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I am reviewing the books I wrote in my native language and so I am not paying much attention to this site. In any case, I think I’ve already said the elementary, summarised in the first book that appears on the sidebar. (New visitors who haven’t read it would do well to download the free PDF or get a hard copy.)

I recently said that regarding covid-19 I am inclined to trust the research of Chris Martenson. But this scientist is limited to the facts. In my view, the current debate between those in favour of the lockdown and libertarians is almost irrelevant. What matters is that covid-19 punctured the economic bubble, which was going to burst sooner or later even without the virus.

I have insisted so many times that visitors should watch the YouTube crash courses of both Martenson and Maloney that I sometimes wonder if I should mention them again. Probably not, until the dollar finally collapses. ‘To the good listener, few words’ seemed to be the motto of the laconic Spartans (nothing more opposed to Jewish loquacity!).

In any case, now that I am busy with my books, if an important idea occurs to me—something that doesn’t usually appear on racialist sites—I will interrupt my work to post something here.

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My fatherly advice to Americans

If you have already received your helicopter check (fiat currency), use most of it to buy real money (silver or gold) before your paper dollars turn into confetti.

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‘Run, run!’

If you look at the ocean from the beach you will see something that you have never seen: a huge blue wall that covers the entire horizon that your brain struggles trying to decipher.

Only after a few seconds you realise that it is a wall of water that is approaching you.

You can either run—get some silver coins—or stay on the beach…

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Greg Johnson on the coronavirus

Ferdinand Bardamu’s long and important essay on Christianity appears in The Fair Race. On the coronavirus as a subject, of the in-depth articles that have been published to date in the racialist forums, I only recommend the article by Bardamu on The Occidental Observer, and the one that Greg Johnson published today in Counter-Currents. Johnson wrote:

Extreme classical liberals don’t believe it is legitimate for the government to do anything for the common good, because they don’t believe that collectives exist or have interests that are legitimately pursued by the state. Thus their reaction to the globalvirus is the same as their reaction to any other collective problem: simple denial. Denialism comes in two flavors: vanilla economism and tutti frutti conspiracy theories.

Since we have a Republican administration, when intelligence reports about the globalvirus outbreak in China started coming in as early as November, they fell on deaf ears. Apparently there was not a single populist who cared about the American people anywhere to be found in the Trump administration, just business boosters who wanted to protect the economy from people who feared drowning in their own bodily fluids. And, because Republicans are not just greedy and stupid but also cowardly, they were well aware that any attempt to restrict travel from China would be decried as “racism” by the Left. Hence they decided to go with the “It’s just the flu, bro” narrative.

If Hillary Clinton were in office, the result would have been exactly the same, because she is 100% owned by the oligarchy. Her rationalizations would simply have put greater emphasis on anti-racism.

However, the criticism I made of Bardamu can be made to Johnson as well. Bardamu and Johnson are well aware of what the virus earthquake means, but neither is aware of the economic tsunami approaching their beaches: the real killer, as unlike the virus it will affect the hundred percent of westerners.

This is unsurprising. Hardly anyone in the racialist forums has followed Austrian economists closely, whose message I have been promoting since 2011 on this blog, and more so now that their predictions have finally begun to come true.

The only content creator I know who masters both topics—the coronavirus and why cash will become trash—is Chris Martenson. While Martenson’s latest videos are all about the coronavirus, there is also the older ‘crash course’ videos on his channel. For a brief intro to the course see, e.g., here.

Cash is going to be trash!

As bad as the fact that a Chinese government agency has likely created the virus, that’s nothing compared to how the US Federal Reserve will destroy cash.

As Milton Friedman sarcastically put it, ‘Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program’. Let’s go back and listen to President Nixon’s hypocritical announcement to ‘temporarily’ cut the link between the dollar and gold in 1971.

Temporarily? That was forty-nine years ago! Mike Maloney observes about Nixon’s announcement: ‘We were supposed to go back to gold some time or another… It might be coming soon’.

Yes: it will come right after American cash becomes trash.

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Clueless nationalists

I have published several articles by Ferdinand Bardamu on this site. Today The Occidental Observer published Bardamu’s ‘Globalism, the Elites and COVID-19’. It is a good article but there’s a mistake:

Once the pandemic is over, it will be business as usual for the elites, which means shoveling more non-Whites into the West’s already overcrowded, decaying urban centers.

As I have said several times on this site, most of the major figures in white nationalism are clueless that, as Tom Sunic put it, ‘The economic crisis will last much longer than the current epidemic; it will do far more damage and kill far more people’.

See my yesterday’s post on how will the dollar crash. It certainly won’t be ‘business as usual’ as Bardamu apparently believes.

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How will the dollar crash

‘Back in 2008 Mike Maloney published a scenario that seems to be unfolding right now. Checks from the government. Taxes refunded. Helicopter currency drops. Central banks trying to kick-start economies. It’s all here, in what he refers to as “The Day of Reckoning”’ (a text from Maloney’s latest video).

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The two Occidentals

Update of April 5: Yesterday, The Occidental Observer published two articles: the one by Sunic I mention below and another that I just read today, ‘The Coronavirus and Galileo: An Interview with Italian Nano-pathologist Dr. Stefano Montanari’. I wrote the text below the swastika without noticing the latter, which seems extraordinary to me.

In the racialist forums, Andrew Anglin and some commenters of other forums are in denial (these images debunk the notion that ‘It’s just the flu’). But now we see one of the most respected racialist webzines, The Occidental Observer, posting an article that says, in more educated prose, what flu truthers have been saying. To boot, The Occidental Observer commenters, at least till now that I read the article (five in the morning), praise the Montanari article in the comments section. I have always had a very poor opinion of The Occidental Observer commentariat, but what happened yesterday confirms it big time.

Kevin MacDonald is the editor of The Occidental Observer and in this regard Hunter Wallace, editor Occidental Dissent, has much more contact with reality, as we see in Wallace’s constant criticism of those who advance irrational sceptical views about the coronavirus.

The first article on the Chinese virus that I added on this site recommended Chris Martenson’s YouTube channel as the most reliable source of what has been happening with the pandemic. I still recommend it as an antidote to those who join the voices of Anglin and now the commenters of MacDonald’s webzine.

Yesterday I wrote:

______ 卐 ______


In chess it is known that when an inexperienced player makes a mistake and panics, when trying to correct the position on the board he makes another move: a losing blunder.

Following the Austrian economists, since 2011 I have been alerting my readers about the economic crisis that only until now is going to unfold. January’s policies on the coronavirus, the curve which could have been flattened if the West had acted as Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea did, were that original mistake in world chess. But the measures, spearheaded by the US, that western governments are plotting—inflating their currency to hyperinflation—is the fatal blunder that will mark the beginning of the end of the System.

Curiously, among racialist forums very few are aware of what Austrian economists have been telling us since Nixon unpegged the dollar from gold in 1971. But the Cassandras had known this for a long time. We must not forget how Revilo Oliver complained about the very existence of the Federal Reserve, founded more than a hundred years ago.

I recently praised Croatian Tom Sunic for his understanding of the CQ, the Christian Question that most Americans still don’t get. Perhaps now I could say something similar just for a paragraph from a Sunic article that was published today on The Occidental Observer, where we can read:

The economic crisis will last much longer than the current epidemic; it will do far more damage and kill far more people. If it goes hand in hand with a global financial crisis, we will be witnessing then a tsunami: an economic crisis and therefore a social crisis, financial crisis, health crisis, ecological crisis, migration crisis. In 2011 I published a book called Au bord du gouffre (On the Brink of the Abyss). It seems to me that we have arrived there now.

Sunic seems to know that the virus was just an earthquake and that the real killer is going to be the looming financial tsunami. Compare the paragraph above with what Hunter Wallace has been saying these days. Neither Wallace nor the Occidental Dissent commenters seem to have any idea that it is only a matter of time before the tsunami hits their beaches. They are, as I said recently, living the calm before the storm. Mixing metaphors, Wallace doesn’t seem to realise that the actions the Fed is taking are like that chess blunder that will end in a tsunami.

Although I have announced the Chris Martenson channel for a long time, Wallace has recently popularised Martenson’s videos about the coronavirus on Occidental Dissent. I would recommend that every visitor watch Martenson’s crash course. Originally uploaded on YouTube in 2008, it was updated in 2014 and Martenson is planning to update it once again. The audiovisual course explains the looming economic tsunami in a very didactic way.

Before the tempest

The Calm Before the Tempest
by Harumichi Shibasaki.

Racially conscious whites have not understood the meaning of 2020. Virtually everyone focuses on the coronavirus without understanding that the true victim is going to be the hegemony that the US has exercised in the world since 1945.

It’s fun to see sites like Daily Stormer and Ramzpaul’s videos preaching ‘It’s just the flu’, and people like Hunter Wallace contradicting them in various articles. None of these Americans understand that their country has reached the end of the hegemonic path since the Bretton Woods Conference.

The privileged status of the American currency is about to end. Even if the coronavirus turns out to be much less deadly than the 1918 influenza, the currency bubble of the country that has waged anti-racist wars since the 1860s and 1940s has already burst. A guest writer on Occidental Dissent mistakenly believes that it is possible to return to the state before the economic paralysis decreed by his government. Actually, that is no longer possible. Even if the coronavirus were to disappear tomorrow, the damage has already been done with those trillions of dollars that the Federal Reserve is now creating out of thin air: more trillions than QE1, QE2 and QE3 combined.

Again, if racialists focused on the economy instead of the virus, they will realise that these times will mark the end of the Diktat that America has imposed on Europe in the last seventy-five years. Not only its military bases in Europe, but in the entire world, will have to return to the American continent after the hyperinflation of the dollar. We are in a period of calm before the storm, as even within the American territory a storm is coming.

Once the dollar hyperinflates, neither the federal government nor the states will be able to pay the police or the national guard to contain the riots. And if the federal government confiscates the gold from other countries in order to control the chimp-out chaos—countries that stupidly have their gold reserves in New York banking—the US would discredit itself throughout the West, making it easier that similar parties to Golden Dawn come to power.

Whatever happens, whether or not the US government confiscates the foreign gold after their dollar crashes, it is a win-win situation for those of us who want to see the System die. And if racially conscious whites are unable to see what is coming their way it is because, like everything that the quacks called economists at MSM are saying these days, they also don’t understand how the economy works.

See, for example, this recent videotaped dialogue between people who do know how the economy works, ‘Economic Shockwaves: How the Coronavirus is Impacting our Future’.

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Quotable quotes

‘Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value:
Zero’. —Voltaire

‘Gold is money, everything else is credit’. —J.P. Morgan

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