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Last year I found out about an article of Metapedia on me in German (here). Now, a certain Herman started one on me in English (here).

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On the admin of this site

Below, an excerpted translation from the German Metapedia’s
article about me
(the below pic was taken in 1973):


______ 卐 ______


C.T. (born 1958) is a private scholar and writer living in Mexico City. He publishes in Spanish and English, with emphasis on analysis of childhood trauma related to abuse. He acts as a staunch advocate of combative white self-assertion, including his blog The West’s Darkest Hour. In 2017, C.T. recorded the production of English-language radio broadcasts.

C.T. is the son of a composer known in Mexico in the tradition of classical music; his mother was a concert pianist. Remotely, he traces his origins back to Spanish ancestors.

The parental home was not only very Catholic, it was also the place where he experienced maltreatment as a teenager: experiences that shaped his character. Decades later, he made this topic the subject-matter of various publications that aim to prevent such events.

Christianity as the downfall of Whites

Mentally and spiritually, C.T. turned his back on Christianity in adulthood. He considers this religion to be an outrageous ‘death cult for whites’. All white values have been inverted by Christianity since its emergence in Europe, so that sub-humanism can be spread and triumph unhindered, while the white race is increasingly degenerating, to such an extent that it must fight for its bare survival.

In his investigations and assessments C.T. uses the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche and the champion of white race interests, William Pierce, whom he considers the greatest spirit America has produced.

Already at the conquest of the American continent, the Spaniards and Portuguese had spoiled their blood due to an ignominious, racial mixture of Christian convictions (‘all human brethren in Christ’). In this context C.T. strongly disagrees with what he calls ‘monocausalists’, who only blame the long-lasting, vicious Jewish influence, for the decline of whites. Long before Jews had set foot on American soil, the Christian European conquerors and colonists, including Englishmen and Frenchmen, were driven by greed to ensure that the conquered territories were filled with mestizos and Mulattoes.
Attitude to the Germans

C.T. shows an exceptionally strong understanding and sympathy for the Germans, especially as far as their historical fate is concerned. In his opinion, the two world wars fought against Germany in the 20th century were the most fatal crimes that whites ever instigated. Instead of living peacefully in the guise of the ‘crown of evolution’, the Germans of that time, the leaders of the Anglo nations decided to create a world in which the cloaca gentium of the human race is on top.

The most indispensable book that every white man should read to focus on the monstrous acts done to the Germans, and to provide a foundation for contemporary historical education and judgment, explains C.T., is Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947.

Metapedia article on me

Since the last year the German Metapedia started an article about me. I will try to contact the editor as I have changed the title of my final book, Exterminio to ¿Me Ayudarás? which will be available only for a select group of readers by the end of the next month.

(I am awaiting that my late father’s oratorio titled La Santa Furia is premiered on February 23, 2018 in the Palacio de Bellas Artes to add an appendix to ¿Me Ayudarás? before publishing it.)

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Metapedia on homosexualism

Homosexualism is a psychopathology and subsection of Sexual Bolshevism which encourages human males to participate in abnormal “sexual” relations with each other. The modern idea began in decadent urban centers of liberal-capitalist Western Europe during the 19th century; the term “homosexual” was coined in 1869. The modern movement was politicized by Magnus Hirschfeld, a Jewish Marxist, who used it as means to undermine gentile society; this was carried on by the likes of Wilhelm Reich of SEXPOL.


The word comes from Greek homos “same” + Latin sexual. The word is argued to have been created by Karl-Maria Kertbeny in an anonymous pamphlet published in Germany in 1869. It and rival terminology were created as replacements for earlier derogatory words. The word appeared in English in 1892 in a translation of a German work. In 1897 Havelock Ellis stated that it is a “barbarously hybrid word, and I claim no responsibility for it. It is, however, convenient, and now widely used.”

Other terms

A propaganda campaign has been launched to usurp the word “gay” to refer to male homosexuals to make it sound like something positive. The word lesbian is sometimes used to refer to females of such a disposition. LGBT refers lesbian, “gay,” bisexual, and transgender. An alternative term for LGBT, or even broader, is queer, supposedly today without its original derogatory implications. Derogatory terms for male homosexuals include words such as pansy, fruit, faggot, poof, daisy, nelly, mincer, shirt lifter, s**t stabber and arse bandit which etymologically often imply effeminate men.

Even the seemingly neutral Lesbian has been seen as derogatory by inhabitants of the island Greek Lesbos from which the word derives and who have campaigned against its use.

Views on homosexuality

Homosexuality is rejected by various religions and conservatives. Consequently large amounts of criticisms can be found in such sources. For example Conservapedia has a large number of pages dedicated to religious as well as non-religious criticisms, with sources, regarding areas such infectious diseases, physical health, mental health, substance abuse, crime, pedophilia, lobbying, coverage in media, history, and other topics. The liberal views can similarly be found in liberal sources such as Wikipedia. See the links below in the “External links” section [omitted in this entry].

Any negative association with homosexuality, for homosexuals themselves or for other persons, is generally dismissed by supporters as completely due to stress caused by persecution which is at best an unproven hypothesis. There are many other possibilities. One is that that confusion regarding gender identity may be stressful in itself. Another is that if homosexuality is caused by some factor(s) affecting the brain regions involved in sexual behaviors, then these factors could possibly also affect other regions of the brain causing various, possibly negative, effects.

The “natural” argument

An influential argument in support of homosexuality is that it is actually a “natural” variation of human sexuality. [Chechar’s note: Greg Johnson’s take on this subject] This argued to be supported by homosexual behavior in several historical societies, the relatively high prevalence in Western societies, homosexual behaviors in some animals, various theories regarding evolutionary benefits, and some evidence of a genetic causation. Furthermore, if homosexuality is predominantly genetically caused, then homosexuality will not become more common if homosexuals raise children or work with children. Many of these arguments are ignored by religiously influenced critics who do not believe in evolution.

Against this a number of points can be raised. There are very few descriptions of homosexual behavior in traditional societies such as hunter-gatherer societies. These are the ones most similar to the societies in which humans spent almost all of their evolutionary history. The only exception are some related tribes on Papua New Guinea. This consist of apparently highly ritualized and culturally obligatory initiation rites for boys. [Chechar’s note: as a child abuse researcher I know that kids are forced to fellate adults in these New Guinea rituals] As such there is very little individual choice in participating. Depictions of sexual behavior are not uncommon in prehistoric art such as cave paintings but depictions of homosexual behaviors are nonexistent or possibly rare if generously interpreting two unclear cave paintings as homosexual. This is in contrast with ethnographers having been able to document many not culturally approved behaviors such as murder, theft, infanticide and extramarital affairs.

There are some forms of homosexual behaviors in some animal species but exclusive and predominant homosexuality by animals is rare in nature. The basic biological design of all species is heterosexual reproduction. […]

Political activism

The first homosexual supremacist rally was in 1970, which have become common.

Conservatives and even some liberals themselves have argued that the liberal Hollywood deliberately inserts homosexual propaganda in movies and television. Thus, in 1987 gay activists stated that “Where we talk is important. The visual media, film and television, are plainly the most powerful image-makers in Western civilization. The average American household watches over seven hours of TV daily. Those hours open up a gateway into the private world of straights, through which a Trojan horse might be passed. So far, gay Hollywood has provided our best covert weapon in the battle to desensitize the mainstream”.

In a 2013 speech, then United States Vice President Joe Biden publicly spoke about how the push for homosexuality and the changes toward it were done entirely by the Jews who run Hollywood. He spoke his speech as praise to avoid accusations of anti-Semitism. […]

Homosexuals are often a particularly strange part of the leftist-Islamist alliance with homosexuals and homosexual organizations in Europe generally supporting the mass immigration despite this meaning a rapidly growing number of Islamists with far harsher views than Christian conservatives on homosexuality and on what society should do.

(See the complete article, and help us to edit it, here)


Note of 2016 – I’ve now removed the whole content of this post: see first comment below.

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