The day Covington died

by Chris White

The second blot [pagan Mass] I attended was on the following month in July [of 2018]. I had returned from Seattle only the previous week, where Harold Covington must have unexpectedly died only yards away from me. [1]

I therefore honoured Covington’s memory during the remembrance ritual and then in conversations after the ceremony, and did my best to let the other male participants aware of The Base’s existence and how they could get involved with it.

By the time I returned a couple of hours later I found no reply. The following day when I met up with Norman Spear at around 6pm at a greasy diner close to Bremerton docks I had still not received any reply and neither had Norman, despite having obtained a cell phone number purporting to be Covington’s personal line.

I have therefore deduced that Covington must have died between late morning and around 2pm on Tuesday July 17th Pacific Time.

Although I was keen to meet Harold Covington I was actually there to meet Norman Spear and to see The Homeland (just one of the many regions of the Western World which the Balk-Right has designated as a likely venue for hosting a White Ethno-State post collapse).

During the meeting we discussed Norman’s project, ‘The Base’. A location in the United States which offers legal paramilitary CQB (close quarter combat), and tactical firearms training, aimed specifically at young White Nationalist and National Socialist men.

If you the reader are interested to know more about this project then you can find The Base’s Twitter page here.


[1] The reason why I believe this to be so is because after Covington’s death was announced, Andy Donner let me know that the last email communication they had received from him was late morning on the 17th. I had been corresponding with Covington the previous evening as late as midnight and my ferry from Seattle arrived in Bremerton at approximately 1pm. I sent an email to Covington at around 1:50pm and went for a walk to survey Bremerton.

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‘Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable’.

—John F. Kennedy

This month will be one year after the event in Charlottesville, which incidentally happened on my birthday: an ambush on the white nationalists of the United States in which the government of the state of Virginia colluded with the antifa and the media. If there is one thing that emerges from that day, it is that the System has decided to make a peaceful revolution impossible. They were able to violate their own laws and decree a state of emergency in order to sabotage the right of peaceful assembly of those protesting against the government’s decision to remove a Confederate statue.

With the hindsight of a year later it should be increasingly obvious that the System itself is telling us that there is no other way but violent revolution. I have spoken with Norman Spear and Joseph Walsh about this matter via Skype. Although I disagree with Spear that the federal government of the USA would never allow, in my opinion, a Neo-Nazi state as Covington dreamed in the Northwest, his Twitter account is a treasure trove of FAQs on how to make a Revolution.

Using chess terms I would say that I disagree with Spear’s ultimate strategy. In my humble opinion, the strategy should be to checkmate Uncle Sam à la Turner Diaries. But we completely agree on tactics about what guerrilla fighters should start learning right now.

Revolutionary podcast – 1

Ex Gladio Libertas speech
protected by Brandenburg v. Ohio

— Listen to it here! —

WDH host: Joseph Walsh
Special guest: Norman Spear

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John Canavesio, The Suicide of Judas, ca. 1492: a fresco painting from the Chapel of Notre Dame des Fontaine, France. The painting shows the corpse of Judas, who, overwhelmed by the guilt for having betrayed what many pseudo-racists still call ‘Our Saviour’, had committed suicide. A devil extracts the soul from the body of Judas, presumably to take it to hell.

The reason why we must destroy Christianity and burn all the churches is that whites, now almost a corpse of what they were, are following the steps of Judas. Even some in the Alt-Right begin, barely, to glimpse it: as Ramzpaul says in his most recent video. There he speaks that a religious guilt, previously controlled by the redeeming figure of Christ, has metastasized into runaway guilt that can only be expiated through ethnic suicide.

There will not be general awakening. Because of Christianity, the devil that took our soul out of our bowels, the white race is doomed to perish. If at least three percent of whites were willing to fight, as Norman Spear says, we would not need to unite the right: only join that three percent. But not even that percentage of whites are willing to give their lives for the cause. A civil war only has chances to occur with the convergence of catastrophes, beginning with the fall of the American dollar.

Even the people of the Alt-Right do not seem to see the degree of nihilistic psychosis in which their race is found. I have not visited Toronto since 1982 but if I did and saw the masses of people of colour that Ramzpaul saw, as he tells us in his most recent video, I would feel a superlative hatred: something that no Alt-Right figure, including Ramzpaul, says publicly.

However, Ramzpaul hits the nail with his comments about guilt. I remember how it lacerated me what my father said to me: that Jesus had died for me. My brother, with such an education, went astray in liberation theology. Let’s visualize Leonardo Boff taking ‘baths of people of colour’ in Brazil, that is, giving us the virtuous signal that he is a holy man. No wonder those who leave the church are left with the worm of guilt and deranged altruism.

I refer to the stupid atheists: those who, stupidly, believe they have abandoned Christianity. They have not. The only thing they have done is going mad like Judas and try to exorcise their guilt in the only way that the secularized Christian ethic allows us: giving their lands and Aryan women to the Other…

Psychologically speaking, the triumph of Judea against Rome is complete. Whites are destined for extinction. Those who have not read Evropa Soberana’s essay will never understand what is happening. And if there are no catastrophes that I predict and the race continues in its guilt path, coloured historians will see that, except this blog, no racist of the 21st century wanted to see what was happening:

It is Xtianity, stupid!

Spear quote

‘When pacifism and electoralism become ineffective, armed struggle is most effective by default. To persevere with pacifism is treasonous or insane when a campaign of non-violence delays the realisation of liberation and, in doing so, imposes unneeded suffering on the people’.

—Norman Spear

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