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National Socialism is the opposite of international finance capitalism, i.e. the opposite of globalization. Under National Socialism, engineers would not lose their jobs to outsourcing, and great industrial cities would not be disintegrating and turning back to farmland. There would be no such thing as Goldman Sachs, or the Federal Reserve, or big box stores full of merchandise from China. If China were National Socialist too, the Chinese economy would not depend on exports. Instead of a globalized economy, there would be independent national economies. Countries would generate capital internally instead of depending on foreign investment. International trade would still exist (you could still drive a Honda if that’s what you want), but it would be a fraction of what it is now. The financial system would be simple and straightforward; there would be no such thing as “derivatives”. The economy would be based on industry and education, not on finance, insurance, real estate, casinos, and prisons.

There would be no dumbing-down policy in the schools or anywhere else.

There would be no TSA pat-downs. No such thing happened in the Reich, nor could it happen. An obscenity like that would be inconceivable. When you go through security at an American airport, the Zionists literally have you by the balls. Under National Socialism, the Zionists would not be running things, with all that that implies for both foreign and domestic policy.
Instead of dying, the oceans would be flourishing. On land, desertification would be reversed. The “cancer industry” would not exist. The environmental and psychological causes of cancer would be addressed, and cancer would be rare. There would be no need to argue about how to pay for health care, because most people would normally stay healthy without “health care” as we know it today.

Students would not have to go into debt to get an education.
Under National Socialism, cities would not be full of drunks and homeless people. There would be no such thing as multiculturalism, political correctness, or affirmative action. Schools would not teach kids to listen to hip-hop. First world countries would not turn themselves into third world countries. Just the opposite: National Socialism represents the gentrification of the world.

I did not know most of this until recently.

Like most people, I grew up believing that National Socialism was a Very Bad Thing. I thought it was all about war and exterminating people. If that were true, then of course it would be a Very Bad Thing. But in fact that is not what National Socialism is about.

When I was in the 9th grade, my world history teacher gave me an extra credit assignment. She asked me to read The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William Shirer, and write a report on it. That was a pretty stiff assignment for a 9th grader. I read the book all the way through and wrote a report, but the report was not very good. She gave me an A, but in my own mind I knew I did not deserve an A. Some of what I wrote was cribbed from Encyclopedia Britannica. My teacher expected a little too much from her star student. At that age I was not quite ready to read a book of that length and density, hold it all in my mind at once, and write a paper about it. I guess that’s where this page is coming from. Fifty years later, I am still working on that assignment. Anyway I believed everything in the book. And why not? It never occurred to me that my teacher might be misinformed, or that mainstream historians such as William Shirer might be lying. I accepted what they told me.

Since then I have discovered that what happened in Germany in the Hitler era was very different from what they tell us. On this page I am going to present some of the facts that my world history teacher should have taught me. This is what every high school student should know about National Socialism.

The question “what is National Socialism” can be approached in two ways: (1) what was Hitler’s original idea? and (2) what happened in the Third Reich?

Enemy mine

Make no mistake: Wikipedia is our enemy.

I was officially retired from the wiki but now that I tried to say something in the talk pages of the wiki articles on Aztec and child sacrifice I followed the recent contributions of one of the editors with whom I had a terrible discussion some years ago, which led me to the wiki article “Racism”.

WikipediaYes: most wiki editors are real goners and we know it is useless trying to discuss with them. The Judeo-liberal trick of their site lies in what they call the “reliable sources” policy, which means that you cannot quote alternative media or even the intellectuals, scholars and historians that the anti-white establishment marginalizes. While trying to edit wiki articles you got to stick to the sources that had obtained the System’s imprimatur, especially articles dealing with race, ethnic conflict or the subversive tribe.

Metapedia, which I quoted here, has nailed Wikipedia. But I would love if a contributor of The Occidental Observer deconstructed, point by point, the ridiculous wiki article on racism.


The following is Metapedia’s lead paragraph of its article on Wikipedia.

WikipediaWikipedia is a far-left and Judeocentric, multilingual wiki project, censured by an internal bureaucracy of tribal editing clans to conform to a largely neo-Marxist and Zionist viewpoint. While the sheer multitude of articles means that some pieces fall outside of this paradigm, where it matters most Jewish ethnocentrism is enforced. The project was founded in 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger, with money obtained through the Bomis pornography ring. At present Wikipedia has around 16 million articles in 253 languages. While the Wikimedia Foundation which owns the project is based in San Francisco, California, the main Wikipedia servers are in Florida, with additional ones in Amsterdam and Seoul.

The personal philosophy of its founders emerged from a supposedly “libertarian” college student worldview of Rand and Hayek. As with free-market fanaticism in real life, this ideology contained within it, the seeds of Wikipedia’s own undermining. Drawn by the desire to control the flow of information transmitted to the masses, various editors of Marxist and Zionist political persuasions, were able to secure for themselves administrative positions, through persistence and playing the community game tactfully. They proceeded to organize themselves into bureaucratic clan groups, which come together to manipulate articles with their own bias agenda and de facto run the asylum over at the madhouse.

While many objectionable forms of propaganda, utilizing emotions and epithets exist in Wikipedia; such as promotion of so-called “global warming”, the homosexual agenda, branding unpopular scenarios “conspiracy theories” [Chechar’s note: only on this one I agree with the wiki], previously dubbing eugenics “pseudoscience” and so on. The most insidious and vulgar form of bias is its toleration of hatred against the European race, its culture and history, including demonization of political groups who work for its social and economic interests. Thus Metapedia has taken on the metapolitical struggle and is well on the way to surpassing the compromised project.

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Metapedia on homosexualism

Homosexualism is a psychopathology and subsection of Sexual Bolshevism which encourages human males to participate in abnormal “sexual” relations with each other. The modern idea began in decadent urban centers of liberal-capitalist Western Europe during the 19th century; the term “homosexual” was coined in 1869. The modern movement was politicized by Magnus Hirschfeld, a Jewish Marxist, who used it as means to undermine gentile society; this was carried on by the likes of Wilhelm Reich of SEXPOL.


The word comes from Greek homos “same” + Latin sexual. The word is argued to have been created by Karl-Maria Kertbeny in an anonymous pamphlet published in Germany in 1869. It and rival terminology were created as replacements for earlier derogatory words. The word appeared in English in 1892 in a translation of a German work. In 1897 Havelock Ellis stated that it is a “barbarously hybrid word, and I claim no responsibility for it. It is, however, convenient, and now widely used.”

Other terms

A propaganda campaign has been launched to usurp the word “gay” to refer to male homosexuals to make it sound like something positive. The word lesbian is sometimes used to refer to females of such a disposition. LGBT refers lesbian, “gay,” bisexual, and transgender. An alternative term for LGBT, or even broader, is queer, supposedly today without its original derogatory implications. Derogatory terms for male homosexuals include words such as pansy, fruit, faggot, poof, daisy, nelly, mincer, shirt lifter, s**t stabber and arse bandit which etymologically often imply effeminate men.

Even the seemingly neutral Lesbian has been seen as derogatory by inhabitants of the island Greek Lesbos from which the word derives and who have campaigned against its use.

Views on homosexuality

Homosexuality is rejected by various religions and conservatives. Consequently large amounts of criticisms can be found in such sources. For example Conservapedia has a large number of pages dedicated to religious as well as non-religious criticisms, with sources, regarding areas such infectious diseases, physical health, mental health, substance abuse, crime, pedophilia, lobbying, coverage in media, history, and other topics. The liberal views can similarly be found in liberal sources such as Wikipedia. See the links below in the “External links” section [omitted in this entry].

Any negative association with homosexuality, for homosexuals themselves or for other persons, is generally dismissed by supporters as completely due to stress caused by persecution which is at best an unproven hypothesis. There are many other possibilities. One is that that confusion regarding gender identity may be stressful in itself. Another is that if homosexuality is caused by some factor(s) affecting the brain regions involved in sexual behaviors, then these factors could possibly also affect other regions of the brain causing various, possibly negative, effects.

The “natural” argument

An influential argument in support of homosexuality is that it is actually a “natural” variation of human sexuality. [Chechar’s note: Greg Johnson’s take on this subject] This argued to be supported by homosexual behavior in several historical societies, the relatively high prevalence in Western societies, homosexual behaviors in some animals, various theories regarding evolutionary benefits, and some evidence of a genetic causation. Furthermore, if homosexuality is predominantly genetically caused, then homosexuality will not become more common if homosexuals raise children or work with children. Many of these arguments are ignored by religiously influenced critics who do not believe in evolution.

Against this a number of points can be raised. There are very few descriptions of homosexual behavior in traditional societies such as hunter-gatherer societies. These are the ones most similar to the societies in which humans spent almost all of their evolutionary history. The only exception are some related tribes on Papua New Guinea. This consist of apparently highly ritualized and culturally obligatory initiation rites for boys. [Chechar’s note: as a child abuse researcher I know that kids are forced to fellate adults in these New Guinea rituals] As such there is very little individual choice in participating. Depictions of sexual behavior are not uncommon in prehistoric art such as cave paintings but depictions of homosexual behaviors are nonexistent or possibly rare if generously interpreting two unclear cave paintings as homosexual. This is in contrast with ethnographers having been able to document many not culturally approved behaviors such as murder, theft, infanticide and extramarital affairs.

There are some forms of homosexual behaviors in some animal species but exclusive and predominant homosexuality by animals is rare in nature. The basic biological design of all species is heterosexual reproduction. […]

Political activism

The first homosexual supremacist rally was in 1970, which have become common.

Conservatives and even some liberals themselves have argued that the liberal Hollywood deliberately inserts homosexual propaganda in movies and television. Thus, in 1987 gay activists stated that “Where we talk is important. The visual media, film and television, are plainly the most powerful image-makers in Western civilization. The average American household watches over seven hours of TV daily. Those hours open up a gateway into the private world of straights, through which a Trojan horse might be passed. So far, gay Hollywood has provided our best covert weapon in the battle to desensitize the mainstream”.

In a 2013 speech, then United States Vice President Joe Biden publicly spoke about how the push for homosexuality and the changes toward it were done entirely by the Jews who run Hollywood. He spoke his speech as praise to avoid accusations of anti-Semitism. […]

Homosexuals are often a particularly strange part of the leftist-Islamist alliance with homosexuals and homosexual organizations in Europe generally supporting the mass immigration despite this meaning a rapidly growing number of Islamists with far harsher views than Christian conservatives on homosexuality and on what society should do.

(See the complete article, and help us to edit it, here)


The following Orwellian actions happened in the United Kingdom last month. I missed these two items and just learnt about it thanks to the News Section of Metapedia:

• A native woman is jailed by thought police for 21 weeks in the Jewnited Kingdumb after speaking out against the country being flooded with third-worlders.

• Orwellian goon, Alan Murray of Strathclyde Police, has five Scottish men and a 15-year-old boy arrested on “hate crime” charges for joking about Jews on Facebook.

From the “About” section of this online encyclopedia:

Metapedia is an electronic encyclopedia which focuses on culture, art, science, philosophy and politics.

The word Metapedia is derived from two classical Greek concepts: μετά (metá) meaning outside or beyond and ἐγκύκλιος παιδεία (enkýklios paideía) that is encyclopedia. The name has a dual symbolic meaning:

• Metapedia sets its focus on topics that usually are not covered in — i.e. that falls outside of — mainstream encyclopedias.

• Metapedia has a metapolitical purpose, to influence the mainstream debate, culture and historical view.

The project is still in its early stages, but the database is growing every day and you are heartily welcome to contribute to the growth of this valuable and unique encyclopedia.

Today I heavily edited the Harold Covington article in Metapedia. Help us to build Metapedia, the alternative encyclopedia that needs hundreds of nationalist editors to counter the traitorous POV (point of view) endemic in Wikipedia.

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