2020 edition!

In addition to the already published text, the Second Edition of Christianity’s Criminal History incorporates entries 101-124 of the series on this website that do not appear in the First Edition, which only contains the first hundred entries.

He who doesn’t want to purchase a hard copy can read the PDF.

I’m releasing the PDF for free because Christianity’s Criminal History is another of the books that I consider basic to reach the lands of National Socialism. Just see how American white nationalists, so reluctant to go full Nazis, are stagnated in the middle of the psychological Rubicon, as I explained a couple of days ago.

While knowledge of the Jewish question could be the ideal platform to have a good grasp of the Christian question, even secularists in the movement refuse to see the latter in full light. If they weren’t so programmed by their parents to bend their knee to Jewish deities (and this is where the usefulness of my autobiographical philosophy is apparent), in the most natural way they would migrate from the JQ to understanding the CQ.

The eleven books

To be perfectly honest, I think the collapse of the dollar will surprise me before I finish translating my eleven books.

Some chapters of the second, fourth and sixth books are already translated in Day of Wrath. But in Day of Wrath I omitted most of the autobiographical narrative: the axis of the eleven books.

One might believe that the hybrid autobiographical genre that I want to inaugurate has nothing to do with the preservation of the Aryan race that is currently in a state of assisted suicide with the Jewish quarter.

Nothing further from the truth.

The 1956 film Forbidden Planet describes how an advanced extraterrestrial civilisation succumbed to the ‘monsters of the Id’, that is, the demons of one’s own subconscious. This is precisely what has been happening in the West in the wake of World War II.

Whoever does not believe it must wonder how it is that even many American anti-Semites who apparently want to save their race continue to obey the New Testament commandments of the god of the Jews. And exactly the same can be said of secular racists, who are still cajoled by suicidal Christian ethics, as I explain in the first essay of Day of Wrath, ‘Dies Irae’.

The only way to understand such a bizarre phenomenon is to dive into the bottom of the abyss of one’s mind in search of those monsters of the Id.

Whoever gets to the bottom realises that the idea of God is linked to our internalised parents. If this is so, there is no way to apostatise from Judeo-Christianity unless we put our parents on the dock of the defendants, especially if they behaved abusively when we were kids.

For that reason I will begin tonight the translation of my books beginning, of course, with the first one, Carta a mamá Medusa (Letter to mom Medusa) which I started more than thirty years ago.

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To begin crossing…

the psychological Rubicon read three texts that appear in this book: a review of Hellstorm, the essay on Judea against Rome and Who We Are by William Pierce. PDF here, hard copy here.

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Deschner’s PDF

It is now available (here).

Must-read chapter

My main difference with Alt Right folks is that most of them cannot see a couple of elephants in their own room. As I say in the Preface to the updated edition The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour:

This collection of essays by twenty authors is the result of ten years of following closely the movement known as ‘white nationalism’ which I discovered while living in Gran Canaria: an island near Africa that belongs to Spain. My diagnosis after a decade of intensive research is that two astronomical lies spawned a narrative that has been fatally demoralising the white peoples: a millennial lie about early Christianity and a more recent lie about the Second World War.

Part I shows how Christianity, originated in Judaism, during an ISIS-like fanatical takeover of the classical world destroyed the temples, most statues and libraries in the 4th and 5th centuries of the Common Era. Through Christianity Judea thus triumphed over Rome after the disastrous Jewish-Roman wars of previous centuries. Another article of this section also mentions a gigantic genocide that the Allies perpetrated in Germany: the first Jew-wise racially awakened Aryan nation in Western history. Inspired in a passage of The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, this section also includes a subject that I consider paramount to spare the fair race from extinction: the development of the inner soul as a lesson in humility to cure the Anglo-Saxons of the false narrative with which their System bombards us over Hitler and the Nazis. Both the Judeo-Christian destruction of the Greco-Roman world, and the Holocaust of Germans in 1944-1947, are the best-kept secrets in Western history. Studying these events suggests that the current anti-white, pro-Jewish narrative is based on a fantastic inversion of two historical calamities: the ultimate cause of the West’s darkest hour.

As long as the First Amendment hangs on a thread, most racially conscious whites won’t take the trouble to download or print long PDFs. They will simply continue reading the alt-right websites. But online books like The Fair Race (PDF: here) will become handy after the System takes our sites down—if they are now properly saved in our hard disks.

The Fair Race consists of 710 pages with many colour illustrations. It is divided in ten parts and a few appendixes. New visitors who want to become regular commenters must read Part I to see the two elephants. If you find it sufficiently intriguing and don’t want to read onscreen the rest of the book, or print it for a ring binder, consider obtaining a hard copy here. One never knows when the System will drop its hammer on the Gutenberg press of the 21st century (last year, this site was taken down for a couple of days; there’s a backup of it here).

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Delayed PDF

As I continue reviewing Evropa Soberana’s essay on Sparta, this Sunday I realised that the changes I’ll make to The Fair Race will be more considerable than I originally imagined. In short, what I said in my post last Thursday, ‘Spartan break’, alters the architecture I had planned for The Fair Race.

That means I’ll have to add my differences with Soberana and others. (He once wrote that we, modern man, could follow Spartan laws as a revaluation of all values; while I believe that German National Socialism is the best paradigm.)

As this review for the PDF will take longer than expected, tomorrow I’ll resume my activities with some Christian paintings contrasted with Nietzsche’s quotes (as I was doing not long ago).

Even with this delay, hopefully, the PDF will be finished this month. Those who want to obtain a copy of the 2019 version of The Fair Race that will become obsolete once the PDF is finished can still do it: here.

Incidentally, the painting by Jacques-Louis David that I reproduced above and in my Thursday post is flawed. On this subject Soberana got it right: the early Spartans were blond, a breed of pure Dorians uncontaminated with Meds.

P.S. The old sticky post with links to the ‘Rome & Judea’ essay and the Hellstorm review—the first section of the PDF—can be seen: here.

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Still busy

The programmed WordPress software closes comments of a post after a week. This means that my post of last Monday, ‘Busy for proof reading’, will be closed today after 2:00 P.M.

I am still busy reviewing the book, especially the Spanish-English translated essays of Evropa Soberana.

Once the PDF of the whole book is ready, I will replace the sticky post for another one. I will also delete the current edition of the ‘Rome vs. Judea’ essay because, after my revision, it has become obsolete.

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From Jesus to Hitler (obsolete post)

Disclaimer of March 2020:

I recently changed my mind and used the title ‘From Jesus to Hitler’ to refer not only to this slim corollary, but to all my eleven books. The book below described is now titled The Grail (El Grial in Spanish).


______ 卐 ______


Finally, the third and last book of my trilogy is available for one hundred dollars. The reason for the high price is that in this final book I tell intimate things. If any fan reads Spanish and wants to read me for a more reasonable price, contact me by email (scroll down the page until you see ‘contact’ on the sidebar). The following is my translation of what appears on the back cover of the book:

From Jesus to Hitler is the continuation of Vol. I, Whispering Leaves, and Vol. II, Will You Help Me? (*)

From Jesus to Hitler is a collection of auto-biographical vignettes and hard reflections on what has already been written: questions that had remained in the inkwell of the previous volumes.

The author of this trilogy (a trilogy that together represents 1,600 pages) is the first autobiographer who, in all seriousness, elaborates a philosophy in which the very legitimacy of the human species is questioned. If mankind deserves to exist from the moral point of view, it will have to eliminate the most primitive version of humans in order to give birth to a new man whose empathy for children and animals is, indeed, upstanding.

In the empirical world, such a transvaluation of all values can only be reflected by replacing the archetype of the nonexistent Jesus of Nazareth with that of a man who did exist: Adolf Hitler.

Tomorrow I will translate into English a book passage for this site.


(*) Not sure if Whispering Leaves sounds well in English. Listening to the Wind Between the Leaves provides the idea, but it would be a long title. (Incidentally, about the other title, Will You Help Me?, it’s not me the one who a powerful reader of the future will have to help.)

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Proof reading

These days I’m still busy reviewing the syntax of From Jesus to Hitler before I send the manuscript to the printers.

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2019 edition

I recently flipped through the copy of the 2014 edition of The Fair Race that I own and was surprised that, since that year, I have eliminated no less than… fifty essays!

Many of the removed essays were brief, as the 2014 edition has 432 letter-size pages. Unlike that clumsy size for the first edition, the most recent ones of The Fair Race are of regular size for printed books. The 2019 edition for instance (pic above) contains 580 pages.

In the prologue of this last edition I mention the impact that, since the end of last year, Richard Carrier’s book has caused in my vision about the historicity of Jesus. For the same reason, I removed a footnote I had added, in the 2018 edition, within Evropa Soberana’s essay, ‘Rome vs. Judea; Judea vs. Rome’. On that note, now obsolete, you see that the previous year I still believed that there could have existed an ordinary Jew who became deified by the primitive Christian community. Now I believe that the whole story about Jesus was an invention of Mark the Evangelist. To understand the whys see the bold letters in my first essay-review article of Carrier’s book.

Almost ten years ago I discovered the literature of white nationalism, when I lived in the island Gran Canaria, Spain. As can be seen in the metamorphosis recorded in the several editions of The Fair Race, with those 50 eliminated essays (as well as adding other essays), I constantly sharpen my vision of the world. Given my perfectionism, and that I am interested that new visitors of this site open the updated PDF of Soberana’s essay, I have deleted the old PDF of ‘Rome vs. Judea; Judea vs. Rome’ that contained that obsolete footnote. Instead, in the sticky post I have linked the version of Soberana’s essay that now appears in the print edition of 2019, the version without that footnote (see the first comment below).

Such perfectionism has a setback, of course. As I had been linking the old PDF in several entries and even in comments in other forums, when they click on my old links no document will show up. However, the most updated version of Soberana’s essay will always be linked in the sticky post of this site.

If there is a book that now contains the crème de la crème of the literature in favour of the 14 words, it is the latest edition of The Fair Race.

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