Game of Thrones: a golden opportunity to educate normies about the JQ!

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Most character arcs have been trashed by this last season of Game of Thrones, even in the finale that millions just watched tonight! These millions of normies are bewildered about what happened because the typical normie ignores that there is such a thing as a Jewish Question (JQ).

The simple fact is that the pair of screenwriters of Game of Thrones are Jews. In previous seasons this pair more or less had followed the novels of George R.R. Martin. But Martin has yet to write the outcome of his saga. Martin may be fairly liberal, but he is white. The pair of Jews who wrote the final season, no longer based on Martin, simply trolled the audience by subverting the expectations of millions of fans. This happens when gentiles commit the blunder of delegating some members of a subversive tribe to write our stories. (For an intro on why Jews love to takeover the mainstream media and Hollywood see: here.)

The most germane content of The West’s Darkest Hour is akin to the retrocognitive visions of one of the characters in Game of Thrones, Bran Stark (pic above), the ‘greenseer’, who used his ‘greensight’ to retrocognitively see how, long ago, the Children of the Forest created the Night King.

Because most of Western history has been written by normies, it could be argued that the Spaniard that we have been promoting, Evropa Soberana, provides a retrocognitive window to the most relevant past. I have in mind the most important interaction between Whites and Jews in the Ancient World. Soberana’s essay is the best introduction to the Jewish Question because it recounts how Judeo-Christianity—a Night King of real life who doesn’t want to spare the life of a single white—was created.

Knowledge is power. This site provides primordial knowledge that only a greenseer can see. That whites dare to look through the retrocognitive visions of this king of Westeros in the surprising finale tonight, is the last chance to save them from extinction. This week, for example, a Daily Stormer commenter referred to this site as follows:

I found an awesome site and info resources with extensive, in-depth invaluable paradigm shifting information / history about the Jews in the Roman Empire from a woke on JQ perspective.

There is a short book about it that is absolutely mind-blowing. It utterly annihilates the notion of “Christianity” having been anything other than the Jewish psyop which apparently backfired against them, kinda…[1] but which itself destroyed Greco-Roman civilization and has led us (((here))), where we are today.

Yes: normies unaware of the greensight that this site provides—a short book—can see now how the Night King who wants to exterminate all whites was created. This information is extremely hard to gather from other forums of white nationalism or the alt-right. Use this link and preach the green-sighting meta-vision of this site in other pro-white forums. Or even better: in forums of disenchanted normies clueless about why their beloved Game of Thrones was betrayed in the very finale tonight.


[1] Just as the Children of the Forest’s magic apparently backfired against them with the creation of the Night King.

Grand finale

Tonight, right after I watch the finale of Game of Thrones, I’ll post something.

Stay tuned…

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How ‘Game of Thrones’ can be used

Further to Robert Hampton’s ‘Woke Christianity’ which reminded me of my ‘On empowering birds feeding on corpses’.

After Game of Thrones (GoT) betrayed the fans’ expectations with a girl killing the Night King, as we saw on this site the last Sundays, tonight we watched the great spectacle of an irrelevant war of the two bitches, where the pyromaniac Queen Daenerys burns the main city of Westeros after they had surrendered.

But if we keep in mind the message of the two articles linked above, after the absolute fiasco of these last episodes we still can use previous seasons of GoT to try to reach normies.

Remember the epigraphs of the second article linked above (‘Christian ethics was like a time bomb ticking away in Europe, a Trojan horse waiting for its season’ & ‘1945 was the year of the total inversion of Aryan values into Christian values’). Our historical season or climax of Christian values is similar to GoT’s ‘Sparrows’, the Faith Militant fanatics who believed in equality for all men (‘We’re all equal in the eyes of the Seven’, a rephrasing of the Christian ‘Every man is equal in God’s eyes’).

Also remember that George R.R. Martin obtained his inspiration from real events of Western history. In the Middle Ages, the Dulcinians were like the Sparrows. Inspired by Franciscan ideals, like today’s antifa they became thugs. As can be read in online encyclopaedias, the ideals of the Dulcinians were:

• The fall of the ecclesiastical hierarchy, and return of the Church to its original ideals of humility and poverty

• The fall of the feudal system

• The creation of a new egalitarian society based on mutual aid, holding property in common and respecting gender equality.

Fra Dolcino (1250-1307) viewed the history of mankind as four epochs:

• The period of the Old Testament

• The period of Jesus Christ and his Apostles characterised by chastity and poverty

• The period of Constantine and the imperial Popes characterised by the decline of the Church due to excessive wealth

• The period of the Apostolics led by Dolcino. Like the ‘Sparrows’ in GoT, this is a period characterised by poverty, chastity and the absence of government.

It is true that for George R.R. Martin war is bad, feudalism and slavery are bad, feminism is good and religion is nuts. But as I have argued, Martin himself subscribes the nutty religion of ‘neo-Franciscanism’, something that is reflected in GoT. In Martin’s novels, after a couple of centuries of disbanding the Faith Militant, the military arm of the Faith of the Seven is restored, this time led by the Sparrows. The physical appearance of the Sparrows resembles, in real history, the violent or Dulcinite faction of the Franciscans.

Curiously, among GoT fans the High Sparrow was one of the most hated witches of the entire show. Hence we can use this character in our discussions with normies when trying to convey that Christian ethics was like a ticking bomb waiting for its season, and that after WW2 this inversion of values was fulfilled.

Just as today’s Woke Christians see Jesus in immigrants, refugees, people of colour, and demeaned women—and therefore the noblest thing, the White Male, must be degraded in order to equalise him with the downtrodden—, in GoT the Sparrows attacked the noblest houses of Westeros: House Tyrell and then Cersei herself, who apparently died in tonight’s show as Queen Cersei (one of the bitches).

Since in real life the Untermenschen cannot be equalised by decree, the only way to equalise them before the White Male is simply by degrading his status throughout the West: precisely what is happening. Westerners ignore that, after seven hundred years, our secular governments are implementing the core of the ideals of Fra Dolcino.

The difference between GoT’s Sparrows and the attempt to deconstruct the White Male in our times is that normies abhor the Sparrows while they accept the degradation of the White Male throughout the West.

The Roman Catholic Church destroyed Fra Dolcino and the Dulcinians in the 14th century when the Church felt threatened by them, just as Queen Cersei destroyed the High Sparrow and his Sparrows in Season 6 of GoT. But in today’s West the ‘Sparrows’ hold power in each Western government, media outlet and university. The only way to destroy them is through a revaluation of all values that not even white nationalists are willing to endorse, let alone enact if they reached power.

It is incredible the level of subjugation of the contemporary White Male before the core of the Gospel message, especially among secular, agnostic and atheist whites.

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Game of Thrones reaches its nadir

With the fourth episode of the final season of Game of Thrones, the show has reached its absolute nadir: the worst crap I’ve seen of the entire series. From the previous episode, by killing the Night King the producers wanted a ‘game of thrones’ show (palatial intrigues), not a song of ice and fire (a show with a deeper meaning). But with the script of this fourth episode the writers made a cretinous anticlimax that will even bother the fans.

That happens when mean people, like Jewish writers, invent a script for lack of a book that George R.R. Martin has not written yet. But even the gentile Martin is a liberal who has advocated for allowing Syrian refugees into the US and supported Hillary Clinton.

If I had the freedom to come up with my own ending, away from the ethno-traitor Martin and the Jewish scriptwriters, the Night King would still live in this fourth episode. Following the philosophy of Martin that there are no ultimate bad and good guys in a dance between ice and fire, these last episodes would reveal the deep motivation of the Night King.

Remember that Martin was inspired by the medieval stories in which Christian fanatics destroyed the sacred trees of pagans. In the television series, the children of the forest defended themselves with rock magic creating the Night King with the purpose of fighting the invaders: human beings. Thus, the Night King of my script would want to exterminate humanity as a noble goal from the point of view of the forest’s children.

In an epic war of minds, and with the help of the greenseer Bran Stark who fights on behalf of the human side, the final plot would revolve around negotiating with the Night King the extermination not of the hundred percent of humanity, but of ninety-nine percent.(*) The reason for this would not only be to respect Martin’s central axiom, that there is no absolute villain, but to introduce the religion of the four words to eliminate all unnecessary suffering.

Thus, from the dialectical synthesis between the Night King and the Greenseer Bran there would remain, of the pure whites, only the most compassionate with Nature including trees and animals. The rest of mankind would be exterminated by the Night King’s White Walkers and their army of the death. That’s how my final episode would end.

Of course: that is my song of ice and fire, not Martin’s and much less that of the Jewish scriptwriters. But an eight-season saga that began in 2011 would have deserved a more profound message instead of the botched anticlimax we saw tonight.

Those who wish to familiarise themselves with my philosophy of marriage between the 4 and 14 words can read my books that appear almost to the bottom of this page, although I need to finish reviewing the syntax of the last one, De Jesús a Hitler (From Jesus to Hitler).


(*) In the Manichaean HBO show the Night King didn’t want to spare the life of a single human.

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Girl power

The ending [of Game of Thrones] was just a ‘girl power’ scene. That’s the direction this show took for a couple of seasons already, and now we see it some more.

Of course, they won’t let Jon Snow kill the Night King. Toxic masculinity is evil. We need a woman to take out the Night King and show some girl power.

Fuck the story, fuck everything, we need girl power all over this shit. All rulers are women, or the smartest, wise and best fighters are women. And if you don’t like it, you are a racist sexist bigot.

a commenter of this YouTube audio.

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Ethnosuicidal GoT fans

Further to my Monday post ‘Feminism in Game of Thrones’.

For those who believe that Jewish subversion is the primary cause of white decline and poor little whites their blameless victims, see what one of the main webzines of white nationalism, Counter-Currents, just published: ‘Guide to Kulchur, Episode 17: Game of Thrones Seen from the Right [sic!]. The Return of Good & Evil to Westeros’.

From the right? Really?

I stopped listening to the first audio right after minute seven when Fróði Midjord and John Morgan agreed they weren’t bothered with the (Jewish script) placing the girl Arya as the New Frodo. This tolerance of feminism reminds me very strongly what I said about Harold Covington in my ‘Feminism in Game of Thrones’.

With these brilliant commentators from the right, who needs the Jews? Haven’t they heard that feminism has been a weapon of mass destruction directed against whites? Are we living in parallel universes?

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Feminism in Game of Thrones

‘8 damn seasons of build up and the White Walkers lose on their first battle past the Wall? And no major [human] characters even die in the biggest battle, how? —disillusioned Game of Thrones fan.

Today Counter-Currents published ‘Women & Game of Thrones’ which contains a phrase pronounced by the actor who plays the role of Jon Snow (now, aspiring to the throne): ‘the show is feminist’. Yesterday HBO released the third episode of season 8, and the feminism of Game of Thrones has reached its zenith.

Throughout eight seasons the audience was patiently prepared for a final confrontation between the Night King and the forces of Good. To begin with, this betrays the claim of the author of the novels: that unlike The Lord of the Ring, Game of Thrones would not be Manichaean.

Very independently of the idea that George R. R. Martin may have to finish his final novel of the series, what ‘Jon Snow’ said is absolutely true: the series is feminist.

In 2017 I spoke on this site about the teenager Arya Stark as ‘capable of wiping out an entire House (in the previous season she killed the Feudal Lord)’. Yesterday, this girl did what LOTR’s Frodo achieved by destroying the One Ring: she alone, not a male warrior, killed the Night King (thus automatically destroying his whole army)!

It is useless to argue with a normie that we males have more agility and strength in sports than women, not to mention in hand-to-hand combat. Feminism has been so malicious cancer to the West that even in his final novel of the saga on the creation of a White Republic, the novelist Harold Covington puts a woman murdering the president of the United States at the climax that would define whether the White Republic would survive or not.

I repeat, it is not clear what George R. R. Martin has in mind for the outcome of his novel series. But the fact that the Game of Thrones writers have spoiled the tension accumulated in eight seasons with this scene of the girl Arya making her Frodo, reminds me that LOTR itself does not end with the destruction of the One Ring. It ends with a chapter on a final battle in the Shire that Peter Jackson did not film—the anticlimax.

Either way, the culmination of the TV series Game of Thrones happened yesterday. We were led to believe that the Night King, who had prepared for eight thousand years to invade the south, was surprised by a young Ninja female who, for some reason, appeared out of nowhere even though the Night King was surrounded by the Army of the Dead and the White Walkers (a sort of Praetorian guard for the Night King).

Yes: it can be argued that the final season ended yesterday in terms of climax, despite the fact that three more episodes remain for the next Sundays. In those episodes we will probably watch intrigues between the two houses about who will stay in the iron throne: Queen Cersei or Queen Daenerys.

If Germany had won the war, the feminist crap written by Jewish screenwriters to demoralize the Aryan male would never have reached Western television.

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Bad messages in Game of Thrones

In past years I have talked about the bad messages in previous seasons of Game of Thrones. In the first episode of the last season we see, once again, the masculine and aggressive female Yara Greyjoy that even hits his brother, the castrated Theon, when he rescues her. In the history of the West the norm has not been astute warrior women like Yara and silly and timid brothers like Theon, but on TV the goal is to invert the values. (Cersei Lannister, pic above, is another queen instead of her brother Jaime Lannister who is no king at all.)

I have said that white nationalism errs by calling this subversion ‘cultural Marxism’, a rather superficial term. Instead, I have been referring to subversion as ‘neo-Christianity’, in the sense that Christianity is an extension of the Jewish problem into the minds of whites. But even my term is inaccurate inasmuch as, throughout Christendom, men and women were not represented as in Game of Thrones, nor in modern times until the last decades. (I remember as if yesterday the first movie that reversed the roles of man-woman: Alien, which I saw on the big screen in 1979.)

Thus, more accurate than the term neo-Christianity is ‘neo-Franciscanism’, as St. Francis (1181–1226) was the saint who tried most to take the message of the gospel in all its purity into the real world.

Today this neo-Franciscanism is largely a secular phenomenon—think of Sweden for example—, although Pope Francis also wants to follow St. Francis’ steps, as explained in my last post about the humble man of Assisi.

Darkening Age, 19

Note of the Ed.: The main weakness that the Aryan faces before the Jew is the lack of solidarity to even recognise his martyrs. Contrast this attitude with how the Jew commemorates every single historical grievance; for example, when a Greek Seleucid king tried to destroy Judaism centuries before the Common Era.

The parabalani were Christian thugs that blindly obeyed the bishop of Alexandria. Since Aryans fail to honour their martyrs (Agora is a philo-Semitic film—not a good example of honouring an Aryan martyr of Semitic thugs), it would be helpful to imagine the parabalani as the Faith Militant in the TV series Game of Thrones. But this comparison, like the Spanish movie Agora starring non-Aryan Rachel Weisz as Hypatia, is deceiving. The historical parabalani were probably Christian Semites, as suggested in Evropa Soberana’s essay on Judea vs. Rome.

In chapter nine of The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World, Catherine Nixey wrote:


______ 卐 ______


Hypatia of Alexandria was born in the same city as the parabalani and yet a world away from them. While they spent their days toiling among the filthy and the dying, this aristocratic intellectual spent her days working with abstract mathematical theories and astrolabes. Hypatia was not only a philosopher; she was also a brilliant astronomer and the greatest mathematician of her generation. The Victorians, who became much taken with her, granted her other graces posthumously. One famous painting shows her draped naked against an altar, her nubile body shielded by little more than her tumbling tawny locks. A novel about her by the Reverend Charles Kingsley, author of the children’s novel The Water Babies, is rich in such breathless phrases as ‘the severest and grandest type of old Greek beauty’ and in musings on her ‘curved lips’ and the ‘glorious grace and beauty of every line’…

After razing Serapis the Christians had gone on vicious rampage through the city and its 2,500 shrines, temples and religious sites. Busts of Serapis previously stood in streets, wall niches and above doorways had been removed—’cleansed’. The Christians had ‘so cut and filed [them] away that not even a trace or mention of [Serapis] or any other demon remained anywhere. In their place everyone painted the sign of the Lord’s cross on door­ posts, entrances, walls and columns.’ Later, with bolder finality, crosses were carved in.

The city’s intellectual life had suffered. The final remnants of the Great Library had gone, vanishing along with the temple. Many of Alexandria’s intellectuals had gone too, fleeing to Rome, or elsewhere in Italy, or anywhere they could to get away from this frightening city’…

[For the Christian mind] Hypatia was not a philosopher: she was a creature of Hell. It was she who was turning the entire city against God with her trickery and her spells. She was ‘atheizing’ Alexandria. Naturally, she seemed appealing enough—but that was how the Evil One worked. Hypatia, they said, ‘had beguiled many people through satanic wiles’. Worst of all, she had even beguiled Orestes. Hadn’t he stopped going to church? It was clear: she had beguiled him through her magic’. This could not be allowed to continue.

One day in March AD 415, Hypatia set out from her home to go for her daily ride through the city. Suddenly; she found her way blocked by a ‘multitude of believers in God’. They ordered her to get down from her chariot. Knowing what had recently happened to her friend Orestes, she must have realized as she climbed down that her situation was a serious one. She cannot possibly have realized quite how serious.

As soon as she stood on the street, the parabalani, under the guidance of a Church magistrate called Peter—‘a perfect believer in all respects in Jesus Christ’—surged round and seized ‘the pagan woman’.

They then dragged Alexandria’s greatest living mathematician through the streets to a church. Once inside, they ripped the clothes from her body then, using broken pieces of pottery as blades, flayed her skin from her flesh. Some say that, while she still gasped for breath, they gouged out her eyes.

Once she was dead, they tore her body into pieces and threw what was left of the ‘luminous child of reason’ onto a pyre and burned her.


to “Beware of Game of Thrones”

Tonight was the season 7 final. Nothing to add here except that the series is increasingly becoming like a typical Hollywood fantasy. Season 8 will be the last.

Update of August 6:

The bad messages continue in episode #64. The Lannister army are caught in a surprise attack by the sand-nigger warriors, the Dothraki led by the bimbo Daenerys on her dragon Drogon. This valiant social justice warrior and her sand-nigger horde decimate the Lannister army, composed by Aryans.

These scripts is what Christian Americans and secular Europeans get after their brilliant idea of handing over their media and entertaining industry to a subversive tribe.

I wrote the following texts in July:

A week ago, “Stormborn,” Episode #62 of Game of Thrones contained still more liberal propaganda. For instance, in the war room of Dragonstone, Olenna Tyrell tells Daenerys Targaryen to disregard the advice of her Hand of the Queen, the male Tyrion Lannister, and just “be a dragon” by herself.

Yesterday, in “The Queen’s Justice,” the brown eunuch Grey Worm with the brown Unsullied army attack and conquer Casterly Rock, a Lannister stronghold defended by whites.

This is the first brown-white confrontation since the mudvasion into Westeros.

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