Siege, 44

Readying for revolution

The mood of much of the population and the state of the economy both indicate that everyone could have a surprise in store for them at practically any time. Belief in the rottenness of the System coupled with the belief in ourselves and in our power to make revolution will guarantee that, even if we are surprised by any suddenness of events, we will not be found unprepared and helpless, to become victims rather than masters.

At present the worst enemies of a revolution happening in America are: the unbroken sway of the System’s thought-control, i.e. the mass media; and the continued existence of this economy, as agonizing as it is protracted (and miraculous). In short, the System survives and functions so people are not allowed to think, to know. Plus they can still be alternately rocked to slumber or subtlety coerced into inaction.

Our agenda at present then, as indicated by the prevailing conditions, would include: focusing all our concentration on the ideological swing from reaction all the way over to total revolution.

In other words, effecting a revolution within our existing Movement first; learning rapidly to live outside of the economy and live off of the System in order to help hasten its demise and to insure our own survival—whether there remains a month or twenty years left to this state of affairs; getting away from metropolitan areas and quickly establishing solid, independent enclaves for ourselves and our families; practicing both the subtle and overt undermining of naive faith in the existing government or System on the part of the people around us, not as “radicals” but as friends and leaders for the future; and having prudent stocks of weapons and sufficient stores of ammunition. Going “overboard” in quantities or in grossly exotic and illegal weaponry is a serious blunder.

Concentrate on safe refuge and let all words and actions go toward undermining the System and toward strengthening the Revolution.

In the future, at any time, the best friends of a revolution in this country will be any worsening or collapse of the economy along with any large-scale disaster, disruption, or upheaval from any source. We want, first, for the System to “crap out” before one and all so that the evil Jinni, the illusion that’s been holding it together for these past decades, will be once and for all dispelled. We want its pimps to be deprived of their entire purpose, their entire excuse for living (as well as their protection)—which depends completely on this economy’s survival.

And we especially want to see the System and its hired hoods under attack by the identical forces they created and unleashed upon our segment of the population as part of their “master plan” of control. We want to see the System’s strength and structure largely destroyed, initially by forces independent of our own. Only at that time will we be able to begin undertaking bold and sweeping actions toward assuming open control for ourselves.

By that time, and it could come much sooner than anyone expects, we will absolutely need to have a strong and well-functioning revolutionary organization already operational and with a full spectrum of direct experience under its belt. It is in this area and nowhere else that the breakthrough must be made: the area of revolutionary organization. Without it, the revolution must go to someone else who does possess the strength of discipline and the will necessary to move and achieve it.

First and last, the responsibility is entirely ours.

Vol. XIV, #12 – December, 1985


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Siege, 43


I don’t pretend to be an expert on the art of surviving under very primitive or hostile conditions. Yet, aren’t we all doing that very thing when you really consider it, and more so all the time as this civilization continues to rot away? Despite the erroneous image some have in their minds of what the NSLF is, or is supposed to be, few of us in fact could qualify as guerrillas.

But probably the biggest difference between one of us and a “real” guerrilla is all the Hollywood-style phony image-making plus the fact that we aren’t little boys out to play army, but instead revolutionaries who must pick and choose our means as the case warrants. Primarily we’re not off on any trip and as real and valuable as survival preparations and techniques are, when made into a hobby or an obsession, they become an actual trip.

We are realists and as such we view these things merely as part of the weapons arsenal, not as central to the issue much less the issue itself. We are the first to tell you to be prepared but we are also the first to tell you never to get sidetracked.

The talk of survivalism is now everywhere. It’s not a bad thought. But I see that the profiteers have moved in, including those non-political, non-racialist, and even many who are part of the Establishment. Whenever this phenomenon occurs, you can be sure the thing is deliberately being overdone and is well on its way to being run straight into the ground. It is today’s fad. And whenever the Establishment feels secure enough to dabble around in something, you can be pretty sure that it is in no way very valuable to the struggle we must fight.

What about all those bomb shelters of the 1950’s? And what of those hidden weapons caches of the 1960’s? No Russian bombs, no Federal swoops. What about even all the tremendous harum-scarum of the Red-inspired marches and demonstrations of the 60’s and 70’s? No Red revolution in the streets of the U.S. Merely the latest thing to get spooky Right Wingers vibrating and shucking out vast amounts of loot.

But then the NSLF and Siege hammer away about the impending collapse and even the necessity of such a collapse before anything good can be accomplished. A contradiction? Not really. It has been stated before that very few things in this world are in plain black and white and this includes any sort of national collapse. We are in fact in a state of collapse now. We are indebted to a real slime-dripper, former New York City mayor John Lindsay, for providing us with this beautiful and accurate simile: the crime rate alone in this country is equal to a nation-wide, non-stop “riot in slow motion”.

If it hasn’t already passed the point of total ridiculousness, it will any second now. But that is beside the point. The Right, and people in general, think only in terms of the melodramatic, the stereotypical. This, however, has been proven enough times to be what the expected case will not be, that we in the Movement should know better. They can’t seem to see a Leader, they’re scared to death whenever one of us pulls a revolutionary act, and yet they think in these grandiose patterns of things happening in a big, overwhelming way. They cannot seem to think and see in terms of stages and degrees which is precisely how the Enemy advances.

Survivalism for the realist can be bound up in only a few very basic, commonsense principles.

First, remove yourself from what I call the “Death Zones” which are simply the metropolitan areas of the country. In these places not only is Big Brother’s grip the tightest, but the lowest-common-denominator genetic miasma has you badly out-numbered. The air and water are going fast, many of the so-called “Whites” still there are totally gone to degeneracy, and life itself is already abnormal, a mutation of what it once was. There is no hope for these places whatsoever, under any circumstances, so get the hell out now while the getting is still good.

Second, get located in an area where self-support can be possible. An area where you can successfully survive—and survive white—as a separate region in the event of a complete national break-down and protracted chaos. Let the cities go to hell, right where they came from! If the Russians don’t get ’em and if crime, famine, and disease don’t get ’em, then we’ll have to later on.

Third, on an individual level, you must have all set-up and ready-to-go independent sources of water, food, and heat. At the same time you must have weapons and sufficient stores of ammunition with which to defend yourself. All of the above is basic essential. None of it is wild or exotic.

The above is simply a way to live, a habit to get into. At the same time it doesn’t interfere with one’s daily business or daily living. It doesn’t make you “weird”. But you’d be amazed at the number of those who fall flat in all three of these categories. They are not going to survive. More than what I’ve outlined is optional.

For example, some advanced essentials would have to include medical supplies and independent communication sources. The actual organizing of neighbors into tight-knit communities and defense units is a tough one to accomplish. To go any further here would be to depart from reality because I know human nature and the laziness and “Never-Never Land” mentality of the Right Wing. They won’t do it because they don’t have the scope of imagination or the long-range gumption. I speak only about what you can and should do.

The danger in survivalism lies in the fallacy of the hobbyist-escapist’s own, private dreamworld. Most imagine that blowing exorbitant sums on the supposed trappings of the “professionals”, or the accumulation of a library of doom-say manuals, or even the acquisition of a monstrous personal armory, means survivalism. But are they living in a metro area? Are there hundreds of thousands of undesirable humans only blocks away? Do they have a good well? Wood-burning heat and adequate fuel? Can they grow or hunt food? Are they a likely target in the event of a nuclear war?

To me, survival and reality are the same. Phony, faddish “survivalism” is nothing more than a hobby and hobbyism is nothing more than escapism. But, admittedly, escapism appears to be part-and-parcel of the “Movement” as it stands.

Useless and expensive hobbies won’t make it. It’s all the same if you remain hooked up to Big Brother’s life-support system. If you are, you will get disconnected with the rest and sink with the ship. This phony survivalism appears to be the most elaborate yet of all the dished-up excuses for inaction and retreat. It’s another way to build yourself an expensive sandcastle. There is a clear path to survival just as there is a clear path to victory. Both involve being in touch with reality and in taking action, in going forward.

Vol. X, #10 – October, 1981


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Siege, 42

Off my case

Don’t confuse this with the spectacle of the Right Wing joker who stages a press conference to announce the formation of a secret, underground guerrilla army. This only involves you and nobody else but you.

I’ve never been accused of being a paranoid individual, of imagining things which aren’t there. My desire to be aware of what the hell I’m doing and what’s going on around me precludes that. Earlier I wrote a segment entitled “Leaks” in which I partially delved into what I’m about to discuss, except then it was to demonstrate a different point. At that time I was concerned with the range and the limits of the System surveillance of ourselves.

This time, however, I want to discuss definite ways in which we can actually control and turn to our own use the things I revealed in “Leaks”. Every time I pick up one of those exposes of the Movement done by the ADL, etc., it appears to me as though they are invariably about three years behind the times as far as who’s who and what’s what. There can be no doubt that this constitutes for us an advantage in itself, however accidental it may be or unintentional on our part. Clearly it would seem that the desirable thing to do would be to take it upon ourselves, individually, to make sure that the gap in current, accurate information gets even wider.

Unless you are a publicity hound or an exposure freak, it shouldn’t prove too hard at all to leave an icy cold trail.

The point being that you can do a hell of a lot more in anonymity by way of things which count, than you could ever hope to do under any kind of official, or semi-official, scrutiny. It is never necessary to foolishly attempt to deny or otherwise disown the Movement or any part of it. Far from putting distance between it and yourself, that only amounts to another kind of “grandstanding” and draws more attention—the wrong kind of attention. Morally, politically, ethically, who gives a damn? Rather, it is in whether or not you are a person who bears a lot of watching. And too, whether or not you’re the type of person who demands to be watched.

The best example of this is the legal demonstration. There you are, in the middle of the spotlight in the middle of a country full of people who not only don’t give a damn but who also hate shit-disturbers. You might prove some kind of point which says something about yourself but you’ve done nothing which effects them… except to put them on notice, giving them something to wag their tongues about in bottomless ignorance. Morally, you may have accomplished something very significant but if it had been at any time a question of morals, we’d have won the Second World War.

Perhaps, at bottom, the sad fact is that it’s dangerous and counter-productive, as well as futile, for us to attempt to communicate in any way with the people of this country. When has it gained anything for us? Those who have come to us have done so because of some inner calling of their own. So it shall continue, I suspect.

Joseph Tommasi in 1975 declared the closing of the strategy of a mass movement and opened the way for the armed struggle. Have things been developing this way ever since or have they not? I merely propose to increase this division and intensify its development for the good of us all.

No stunts, no handstands, no fanfare. Instead, care and caution. Long range planning. When you strike, strike hard and strike deep. Play for keeps. But, always in the end, it’s a matter of greater steady mileage over intense but short bursts. Don’t attract needless attention.

Vol. XIV, #10 – October, 1985


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Siege, 41

There was no time to say goodbye

You can’t exist it the middle of an embryonic revolutionary movement and expect to live trouble-free indefinitely. We around here never did. At present if the System decided upon one, big midnight raid on all known Movement members, he’d probably make his bag with little difficulty and that is because we are nowhere nearly enough prepared defensively. But then neither are we properly prepared offensively and so Big Brother is not likely to be contemplating such a strike.

I’m speaking instead of the kind of situation where there exists the immediate threat of arrest and/or jail for a so-called “criminal violation” which on the surface would appear, legally and otherwise, to have no political connection. That, as all of you should be aware, remains our #1 threat individually as it has been for twenty years.

What would you do this minute if you were made aware that an arrest might be imminent? Not the kind of arrest that could be seen as the System vs. the Movement, but merely as the police against you. Would you, could you, leave your home, your family, immediately? Do you have dependable transportation readily available? Do you have safe accommodations nearby which you can depend on without notice? Do you have safe accommodations out of state which are likewise dependable without advance notice?

How about out of the country if necessary? Do you have lines of communication back home which can act as your eyes and ears in your absence? Do you know which foreign governments—and how to approach them—might offer aid and sanctuary should you have to depart permanently? Could you and would you go if you had to? Or would you be caught flat-footed, paralyzed by terror and indecision, without instant recourse?

If your answer to any one of these questions, except the last one, is “no” then I suggest that you take steps to correct the situation while you still can. Your liberty may depend on it. Forget a glorified, dramatized guerrilla war in which hundreds or thousands are involved. In more or less “normal” times, could you, on a one-to-one basis, evade the damned police if you had to? Just pick up and go on a few, precious moments’ notice??

If not, you’re living under a deadly disadvantage and possibly fatal handicap. We were suddenly faced with this very thing here and managed to pass the test. Our lines of communication discovered afterward—once we were out of reach and safe—that the situation was one which could be controlled or at least looked to be a decent enough gamble and not a one-way ticket to Who-Knows-Where. We’re back in the saddle now and making our moves.

Whatever the outcome of that, it afforded a priceless and 100% realistic “dry run” for what can happen in life under a police state, in life in the reality of revolution, and not the fantasy of books. I urge all of you to think about it. Then act.

Vol. X, #6 – June, 1981


Why we are reproducing articles from Siege can be surmised: here.

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Siege, 40


Paranoia is an insidious thing and must rank as one of the top two or three causes for the complete failure of racialist organization. Paranoia is most often thought of as seeing things which aren’t there (infiltrators, “Jews”, etc.), but it has one residual effect of not seeing things which really are there. We’ve all seen the instances of the racialist, “Right Wing” type who sees—and often goes on to create—an enemy in one or more Movement comrades, but who falls blindly into government traps.

A genuine leader type can, and will, override all human foibles and deficiencies and go on to wield an effective organization. In spite of surrendering to individual weaknesses, he will exploit strengths and talents. The trick is that he himself must be smarter or made of better stuff than those he is trying to manage. Hitler was one. Rockwell was another. Hitler originally titled his autobiographical master-work as a “Struggle Against Lies, Stupidity, and Cowardice”, thus almost surrendering to the temptation to lower oneself to the negativism which, admittedly, abounds. Fortunately, Hitler thought better of it in the end and gave us instead Mein Kampf. Commander Rockwell publicly inveighed against Right Wing divisiveness and privately complained about how it was eating up far too much of his time and energy and preventing the Party from growing into what it should, and could, have become during his life and under his leadership. But he stayed on the road and in the public eye, hard at work building the political organization despite all.

Today what passes as the Movement lies at the total mercy of unbridled paranoia reaching back for an entire decade. Times and strategies have changed, or have had to be changed to face present realities, and I’ve often enough in the past labored long over most things of an hallucinatory nature which have ripped the Movement into shreds. Now perhaps is the time to discuss some of those things which are quite real but have done almost as much damage simply because Movement adherents have been too occupied with the unreal.

The real threat to radical political organizations is always from government sources. After all, is it not the fear of the presence of government agents which leads to (or provides excuse) for those paranoid ones to label this or that hapless person an agent provocateur? But for every ten persons so accused, only one turns out to be the real thing. And that is if he is ever “uncovered” as such. Most of the time, these agents simply gather their information and then disappear as quickly as the came, with no harm done. I’ve known the company of quite a few.

The really classic example of an agent provocateur is in fact the one which only appears in the rarest of cases. He’s the one who, through his skill and your carelessness, gets you and your associates locked up, injured, or killed. These agents are distinct from simple informants because they actually engineer things which otherwise would never happen. Commander Rockwell often said that both an idiot or an agent can get you just as dead or just as locked up. But if you can’t determine the difference between the two, then be assured, you’d be better off not aspiring to any Movement leadership.

The leaks which I’m talking about are not our leaks, that is, any holes in our security such as it is, but rather their leaks… leaks in the secrecy of their blanket surveillance of us and leaks in the effectiveness of it. Agents do exist and if you stay at this long enough, active enough, you will run into your share of them. But regardless who you are and what role you may play in the Movement, if your name so much as appears on a mailing list, then you too are part of this “blanket surveillance” which extends over all the rest of us.

About 1970 I was at a party in a rural county south-east of here, attended by a group of young persons of about my age at that time (eighteen years). One of them was the son of neighbors of ours down the country road where we’d moved from the city. After a few drinks, he approached me with, “How come the FBI is after you?”. I told him I hadn’t been aware that they were after me, whereupon he stated that two agents had been by his home and had asked certain questions about me of his parents. Questions pertaining to certain nocturnal gatherings being held on my grounds lately and being pretty well-attended by locals. I assured my friend that everything was all-right and laughed to myself at the idea of the FBI concerning itself over earlier drinking parties I had hosted, and which were made up of practically the identical cast that was present that evening. This, to the FBI, was a “Nazi Rally” if I was the one hosting it. Wouldn’t the guests have positively crapped had they but known?

In 1975, when I first emerged from six months in jail (having been convicted of a “criminal” charge as this country “has no political prisoners”), I sent for and obtained my FBI file. At that time it amounted to a mere fifty pages but it was notable that it extended back into my high school days, with information having been supplied by former “friends” and associates as well as parents of same, and amounting to no more and no less than hearsay and rumor. 1975 was also the year I broke from the former national Party and became active in my own right. Three years later, in 1978, I again requested my updated FBI file and was told that it now amounted to 2,500 pages. Fifty pages accumulated from 1966-1974 (including three years off and on at National Headquarters), and 2,500 pages from 1975-1978. That tends to speak for itself except that the vast bulk of what was contained in those pages is useless garbage, and again, rumor. (Specifics, such as the identities of agents, informants, etc., were blacked-out but, by reading “around” the omitted parts, one had no difficulty in determining who the informants were.)

During 1974 the Ross County unit of the Party was engaged in a legal fight to secure the country’s first openly Nazi booth at a county fair. With the help of the ACLU, we succeeded in doing just that. As this is a small town and “things like that just don’t happen around here”, the air was tense that entire summer. I recall one evening picking up my telephone to make a routine call, first to hear no dial tone and, next, to overhear open-ended conversation in the background. Conversation which, after a few moments of listening to, was determined to be originating from Chillicothe City Hall and Police Station! And at about that same time came the incident after I had cashed a few minor checks from Party headquarters at my customary bank for the purchase of licenses necessary for the fair booth, etc., when the rumor came back to me that I was “being bankrolled by the Nazis”. If only it could have been true!

It was during about 1977 that I received in my P.O. box a letter from the secretary of a California comrade, a major Movement leader at that time. The envelope was unopened, there was no return address save for the postmark itself, and the only things correct in the address were my name and the State of Ohio. The box number, the name of the city, and even the zip code were all wrong—not even close. Yet the letter made it to me all safe and sound. Rod Serling, move over!

Then there have been certain actions here locally which, had the police but intervened in them, could have put myself and a few others away on some heavy charges. These involved matters ranging from the illegal to the quasi-legal, but which contained too many legalistic, red-tape complications to be comfortable with in any case. Some had to do with planned physical attacks in broad daylight in public, while others involved forays into surrounding counties to spread the revolutionary word, and involving trespassing, minors, etc. (We were told that these cities’ police departments requested of the one locally to please either stop us from doing this or at least tip them as to when we were on our way. They failed to do either.)

There was the flight I had to make from Ohio in 1981 when a warrant for my arrest appeared imminent. There was no difficulty in getting out. Evidently, they weren’t watching closely at these times… Or else they didn’t want to move until they felt sure they could put me away for good.

More recently, I was told by an amused ex-girlfriend last year that, during the course of a conversation at a social gathering attended by herself and some local attorneys, etc., plus one out-of-state government man, it was dropped by this out-of-towner that there was one local name on his list of “dangerous persons” to watch: mine. And, presently, there was a call from one ex-associate about a month ago to the effect that I was “about to take a fall”. According to him, rumors emanating from sources both official and private—were too many to be ignored. Illegal possession of certain material was at bottom. He advised me to get rid of it if, indeed, it existed at all and I assured him, “No problem”. (And, to date, no raid.)

With the single exception of the last account, none of the above was ever, at any time, discussed over the telephone, through the mail, or with any person not immediately involved with the issue at hand. (And persons involved were kept to a strict minimum.) As Commander Rockwell advised in his masterful Legal, Psychological & Political Warfare, you must assume that you are being watched and listened to at all times and proceed to act accordingly because, in effect, you are! The degree and intensity of this surveillance rises or falls hand-in-hand with the degree of revolutionary political activity you maintain. Mine has been pretty intense in the past but I have always found there to be “leaks” aplenty in Big Brother’s fearsome apparatus; leaks in his supposed steel wall of covert secrecy; leaks in his supposed air-tight coverage of everything we say and do.

Most importantly, these leaks can be anticipated and even engineered by you for revolutionary advantage if only you discipline yourself and rid your mind of deadly paranoia which, far from “protecting” you from Big Brother’s agents, actually does about eighty percent of their work for them!

Vol. XIII, #12 – December, 1984


Why we are reproducing articles from Siege can be surmised: here.

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Darkening Age, 4


Combating the ultimate meme: God


In the chapter ‘The Battleground of Demons’ Nixey wrote:

But however alarming the demons of fornication may have been, the most fearsome demons of all were to be found, teeming like flies on a corpse, around the traditional gods of the empire. Jupiter, Aphrodite, Bacchus and Isis; all of them, in the eyes of these Christian writers, were demonic.

In sermon after sermon, tract after tract, Christian preachers and writers reminded the faithful in violently disapproving language that the ‘error’ of the pagan religions was demonically inspired. It was demons who first put the ‘delusion’ of other religions into the minds of humans, these writers explained.

It was demons who had foisted the gods upon ‘the seduced and ensnared minds of human beings’. Everything about the old religions was demonic. As Augustine thundered: ‘All the pagans were under the power of demons. Temples were built to demons, altars were set up to demons, priests ordained for the service of demons, sacrifices offered to demons, and ecstatic ravers were brought in as prophets for demons.’

Let’s return the favour.

The worst mistake that the white race has made is to have drunk the hemlock of the Bible. The Torah may be good for the Jews insofar as it teaches them ethnocentrism for the Hebrews and the genocide of the gentiles. But the Gospel is fatal to whites insofar as it teaches them to indiscriminately love the Other. The Torah added to the Gospel results in the Biblical United States and in Neochristian Europe. The suicidal standards of values of the philo-Semitic US and the secular EU are exactly the same.

In order to break the spell of the axiological hypnosis of the West, we must comply with the sixth article of the ‘Law against Christianity’ by Nietzsche:

§ 6 — The ‘holy’ history should be called by the name it deserves, the cursed history; the words ‘God’, ‘saviour’, ‘redeemer’, ‘saint’ should be used as terms of abuse, to signify criminals.

This initiative of mine, taking Nietzsche’s law seriously as payback for what the Xtians did (cf. Nixey’s quote above), reminds me of something I read in Siege. James Mason said there was a quantum leap from what Rockwell preached—the well-meaning but mistaken commander who placed the Nazi flag side by side the American flag—and the revolutionary proposal. But while Mason realised that the American government must be overthrown through armed revolution, he did not depart from the religion of those who precisely form the American government.

The real breakthrough in my opinion lies in rebelling against the ultimate meme: the idea of God. And that can only be done with a counter-meme: using the word ‘God’ as an insult, as it is obvious that for the Western mentality ‘God’ means nothing else than the god of the Jews.

I came to these conclusions after reading the recent transcript of the first podcast of this site, ‘Christianity is White Genocide’. More than what Linder said I liked what Walsh said. But even in what he said, that it was unclear if God existed, there is a residue of the brainwashing, as it is obvious that the god of the Jews doesn’t exist.

That same residue persisted in the philosophes of the Enlightenment. Not being Jew-wise, d’Alembert, Diderot, Hume, Kant, Montesquieu, Rousseau, Condorcet, Voltaire, Benjamin Franklin and others did not understand the psyop that monotheism represented for Europe. Some of them even transformed the god of the Jews into the nebulous god of the deists but never dared to insult the very idea of ‘God’.

Had the so-called Enlightenment understood the ultimate meme, which reminds me of what Heisman✡ said in some of the twelve entries I recently devoted to his book, they would have developed the sixth article of Nietzsche’s law ever since:

§ 6 — The ‘holy’ history should be called by the name it deserves, the cursed history; the words ‘God’, ‘saviour’, ‘redeemer’, ‘saint’ should be used as terms of abuse, to signify criminals.

Anti-Christian German Nazis and William Pierce are dead. It seems sad to me that no one has taken Pierce’s torch in North America at the moment. Or maybe I’m wrong. From the strictly geographical point of view I am in North America. But it is still sad that no native English speaker has realised that they have to fight the ultimate meme of the Jews, the haughty idea of ‘God’, monotheism: that the god of the Jews is the only god that exists.

Siege, 39

Cooler heads

With even the most minor experience within Movement circles and activities, you yourself will probably be—in any given outside situation of a tense nature—the coolest head present. Whenever the situation does become heated or aroused in any way, never assume that other “cooler heads” will prevail—for to do so runs the risk that the problem may escalate out of control with you being right in the middle.

Never forget the number one priority of any revolutionary: to maintain; to survive at all costs.

We can’t allow ourselves the luxury of common anger and the resultant outlets that such anger inevitably seeks and finds. If there’s no clear-cut advantage to any potential conflict, then stay out of it, head it off, avoid it absolutely. Suicide pacts are of no use. Policies of mutual destruction are only feasible where huge resources exist. Punitive measures are currently an unaffordable expense for us.

It is a mistake of the most childish sort to abandon the greater, higher goal, in favor of pursuing some momentary thing involving some practically meaningless sidetrack. Whatever move you make, whether it involves punishing, leaving alone, or even rewarding any person or any thing, make sure that it is so calculated that it is you and the Movement who will ultimately profit from it. And it matters not whether you apply any one of the three options to situations where spur-of-the-moment emotion might want to apply another, just so long as you do not shoot yourself in the head but rather emerge the final beneficiary of your own decision.

It is here where SUPREME SELF-DISCIPLINE is demanded.

For the young revolutionary Movement, the old concept of the “Mexican standoff” should become well understood. Whenever tangling with equal or superior force over some tributary or even lesser matter, you should consider yourself to be “batting one thousand” if you can walk away from the situation alive, free and intact. Not to mention with the added experience which has cost you nothing. That is a definite victory of sorts. The “Mexican standoff”, therefore, is about the best we, in our limited and tedious position, can hope for. We must learn to be able to base all decisions and actions accordingly—to our own benefit.

The time for chest-thumping, false theatrics, and heroics is past. We must act prudently and wisely in each case henceforth if we are to be around and in the position to exercise GENUINE HEROICS when the actual day for them arrives. We must continue to survive until that day.

Be assured, cooler heads will prevail. It is up to you to make certain that the cooler head belongs to YOU.

Vol. XIII, #7 – July, 1984


Why we are reproducing articles from Siege can be surmised: here.

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Siege, 38

Brief your people

As we’ve said often enough in the past, not everyone is a leader type. Not everyone can be expected to do all the thinking, all the time. If you are working with others, under whatever pretenses, it is a serious mistake to assume they will be able to think things through and make all the right moves under a sudden and stressful situation—such as a police attack—with no preparation. The only best way to prepare for such an event—which you may safely assume WILL occur sooner or later—is by BRIEFING YOUR PEOPLE in advance of any contingency.

A briefing is just that: it is a going-over, aloud, of only the essential points involved in any specific situation. Only the crucial, critical facts and principles that are known to be involved.

I personally have worked miracles through the successful use of briefings. A person totally unfamiliar to a given situation can be made to pass as being intimately familiar with it after a thorough briefing. And a thorough, successful briefing should require no more than thirty minutes time, maximum. Anymore than that and you run the risk of confusing your people. At times I have taken people either by car or on foot from place to place while I have briefed them on the essentials and facts (and if there is a fabrication to be made, then that is to be injected after the known, indisputable facts have been introduced and established).

The key is to remove all confusion and uncertainty. Avoid redundancy and concentrate upon making as many important impressions on the minds of your subjects as possible. Making them acquainted at first hand by sights and motions only aids in making those impressions. Once they grasp the workings and are aware of the facts, then most anything can be added, including extra events and even extra people. This, of course, comes in most handy when prepping or coaching witnesses before appearing under oath.

When getting ready to head off a possible mess involving the law, as in the case concerning a revolutionary circle living and existing outside of legal bounds, briefings made well in advance of any expected investigation or attack and rehearsed periodically, designed to DELETE certain group activities, are what is required.

A successful briefing will never involve an attempted recital of a cut-and-dried script. To be credible and, thus, be effective in practical use, whether offensively or defensively, one’s given story must flow naturally and show all the characteristics of a normal, relaxed conversation. It must never go in direct contradiction of the known facts but instead merely present an “unknown side” of the story, basically in agreement with all the others. It must never include easily, readily demonstrable lies. Further, when under investigation or attack by any Pig agency of the System, it is of the utmost importance that everyone KEEP THEIR STORIES STRAIGHT! Consistency is one of the most basic keys to successful briefing.

A shrewd individual will know how to brief his people so that the enemy will provide the cues for the prepared stories or answers. To be really successful at briefing people, you must make them able to recognize dangerous or trick questions when they are asked. Most generally, the appropriate answer will be only too obvious. With practice, all involved will get better. Briefings should properly provide what amounts to “instant experience” in whatever area it is you are going into. Its effect should be of building confidence within, and robbing the enemy of any element of surprise.

I have done this successfully with groups, with individuals, with the elderly and with very small children. The object is always the same: defeat the Pig.

Vol. XIII, #7 – July, 1984


Why we are reproducing articles from Siege can be surmised: here.

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Siege, 37

Stupid people

Stupid people are more dangerous than any time bomb.

You’ll find stupid people everywhere but let us confine ourselves to those within the Movement itself, those whom we must deal with on a regular basis. Those armies of idiots within the System bureaucracy stand backed-up and reinforced by so many replacements that errors of judgment on their part—which would otherwise prove fatal—are usually quickly caught and reversed before any real damage gets done. Often times they are caught and squelched before anyone not part of the bureaucracy even can take note of them.

It gives the aura of invincibility but in fact provides for a deadly defect, in that everyone is depending on everyone else to carry things through. There are plenty of “sharpies” within the System but not the same kind as are found in revolutionary movements. Those that can do it all for themselves. The System needs their stupid people for errand boys, etc., while we just cannot afford their presence at all. With us, things must stand or fall with just you and I. And THAT is the basis of real responsibility.

Regardless whether they are with you or against you, stupid people are equally disastrous to have around. It is easy for anyone to imagine how stupid people can foul up the best plan or program and defeat the efforts of dozens of good and prudent people with whom they have associated themselves. But it is less easily understood what it means to have fools for adversaries. Again, I emphasize that we are dealing within the limits of the Movement itself. I’d much rather run the risk of a tactical personal set-back at the hands of a sharp, intelligent person, something I would expect I could reverse in time, than to have everything, the whole ball of wax, upturned or destroyed by some flake who loses all better judgment and control.

The very reason one falls out with persons of limited intelligence usually involves the same lack of vision, imagination, and discipline that will later lead them to tip the balance over from a localized clash to a full-scale disaster, too often involving the System and threatening to destroy or seriously injure BOTH participants.

It’s also hell to try to second-guess an unintelligent person. They are largely unpredictable and are liable to do anything. An intelligent adversary can most of the time be anticipated and, if not, it usually means that he is a jump or two ahead of you himself. He can be expected to fight things with at least the protection, if not the immediate furtherance, of the Cause in mind. A stupid individual won’t care. They can see or understand nothing beyond the immediate object of “I’ll show you!” How often have we witnessed this in Right Wing dealings? How often have we seen it in personal affairs? And how the Pigs laugh at it all!

Within the Movement, whenever a person like this is uncovered and proceeds to threaten to disrupt things, he properly should be killed before any damage can be done. If that is not feasible then it is critical to place as much distance between them and the Movement as possible. Same goes for personal dealings as well. Of course, in the long run, it is better to learn how to spot them in advance and never let them penetrate to a level where they can do no good and only harm. In this way we shall forge ourselves into a truly formidable political weapon.

Vol. XIII, #7 – July, 1984


Why we are reproducing articles from Siege can be surmised: here.

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Siege, 36

Behold the Uncle Tom

Recently we’ve seen two men of action brought to a halt by what are best referred to as White “Uncle Toms”. I believe it was a nurse at a blood bank who “dime-dropped” on Joseph Franklin when she saw and recognized from reports of a distinctive tattoo on Franklin’s forearm as he was selling blood. The System in Buffalo, N.Y. believes they now have the “.22 Killer” in custody after he was fingered by someone in Georgia he evidently thought he could confide in. These were not cases of infiltration but rather of carelessness playing into the hands of the countless millions of “Uncle Toms” who are what this society is made up of.

The Big Brother System of course operates as the “Master” with the Goyish, nominally “White” consumers serving as slaves—of which the vast bulk are dyed-in-the-wool “Uncle Tom” types. Both Franklin and the “.22 Killer”—or the “Great White Hope of Buffalo”—had it right and were encouraging at least in so far as they acted consistently alone which is what solely provided the extent of success and longevity they did enjoy. We cannot forget the effect these men have had on helping to break the conditioned, hot-house atmosphere and inject into the climate an air of revolution.

NSLF knows that we must see the kind of society we are dealing with, understand it, and realize that it can’t be changed unless and until the current order is done away with. Cognizant of all that, we then must make up our minds to proceed appropriately. Allowing that, both these men—heroes, actually—made the errors which undid them by taking too much for granted.

As a Movement we cannot afford the same mistake twice. As individuals we can’t afford it even once. We can state again and again, “Never deal with the police!”, but you and I already know that. It is rather the rest of the total population which does not know it and never will know it, not even when the police have become OUR police—they will never change their habits. Today the casual, citizen informant—the Uncle Tom—works terribly against us but tomorrow they will provide the greatest ease and benefit.

It is their nature to bow, scrape, and try every means to ingratiate themselves with the “established authority” and to inform on those designated as “outlaws”. Miserable unthinking swine. Today it is us, tomorrow it will be the race-mixers, etc. Until we establish ourselves as the ONLY authority, we must, as revolutionaries and realists, accept the bitter in anticipation of the sweet.

It is a sad commentary on U.S. society when we compare to that of Northern Ireland. Not an informant in the bunch. And that struggle is White vs. White! Over here we face the most odious enemy—posing as a “government”—ever in history, plus a monstrous Black alien mass in our midst to be dealt with. Yet instead of Huey Long’s concept of “Every Man a King”, it is rather “Every Man an Uncle Tom”. This armada of Uncle Toms is like unto the “better half” of the System Police State already long in existence.

Even with their incredibly sophisticated, “1984” electronic surveillance techniques, the police simply could not function effectively without the citizenry working for Big Brother, against themselves. We could romp them if the Whites of the United States were what they ought to be. But they are not and never are they likely to be. Seeing we cannot change that, we must instead adapt out tactics accordingly.

We must become acutely aware at all times of the most minute details around us, overlooking nothing, taking nothing for granted. We must rigidly discipline ourselves to never, ever, breathe a word about anything illegal to anyone, anytime—past, present, or future.


Vol. X, # 6 – June, 1981


Why we are reproducing articles from Siege can be surmised in yesterday’s post.

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