; if, to say the least, the point of no return was Stalingrad, which according to some, was the very site of the ancient Asgard, the fortress of the Germanic Gods, it is undoubtedly because, for some hidden reason, it had to be so. And hadn’t the young Adolf Hitler had that revelation under the night sky, on the summit of Freienberg, at the gates of his beloved city of Linz, at the age of sixteen?

The immediate material cause, or rather the occasion of the fatal turn, must have been not a strategic error on the part of the Führer—it is acknowledged that he never made a mistake in this area—but some sudden and unfortunate stiffening in his attitude towards the adversary. Siegfried, the superman, once showed pride of the same magnitude by refusing, so as not to appear to give in to the threat, and therefore to fear, to return to the Daughters of the Rhine the Ring which was theirs by right.

This gesture would have saved Asgard and the gods. The hero’s refusal precipitated its downfall. The new Siegfried, undoubtedly, also not to appear ‘weak’, although no challenge had been thrown at him, refused to exploit, as he certainly could, the goodwill of these people of Ukraine—anti-communists, aspiring to their autonomy—who had initially received his soldiers as liberators.

(March in Ukraine, historical; SS-Volunteer Division.) Did he do so knowingly, realising that the loss of the war, inscribed in the stars from all eternity, was a necessary catastrophe for Germany and the entire Aryan world, which only the trial by fire could one day purify? Only the gods know. The speed with which Germany, in the first years after the war, took the bait of material prosperity without any ideals, shows how much, despite the enthusiasm of the great National Socialist rallies, it was only incompletely freed from its comfortable humanitarian moralism, and only superficially armed against the Jewish influence, both ‘political’ and profound—that is, in the field of values.

______ 卐 ______


Editor’s note: This is central.

A few years ago, I used to say that the primary cause of the Aryan decline was that they succumbed to the One Ring, obviously referring to Wagner’s magnum opus, his Tetralogy (see for example: here).

And last year, when I promised myself that I would learn German and started to study it hard, I gave up when I discovered, just by reading the German grammar book I was reading, that the Germans betrayed themselves horrendously after the Second World War. What is the point of learning the language of the Nazis if German speakers are now anti-Nazis?

On this site I have been saying some very harsh things about the Americans. But however flawed their patriotic racialism may be (like what I recently said about Jared Taylor), they at least represent a firm step over the psychological Rubicon in the sense that American white nationalists are no longer in Normieland. They just need to finish crossing it, and The West’s Darkest Hour provides the stepping stones to do so.

What have the Germans done after their Fuhrer lost the war? The traitors donned one of the surrogate rings of the One Ring and have now become wraiths of what they were! I have already said it but it bears repeating:

In Tolkien’s universe, the Ringwraiths, the nine fallen kings or black riders, became the dreaded ring-servants of the Dark Lord Sauron. These Ringwraiths are Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, the other Nordic countries, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. All of these wimp countries of the American Empire consider the anti-white wars that occurred in the 1860s and the 1940s to be good.

The fiat currencies of the Ringwraiths are pegged to the dollar. When the One Ring is destroyed—when the US dollar crashes—, like Sauron, the kings of these reigns will also lose their power. Mordor’s power comes from the One Ring, from the privilege that its banknotes have become the world’s reserve currency. Since the ring will fall into the Mount Doom lavas in the not-too-distant future, such a milestone will mark the beginning of the fall not only of Mordor, but of the nine Ringwraiths.

If after such a catastrophe the Aryan race manages to survive, it is not clear which Indo-European language will be adopted by the survivors.


[1] Rauschning, Hitler m’a dit, page 34.

[2] Ibid., page 84

[3] Frau Ilse Hess published two collections of letters of her captive husband: London, Nuremberg, Spandau and Prisoner of Peace.

Putin’s show

The West’s Darkest Hour does not comment on the news unless one of them changes the course of History.

Reading the US racial timeline made me think of something. In that country, the bad guys always won the most important wars.

In the American Revolution the English should’ve won, as they believed in hierarchy and aristocracy. Egalitarianism, even among white man and white man, is toxic to the sacred words and lends itself to what Alexis de Tocqueville saw early on: it is a cancer whose metastasis demands more and more equality.

Thus, in the American Civil War the bad guys won again, and this time the race factor (metastasis) was introduced.

And let’s not talk about the Second World War and its child: today’s Anti-white Cold War when the final metastasis has taken over almost the entire American body.

With due respect to Jared Taylor’s patriotism, because of those wars that have marked Western history (remember that the French revolutionaries who guillotined blond aristocrats were inspired by the American revolutionaries), the US has been the spearhead of an egalitarian crusade throughout the West. Therefore, from the point of view of the 14-word priest, anything that leads to the dollar being repudiated as the reserve currency must be good news. And the sanctions that the Biden administration is applying to Russia will only bring the US closer to what we have been predicting since 2011: the dollar will collapse.

That doesn’t mean I like Putin, who just said he is invading Ukraine to ‘denazify’ it, whatever that means. The Soviets are also responsible for the Hellstorm Holocaust, as can be seen in this book that I still have to read. But it’s the North Americans—I include the silly Canadians—who, at present, suffer from anti-white psychosis in its most acute phase, not the Russians.

In short, ‘political chaos is a ladder’ that Littlefingers could take advantage of if the situation deteriorates with Putin’s show that is now starting…

House or cards

Watch Martenson’s most recent podcast: here (his crash course is even more important than his videos about Covid).

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‘Americans are going to be poor…’

said Peter chatting informally with a Swiss and a Gerrman in Zürich, Switzerland.

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Last chance

These times represent the last chance for racially conscious white men to get some silver (or gold if you can afford it). The inflation we see is going to degenerate into hyperinflation until the US dollar turns confetti. Above I link to Peter Schiff’s podcast today. But those new to this topic should check out this documentary that the producer Tim Delmastro kindly sent me several years before it became freely available on YouTube.

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