Modern day national socialists

by Joseph Walsh

I don’t think you are over-the-top with your recent post on Heimbach and the rabbits. National Socialism had very high moral standards as created and exemplified by Hitler. You ensure that Aryans understand those standards with your blog. Most present-day Aryans do not live up to those standards. They are Aryans by blood but Untermenschen (subhumans) in character. One of the tasks of the racialist movement is to create a better man (what Nietzsche called the Übermensch). Hitler is the Aryan that has come the closest to being an Übermensch in the history of our race. For example, Göring, even though he banned vivisection, used to enjoy the hunting of animals which appalled Hitler. Also, I don’t think you can expect Americans to become National Socialists like the Germans were, at least not anytime soon. Europeans stand a better chance I think.

Another thing that annoys me about Heimbach is his promotion of National Socialism as being for all races and nations. This contradicts what Hitler says: “The National Socialist doctrine, as I have always proclaimed, is not for export. It was conceived for the German people.” (Hitler-Bormann Documents, Feb. 21, 1945). A primary feature of National Socialism is Nordic supremacy, that is Hitler wanted the best Aryans of Nordic blood (i.e. the SS) to become lords of the earth, as stated in Mein Kampf. This automatically rules out National Socialism as being an ideology for all races as no other race is going to want Nordic domination (and many Whites will also not want Nordic domination).

Modern day Aryans play down or ignore the aspects of National Socialism they do not like such as non-acceptance of degenerate music, Nordic superiority, kindness to animals, even in some cases they tolerate homosexuals! This is because they do not have the discipline or integrity to be National Socialists as the Germans of the 1930’s and 1940’s did. There has been a tremendous decline in White people’s character since 1945. If our race is to achieve greatness again we MUST improve our character through intense discipline. At the moment Whites are a joke.

Linder on Christian ethics


What is still wrong with WN?

In my yesterday’s post I added an image of Matt Heimbach’s recent speech at Kentucky. That is ok, as he was one of the central speakers in Pikeville last month.

But Heimbach’s ethics is ultimately incompatible with race preservation. In this Red Ice interview for example, Heimbach says that he has no problem with giving, for free, food surplus to the hungry of the Third World. In my yesterday’s post I also linked to a Daily Stormer article but barely quoted from it. The Stormer is a neonazi website, not a Nazi site like The West’s Darkest Hour. This is what the Stormer editor wrote:

Prior to leaving camp, Heimbach gave a second speech, this time on National Socialism. It was the most clear and concise summation of that topic I think I have ever heard.

That’s bunk of course. Heimbach’s speech was but Southern Nationalism (listen to it: here). While I like Southern Nationalism and wish they had won the war, it must not be confused with National Socialism.

As I have iterated many times in this site, the problem with southern nationalists, white nationalists and even American neonazis is that they are stuck with Christian ethics. For those who have not digested the articles on this site about “axiology” I recommend listening very, very carefully what Alex Linder recently told a South African about the Christian problem. To me this is a problem more serious than the Jewish problem, insofar as it is a kind of malware for the Aryan mind: a malicious software that whites must erase as soon as possible.

To erase it you can read my book Day of Wrath mentioned on the sidebar, a copy of which recently I sent to Linder. If you don’t want to read it, listen the Linder interview after minute 27:30, or more to the point around minute 40 and contrast it with the ethics of normies.

“Christianity: The Dangers of putting Religion before Race” (Note of June 21, 2017: The Thought Police at You Tube cancelled this account.)

The interview is a treasure of commonsensical arguments by Linder against the scale of values that is killing whites around the globe, a scale even shared by many in the white nationalist community. I liked particularly something he says around minute 55: “Who dominates this world? People who don’t believe in the afterlife,” referring to the Jews.

Heimbach on GD crackdown

GD symbol

The modern understanding of democracy is even more tyrannical than what Plato referred to as the second worst form of civil government. Control over the mass media and the civil school system brainwashes the youth and electorate as a whole to support the agenda of the System. The billions of dollars pumped into buying off politicians and ostracizing “political dissidents” mean that to achieve even a basic level of political power is nearly impossible for any Traditionalist.

The true tyranny of modernity is in the fact that the rules can be easily modified to create a permanent elite, who will crush any challenges to their power structure and creature comfort.

The tyranny of the modern democratic system is not limited to only the United States; it is pervasive throughout the entire Western World. In the early 1930’s, the elites were horrified that nationalism and racial pride took the world by storm. The Jewish capitalist and banking elite financed the beginnings of the Soviet Union and backed countless Marxist movements around the globe. In response to this and the failures of secularism and modernity, revolutionary forces began to organize for the preservation of their culture and their people.

From the nationalists in China to the National Socialists in Germany, peoples around the globe strove to throw off the shackles of Bolshevism that like a cancer was festering throughout the nations of the Earth. Using democracy, nations chose leaders and movements that would lead them forward to freedom from the globalists and the ability to fulfill their own God-ordained destinies. With the blood of countless millions on their hands, the elites decided that through fire, bombs, and intimidation that this nationalist worldwide movement must be crushed. From the raising of the Red flag in Berlin to the surrender of America’s own sovereignty, the elites took a stranglehold over most of the globe. With a battle cry of “never again”, the System has declared that no matter what a people believe or how they wish to run their own affairs, they must be aligned with the New World Order.

The Greek nationalist party, Golden Dawn, is the latest proof of how the message of nationalism and ethnic solidarity is coming. The elites will do anything they can to destroy any credible nationalist threat. Golden Dawn has risen from being less than one percent of the electorate several years ago, to storming Parliament with over seven percent of the vote in recent elections. With programs to feed and clothe poor Greeks, a push for border security and getting rid of the hordes of illegal immigrants infesting Greece, an alliance with socially conservative Greek Orthodox Christians and hardline secular nationalists, and a passionate stand against international Jewry and the mainstream political elites who have time and time again sold out the Greek people, it is no question why Golden Dawn is succeeding at the polls. Through using the democratic process and truly acting in the best interests of the Greek people, Golden Dawn began polling poll results as high as fifteen percent in the past few weeks, demonstrating a doubling of supporters in just the several months since the next election. This is where the System had to step in.

It began with Jewish groups around the world pulling the worn out “anti-Semite” card on Golden Dawn. Nationalists simply no longer wish to be exploited by the international Jewish cabal. Golden Dawn MP’s spoke openly about the degree of Jewish control over the Greek economy, the European Union, and the globalist agenda. The belief in sovereignty of the Greek nation and Greek people from parasitic bankers and capitalists put Golden Dawn on the elites hit list. Nationalists have to made an example of.

The Greek government was harassed and pushed by outside forces and the global choir of “anti-racism” to shut down Golden Dawn. Recently when an alleged Golden Dawn member got into a bar fight with an infamous “anti-racist” rapper and stabbed him to death, the System had the “cause” to declare Golden Dawn a criminal organization and began rounding up its leadership. One wonders how quickly all mainstream parties would be banned if the actions of one or two members became cause for the government to arrest all of the leadership. My old neighborhood in Baltimore alone would have disqualified the Democratic Party on a nightly basis if a felony were grounds for dissolving a political party.

The desires of the people who had elected Golden Dawn to Parliament were irrelevant. Tradition and the law were moot. With thuggery rarely witnessed in the West since the Jewish commissars of the Soviet NKVD, the Greek government sent in shock troops to  raid “the homes of Golden Dawn politicians across Athens, Michaloliakos and five of his MPs were seized. Fifteen other senior party activists, including a female police officer, were taken into custody accused of fomenting violence as members of a criminal organisation.” In the hours following this original round of arrests, warrants were issued for additional Party members and the systematic crackdown intensified. Armed with automatic weapons and covered faces, police went to kick in door after door of those deemed “politically unreliable.” The center Right coalition and the Left and communists have united together to stop Golden Dawn. International praise from Jewish organizations and the European Union have flooded Greece for working to stamp out the spread of nationalism.

Public Order Minister, Nikos Dendias declared to the world that “Golden Dawn tried to test the endurance of democracy, today it got an answer from state justice.” The irony of arresting democratically elected lawmakers simply for their beliefs and then trumpeting values of democracy, were seemingly lost on the Mr. Dendias. Beliefs that aren’t deemed kosher are simply not allowed to exist in the tyranny of 21st century democracy. They will ban us, beat us, and even kill us, and that is why we cannot work to reform this System.

The attempt to revive the United States or the nations of Europe in their current state is a necrophiliac exercise in futility. In the founding home of Western democracy and civil government, and with a boot on the neck of nationalists democracy has officially died. Christ did not attempt to negotiate with the moneylenders or get put in a position of power in the temple, he flipped over the table and beat those who were poisoning the moral well of the people around him. Traditionalists in Greece must take to the streets and dismantle this corrupt and wicked system. The blood of patriots and martyrs will run in Athens, but that is the only way to secure the existence of the Greek people. Golden Dawn is facing a communist coup, it is time to organize and prepare to fight to destroy this System just as other allied Traditionalists must around the globe. Francisco Franco and the Spanish nationalists realized that only through fighting the System could the Traditions of the blessed Church and its nation survive.

We cannot negotiate with our foes, we cannot work within the System, and we must stand behind the brave men and women of Golden Dawn behind the wire.


Excerpted from Matt Heimbach’s latest article (here)

Hugs in white nationalism?

by Benjamin Noyles

big hugStarting with what to my understanding is the origin of a recent dispute, the appearance of RPN (Canada) President, Sebastian Ernst Ronin, on The White Voice (79:00). Sebastian: “Matt Heimbach is within the White Nationalist community, or Ethno Nationalist community, is a staunch Christian… He will always frame his perception of the world as a Christian”—this forming part of his wider argument that there needs to be an intellectual street fight where differences of opinion are hashed out in blunt terms. In a follow up Traditionalist Youth Hour – 2013-06-24 hosted by Matt Parrot and Matt Heimbach, this was also identified as the source of contention, and so will begin with that.

Both parties have completed a consensus on the “debate”—I don’t think Heimbach would actually disagree with Seb’s point that he is a Christian first, and that it is ideological.

I believe these are some examples that go some way to proving this with previous statements such as “I hate Hitler”; “if a Jew converted to Christianity, I would accept him as a brother in Christ”; (29:00) “I have more against a White Pagan than I would a Black Christian” (32:00). Rather than these being just differences of opinion, I will give Matt the benefit of the doubt that this is part of a thought out and consistent belief—it is polite society to go on that assumption, otherwise how would anybody expect to be treated seriously?

If these comments have been repudiated by supporters as naive folly, then for exactly that reason we should not be carving words of what are called “leaders of the New Right” in gold. I think this is where some people don’t seem to understand the discussion, which hinges on the supposed infallibility of the Hug Box. In my opinion, any change in opinion by such persons is incremental and should they stumble on truth it will be used in such a way as to not be correctly seized upon. It is just wood, hay, and stubble.


Matt Heimbach is a nice Christian kid, and I mean that obviously. I don’t think he drinks, but I would take him to Burger King (and it would be on me). He also has balls, he is trying to make a point, and he looks like an intelligent man—however, those things acknowledged, it still doesn’t help in the slightest. I have a legitimate concern that this thinking is deeply, deeply flawed. It is 100%, subverted race treason, and it is the sort of thing that some point down the line will blow up in everyone’s faces. At that juncture there is nothing personal about that, but it is a fundamental concern.

This is where all the white knights come in. Even though on the face of it this should be an honest and frank exchange, the following is the “unwritten rule” of the “new” White Nationalist movement: Any criticism of a “figure” who identifies as a white racialist in such a time as this where “we” are in numerical weakness—is in itself divisive and counterproductive.

The basis of this position is the argument that we must preserve harmony at any cost, so they do everything possible to reduce friction, despite friction being the concomitant of motion. You would think that a living and expanding movement has a certain quota of difficulties as the result of its life and activity. There is only one human society that has no disagreements; it is called a graveyard. Under this system, inside the “Hug Box”, everybody is a winner, but the penalty is sterility and lack of achievement. The question is who really benefits from this? When you have a situation where instead of embracing criticism you have people reacting emotionally, what is it exactly that they have to hide?

Calling somebody out is not a curse—if it is false the individual only has to dispel that claim. If this criticism cannot be dispelled, then it was justified in the first place. Defection of the kind we have seen is clearly done with the deliberate intention of drawing “personal attacks” —because it has to be asked, “Why are you beyond criticism?” This can produce unkind assertions to the contrary.

I believe that [Matt] Parrott correctly summarised Ronin’s position as follows: “He doesn’t want a group hug, he wants to defeat the various factions of the Ethnic (sic) Nationalist community, and come out victorious.” Knowing Seb, this may very likely be his exact intent and strategy. If this is so, it would seem to be a reasonable tactical progression towards the very objective that Parrott himself identifies.

The truth of the Hug Box is that it is an ugly, poisonous, rubber spiked commode. Why did an “attack” on the views of an individual incite a community response? On the face of it this is strange as the only thing the New Right culture does is debase and criticise—it is in its stated mission. I remember Jonathan Bowden defined as the “critical analysis to revive inegalitarian cultural forms that have been dispriveledged” for what purpose?

“First the fight – then pacifism.” – AH

(Read it all, here.)

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Sebastian discusses peak oil with skeptics


A fascinating interview of Sebastian Ernst Ronin (photo) with Joe and John on The White Voice. And not only about why peak oil should be the central subject among ethno-nationalists. Sebastian also answered tough questions from the interviewer about why he had been critical of Christian Identitarian Matt Heimbach.

Since most nationalists are willfully illiterate about the total energy devolution that is coming—very few know that America’s bottom will drop out within our lifespans—, I agree with Sebastian that his party “is the future.” I also agree that there is no record in revolutionary history that the faction that will become the dominant ideology can do it through courteous diplomacy with the competing groups and without any in-fighting.

Listen to the interview starting in minute 52 (here)!

Update of 8 December 2015:

I have now distanced myself from Ronin’s party. Admitting women in the inner party is almost like admitting Jews.

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Another provisional entry?

Yesterday I deleted an entry about Matt Heimbach because I couldn’t find actual sources for the words put into his mouth. Today I’d like to add another provisional entry that I’ll also delete if actual sources are not provided for the quotations mentioned below.

At the blog Destroy Zionism, Streicher’s Ghost wrote:

Matthew Heimbach, the founder of the “White Student Union” which has generated some controversy recently, has participated in a radio interview with a crack-smoking Negro. In it, Heimbach says: “if a Jew converted to Christianity, I would accept him as a brother in Christ.”


This is in accordance with the words from Galatians 3:28—written by the Jew Paul (Saul)—in the New Testament: “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

Heimbach also says that he prefers Black Christians to White Pagans.

The radio show (Heimbach talks about 25 minutes into the show).

To be fair, the author of the above piece did provide a source: the radio show. But I don’t have the time or the patience to listen that long interview. If someone of my readers does, please provide the exact minute and approximate seconds when Heimbach said “if a Jew converted to Christianity, I would accept him as a brother in Christ” (that this is quite problematic is easily shown if we remember the late Larry Auster).

The other claim, that Heimbach prefers black Christians to white pagans, is more problematic because it’s not even stated in quotation marks. Did he really say it? I’ll need a source to allow this entry stay at WDH.

In the comment section Varg Vikernes said, “Actually, I think this [news about Heimbach] is good; it illustrates well the problem with Christians.” I would agree with Vikernes only if the two quotations are real.

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Heimbach still has to see the whole forest

At Occidental Dissent, Mark commented today:

Christianity has made Heimbach soft. He himself receives abuses from Jews firsthand, but wants to turn the other cheek. He correctly identifies many of the problems, but some of his conclusions are half-hearted.

They’re not our enemies? Really? Let’s shake hands and break bread with people who want to turn every White nation in the world into a miscegenated third-world hellhole? If that doesn’t qualify as an enemy then what the hell does?

I’m not Christian, but considering how Jews have historically been the biggest anti-Christians to ever exist, it’s really strange how so many Christians practically worship Jews. If anyone should hate Jews it should be Christians.

As far as the “right” to a homeland, there’s no such thing. What, if we want a White nation we must then fight for everyone else, we must compromise with every other group and capitulate to their demands and help them? Nonsense, they still have control over you, you’re still a slave. Israel only exists because of the help from Whites, the same people they exploit, abuse and refuse to allow to have an ethnostate of their own. Without foreign aid and political and military protection Israel would be overwhelmed.

If you think giving your enemies the white glove treatment that they’ll reciprocate, they won’t. Don’t be naïve. It’s a waste of time.

If you dislike the word enemy, then use competitor. Jews and all other non-Whites are the biological competitors of Whites, always have been and always will be. Their very presence lowers our fitness and reduces our resources.

Let’s assume the Jews are a problem. I think everyone here will agree that Jewish influence has been bad for us. What are we going to do about the problem?

The most practical and fair solution is to deport them to whatever country will take them, same as with all the other non-Whites. They would likely go to the remaining liberal states of the Union or Canada, rather than Israel.

Problem is, the same thing that happened to Germany, the liberal Allies, including Israel and Jews who some want to treat with a kind hand, would all attack the White ethnostate.

There is no peaceful resolution to the problem, because our enemies don’t want a fair and equitable solution, they want total power and control.

It’s not just that he’s [Heimbach] got Jesus, he admits to being philo-Semitic prior to his racial awakening. Perhaps some of that still lingers.

Anyway, he’s young, he’s still evolving and other than that he does good work.

My comment:

Mark was referring to the article that Heimbach (photo) posted yesterday, which starts with the phrase, “Firstly we need to separate the issue of stereotyping the entire Jewish population.”

Like millions of Christians and secular liberals, Heimbach is myopic. The problem in the US is the whole Jewish population in the same way that the problem in Europe is the whole Muslim population, even when only a fraction of Muslims are actual jihadists.

The well-meaning myopia of my parents’ religion (stereotyping?—God forbid!) explains why I have been attacking Christianity in this blog. Today’s version of Christianity has produced a psycho-ethical structure that prevents decent, though myopic religionists from taking action against our ancient enemies: an action that will allow our civilization to save itself.

Heimbach obviously has not paid due attention to one of the best articles ever published on the Jewish question, “Seeing the Forest” authored by someone who, like me, left his parents’ religion behind: an article from which I’ll only quote the last two paragraphs:

You must back off a bit in order to see the forest rather than just the trees. The essential thing about the forest is that it is destroying our world. It is a parasitic forest. It is injecting spiritual and cultural poison into our civilization and into the life of our people and sucking up nutrients to enrich itself and grow even more destructive. Perhaps only 10 per cent of the trees in this Jewish forest have roots deep enough to inject their poison into us, and the other 90 per cent play only supporting roles of one sort or another. It is still the whole forest which is our problem [emphasis added]. If the forest were not here we would not have had to endure the curse of Bolshevism. If the forest were not here America would not be growing darker and more degenerate by the year. It is the whole forest, not just a few of the most poisonous trees in it, which must be uprooted and removed from our soil if we are to become healthy again.

The essential point again is this: not every Jew has a leading role in promoting the evils which are destroying us, and not every person is a Jew who is collaborating with the leading Jews who are promoting evil, but it is only because the Jews as a whole are among us that the evils they always promote are overwhelming us. If the Jews were not present we could overcome the evil men of our own race. The evil men of our own race may seek their own profit at the expense of the rest of us, but they do not seek to destroy our race. Only the Jews seek that.

Read it all. People who are not nearsighted can see the whole forest.


“I hate Hitler” —Matt Heimbach

At the recent Council of Conservative Citizens Matt Heimbach talked about “Christian principles,” the impossibility to expel “a hundred million of non-whites” from the US either using “nuclear weapons or neutron bombs” and that “that’s not desirable either—as a Christian… we identitarians… our faith in Jesus Christ…”

In spite of all that, since Heimbach seems to put race first he may be considered in my category of “Christians that I do respect.” However, at Occidental Dissent an apparently non-Christian commenter opined about his speech:

Heimbach seems to think we can achieve this peacefully. Yeah, that’s a nice pipe dream.

Secession caused a war, as well as the German racial ethnostate. We lost both times, and that more than anything has defined our current situation.

Minus the system failing or some kind of worldwide cataclysmic event, I don’t see much hope on the horizon, unfortunately.

He seems to want to partition the US instead of conquering it and removing all non-Whites, because that’s not feasible and it’s too violent. Well how the hell does he think even partitioning and removing non-Whites that live in the area he wants is going to happen?

We face violent opposition even at the local level, Heimbach knows this himself. Even having a civil discussion with these people is difficult. How many times are these types of conferences cancelled because the location was threatened and bullied into refusing the event.

Later on the same thread, a Christian commenter added:

Matthew Heimbach proposes a quaint and peaceful ethno-state for white people somewhere within the confines of the north American continent. Nothing the Federal government could not crush in less than a week. Unless there is some kind of “Fight Club” permeating every level of our government, you are really asking for a genocide. No, Dorothy, you can’t click your heels three times and get back to Kansas. I am still amazed that Southerners like Matt just don’t get how foolish his proposition is.

However, I did like his comment that the solution to 1984 is the Spain of 1936. Unfortunately, we are living in 2013 Amerika. The scales have been tipped too far to the left. The cult of equality has blinded the well-meaning. We have been sucker-punched and will have to stand trial for defending ourselves like George Zimmerman.

It is a shame if Matt “hates Hitler”. Either his emotion has gotten the better of him or he is pandering to the left. Never hate, especially that which you do not know. If he ever studied the man Hitler, he would not “hate” him but he might learn something from him.

I would recommend Heimbach to read the articles under the heading “On the need to undemonize Hitler” at the sidebar of this blog.

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