Anti-white encyclopaedia

Four months ago I wrote a short article about Wikipedia saying that the trick they use to turn that online encyclopaedia into anti-white propaganda is the wiki-policy they call ‘reliable sources’. Well, recently a Polish fan of Stefan Molyneux (that he’s Polish I gather from the IP he left in the wiki’s talk page) posted some words that portray what I think is the inherent fraud in Wikipedia. The Pole wrote (some of his syntax corrected):

Don’t you even see what kind of mental gymnastics and loophole thinking made from double standards you’re performing? He [Molyneux] was censored because he was speaking things the mainstream, left/far-left media you deem as ‘Reliable Sources’ didn’t like. And what your ‘Reliable Sources’ don’t like, they usually call racist, misogynist or hate speech, for convenience. So let’s follow you and your Reliable Sources’s thinking, step by step:

> Reliable Sources: Guy X has wrong opinions, they should be censored, because free speech and freedom of thought is violence and it’s dangerous for individuals to use their brains

>Guy X gets censored, anyone defending him gets shunned and also censored

>You, self-proclaimed liberals from Wikipedia: ‘We won’t censor Reliable Sources, our Reliable Sources (even though clearly biased) say that he’s a white supremacist so it means that he is’.

How ironic is it that you call fact-checking your sources as ‘censorship’, when what you’re doing now along with those sources is exactly that: censorship.

What contests the claims about him being far right are his actions and his political views. The proof is in the source material. His exact words. His podcasts and videos. They should be the main—reliable source here—, not opinions of some biased media of your choice. Especially when you want to judge the man and write an article summarising him, his views and his life.

You can’t do it legitimately and fairly when the only thing you’re doing here is quoting opinions of unrelated people instead of the man himself. The Policy and Guidelines in which you try to find support for your political bias and unprofessional way of creating articles, clearly states that all, often biased sources, such as the ones used in this particular article, need to be fact-checked, and proper research needs to be done in order to write an article from a NPOV [neutral point of view].

But you just don’t care. That’s not what you want, you don’t want the truth to be conveyed. You simply want to silence a man you disagree with. Just like a typical ‘liberal’, drunk on power and influence, absolutely confident that he cannot possibly be ever incorrect. You’re a part of the reason why we’re entering a truly dystopian phase of modern civilisation.

Thought police, abuse of power, censorship. The purpose of Wikipedia is not to convey someone’s opinions on a given subject, but straight facts. And the facts are that you simply took mainstream media’s opinion of Stefan, and put it in the article as if it was the truth, without any research whatsoever. Whoever made this article or helped to edit it should permanently lose his editorial rights for violating basic rules for article creation, which was already quoted above.

Alas, the horrible wiki editors are right. According to the so-called reliable sources (kosher approved in plain English) Moly is a vile racist white supremacist just for discussing race and IQ studies (the video I recently embedded is now the best one on Moly in YouTube). Incidentally, Peter Schiff also commented on the expulsion of Moly and in his latest podcast he even fears that he could also be expelled from YouTube…!

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Thoughtpolice again!

Update of 3: 40 pm. Stefan Molyneux, David Duke and Jared Taylor have also been banned from YouTube, with all of their videos nuked!

______ 卐 ______

Yesterday I linked to another very interesting take by Richard Spencer explaining how Negrolatry is ultimately Christian morality but, alas, he just twitted: ‘The Radix YouTube channel has been permanently disabled’.

Those who have not saved in their hard-disks or in a DVD The Fair Race should do it now. One never knows…!

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Facebook nuked my account

‘Your Account Has Been Disabled. For more information, or if you think your account was disabled by mistake, please visit the Help Center’.

Before my page passes into absolute oblivion (there are other guys there with my name who are not even relatives) I feel obliged to say that, at the top, my Facebook (FB) page had this painting by Le Lorraine that evokes the world of my utopian imagery for the white race: a bucolic town that contrasts to the Mammon-worship cities of today.

My latest posts on FB had been links to some featured articles on this site. My FB list had a large number of friends from the white nationalist community, and a few followers including some Mexican relatives.

Among the images I uploaded to my now gone FB account were the nymphs painted by Maxfield Parrish, some of which appear on the sidebar of this site, another pic that said ‘It’s okay to be white’ and this super-quotable quote by Ron Unz. (Incidentally, the thoughtpolice also recently nuked The Unz Review FB page.)

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Covid-19 vs. the 1st Amendment?

Further to my previous post. As Tucker Carlson said yesterday, big tech companies are using covid-19* to increase their censorship power over the American population. The First Amendment is no longer fashionable. I don’t know if the two books I mentioned a couple of days ago will no longer be available through Lulu but, as I said here in the comments section, we need our own publishing house.

(*) My take on the Chinese coronavirus is that I disagree with the lockdowns. All people should simply wear facemasks on the street and at work, as in Czechoslovakia.

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‘I am less free in the US than in Tito’s Yugoslavia’

Dr. Srdja Trifković (a.k.a., Serge Trifkovic)

Today a commenter said:

Years ago, when Communism collapsed many people left Eastern Europe and moved to America. Someone asked one of these people what was the biggest difference they noticed when moving to the U.S. I found the reply interesting and unexpected. They said that the level of propaganda in the U.S. was so incredibly high and so ubiquitous that they were shocked. In the communist countries they had propaganda, but nowhere near this level.

This reminded me of Srdja Trifkovic’s interview, where he said: ‘Today in the postmodern West, it is very hard… to exchange any meaningful thoughts on race, on immigration… without encountering some seriously strained looks! and even stunned and uncomfortable reactions from friends and neighbours, and that is why you avoid these conversations’.

Today’s West is far more totalitarian than the communist countries of the Eastern Bloc when I was also a teenager, as political correctness has possessed the soul of the man of the street, not only of the commie elites, as in my youth.

Watch Trifkovic’s interview: here. In the process of unplugging myself from the Matrix, years ago this was the most didactic interview I had ever seen.

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Busy for proof reading

This February I wrote: ‘I recently flipped through the copy of the 2014 edition of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour that I own and was surprised that, since that year, I have eliminated no less than… fifty essays!’ In the later versions, I have been also adding many new essays and translations from the Spaniard Evropa Soberana and others.

Unfortunately, the PDF that a certain person uploaded to the Internet, without my permission, is the very outdated 2014 version of The Fair Race.

The United States is the country of the First and Second Amendments, which makes them superior to Europeans, at least in regard to freedom of expression and the right to possess weapons as a counterweight to the government’s power.

But the recent events in that country, as we see with Donald Trump’s pronouncements about confiscating weapons from unruly citizens, or Lindsey Graham’s super-quotable quote in my post yesterday, make me think that anti-white accelerationism has already begun. When Graham, the same senator who defended Judge Brett Kavanaugh last September, makes such pronouncements it can be said that the first snowflakes of a long winter have already fallen.

For this reason, I feel obliged to place on this site the PDF of the most updated version of The Fair Race for free. The updated book will still be available from Lulu for those who want a hard copy. It was never my intention to profit from the essays of other authors collected in The Fair Race. But it seems to me important that, if the US government were to violate the First Amendment, visitors of this site should download the PDF of the best essays collected for ten years since I started blogging.

The next few days I will be reading the more than six hundred pages of The Fair Race so that the public PDF may be as clean as possible, and I will add a couple more essays that will render obsolete even the previous edition of this year.

I apologise to regular visitors that I will not be very active these days, as I’ll be busy reviewing the long book.

Bye, First Amendment

‘The guy in El Paso was on one of these white supremacist hate sites where they radicalize each other. We should shut those sites down’.

Lindsey Graham

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WDH backup

I have finished uploading the PDFs of, to date, the 316 pages of The West’s Darkest Hour with ten entries per page (although comments are not included). If WDH is censored in WordPress you can visit me there:

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Black Pigeon Speaks…

has been purged from YouTube. ‘It was fully monetized, was in good standing, had no strikes and 95-99% like ratio and with almost 500k subscribers’, he said. ‘I follow the rules carefully and have not broken any of them’.

Black Pigeon Speaks is the author of the content linked in the sticky post’s first line: content about how contemporary Westerners internalised their extremely toxic foundation myth or story—something we have been discussing recently on this site.

Black Pigeon Speaks used to make a living in Japan through the YouTube monetization. He also rescued pigeons in an environment where non-whites give a shit about these cute birds.

Update of 10 pm

It looks like his channel is back thanks to the protests! YouTube did to BPS something similar to what they had done to the guy with the funny penname of Styxhexenhammer666 some time ago, another Alt Lite Youtube vlogger.

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First Amendment under siege

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