Shakespearian Molyneux

Watch the theatrics and lyric rant of Stefan Molyneux after the 7th minute of this clip. He passionately champions ‘the truth’ but, in thousands of videos, he hasn’t properly tackled the JQ.

Recently Spencer re-tweeted ‘Stefan Molyneux & Richard Spencer: Have a discussion gentleman. It’s time’. But the only open racialist that Molyneux has invited is precisely a philo-Semite: Jared Taylor.

I doubt Molyneux✡ will cross swords with a Jew-wise intellectual in the near future. If he ever does he will immediately be challenged, as Spencer recently did it with Jordan Peterson.

The Alt-Lite (Molyneux, Peterson) are stepping stones for normies. Those who have already crossed the psychological Rubicon do not need them. Personally, I hate those who get stagnated on a stepping stone in the middle of the river.

Hypocrite Peterson

Note of February 15: YouTube nuked this account. Still can be viewed here:

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On Jordan Peterson

In recent posts I’ve been critical of Millennial Woes but this time he has produced a good video debunking a professor who rightly takes issue with the Newspeak in campus but still adheres, as a child, to the dogmas of the boomers.

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Two subjects

Today’s article by Hunter Wallace is one of the best articles I’ve read about the ongoing discussion among white advocates as to how advertise their intellectual product. You can skip the boring quotations in that article but Wallace’s tweets are good. He’s basically saying the obvious: We must preach to disaffected whites and for the moment ignore the bourgoise, the normies.

Changing subjects, even normie intellectuals know what we have been saying in this site: what supports the current morality is Christianity, even when this religion is gone. Watch for example this YouTube speech especially after minute five, when Jordan Peterson starts to criticise the superficial atheism of (((Sam Harris))).

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