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Virtually no racialist knows the trauma model of mental disorders. One of the problems I see in the white nationalist movement is that there are serious blind spots from their POV. Not only do they ignore that psychiatry (which promotes the medical model of mental disorders) is false science. Nor do they know that Keynesian economics taught in universities is another ‘science’ similar to astrology.

The only one who got to talk about these two topics, pseudo-scientific psychiatry and pseudoscientific economics, before YouTube deleted his channel was Stefan Molyneux. And it is a pity that no racialist whose mother tongue is English says what Molyneux knew about the real state of the economy and the true cause of mental disorders (child abuse).

Today’s article on Counter-Currents by Robert Hampton, ‘Are We Really Heading To A Civil War?’ exemplifies blindness as to the state of the American economy.

Like the vast majority of racialists, Hampton doesn’t seem to have the remotest notion that the truly scientific school of economy is the Austrian school, which has been predicting, since Nixon unpegged the dollar from gold, that this would lend itself to abusively print fiat currency ad infinitum to the degree of currency collapse.

Now, Hampton is right that his bourgeois compatriots are not going to rebel. As I have said on this site, the One Ring has corrupted the Aryan psyche, as Richard Wagner saw in his most ambitious work. Hampton is correct in saying that his compatriots are comfortable in what I call ‘happy mode’ and that, in that mode, revolution is unthinkable. But Hampton is unaware that the precious currency of the Americans is going to tank.

Above I mentioned Molyneux whose mother was Jewish and I was sorry that a racialist Gentile did not say the same. The same could be said of Peter Schiff, whose father was Jewish, but among those who explain Austrian economics Schiff is the one who does it best on YouTube, as we see in his most recent podcast.

Those reluctant to listen to him can watch the crash curses of the non-Jews Chris Martenson or Mike Maloney, who say more or less the same as Schiff. In this matter it’s irrelevant who is Gentile or Jew. What matters is that the dollar is short on time, and that once it collapses Americans will transition from happy mode to angry mode.

True, an angry mode among whites is still insufficient for the armed revolution, but the fall of the American empire (no more pro-Israel wars after the dollar loses its purchasing power) will mark the end of the interregnum that began in 1945, when Europe lost the power they held for centuries.

The end of the interregnum doesn’t mean automatic salvation, as Americanised Europeans are as bananas as those who live on this continent. However, the end of American hegemony will start to open a window of opportunity for our cause.

Peter’s birthday


The coronavirus does not compare to the
looming economic crisis (you’ve seen nothing
yet; it’s going to get a whole lot worse in the US).

In my previous post today I linked to a Robert Whitaker lecture in which Whitaker said that the profession called psychiatry works like a guild, in the sense that its purpose is to protect the financial interests of Big Pharma, not the mental health of its patients, and that it completely silences the medical dissidents. Now I would like to say something similar.

These days not a single sane voice is heard in the American mainstream media regarding the economic crisis that is coming upon us. The airwaves are full of nonsense. Even the billionaires are speaking nonsense. On the other hand, Peter Schiff is not even allowed to speak on Fox News, due to what he says about the financial situation that the United States is going through: a monetary crisis; a sovereign debt crisis; an American economy that will completely implode not because the coronavirus (the pin), but because of the bubble that the Federal Reserve and Congress are now inflating.

The Fed is destroying the dollar; it will be completely slaughtered. Other countries with fiat currencies won’t fare so bad as the coming American hyperinflation (their phony currencies are not the default currency in international transactions). It is Americans, including nationalists, who are unready for a pretty, pretty rude awakening.

To educate my visitors, what better than to embed Peter’s video today, which is his birthday, to know the point of view of a ‘prosecutor’ before whom everyone covers his ears on the mainstream media:

It is irrelevant that his father Irwin Schiff was the son of Jewish immigrants from Poland. The white nationalist who doesn’t want to hear Peter listen instead to what the gentiles Martenson and Maloney are saying these days, also recently linked on this site (tip: they say the same thing).

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Listen to these Jews!

In previous posts I linked videoconferences between two non-Jews, Chris Martenson and Mike Maloney. Now listen to what Peter Schiff and Stefan Molyneux say about the coronavirus and the coming currency crisis (they say about the same as Martenson and Maloney).

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Brace yourselves!

Both Jew and non-Jew agree that this year, and the next one, we may be approaching the economic crisis.

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Mike and Peter

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Doctor Doom

With the exception of the blogger Mindweapon, no one in the pro-white movement seems to be aware that we are heading straight toward an economic collapse and a foreign debt crisis of epic proportions. This will happen when the US’s creditors impose a lending ceiling to the traitorous US government.

Now that the US government-created phony crisis is over and that the debt ceiling will be raised for the Nth time, I would like to point out that I have embedded quite a few videos by Peter Schiff, called “Doctor Doom” by the media. Many are still clueless that we are living near the end of the long Diktat after 1945.

Schiff’s latest videos in his own YouTube channel can be watched (here). This is the most important subject for all those who desperately crave for the long interregnum imposed by the Americans on Europe to end.

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Economic illiterates

Greg Johnson’s latest article, “Premature populism,” reminded me my favorite comment by Ward Kendall in this blog:

The moment Billy Pierce started selling “hate core” CDs via the National Alliance’s putrid distributor Resistance is the moment he shoved a figurative gun barrel clean down his clucking, chicken-skinned, babbling throat and yanked the trigger.

Brainz wuz eberwheres, folks!

Kendall is right. And Johnson is right too that—as I interpret his latest article—, since the US is not economically suffering like Greece, Americans still cannot have the benefits of a movement like Golden Dawn.

But like most white nationalists Johnson ignores that America’s bottom will drop out sometime during this decade. See for example the first comment at Johnson’s piece: a whole essay on its own where a commenter, suffering from typical normalcy bias, imagines that business as usual will continue… until 2045!:

If, a hundred years and more after Hitler is dead, it’s still too soon for any assertion of white interests, I think that would be a logical reason for being pessimistic about our prospects.

Here at WDH I have been embedding quite a few Peter Schiff videos (see for example this one) that, with the honorable exception of the commenter John Martínez, have not convinced anyone.

Why people, why? Because Schiff is of Jewish extraction?

Oh boy! I own a copy of the documentary film End of the Road. If some of the regular commenters want to listen voices of economists light-years away from Counter-Currents’ point of view on economics, including gentile voices of course, let me know. I could lend the DVD by mail to those who are willing to listen the pretty solid arguments of those who have been predicting the crash since Alan Greenspan started to print dollars like crazy (and let’s not talk of Obama’s Jew, Ben Bernanke).

Thanks to the fact that, as Mike Maloney says, “fiat currencies always fail” and that “there’s no exception to this,” the days when white populism are no longer premature in America are closer than what the average nationalist imagines.

Why not look through the crystal ball?

Our only strategy appears to be waiting for ZOG to blow itself up based on the inherent unworkability of its founding nostrums.

—Alex Linder

Very few nationalists are taking seriously Austrian economics: that the US will be facing a depression soon—in case that Romney is elected and decides to prick the government bubble—, or even a complete currency crash in case that Obama gets reelected and his Ben Shalom Bernanke allows the bubble continue to expand until it pops by itself.

While I am no promoter of a capitalism that ignores racial interests, I see Austrian economics as a reliable predictor of what’s going to happen during the next administration: either way, Americans will face economic meltdown. The subject is of such paramount importance that I find it bothersome to find the promotion of third-way economics, such as Social Credit, at several Robert Stark radio shows and essays at Counter-Currents, which recently hosted a Stark interview of Anthony Migchels (for an exchange of Austrians with Migchels see here).

Bothersome I said: because nationalists are flatly ignoring the Austrians’ main message, that Keynesian economics is (good news for us!) driving the US economy straight toward the cliff.

Why are they ignoring the most momentum issue of our times?

Most nationalists are just reactionaries. It can be no coincidence that, unlike these reactionaries that like to discuss Social Credit in ivory towers, revolutionaries like Michael O’Meara do mention the literature of collapse. O’Meara for one believes that only a catastrophic collapse of imperial America holds out a possibility that a racially-conscious vanguard of white Americans reclaim their territory.

I don’t see Austrian economics as a way to promote libertarianism (“sound money for brown people”) because, by definition, there will be no browns in the White Republic. I see it as a very hilarious way to expose the Keynesianism that is fulfilling the deconstruction of imperial America for white nationalists to takeover. Austrian economics is a reliable crystal ball to see the future. Even if nationalists fail to take full advantage of it, we all must welcome the big window of opportunity that is about to be opened—exactly what happened in Weimar Germany.

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Keynesian trap


See conference: here.

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Peter Schiff’s latest book

Below, excerpts of some of Amazon’s reviews of the recently released The Real Crash: America’s Coming Bankruptcy.

I have spent the past four years unlearning all the nonsense we are taught in public schools. The [book’s] message is clear, to the point and given in a manner that anyone should be able to understand. Peter is a great American as well as his dad, Irwin Schiff who has his own library of books that are must-reads.

This book is a super reference and commentary of our current economic reality and likely pending disaster. After reading the hardcover copy, I’ve found this book to be an ideal compendium of today’s economic realities that encouraged me to also purchase the audio edition to share with my teenage kids in the car in hopes that they will get their minds wrapped around the inevitable realities we will all be forced to address in our own lives.

Last but not least, Mr. Oliver Wyman, the gentleman that reads The Real Crash in the audio edition has a wonderful tone with his voice and is a joy to listen to. He demonstrates a perfect balance of enthusiasm for his reading and the subject without being overly dramatic. Perfect clarity in his voice and a listening pleasure.

Peter Schiff predicted the housing bubble and explained how it was created in foresight better than anyone has explained in Hindsight! I had only heard of him this year in February and had no knowledge in economics. I tuned into everyday since and have learned so much in economics (plus watching all Peter Schiff videos on YouTube). I bought his book, How an Economy Grows and Why it Crashes and learned fundamental economic principles that got me ready to understand this book. The Real Crash is a great book. In it, Peter explains where we were, where we are, and where we are headed and what we can do to save ourselves from this crash. Schiff makes it easy for people who don’t know that much about economics to understand what is going on. I highly recommend this book, and recommend you get your friends and family to buy a copy. Save yourselves. Thanks Peter.

I was first introduced to Peter Schiff in a documentary called Tegenlicht (Backlight) on Dutch television in 2008. In this TV documentary Schiff already foresaw the crash of 2008. From that moment on I started to follow him. From the first moment on this guy made absolute sense. Common sense. From listening to his radio show every day I kinda knew what to expect from his new book. The book was no disappointment. It was again a revelation. Schiff has excellent historical understanding on things and he knows how to connect all the dots. The predictions in this book will come true. I like to compare Schiff with the Greek mythological prophet Cassandra. She was able to see future events but nobody believed her even when the events happened. This is now known as the Cassandra Syndrome. Let’s hope it’s different this time with this book.

Mr. Schiff might have titled this book “The Real Economy”. Using logic, history, and actual cases he takes us through recent bubbles and busts. Mr. Schiff’s track record is pretty good, he accurately predicted the real estate bust two years before 2008.

Central to this book is the idea that it’s impossible to separate the economy and politics. Political agenda creates the economic playing field, and the media adds to our misunderstanding.

If only the boneheads in Washington and the Fed would pay a little attention to what Schiff is saying we might be able to avert economic disaster, but I’m not holding my breath; they didn’t listen before the crash in 2008 and they are not going to listen now. At least individuals can read this book and do what they can to protect themselves from the impending economic disaster created by our overlords in DC.

I get depressed when I read books like this. The Real Crash will likely suffer the same unfortunate fate as the other great books written by Austrian economists and libertarian philosophers. That is, despite offering an insightful and precise look at what is wrong with our current economic system, it will largely be ignored by the uninformed and ignorant masses. The “educated” Keynesians will pass it off as nonsense while simultaneously promoting the systems that are now falling in domino-like fashion around us.

It’s easy to accept statism. One only needs to turn on the TV and vote for Obamney to maintain the status quo. It’s not easy to accept the ideas found within this book. The rationality that governs Schiff’s writing isn’t within the realm of capability for most. It takes genuine thought and deliberation.

Peter Schiff has done it again. I truly believe that there’s nobody better at explaining macroeconomics and sound-money policy to the masses than Schiff. Unfortunately, the folks who really need to be reading this book (today’s political class) either aren’t interested or don’t have the aptitude to fully grasp the suggestions that Schiff outlines in The Real Crash. It’s a shame. Make no mistake: the “Real Crash” that Schiff is predicting will come—unfortunately, when it does many Americans will see their savings and standard of living squandered before it’s all over.

If you read this book and still can’t believe that his predications can be true, I encourage you to think back to how excited you were in 1999 when your portfolio was going through the roof. Then, think back to 2005 when your home value was skyrocketing. How are both of those investments doing for you these days? (Schiff accurately predicted both of those collapses as well). Don’t make the same mistake a third time. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me; fool me three times and my retirement savings and standard of living will evaporate.

You’ll never read accurate information like you’ll find in this book within today’s mainstream media. You have to decide—do you want patently false “good news” or accurate and timely bad news (Schiff) that will protect you and the ones you love? When it comes to protecting my family, my choice is clearly the latter. As Schiff often says, “Medicine tastes bad, but you have to take it in order to get better”.

I consider Schiff one of the greatest threats to those who would destroy our nation, an unusually well-informed and even keeled speaker, and strong writer. (I discount my misconceptions of what this book was supposed to be about but limit my review to 4 stars due to the typos.)

Our Government has been doing since 1971. The debt and GDP have risen in tandem since that time period. Overwhelming in size and not payable and aided by a zero interest rate, this is the perfect storm, black swan, or whatever you want to call it for the decline of the dollar. Only distractions in Europe and other places temporarily worse off is buying time. Time we are wasting by not listening to Mr. Schiff.

Ayn Rand once said, “The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everyone has decided not to see.” In this book, Mr. Schiff has done a great job of just that, showing what should be obvious to the mainstream economists and politicians, even though they refuse to acknowledge reality: That the problems facing this country won’t be solved with just a superficial change in leadership or slightly altering our current economic path, but are deep, fundamental problems that will result eventually in the “real crash”. Of course, this will make it likely that this book will be ignored by most, until it eventually can’t be ignored any longer.

We’ll get Zimbabwe-style hyperinflation because it’s the path of least resistance for the criminal elite, and because their actions with bailouts, quantitative easing, and money creation show it’s the path they have clearly chosen. Please buy precious metals only after you’ve heavily stocked-up on necessities like long term storage foods, ammo and other items you won’t be able to buy post-crunch.

This book does an excellent job of summarizing the government policies and programs that are leading the U. S. to economic Armageddon.

A big part of what has allowed the American government to borrow as much as it has (and to keep on borrowing now) is the fact that the American dollar is the world’s reserve currency, which means it is always in demand, and hence people and organizations have been willing to act as creditors in order to get it. For Schiff, though, the sheer size of the debt, and the fact that it is running away faster and faster everyday (and has no realistic chance of ever being repaid) will sooner or later turn investors away from considering the American dollar a valuable reserve—at which point it will lose its status as the world’s reserve, and investors will stop investing in it.

At this point, the American government will have but two options. It can either declare bankruptcy, or it can print the money it needs to pay its debt. In either case, an enormous crash will result, for in the first case, an astronomical sum of money that the economy had assumed existed will suddenly be wiped away, and in the latter case hyperinflation will set in, and the American dollar will be whittled down to worthless.

At this point, the country will be forced to start over.

Personally I believe Mr. Schiff predictions will come true and he’s one of the reasons I’ll be dropping out of college to prepare for this life-changing event of the dollar crisis.

I’ve studied economics in college for 6 years, yet by far I’ve learned more about economics from just reading Peter Schiff’s books. He has cleared up more liberal thinking fallacies than any economist since Hazlitt, Rothbard, Hayek or Bastiat.

I came across this book just as I finished reading Paul Krugman’s latest offering, End This Depression Now. It is clear that Krugman doesn’t understand what money is and wouldn’t dream of considering that the Federal Reserve is the problem. Luckily for us Schiff does, providing us with simple common sense solutions based on sound economics. The solutions are indeed nasty but the alternative is frightening to imagine.

Protect yourself accordingly.

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