“The dollar collapse will unfold very rapidly”

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A didactic tea lecture

• The US government bubble is bigger than the housing bubble. It is bigger than the stock market bubble and it’s going to burst

• Americans are at the epicenter of massive global imbalances

• The only reason this phony economy works is because Americans can (momentarily) borrow money to sustain it

• All of the US policy is designed to postpone the day of reckoning beyond the next election

• How America embarked in fiat currency

• Why the whole world economy is phony because of using dollars

…and much, much more.

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Weimar US

A few entries ago I embedded a video by Peter Schiff but today, which is my birthday, I indulged myself in watching lots of YouTube videos on the coming financial Armageddon:

The US dollar will be like wall paper

The day the dollar died

Schiff explains magnificently the dollar collapse

Even for those prepared this is the scenario after the collapse

Of the white nationalist intellectuals of today, none has influenced me more than the editing tastes of Greg Johnson, who recently said in a Tom Sunic radio interview that the metapolitical work should have started fifty years ago.

Alas, if Schiff and several other economists are right, it looks like the US will enter the convergence of catastrophes predicted by Guillaume Faye —financial, ethnic, nationalist and a civil wars— sooner than expected, which means that there will be no time for metapolitical structures as planned by Johnson and others.

I have no friends in the Third World country where I am living for the moment. And at my relatively advanced age of 53 I even allowed myself the luxury of rejecting a recent marriage proposal because the lady… is not sufficiently white. Furthermore, since those whom I am biologically related to have betrayed me and my ideals I’ll soon say good-bye to them forever.

But this is a day to celebrate my birthday in the gloomy solitude of my bedroom.


P.S. A little piece of advice:

Become self sufficient

Get a gun

Grow food

Get survival gear

Get out the cities

Get gold and silver now

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Window of opportunity…

Just like the runaway hyperinflation in Weimar Germany, if the dollar crashes the white nationalists in the US will have their chance—sooner than I expected.

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