Tomislav Sunić

“The role that the idea of liberty, equality and fraternity plays in your culture is well known. At depth, they are Christian ideas.”

—John Paul II

After watching the videos embedded below, “The Monotheist Mindset and its Secular Modalities,” with both David Duke and Kevin MacDonald attending the conference, I reached the conclusion that, presently, Tom Sunic (in Croatian, Tomislav Sunić) is our intellectual #1.

At that conference in Denmark celebrated in May 2011, Sunić said:

“Basically, my main thesis is that before we tackle our problems of immigration—in fact before we even tackle the problem of Jews and Judaism—, we have to tackle the major issue, which is egalitarianism.” [emphasis in Sunić’s voice]

It was Western egalitarianism what caused the catastrophic emancipation of Jewry in the first place. Sunić also mentioned St Paul’s epistles and the European revolutions of the modern age that created the Euro-Semitic Zeitgeist that is killing us.

Sunić is saying, basically, that Western egalitarianism is even worse than what we might call “a virus for the white mind.” Worse because, although Sunić doesn’t use my computer analogy, the “Operating System” of whites—which is a more fundamental problem than a mere virus infection—has been the altogether intolerant Judeo-Christian monotheism since the fourth century. And it is precisely this theological / axiological mindset that, in its secular form, is at the very core of the current mess. (This includes the American military interventions defending Jewry and Israel in this and the last centuries.)

Over the boards I have said more than once that the prize for saving the white race from extinction is apostasy. But by “apostasy” I don’t only have in mind the Nicene-Constantinopolitan creed that I used to listen during the Mass every Sunday. I refer especially to the axiological side of Judeo-Christianity (incidentally, the first days of this month my axiological entry on Nietzsche’s quote received most of the hits).

After watching the above videos I realized that I must purchase Sunić’s books as soon as I can afford them. They will surely enrich my view, already stated at WDH, that “the Christian problem encompasses the Jewish problem”: a hypothesis that some American white nationalists are still extremely reluctant to consider.

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