Linder quote

‘If you believe in Heaven and Hell, you are too fucking stupid to live. Your kind SHOULD go extinct’.

—Alex Linder

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Pierce quote

“The race’s last chance to overcome its problems in this relatively painless manner died in January 1943, at Stalingrad.”

William Pierce

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Linder quote

“Whites have a right to exist” sniveled the fag, counterfactually.

—Alex Linder

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Linder quote

‘Violence is the way to regain liberty where the government and media have made legal change impossible’.

—Alex Linder

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Linder quote

What makes a difference is one side uses lies and violence, the other side “keeps it legal.”

—Alex Linder

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Linder quote

‘If you believe people come back from the dead, you’re a lunatic. It may be a popular opinion, it may get you cheered and not fired, it may be socially acceptable but it’s still lunacy, whether you like it or not’.

—Alex Linder

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William quote

What they call ‘racist’ is simply what every sane European knew to be true prior to 1945.

—William XIII

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Führer quote

‘In the long run, National Socialism and religion will no longer be able to exist together’.

Hitler’s Table Talk, page 6

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Quotable quote

‘I call for the extermination of Christ cucks like you’.

Jack Halliday

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Führer quote

‘It’s Christianity that’s the liar’.

Hitler’s Table Talk, page 61

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