A terrible mistake

Dear Stead,

For your information and in respect of Collette & Jon’s ongoing campaign to estrange me from The Blot [Pagan Mass], please find attached my reply answering Jon’s many complaints, together with a mock up of two of the contentious memes that I recall sending to Collette in private conversations through FB message chat, and also a link below to the blog post of my friend Cesar Tort that I most foolishly expected Collette to have sufficient intellectual rigour to both withstand and intelligently comment on.

The first meme was meant to convey my opinion of the Satanic ‘9 Angels’ group Collette seems to support on grounds of its gynocentrism. The second meme was meant to convey my disgust of the modern world in a conversation exactly about the modern world.

They were not “sent” in isolation and were a part and parcel of a flowing conversation in private messages. They are also what the courts would describe as “transformative”, meaning that they have been transformed beyond the several purposes of the original materials in question and are therefore no longer technically “porn” in the legal sense.

Collette complained about the second meme and I therefore removed it. Collette did not complain about the first meme and simply typed “Eww”. In addition I think I must have “sent” Collette hundreds of images, and I don’t understand why references to these particular pictures are being dredged out of the mud now at this very late stage.

As I have already stated I sent these memes to many people in my circle of friends, obviously Collette was the only female to have received them. I broke my own rules by befriending a female and then allowed her into my comfort zone, where she should not have been in the first place. This was a mistake and I regret making it. I am prepared to take full responsibility for it, up to and including not attending anymore blots if deemed necessary.

Having said that, the fact is that Collette’s ‘hysteria’ as you call it was most certainly not present when these exchanges took place. Indeed she kept insisting on referring to me as “Brother” Chris until very recently, and without the slightest prompting from myself.

This hysteria seems only to have materialised since Jon realised that we were having frequent private conversations, after I actually asked her to contact him to see if he would like to participate in my friend’s completely legal paramilitary training course in America. I can therefore deduce that Collette has probably made herself hysterical in order to quash any notions on Jon’s part that any infidelity (or thoughts of infidelity), have taken place relating to her. This therefore seems to me to be a domestic dispute into which I have unfortunately been unwittingly sucked into as the scapegoat.

As you probably know Stead, goths can get very uptight over the most trivial of suspicions, and from his previously long hair, effeminate dress and general demeanour, I’m sure that you would agree with me Stead that Jon is obviously from the goth subculture.

I’ve obviously made a terrible mistake in befriending a female into my inner circle against my better judgement. You can rest assured that I sincerely regret making this mistake and that it most certainly will not happen again.

Thanks for today’s meetup, I hope to see you at the next TBG [Traditional Britain Group], (on the 24th?)

Best wishes,



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Stranded on an island!

It’s me in Gran Canaria (Spain), an island off Africa where sometimes the wind carries the sand of the Sahara desert so atomized that it looks like mist…

Further to my post ‘It’s time to go’.

Alas, we can’t go off the island just like that. It turns out that the WordPress theme that I have been using for this site is an old theme called ‘Quentin’ that apparently is no longer available for download from wordpress.com. This means that the team of another web hosting provider who are helping me to do the migration can only use the existing WordPress templates of their site, which look pretty awful:


Tonight I emailed wordpress.com to check and see if they can provide that old Quentin theme. I hope I will receive an answer.

At any event, please bookmark the above address.

Although it looks awful for the moment, perhaps a designer I hire may fix the theme so that our new home looks as good as the present wordpress.com.

For the moment I will continue to blog here, not there. Only a handsome theme allows the visuals of this site, including the nymphs of the sidebar and other features (no nymphs, no blogging!, remember my inspiration, Dave Lane’s words).

Regarding the accident of a week ago (this site was accidentally suspended by WordPress), I would like to thank those visitors who showed moral or financial support. I also want to thank Andrew Anglin for recommending a specific web hosting provider. As a prophylactic measure if another accident happens, in addition to the above address, keep my new e-mail in your notebook:

cesartort (at) tutanota (dot) com

If you don’t bookmark the above addresses, at least remember that the last words of my Wikipedia user page will link to the active incarnation of this website.

I must finish this post with our fourteen words: That the beauty of the white Aryan women shall not perish from the Earth…!

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It’s time to go

Tech experts are helping me to migrate this site elsewhere. Soon I will tell you the new address but not with everything fully functional yet, and the internal links will still point to this blog probably for the indefinite future. All the old material will be left here for archival purposes, with comments turned off.

We will be very busy in the next days. Meanwhile, don’t forget my yesterday’s post, the one below this one, on how some licit drugs induce psychic torment. I suspect that quite a few nationalists who have visited this site have suffered from those effects without realising that your drug may be your problem and that (under medical supervision) you should stop taking psychiatric meds.

For more information on this subject see Peter Breggin’s webpage.

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Heisman’s suicide note, 12

Editor’s note: This is the hatnote of the blogger Eximius, presenting eight pages of still another Heisman chapter on how ‘Normanity’, the historic English belief in the superiority of those descended from the Norman conquerors, affected the Anglo-Saxon psyche, including the US:

This is an excerpt from an online eBook by Mitchell Heisman called Suicide Note. It is taken from pages 1601-1609. The title of this subchapter heading is counter-intuitive, along with perhaps the title of his whole book, as the Suicide Note could be taken to represent the Suicide not just on an individual, but of an entire biologically determined nature (of which white European suicide and consequent genocide by opportunistic aliens is a subset). His predictions may be strange but his analysis of the evolutionary history of liberal democracy are fantastic. I implore people to have a good look through his eBook for the merit that it deserves, as it operates at a very broad spectrum that cross pollinates between otherwise irreconcilable world views.

Read it all: here.

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Metapedia’s articles

Last year I found out about an article of Metapedia on me in German (here). Now, a certain Herman started one on me in English (here).

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On Jordan Peterson

In recent posts I’ve been critical of Millennial Woes but this time he has produced a good video debunking a professor who rightly takes issue with the Newspeak in campus but still adheres, as a child, to the dogmas of the boomers.

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Articles of interest

Note of March 25, 2016: I’ve just removed the content of this entry—basically a link to another article at my Addenda—because I’ve deleted the Addenda article, “Links of interest”.

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The real question

The more interesting question than Jewish “domination” of whites is, what kind of people are they who are so willing to be “dominated,” and why are they so willing?

Jack Frost

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Addendum’s new URL

I’ve just changed the Addenda address from




I didn’t bother to purchase a redirect. However, I’ll be linking to the new address those Addenda posts I consider important.

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Recent comments

On the sidebar they just disappeared. I only see “There are no public comments available to display”.

If you see them, please let me know. This is not the first time that WordPress’ gremlins play with me. I’ll delete this entry if the links to “Recent comments” appear again with its avatars…

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