Preaching in the WN desert


‘You can’t wake a person who is pretending to be asleep’.

—Navajo Proverb

Commenting about the Christians on the Counter-Currents webzine, I was about to post the following as a mere comment in my last post but in the last minute decided to post it as an entry. I don’t care it iterates what I’ve already said before:

What is irritating is that The West’s Darkest Hour has only one generous sponsor and Greggy makes thousands of dollars. The reason is obvious: those who donate to him have not broken away from the current paradigm (Christianity, sexual liberalism, de facto conservatism, degenerate films, etcetera) as the few fans of the WDH have.

Infuriating above all is that all over the white nationalist forums no one has even tried to answer my main arguments against Christianity: that massive mestization started right after Constantinople was founded—all of the Maghreb was much whiter in Roman times—or that sans Jews the Iberian Christians ruined their gene pool in the Americas (the Portuguese, in the Iberian peninsula itself).

Zero reasonable feedback when, over the boards, I tried to shove these facts under their noses. It’s obvious that American white nationalists want to preserve their race without what we might call an internal Jihad, i.e., examining the viruses of the white mind that brought us in the current mess.

Tomorrow I’ll add the mantra question once more but I’m curious: when by March I finish the translation of ‘Apocalypse for whites’ and start adding, once more, entries on the ‘Kriminalgeschichte’ series more frequently, when will this effort make a single bleep in the white nationalist radar?

My guess is that never, just as Jack Frost’s comments at Kevin MacDonald’s webzine a few years ago did not make any dent in the fixed, conservative worldview of the commenters on The Occidental Observer.

Perhaps my only hope is that, in the future, the very young who are starting to visit the WDH will be willing to take my redpill instead of the mere purple-pill provided in nationalist forums? After all, paradigms are not abandoned: the older generation who sticks to the old paradigm must die in order to make room for the new generation of more enlightened racists.

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Saint Jerome Reading

Painting of the day:

Giovanni Bellini
Saint Jerome Reading
~ 1485
National Gallery of Art

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Mourning of Christ (detail)

Painting of the day:

Giovanni Bellini
Mourning of Christ
(detail) ~ 1500
Pinacoteca Vaticana

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