The Door

‘The Door’ is the fifth episode of the sixth season of HBO’s fantasy television series Game of Thrones, and the 55th overall.

The first bad message of the episode is seen in the gloomy House of Black and White: two teenagers, Waif and Arya, fight in an exercise of their training. No healthy society trains cute teenagers to become ruthless assassins. (Remember that what Arya did in a previous episode is worthy of a sadistic scene filmed by a madman like Tarantino.) Jaqen H’ghar, who presides over the temple, has no male apprentices: only those two girls and some silent servants. He doesn’t even have a sexual interest in the girls. The way these shots, while fictional, put pressure on the collective white psyche should never be underestimated. Much of today’s psychosis in the West is due to whites wanting to imitate what they see on TV.

The second bad message of the episode is seen when Theon, at the Kingsmoot gathering, supports Yara’s claim to the throne before Euron arrives. Far away, in Vaes Dothrak, Jorah makes a fool of himself telling Dany, in front of Daario, that he loves her—even though he knows that Daario, not him, has been banging Dany. Typical of an emasculated man in front of the woman’s figure.

Feminism also reigns in the great pyramid of Meereen even with Dany absent. Kinvara, the ‘High Priestess of the Red Temple of Volantis, the Flame of Truth, the Light of Wisdom, and First Servant of the Lord of Light’ speaks to Tyrion and Varys with such amazing clairvoyant powers that she leaves this pair dumbfounded, presumably the smartest pair of males in Westeros. Never in the series had Varys been psychologically beaten like that.

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First of his name

‘First of His Name’ is the fifth episode of the fourth season of HBO’s fantasy television series Game of Thrones, and the 35th overall. Here we see Bran Stark north of the Wall in this episode. In the following seasons the stupid directors cut off his hair very short, robbing him of virtually all of his jovial charm.

The first scene that I disliked from the episode was seeing Arya practicing one morning with her small rapier called ‘Needle’. Many white nationalists have not realised the extraordinary damage that feminism is causing to their race. Perhaps it is pertinent to quote what James Bowery said a couple of days ago in the comments section of The Occidental Observer:

Civilisation’s dissolution of the masculine is a regression to the precambrian more-feminine life pattern. The appearance of multicellular predators thence male intrasexual selection—mano-a-mano—did more than merely select for skeletal remains that give the appearance of an explosion in the fossil record. Male intrasexual selection created boundaries within which speciation could occur more rapidly. Thence, the Cambrian Explosion of life forms.

Throughout evolutionary history, the more successful attempts to extend mano-a-mano violence to group violence have ended in females parasitically castrating their offspring to produce sterile workers as extended body parts—eusocial species: Ants, termites, bees and naked mole rats that engage in perpetual war. Civilised man is clearly heading in that direction and is doing so at the expense of the most individualistic races—especially the heterosexual men of those races.

Any racial appeal to the individuals of an individualistic race must emphasise the moral superiority of their race as an individualistic race—a race that says ‘Yes!’ to that which created not only them, but the diversity of life.

Tonight I’ll watch one more episode to write something tomorrow morning about Game of Thrones.

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The bear and the maiden fair

‘The Bear and the Maiden Fair’ is the seventh episode of the third season of HBO’s fantasy television series Game of Thrones, and the 27th episode of the series overall. The episode was written by George R. R. Martin, the feminist author of the A Song of Ice and Fire novels on which the series is based, and was directed by a woman, Michelle MacLaren.

The group of wildlings just crossed the Wall and we heard the first bad message from Ygritte’s mouth: ‘You know nothing, Jon Snow’. Unlike others on the expedition, Ygritte just crossed the Wall for the first time in her life. It’s she who hasn’t seen the world, not even a single stone building, since north of the Wall there are only huts. A moment before Ygritte didn’t understand why the southern armies need drums and those who fly the banners. But although she is ignorant, her mocking gestures suggest that Jon, who was raised in a castle south of the Wall, is the ignorant one.

Then we see, in the Riverlands, a love scene between Robb and non-white buttocks. The female director dared to show off Robb’s wife’s buttocks in a presumably aesthetic shot in King Robb’s candle-lit military tent. The camera changes places and we see a shot from above of the naked woman, who is face down, once more showing us her buttocks.

Rob: (Sigh) ‘If you don’t put some clothes on, I can’t promise I won’t attack you [sexually] again’.

These scenes make me want to see what will happen to the bicolour couple in episode 29, where the accounts are settled. But for the moment the director shows us a long scene and then Robb says, looking at the map of his military strategy although distracted by the exposed buttocks of his wife: ‘How am I supposed to sit here planning a war when you’re over there, looking like that [naked face down]?’

The woman seems unconcerned about the war. She writes a letter to her mom and asks the king when he will take her to her hometown. But as always: the failure doesn’t come from women like this director, but from writers like Martin and the culture that allowed Jews and women to come to Hollywood. Then non-white buttocks tells him that she is pregnant and Robb is surprised. ‘You’re my queen’ says the idiot (in later seasons we’ll see that Jon uses the exact same phrase with Dany).

It is embarrassing to quote the dialogues between non-white buttocks and her husband. Instead of preparing for battle, Robb finds himself in the middle of a long honeymoon with his non-white wife. The mere fact of taking her to the military camp is insanity, and it isn’t surprising in a later episode that Roose Bolton confessed that Robb’s ignoring him when Roose was his military adviser contributed to betraying him to the Lannisters. One more shot from the ceiling filmed by the female director shows this woman’s buttocks again before Robb, already dressed, pounces on her again.

We then see a surreal dialogue between Ygritte and the warg Orell, probably the most important element of the wildling expedition south of the Wall due to his out-of-body abilities. The surreal thing is that, as I have already said, in the real world an outsider like Jon would never have access to the buttocks of a beautiful woman from a tribe. But except Orell, here the ‘tribe’ is behaving with Jon’s relationship with Ygritte as if tribal mores were those of Murka: an astronomical projection of present feminism to a medieval era that never existed.

So here we have a double bad message in a script written by Martin himself and directed by a liberated woman: a cute woman going to war as if she were a common soldier, and with all the sexual freedoms of a contemporary Western woman, including freedom of choosing an outsider instead of a member of her tribe, like Orell. The stupidity of Game of Thrones fans not to report these things is limitless. But in the darkest hour of the West these things are the bread and butter.

Another bad message is that Murka’s central values—social justice warring—are projected back to a fantastic medieval era. Dany arrives with her mulatto army and her two white guardians outside Yunkai, where there are 200,000 slaves. Jorah advises her not to invade the walled city as that campaign won’t bring her closer to the Iron Throne, which is where Dany wants to go. The girl responds to her counsellor that she has 200,000 reasons to take it.

Naturally, in medieval times no one fought wars in which a king could lose half his army just to free the slaves of a distant and exotic culture. But here we got a SJW queen! I have barely read A Song of Ice and Fire but the fact that these novels have become bestsellers speaks ill of the readers. Let’s just imagine what the West would be like if, instead of Martin’s novels, they had William Pierce’s first novel as their biggest bestseller. But the bad messages don’t end there.

In King’s Landing we see an absurd discussion between Tyron and his whore, which would be sad even to cite because in this TV series men are infinitely more idiots than they have been in the historical past (although not in the present). All I can say is that if I were Tyrion I would have already sent Shae to Volantis: her hometown where, by the way, Robb’s wife also comes from. Yes, non-white buttocks and Shae have something else in common besides their hometown: they’re light-brown skinned.

As if those bad messages weren’t enough, in the Riverlands Arya escapes from the cave in front of the entire Brotherhood, and although they run after her they don’t reach her, which suggests that the girl runs faster than the soldiers. Then we see another anti-male scene, although here the message is more than direct. Before castrating Theon (remember that Ramsay has him in a torture chamber), he puts two stunning young women in the chamber, both telling him that they want to see his penis. Then the attractive women get naked and things happen before the castration.

Another feminist scene: Jon tells Ygritte that a deer she wants to hunt with her bow is too far away but Ygritte hunts it. The scene is somewhat reminiscent of that scene from the first episode of the first season, in which Arya hits a perfect target with her bow after her older brother, Bran, terribly missed the target. Reality reversals are ubiquitous in this series.

Then Ygritte continues to taunt Jon, even though she confessed to Orell that she loved Jon. An absurd love: as absurd as Robb’s with Talisa and Tyrion with Shae. Seeing these romantic scenes filmed by a woman, produced by Jews and written by a traitorous white man only humiliates the male viewer. But these idiots play romantic music when Ygritte kisses Jon on his mouth.

‘The Bear and the Maiden Fair’ ends with another unreal scene between a man and a woman. Jaime Lannister throws himself into the ring where Locke had planned to kill Brienne with a huge bear, as if in real life the heir to Casterly Rock, the ancient stronghold of House Lannister, could dare to risk his life to save a woman. The whole scene exudes unreality, and it was this scene that gave the episode its title.

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Dark wings, dark words

‘Dark Wings, Dark Words’ is the second episode of the third season of HBO’s fantasy television series Game of Thrones, and the 22nd episode of the series. In King’s Landing the messages that put men as silly continue. In the castle gardens we hear this conversation:

Olenna Tyrell: ‘Do you know my son, the Lord of Highgarden?’

Sansa: ‘I haven’t had the pleasure’.

Olenna Tyrell laughs: ‘No great pleasure, believe me: a ponderous oaf. His father was an oaf as well, my husband, the late Lord Luthor’.

But in the Riverlands, Rickard Karstark tells King Robb a great truth: ‘I think you lost the war the day you married her’, referring to non-white buttocks.

In the North, while heading to the Wall, Bran Stark has a dream, where he tries to kill the three-eyed raven, but a boy tells him that this is impossible because the raven is Bran himself. When he wakes up and they continue with the march, Osha suspects that someone is following them and goes out to investigate. At this moment the boy from Bran’s dream arrives and reveals that his name is Jojen Reed. Another message in which the male-female roles are reversed is seen when Jojen, who is accompanied by his sister Meera, tells Bran’s caregiver Osha: ‘I’m unarmed. My sister carries the weapons’.

But the writers were still unsatisfied with those two scenes and included one more scene that reverses the male-female roles. Travelling North, Arya, Gendry, and a fat boy nicknamed Hot Pie are discovered by a small group called The Brotherhood Without Banners led by Thoros of Myr, who suspect the three of them have escaped from Harrenhall. Arya draws her sword to face alone the group that has found them while her two friends, Gendry and Hot Pie, hide behind the rocks. We can already imagine in the real medieval period a girl doing that, in the context of crossing a dangerous forest where there could be highway robbers!

Back at King’s Landing, the erotic scene between Tyrion and Shae is disgusting. Those scenes, and many other erotic scenes of Game of Thrones would never have been shot in a healthy West.

En route to the Wall, Bran receives from Jojen the first revelation about what has been happening to him since Jaime threw him from the tower of his home. Jojen says that, like Bran, he is also a greenseer: as those gifted with clairvoyant powers (out-of-body experiences, also known as astral projection) were called in the ancient religion. Greenseers also have retrocognitive powers (seeing the past paranormally) and precognitive powers (glimpses of the future). Jojen explains that the three-eyed raven that appears in Bran’s dreams means someone who ‘brings the sight’.

Bran still ignores it but the old man in a hiding cave under a huge weirwood tree on the other side of the Wall, who has been sending him those dreams under the image of the raven, is the most powerful man in Westeros even though he can no longer move (in Martin’s novels Bloodraven’s power in Westeros affairs is more conspicuous than in the HBO series). Jojen, another gifted psychic who tries to guide Bran, tells him that he too has had the same dream and that he has followed Bran believing that the boy will play an important role in the future. But even during that conversation between two gifted thanks to the old religion, the reversals of roles arise between the women who follow Hodor, Bran and Jojen from behind:

Osha: Isn’t he [Jojen] ashamed, your brother, needing you to protect him?

Meera: Where’s the shame in that?

Osha: Any boy his age who needs his sister to protect him is gonna find himself needing lots of protection.

A psychotic Christian

Just once a week I check Counter-Currents and I did it today. I was shocked by a recent article by Nicholas R. Jeelvy, ‘The Struggle is Real’, because just yesterday I wrote about most white nationalists: ‘They are like the ladies sheltered in Holdfast praying to the old and new gods that the city does not fall’, and Jeelvy exemplifies it:

Imagine you’re a White Nationalist activist. You have a show on the internet where you discuss our issues. It’s going okay. You’re developing a small following. You hear from a friend that there’s a group of young guys who are your fans in another town. You’re elated and start talking to them over the internet. They seem okay, maybe a little on the rowdy side, but they’re young, it’s expected of them. You arrange an event in that town, ostensibly as part of a political maneuver, but in fact it’s because you want to meet those guys. You’re expecting a group of Ernst Jüngers to greet you.

(Gustave Courbet, The Desperate Man, 1843-45.) You find a bunch of weirdos who can’t stop talking about starting a revolution.

One of them vibes like an actual schizophrenic. No, these guys aren’t agents, you double and triple checked them. You tell them that armed insurgency isn’t the path forward and furthermore, directly antagonizing policemen and soldiers will do damage to our cause. Their faces suddenly change—they declare you a cuck, a softie.

They demand you call for a violent uprising on your show; otherwise, you’re a cuck. They feel so betrayed that they start an online campaign against you that lasts to this very day. Gradually you realize that these guys aren’t LARPers, or even stupid. These guys do not seek struggle, nor victory. They seek self-destruction.

Yes: actual revolution is premature. But doesn’t it occur to this idiot that what they really want is the destruction of the System?

And as time goes by, you start seeing in yourself that same demonic will to self-destruction, and start wondering if your entire engagement with dissident politics isn’t just a long, dramatic, and roundabout suicide-by-cop. “No, it can’t be, I live for the struggle,” you say, and then you remember that you’re often suicidal and that you often have fantasies of dying heroically in struggle against the enemy…

For many, being hated and hounded by the system is precisely what attracts them to the Dissident Right. They want to be Nazis precisely because the current morality deems it morally justified to punch, persecute, deplatform, fire, and ultimately kill Nazis.

What absolute imbecility! Doesn’t it occur to Jeelvy that they want to be Nazis because white nationalism has already shown itself to be a charlatan movement (see The Fair Race and Daybreak on the sidebar)?

There’s a little bit of the sociopathic urge to be notorious and feared at play, but far stronger is the will to self-destruction. This will to self-destruction exists because it is the ultimate act of independence and self-actualization in the egotistic and thanatophobic modern world where a long life is the ultimate good. But this self-destruction cannot take the form of your bog-standard suicide, because suicide is destigmatized and excused and suicides are pitied. No, the destruction of the self must come at the tail end of a grand epic of self-denial so that the self may be actualized…

I believe that this article can help resolve the psycho question.

But who’s the real psycho?

Jeelvy doesn’t realise that he and the shitty bourgeois who behave like women sheltered in Holdfast are the psychotic ones (even though it’s still not the time for armed revolution, only of pamphlets). More and more I want the US dollar to collapse so that BLM enters the homes of these shitty nationalists to see when their balls grow.

But Jeelvy is a fucking Christian, and on this site we know what that means. In the comments section he confessed: ‘For the record, I am an Orthodox Christian, but I recognize that I write for a religiously diverse audience so I necessarily take on the perspective of other faiths. It isn’t enough to solve problems only for white Christians’.

Yes, white Christians are the problem, and Greggy is offering them his new site.

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‘Blackwater’ is the ninth and penultimate episode of the second season of HBO’s medieval fantasy television series Game of Thrones. The Blu-ray edition of the complete seasons contains the option to listen the commentary of Martin himself, who recounts the differences between the television interpretation and his novel. Martin really liked the way the directors adapted his text for this battle. Those who don’t want to see the entire series or even a season, can watch this particular episode in isolation to appreciate it from a strictly cinematic point of view. It’s the first time that the series shows us, in detail, a battle.

From the battle at Blackwater Bay I would just like to collect a couple of dialogues. The first one, some words from Cersei who has been drinking wine, addressed to Sansa Stark. Both were in what the very voice of Martin calls ‘a fortress inside the castle’, Maegor’s Holdfast. The noble ladies are interned there under the supervision of Ser Ilyn (pic below).

His orders: kill the ladies of the fortress inside the castle if the city falls (to prevent them from being raped). His orders may seem barbaric but invader Stannis has fallen under the spell of what Ser Davos calls ‘the red woman’, a witch whose religion prompts her to burn her enemies or infidels alive. When Sansa hears the following words from Cersei she’s scared:

‘Do you have any notion of what happens when a city is sacked? No, you wouldn’t, would you? If the city falls, these fine women should be in for a bit of rape. Half of them will have bastards in their bellies come the morning. You’ll be glad of your red flower then…’

‘When a man’s blood is up, anything with tits looks good. A precious thing like you will look very, very good. A slice of cake just waiting to be eaten…’

Sansa then flees into her room to prevent Ser Ilyn from killing her if the city falls. Unaware of Tywin’s reinforcements coming, Sandor Clegane, popularly known as the Hound, has also fled the battle in which King Joffrey’s defensive forces are badly outnumbered by Stannis’ attacking forces. Sansa finds him in her bedroom and the Hound proposes to put her to safety:

The Hound: ‘I can take you with me. Take you to Winterfell. I’ll keep you safe. Do you want to go home?’

Sansa: ‘I’ll be safe here. Stannis won’t hurt me’.

The Hound: ‘Look at me! Stannis is a killer! The Lannisters are killers! Your father was a killer! Your brother [Robb, recently the King of the North] is a killer! Your sons will be killers someday! The world is built by killers’.

Nothing truer! But unlike all their ancestors, white nationalists who ‘want’ to create a white nation don’t talk about killing the enemy. They are like the ladies sheltered in Holdfast praying to the old and new gods that the city does not fall. And I don’t mean that they must fight right away. But nationalists haven’t even begun to devise a revolutionary ideology through pamphlets to encourage a civil war in the future.

Incidentally, this Hound and Sansa are the same ones whose image I picked up in a recent post when this vicious warrior rescued her from being raped by the mob.

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The prince of Winterfell

‘The Prince of Winterfell’ is the eighth episode of the second season of HBO’s medieval fantasy television series Game of Thrones. It premiered on May 20, 2012.

Feminist messages continue in the opening scene. Yara Greyjoy humiliates her brother Theon in Winterfell. This pseudo-Viking is the commander of the garrison of men who, in the absence of Robb Stark due to war, took the main castle of the North. At this point in the series it’s clear that feminism is the Leitmotif of Game of Thrones. As if that weren’t enough, in Theon’s prolonged discussion with Yara the scriptwriters put the man as stupid and the woman as the smartest.

This image appears a few seconds before Cersei said some words to her brother Tyrion: ‘You, on the other hand, are as big a fool as every other man. That little worm between your legs does half of your thinking’. These words resonate with what I said in my previous post about the blunders that three horny males commit in various parts of the world.

Then we see an argument with a vengeful Cersei, as women are, but behind that ugly argument we see that the thing about the male was true, as the stupid Tyrion has fallen in love with a whore: a woman who, as we shall see in a later season, is worse than Cersei.

‘You’re beautiful’ says the poor devil Tyrion to the whore. He ignores what’s coming in the future. Cersei was right: Our weakness lies in letting what hangs between our legs do fifty percent of our thinking. After that scene and a few words from Tyrion we see that he’s truly in love. ‘I would kill for you. Do you know that?’ Tyrion said that to Shae, the whore who in Season Four will deliver the biggest blow against him during a life and death trial. All these scenes are disgusting in that they put men as idiots, although not all of us are like that.

Another absolutely stupid conduct in this episode: King Robb and Lord Roose Bolton, the head of House Bolton of the north, discuss very serious matters of state when Talisa enters Robb’s military tent. Letting this woman freely enter the king’s tent in times of war wasn’t enough. Stannis Baratheon is about to invade King’s Landing and in these moments when Robb argues with Roose, the latter immediately leaves the camp tent to let Talisa enter with the words ‘My lady’ so that she and Robb may speak in private. Naturally, Robb won’t discuss tactics or strategy with Talisa, the one with the non-white buttocks.

Hardly in the Middle Ages a king wasted his time chatting with a woman alien to his race, putting aside all military plans. Robb and Talisa talk about the biographical past of ‘non-white buttocks’, as I should call Talisa from this line on. But worst of all is that after that King Robb declares himself to her telling her, in the tent, that he no longer wants to marry the Aryan girl from House Frey. Then we see a ridiculous erotic scene between the two and even there you can see the scriptwriters’ feminism as, already naked, we see the female on top of the king.

In Qarth the black man and the warlock give a coup to the Thirteen (or rather the Eleven), the group of merchant princes within Qarth, and remain as sole governors of the city. Dany wants to stay in the city to get her dragons back but Jorah tells her it’s is dangerous, to which he adds: ‘You know I would die for you. I will never abandon you’, which is true as in the last season Jorah will die protecting the one who, in that same season, will be revealed as the worst tyrant of the entire series.

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‘Baelor’ is the ninth and penultimate episode of the first season of the HBO medieval fantasy television series Game of Thrones. As I did in the last entry, I won’t be reviewing everything that happens in it but I use the episodes to express my philosophy: in this post, what I think about the psychosis suffered by the white race, including those who claim to defend it. Thus, I will focus on a single scene in Baelor.

Lady Catelyn appears before the feudal lord Walder Frey, the head of House Frey and Lord of the Crossing (a bridge) to negotiate the crossing of the troops of his son in their war against the Lannisters, who are about to execute Ned Stark. Although Lord Frey is an old man (the actor who played his role was known for playing Argus Filch in Harry Potter), he still maintains a very active role in managing his household.

After the West collapses, the white man will find himself at a crossroads. Both paths will lead to the return of patriarchy, as feminism is but an astronomical and massive psychotic breakdown that cannot be sustained for more than a century (the group that suffers from it is extinguished as their women cease to breed). The Jew Lawrence Auster was right in saying that liberalism, in the sense of the principle of non-discrimination that includes antiracism, feminism and sexual orientation is the most destructive ideology of all times.

Well then: before the crossroads of the two roads that lead to the return of patriarchy, the white man will have to decide what form of patriarchy will return: if his white women will belong to the Muslims of Europe and the blacks of America, or if the Aryan finally regains his sanity and reclaims them for himself.

In the episode Lord Walder Frey, opposite Lady Catelyn Stark, grabs his wife’s buttocks and then spanks her when he goes to negotiate privately with Lady Catelyn. After clearing a room full of his descendants, Lord Frey addresses the surprised Catelyn with these words:

‘You see that? Fifteen, she is. A little flower [licking his lips in lust]. And her honey’s all mine [chuckles]’.

In my soliloquies I call that delicious honey a Caperucita, and it is a shame that the supposed defenders of her race don’t see the naked truth of what Catelyn replied:

‘I’m sure she will give you many sons’.

A decade ago, when I still subscribed to white nationalism, I didn’t understand why some of their articles left me depressed. It didn’t take me long to realise that many nationalists had betrayed their principles by subscribing to at least some form of feminism. Ten years ago I reproduced the response of a critic of Alex Kurtagic since the latter dared to label ‘defectives’ those from the racial right who didn’t subscribe to feminism. Looking back, it seems clear to me that the only defective was Kurtagic himself, who like me was raised in Latin America. Now I can say that except for Andrew Anglin white nationalists continue to blind themselves as to how we should treat women.

If the white man chooses the right path when he reaches the crossroads, after the Day of the Rope he won’t behave like the men of Murka II in Covington’s fiction (see ‘Freedom daughters’ in my Daybreak). Since the pendulum has swung to the extreme left its inertia will carry it to the extreme right, and if whites wake up the warlords, the new Walder Freys, won’t be the exception but the rule. And even if the white man chooses the wrong path women will still be subdued, but this time like the Muslim women I saw the year I lived in Manchester.

Part of the feminisation of the white man lies in not wanting to even fix his own bedroom. Before killing the enemy he must control his women, at least through an internal transvaluation of values as the police would stop any actual transvaluation. He who doesn’t fuck won’t fight and many white nationalists don’t do it because, as good neochristians they are, they believe they should ask permission.

Sex is to be taken as the feudal lord Frey took it, at least in the most primitive stage of civilisation: what looms again after the collapse. There is already this situation with the massive rapes of Caperucitas in the UK, but the System only allows non-white wolfies to eat them.

Much of the revulsion I feel for white nationalism lies in that they tolerate this reversal of values. The critic of feminism, Roger Devlin, speaks like a conservative; not like the MGTOW people do and much less as I speak. A man who in one of the forums in which Devlin discusses would talk like Walder Frey, licking his lips while imaginarily savouring a Caperucita, would be annihilated by the thousands of Kutragics that swarm today’s racialism, and they would not answer any of the most elementary realities about the subject of feminism that I have linked so many times on this site.

That’s why I will continue to say that white nationalism is a fraud, and that to recover our lands we must first wage a great internal jihad that allows us to think as we were before, even in medieval times: as Martin’s prose about the lands of Riverrun.

Lord Snow

‘Lord Snow’ is the third episode of the first season of the HBO medieval fantasy television series Game of Thrones. It first aired on May 1, 2011. The bad message of this episode begins when Ned Stark discovers, already settled in King’s Landing, that his little daughter Arya has a real weapon.

Ned Stark: ‘This is not a toy. Little ladies shouldn’t play with swords’.

Arya: ‘I wasn’t playing. And I don’t want to be a lady’.

Keeping in mind the medieval literature of my mother tongue, there was nothing like it in Spain despite the fact that its literature flourished with stories of medieval warriors. This dialogue in ‘Lord Snow’ is a pure invention of our time. (I have said elsewhere that the film that started this reversal of roles, that a saving warrior could be a woman, was the 1979 Alien.)

Very kindly Ned tries to reason with his daughter in her room, asking Arya if she remembers the House Stark motto, ‘Winter is coming’. He makes Arya see that she was born in the middle of a long summer (in George R.R. Martin’s universe summers can last for years, and dreaded winters too). Ned wants to show his daughter that she hasn’t yet known the harshness of life.

Contemporary Americans are like Arya in the sense that they haven’t suffered those long winters: the thirty to one hundred years that, according to Revilo Oliver, we must endure to bring about a true psychogenic change. This could even be said of all contemporary Westerners who require a long winter to generate the gravitas to form a new nation. Fortunately, what the Europeans have suffered will soon begin to be suffered by the Americans. On page 131 of Toward the White Republic the American Michael O’Meara said:

Qualitatively more persuasive, though, is Orlov’s claim that the Soviet Union was better situated than the United States to endure and recover from a political-economic breakdown. In his view, Americans see their ‘spendthrift debtor nation’ as a ‘land of free ice cream and perpetual sunshine’. Never having experienced invasion, world war, famine, or bloody dictatorship, it’s hard for them to imagine a future unlike their past. More than Russians, Americans have been severed from their past and redesigned as gratification-oriented consumers whose defining character is materialist rather than ethnic, historical, or cultural. They also lack the psychology of resilience ‘bred’ into the long-suffering Russians. Finally, they are more ideologically deluded by the system’s pretences, just as they are more integrated into its increasingly dysfunctional institutions.

In Winterfell the boy Bran has awakened from his coma. In the novel this is due to the telepathic intervention of Bloodraven, a man fused to a weirwood tree (see the weiwrood trees on the sidebar) who had appeared to the comatose Bran in a dream as a three-eyed raven, thanks to ancient magic on the other side of the Wall.

Old Nan, the caretaker of the now crippled Bran, for the first time in the series talks about the legends about what long time ago had been a winter that lasted a whole generation. (The actress who played Old Nan died before ‘Lord Snow’ was released. The episode is dedicated to her memory in the end credits.) Old Nan speaks to Bran about the White Walkers who had been a scourge to mankind during the long winter, so the Wall was built millennia ago in order to keep them at bay.

On the other side of the kingdom King Robert remembers with the members of his Kingsguard their first killings. The masculine dialogue reminds me, once again, of today’s feminised western men. Who among the so-called defenders of the West on the internet has killed someone? If there is something that distinguishes us from women it is our passion to kill, and without manhood there is neither war nor white republic. (This said, I recognise it’s impossible to kill since WW-II as our governments are anti-white and there are no good wars to fight.)

King Robert recounts that during a war he fell from his horse and a young soldier charged at him, receiving him with a hammer blow that broke all of his ribs. Jaime Lannister and another member of the Kingsguard tell the king who their first victims were.

Having won the Allies we can no longer have this kind of dialogue. And together with tolerating that, the System has even taken women away from us through feminism: a sign of the mental state of the white man. Only if Hitler had won would we be telling ourselves who our first victims were.

And speaking of feminism and would-be warriors, the episode closes precisely with the reversal of sexual roles. Upon learning that Arya doesn’t want to become a lady but rather wants to be a swordsman, Ned hires Syrio Forel to teach her the art of handling her Needle. In the first lesson Forel tells the girl Arya:

‘You are late, boy’.

That, and not the last season that angered the toxic fandom so much, should have triggered the rage of viewers. But whites are bananas. When a man accepts these inversions he is accepting masturbation as a substitute for those women who (like Arya) aren’t going to marry. The betrayal doesn’t come from the woman but from the Aryan male (women only follow the strong, and the strong one today is the anti-white System).

Within the cultural revolution that has been unfolding in the West for a few decades, critics of Game of Thrones have praised Maisie Williams for her portrayal of Arya Stark and her sword lesson scenes. The whites among these ‘critics’ represent the worst scum Western history has produced. But the havoc that the long winter ahead will cause will also wipe out all degeneracy of America’s summer (actually, historically it’s already autumn).

The episode ends with Arya training with Forel and Ned Stark watching them. The scene is paradigmatic of the bad messages of Game of Thrones as Ned was the character considered, by the toxic fandom, as the most honourable man of the 2011-2019 series.

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The Kingsroad

‘The Kingsroad’ is the second episode of the first season of the HBO medieval fantasy television series Game of Thrones, first aired on April 24, 2011.

We see the first bad message of this episode when Jon Snow says goodbye and gives a real rapier to the little girl Arya, while she packs her clothes on the eve of the Starks’ fateful trip to King’s Landing. Thus the masculinisation of a little girl is promoted by one of the central characters, perhaps the most beloved, of all seasons: Jon Snow. If those who caused the darkest hour in the West, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union had lost the war, our world wouldn’t be turned upside down. A scene like this would never have been filmed.

Since this rapier is very light, so light that a little girl can wield it, in the real world she would never have had a chance to compete, in real combat, with the heavy swords wielded by men. Not only is Arya, as we said in ‘Winter is coming’, the most mishandled character of all Game of Thrones seasons, but the white fans who didn’t rebel against these insults to reason and good judgment are complicit in what the Jews of Hollywood, HBO or Netflix do.

Hugging Jon Snow in goodbye, and with her little legs dangling in the air due to her stature, right at this moment—hugging her half-brother—Arya names her small rapier Needle, as knights used to baptise their swords. Instead of needles for her embroidery and knitting classes the girl prefers a needle that is a weapon.

Interestingly, in this 2011 episode Jon Snow kisses Bran when the latter is in a coma. Jamie Lannister had pushed him out of the Winterfell tower when Bran caught Jaime committing incest with his sister Cercei, the queen. (Jon wouldn’t see Bran again until the last season, in 2019, and also greets him with a kiss on the forehead; although by that season Bran has undergone a psychic transformation to become the three-eyed raven.)

The farewell of Robb Stark and Jon Snow is very manly: very dry but affectionate. If the white man suffered enough during the coming convergence of catastrophes, in a century we would develop once again the gravitas of the Middle Ages.

One of my favourite scenes from the show is seen in this episode, when King Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark eat lunch on a placid afternoon during the long journey from Winterfell to King’s Landing. They both speak frankly, as real men spoke. The visuals of that scene, with a variety of fruits on an outdoor table in the beautiful countryside, are quite good. If it bothers me to see masculinised women I’m even more fed up with feminised men and can’t stand the sight of them. That’s why a contemporary series that at least sometimes shows real men set in a fantastic medieval period is worth watching.

The final scenes gave the episode the title. Away from the gaze of adults, the teenage prince Geoffrey, who will inherit the Iron Throne, grossly abuses his power over the commoners. He falsely accuses Arya and her pet, one of the young wolves of the Starks, and the son of a blacksmith. But as repulsive as the future king Geoffrey is in four seasons of this series of eight seasons, democracy is infinitely worse. As Harold Covington said when he lived, democracy is a system designed not to change.

Let’s imagine for a moment that monarchy persisted in our days. Imagine that, in the West, it occurred to one of the many kings of the western nations to reverse the migration of non-whites with the absolute powers that the monarchical system grants him. (This is the opposite of how the Deep State ruled the US during Trump’s presidency.) This hypothetical king, although as repulsive in his personal life as Geoffrey, could potentially produce a chain reaction if the will of other kings was also conquered to expel Moors and Jews à la 1492 in Spain (in the present, blacks and Asians would also be expelled).

And here we come to why I am so disgusted by white nationalism, which unlike the late Covington lacks a revolutionary ideology. None of the leading figures that I know of places democracy on the dock. Who of these Americans rejects democracy? In the last two elections many of them even voted or advised their visitors on who to vote for.

In one of his podcasts William Pierce hit the nail on the head by inquiring why Jews like democracy so much: because they can control the electorate if they control the media. But the leading figures of white nationalism have cucked about something so obvious. And worst of all is that these white nationalists, by validating democracy, indirectly validate Jewry behind the media.

I would suggest that my visitors no longer enter the sites of these pretenders, nor read their books whether published by Arktos or Counter-Currents. If I want to learn German it is to read the original texts of a political system that was even better than monarchy. The rest, including what is written in the forums of the racialised right, is like an American dog that returns to its vomit.

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