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Postscript of 2:14 afternoon: Even banned commenters can post any question.

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Three themes

Two years ago my first cousin, the one I got along with the most in the 1980s, killed his teenage daughter and then hanged himself. As far as I know, he was exasperated by the very aggressive feminism that reigned at home, and it is rumoured that in the posthumous letter he left he said that he also planned to dispatch his wife (who was absent on the day of the two deaths).

The cold war against the Aryan race is becoming hot. The first step in white genocide will be to remove the police. If that were to be implemented, the only line of defence that the Americans would have are their firearms. Once Americans start using their weapons defensively in their homes that will be considered racism. After Trump, someone like AOC will try to confiscate the guns of right-wingers to leave them at the mercy of BLM. The ball is in their court: either they will continue to behave like lambs in the slaughterhouse or like the characters of The Turner Diaries.

Since WordPress software will automatically close the vaccine discussion thread this day, anyone interested in answering Peter can do so here.

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Several subjects

One of the regular visitors to this site has been infected with the coronavirus.

It is a disgrace that the media continues to believe China’s spurious statistics about the virus. If not millions of deaths, to the official figures of Chinese deaths we must add at least two zeros.

Those in quarantine who are getting bored could see Shane. Netflix is one of the most notorious poison injectors for the mental health of whites. More than ninety-nine percent of their films contain a cocktail of super-toxic messages. So I was surprised that Shane can be seen these days on Netflix.

If you watch this 1953 movie compare it to the crap filmed today. Yesterday, I immediately cut a recent YouTube video when Richard Spencer praised Tom Cruise.

The contradictory behaviour of alt-right folk was what forced me to conclude that the white nationalist diagnosis, blaming the Jews for everything, was wrong. Otherwise neither Spencer nor his ridiculous McSpencer group would be speaking well of a Hollywood monster, nor Greg Johnson would have liked monstrosities like Pulp Fiction. If, like the normies, Jew-wise pundits are also contaminated by a Hollywood controlled by Jewry, surely there must exist an Aryan problem in addition to the Jewish problem.

A comment today about the Christian doctrine of ‘forgiveness’ reminded me of a passage from a book by Will Durant:

Imagine the exhilarating optimism of explicit Stoics like Aurelius or Epictetus. Nothing in all literature is so depressing as the Dissertations of the Slave, unless it be the Meditations of the emperor. “Seek not to have things happen as you choose them, but rather choose that they should happen as they do; and you shall live prosperously.” No doubt one can in this manner dictate the future, and play royal highness to the universe.

When it comes to mental disorders (the linked comment was made in a thread about the trauma model), let’s not forget Ross’s class in my Day of Wrath. What the doctrine of forgiveness is asking us is precisely what Ross calls ‘the locus of control shift’: a passport to madness.

Finally, to conclude this miscellaneous post you can also watch this funny clip about the coming hyperinflation.

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Due to the monologues in recent threads of discussion (for example: here), from now on I’ll accept only comments of a maximum of four hundred words, without bare links, in each thread. If a comment is answered, I’ll accept another comment from the same commenter (again, of a maximum of 400 words).

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One of the problems…

with ‘sticky posts’ is that they are useful to new visitors, but for old visitors to see the same thing above a blog can tire them. For that reason I changed the image yesterday.

The problem is that in several articles I mentioned ‘the mummified character that appears in the sticky post’, and visitors could get confused if instead they see the crow that appears today.

In the novels of George RR Martin, the old man tangled up in the tree and the three-eyed raven are the same entity.

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with the masthead of this site!

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On my latest 5 posts

My latest five posts, which convey the idea of what ‘Priesthood of the Fourteen Words’ means, originally appeared on this site as pages.

Posts are blog content listed in a reverse chronological order (newest content on top). Due to their reverse chronological order, posts are meant to be timely. Older posts are archived based on month and year. As the posts get older, the visitor has to dig deeper to find them, but he has the option to search based on categories and tags.

In WordPress, Pages, on the other hand, means content such as your ‘About’ page: privacy policy, contact page, etc. Unlike the regular Posts, visitors cannot see the Pages unless they click on a link. At the bottom of the Pages there are no categories or tags.

Since I am adding PDFs of all the Posts of this site to my DreamHost (DH) backup—see: here—, I would like that those otherwise invisible Pages also appear in my DH backup of The West’s Darkest Hour.

That is why I duplicated its content today, old Pages now also visible as regular Posts, so that when I add the PDF of the latest five entries visitors can also see the ‘Pages’ on my DH backup.

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Defective backup

This day I will try to screenshoot the 306 pages (with ten posts per page) of this site to download up them as PDFs, little by little, to the backup of The West’s Darkest Hour.

The fact is that the software of the theme provided by DreamHost for the backup is unable to respect the format of many original entries. For example, in the entry ‘On the Mental Health of Racists’ the software did not even respect the indentation when quoting Solzhenitsyn, or the size of the image.

I have never liked the new WordPress themes. I consider them horrendous and of bad taste. The theme of this site, Quentin, is very traditional and because of the size of the letters that can be enlarged, very comfortable to read as well as its aesthetics on the sidebar. It is a pity that WordPress has discontinued it.

So this day I will be working on screenshooting the entire 306 pages of this site in PDF format, although that means that it will be impossible, in the future of the WDH backup, to see the comments section or click on the links in brown letters.

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Lacrimae lunae

sticky post

Why white nationalism is massively flawed from the point of view of National Socialism can be seen: here. Even their revolutionary wing borders lunacy. This site provides a cure for lunatics through access code to the finis Africae.

A couple of banned books of the finis Africae are Rome contra Judea; Judea contra Rome and Hellstorm: the best-kept secret in modern history, the holocaust that the Allies perpetrated in Germany. If you think the news is fake, wait until you learn about History!

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Open thread

For those who want to ask questions or simply discuss any topic.

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