While, during this vacation, I review the syntax of the texts I spoke about in my entry yesterday, why not keep an eye on the parallel issue of the so-called mental health professions, either on this site (here) or on my Abridged Online Books (here)?

Those who have made the mistake of accepting any sort of ‘treatment’ of psychiatrists, psychoanalysts or clinical psychologists could, after reading the links above, ask me questions and I would gladly answer them.

Or simply leave, in the comments section, your testimonies. For example, Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent has confessed that one of these shrinks misdiagnosed him, and the shrink even seems to have suggested committing him.

It seems to me vital that those who have been assaulted by a shrink leave, in writing, their testimonies—even under pseudonyms.

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Yellow vests

‘With the yellow vests, France has arrived at a pre-revolutionary state’, said Alain de Benoist in a recent interview translated by Greg Johnson. Also, Andrew Anglin is now titling his Daily Stormer as ‘Vive la France’.

Compare these two webzines with some words in Hunter Wallace’s article about Macron: ‘No, I am not endorsing violence’.

Today I’ll post an important text, originally written in 1928, that vindicates much of what we have been saying about the conquest of the Aryan spirit by Judeo-Christian ethics.

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Hunter Wallace’s Molyneux-like trick

This Tuesday, in my post ‘Jean-François Gariépy destroys Stefan Molyneux’, I linked to Gariépy’s #201 show The Public Space where he demonstrates that Stefan Molyneux embarked on a completely parallel track in his pseudo-response to what white nationalists consider the Jewish problem. (In his Sunday video, ‘The Truth About the Pittsburgh Massacre’, dishonest Molyneux had strawmaned the whole issue by saying that liberalism affects Jews in Israel and in the Diaspora too.) Throughout his show, Gariépy aptly demonstrated that Molyneux never addressed the central question: that Jewish influence is toxic for whites.

Something similar happened today at Occidental Dissent. Hunter Wallace wrote:

Chechar asks: “I am most curious how Lutherans like Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent could respond to what we have been saying in this site, especially the translations of Deschner’s work, Evropa Soberana’s essay on Rome and Judea and Catherine Nixey’s book about the destruction of the classical world by the Christians? How can racist Christians reconcile their worship of the god of the Jews with Aryan preservation is a mystery for me.”

Take note that Wallace calls me by my obsolete penname, ‘Chechar’ (it’s like I called him by his obsolete penname, ‘Prozium’). But that is unimportant. What is important is that, exactly like Molyneux, Wallace did not address a single point by Deschner, Evropa Soberana (penname of a Spanish blogger) or Nixey. In our translations, in this site I have not reached the book where Deschner writes about Luther; Evropa Soberana’s essay is about the psyops that the Semitic Judeo-Christians used to destroy the classical world, whereas Nixey’s book also focuses on that destruction but omits Jewish problem. The Leitmotif of the writings of these three authors is that, since Constantine, Christianity has been a disaster for the West.

Obviously Wallace has either not read the texts of these authors as quoted in this site, or he has conveniently used the Molyneux trick: going to an entirely parallel track in his ‘reply’. Wallace’s article consists of quotes showing Luther’s credentials as an anti-Semite.

That is not the issue. The issue is whether or not the ‘Christian Question’ exists: if Christianity inverted healthy Greco-Roman values in order that Whites would be conquered by the Semites. (Even in my latest piece of translation of Deschner’s books, the Wednesday post in this site, the CQ is apparent for anyone who does not use a Molyneux-like trick.)

Neo-Christian Greggy on Bowers

Today Greg Johnson wrote about Robert Bowers:

This was a terrible act: immoral, illegal, and politically damaging to white interests. I hope Bowers receives a fair trial and just punishment…

Again, no in-depth article on this site. But post-Nietzscheans are welcome to offer their comments below. Suffice it to say that Hunter Wallace, whom I mentioned in the previous post, commented today on Greggy’s article. A Christian hetero and a secular neo-Christian homo: they are on the same page axiologically.

Wallace’s and Johnson’s love is murdering the white race.

You see now why this site focuses on axiology and the transvaluation of all Xtian and neo-Xtian values?

Epistle to the Romans

In a chronologically-ordered New Testament, Romans is the seventh book. It is considered St Paul’s magnum opus and, for the Christians who follow the steps of St Augustine and Luther, the most important piece of theology of the New Testament.

I cannot blame St Paul for the doctrine of eternal torture, that he did not invent. But I do blame his Catholic followers that, after Origen, rejected as heresy the notion that hell would not be eternal.

After the Reformation the Protestants took Paul’s sola fide formulation in Romans to rationalise their extremely wicked idea of eternal damnation, where the good deeds of the individual are useless and what counts is blind faith in (((Jesus))). Martin Luther certainly took such wicked premise to its extreme theological formulation, as I argue in my essay ‘On Erasmus’.

I am most curious how Lutherans like Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent could respond to what we have been saying in this site, especially the translations of Deschner’s work, Evropa Soberana’s essay on Rome and Judea and Catherine Nixey’s book about the destruction of the classical world by the Christians? How can racist Christians reconcile their worship of the god of the Jews with Aryan preservation is a mystery for me.

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Voting Republican this November?

by Hunter Wallace

The Alt-Right keeps saying we have to vote for the GOP in the midterm elections.

Meanwhile, the FBI and Trump’s Justice Department continues to hunt down and charge members of the Rise Above Movement, while turning a blind eye to Antifa violence

These people are American Nationalists.

They are being charged by the FBI for fighting with Antifa at the pro-Trump rallies in Berkeley and that March 4 Trump rally in Huntington Beach.

The message being sent here is that if you go to pro-Trump rallies and get attacked by Antifa and defend yourself the FBI and Trump’s DOJ will go after you.

The [Antifa] people who show up to every single rightwing event for the sole purpose of disruption by engaging in violence and who are getting arrested like virtually every single weekend for it are ignored.

I don’t even think these guys were in Charlottesville.

Naïve dissent

‘I plan to spend the next few months here exploring a dizzying array of Western philosophers and theologians – St. Augustine…’ —Hunter Wallace

‘Dizzying’ is an euphemism. Does Wallace know that St Augustine was a monster? Just see the latest two instalments of Deschner’s book and judge by yourself; and I still have to add four more instalments from Deschner’s chapter on Augustine.

Wallace with Jared Taylor.

I was tempted to leave a link to my abridged translation of Deschner’s book in the comments section of Wallace’s recent article linking to videos about a naïve history of Christianity. But many Occidental Dissent commenters are as pious as the commenters of The Occidental Observer, who simply ignored me.

I wonder if these guys have even heard that an incredibly sourced[1] criminal history of their religion has been written? They remind me of the commies of Latin America, who have not heard about the criminal history of the Soviet Union from 1918 to 1956.

No true believer in leftism that I know in this part of the American continent has read Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago. Similarly, no American southern nationalist that I know has read Deschner’s Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums.

My previous post was about an English gentleman that I like very much. Unlike most white nationalists he is a fan of a bilingual collection of classical books that I also love. But in spite of his classic erudition he, like Wallace, ignores the real history of his religion for the simple reason that the Church was particularly successful in burning every single anti-Christian book of antiquity.

It is not until now, with the efforts of the late Deschner, that the whole history of Christianity has finally come to light. It is true that it has not been translated into English. But has anyone among the southern nationalists read at least my translation of ‘Rome vs. Judea; Judea vs. Rome’?

Without the knowledge of how the Jews infected the Aryan psyche since the times of the Roman Empire, it will be impossible to save the fair race from the current exterminationist program. It’s impossible for the simple reason that the virus for the mind has been implanted in the mentality of whites since the times of Constantine. Absence of knowledge of what happened since then translates into remaining at the mercy of the Semitic malware.

[1] I am omitting the footnotes. In Deschner’s ten-volume work there are thousands of them.

On Christian nationalists

Because Amazon is already printing my books, and in another account The Fair Race will even be available, I removed the ads from my books that I had on the addendum to this site. I had titled it Daybreak Press but recently I modified it to, in my mother tongue, criticise Eschatology: a cult derived from Christian Science in which I was alienated throughout my twenties.

The founder of that sect, one William Walter, had crossed by a great agony in his youth to expurgate from his mind the idea of a personal god. Even during my perdition in Walter’s sect, I had already abandoned theism, as the idea of ‘God’ for the eschatologists is similar to that of the New Age in which each individual, not only Jesus, is Vere homo, vere Deus.

Although on the Addenda I now criticise Walter’s cult, his new vision of divinity is a clear advance compared to the idea of the volcanic demon worshiped by the ancient Hebrews: an idea that whites internalized with extraordinary ferocity since Constantine and his successors, except Julian, destroyed the classical world. Thus, the beautiful gods of the Hellenes were replaced by an exceedingly proud and primitive god, in whose Talmud it is said that the best among the Goyim must be exterminated.

But the idea of the providence of the ignorant Walter was not really new. It resembles, in a way, the new understanding of God of German philosophers such as Schelling and Hegel. Thanks to their philosophers, when Hitler created National Socialism, some Germans already had not only an idea of the divinity much more mature than the tribal god of the Hebrews (and of traditionalist Americans). The Germans also had a long history of exegetes who had subjected the New Testament to the highest possible scrutiny that one could imagine.

(Reimarus, who restarted the criticism on the historicity in the gospel narratives since the subject had been suppressed when the Christians burned Porphyry’s books.)

On this site I have criticized Albert Schweitzer for having migrated, as a good neo-Christian, to Africa to help blacks after abandoning traditional Christianity. However, his book, in which he reviews the long history of German exegetes who studied the gospels, is a classic. Many, like Schweitzer himself, had no choice but to abandon traditional dogma after such an undertaking.

Culturally but not geographically, I am closer to Europe and National Socialism than to the United States. For the same reason, every time I approach the new posts of pro-white sites in America, I am astonished to see how backward they are compared, say, to Hitler’s anti-Christian table talks (whose excerpts I find myself moving to Ex Libris). Hunter Wallace of Alabama, for example, concludes his entry today with these words ‘The solution to all this is found in Jesus the Christ’.

Compare his words with what I recently said in Pilate or Jesus?: ‘You do not realise that, with that admiration [of Jesus], you, like so many white nationalists who are still clinging to their parents’ religion, are doing something harmful to the white race’. It was in that same post where I added: ‘It is this kind of thing that produces a tectonic earthquake, it opens a grand canyon so to speak, between me and the [American] nationalists’.

Years ago, it seems to me that on Radio Free Mississippi, Wallace discussed with Alex Linder the theme of Christianity throughout the podcast. But Linder is monolingual: he did not know, at least when he argued with Wallace, the Spanish texts of Evropa Soberana and Karlheinz Deschner in German that we have been translating for this site. As I have said elsewhere, the masthead of this site is Soberana’s essay; what the ten volumes of Deschner provide is a huge bibliography that validates Soberana’s claims.

I do not harbour any illusions. I know that pro-white Americans will die addicted to the Judeo-Christian drug until their race finishes dying. But perhaps my work may be of some use to those who, as Walter and I suffered while repudiating the volcanic demon, are in the process of apostasy.

On Bardamu’s essay

Instalment 17 of Ferdinand Bardamu’s essay revealed things I did not know about the history Christianity. It also reminds me of one of the passages that most haunted me of Nietzsche’s The Antichrist, which I have already quoted a couple of times but it’s worth re-quoting:

§ 61

Here it becomes necessary to call up a memory that must be a hundred times more painful to Germans. The Germans have destroyed for Europe the last great harvest of civilisation that Europe was ever to reap—the Renaissance. Is it understood at last, will it ever be understood, what the Renaissance was? The transvaluation of Christian values: an attempt with all available means, all instincts and all the resources of genius to bring about a triumph of the opposite values, the more noble values…

To attack at the critical place, at the very seat of Christianity, and there enthrone the more noble values—that is to say, to insinuate them into the instincts, into the most fundamental needs and appetites of those sitting there…

I see before me the possibility of a perfectly heavenly enchantment and spectacle: it seems to me to scintillate with all the vibrations of a fine and delicate beauty, and within it there is an art so divine, so infernally divine, that one might search in vain for thousands of years for another such possibility; I see a spectacle so rich in significance and at the same time so wonderfully full of paradox that it should arouse all the gods on Olympus to immortal laughter: Cæsar Borgia as pope!… Am I understood?… Well then, that would have been the sort of triumph that I alone am longing for today: by it Christianity would have been swept away!

What happened? A German monk, Luther, came to Rome. This monk, with all the vengeful instincts of an unsuccessful priest in him, raised a rebellion against the Renaissance in Rome…

Instead of grasping, with profound thanksgiving, the miracle that had taken place: the conquest of Christianity at its capital—instead of this, his hatred was stimulated by the spectacle. A religious man thinks only of himself. Luther saw only the depravity of the papacy at the very moment when the opposite was becoming apparent: the old corruption, the peccatum originale, Christianity itself, no longer occupied the papal chair! Instead there was life! Instead there was the triumph of life! Instead there was a great yea to all lofty, beautiful and daring things!…

And Luther restored the church.

By the way, it is nice that Jack Halliday, as a kind of spokesman for The West’s Darkest Hour, is trying to communicate, in other forums, our message as in this thread of Occidental Dissent. I wonder if the admin of that site, a Lutheran, has been following what we have been saying about Luther, the Reformation, and Christianity in general.

But I understand the distant neighbours of the North. Here in the south all secular intellectuals, without exception, are idiots, including the criollos (in English see here and in Spanish here). It seems that the apostates of Christianity fall automatically into a much worse ideology: ethnosuicidal liberalism and cultural Marxism. But that is also courtesy of Christianity itself, as we have been seeing in Bardamu’s essay.

Since I mentioned Jack Halliday, I would like to take this opportunity to mention another commenter of this site, Spahn Ranch, who is keen to see aspects of Christianity that I couldn’t say better.

Not a Nietzsche scholar

Writing on Occidental Dissent, in his most recent article Hunter Wallace wrote: ‘There is a strong vein of nihilism that runs through the Alt-Right. If I had to identify its sources, it seems to spring largely from Nietzschean philosophy…’ One of the Christian commenters said: ‘What is needed is an embrace of Orthodox Christianity and its theology’.

Well, well. Wallace might be a good scholar on American history but certainly not on Nietzsche.

One of the things that bothers me most about our time is that the Jews and the academic gentiles quote Nietzsche with a spin in which they put him exactly as the opposite that he represented. As before I became openly racist I read a lot about Nietzsche, I remember very well some details of the biographies that have been written about him. One of the things that surprised me is that, when a young Wagner was involved in illegal activities against the king, the child Nietzsche played at home ‘King Squirrel’ with his sister, in which the traitors to the King were shot.

Even in his mature books Nietzsche was an exponent of the morality that Wallace laments has been lost in the Alt-Right. If instead of making the mistake of reading what academics opine about Nietzsche, we read Nietzsche directly, we will be surprised to learn that even in the 19th century he already complained that the institution of marriage was in danger in Europe, as can be seen: here.

Those who wish to enter the thoughts of the German philosopher would do well to start with the masthead of this blog, whose last pages contain lucid comments by Nietzsche showing that the ethnosuicidal problem of the West, rather than ‘cultural Marxism’, is ‘cultural Christianity’ (precisely the self-incriminatory term that Richie Spence has used to describe himself).

Those who wish to enter the tragic life of the philosopher could read some excerpts from a very lyrical essay, The Struggle with the Daimon: a real treat from the literary point of view!

______ 卐 ______

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