The Races of Men

races“Race is everything; civilization depends upon it.”

—Robert Knox, The Races of Men (1850)

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“The doctrine of equality! There is
no more poisonous poison anywhere…”



“Whites are waking up but they are cowards:
they are not organizing to do anything
in a concerted effort.”

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A little payback

“What if whites were to start destroying black monuments? What if whites were to start destroying holocost propaganda in classrooms and libraries?”

Alex Linder

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“Separating from Jews made England and Spain.”

—Celtic Patriot

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Will to power

“A people or a civilization that abandons its will to power inevitably perishes.”

Guillaume Faye

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Darkest hour

“Western civilization is like the ourobouros, the snake that swallows its own tail. It is eating itself.”

Jack Frost

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Stupid generation

How could the post World War II generations have been so stupid and naïve as to allow Jewish nationalism to run amok in America? There can be no more irresponsible and criminally negligent country-destroying mistake than that.

Chris Moore

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Quotable question

Since Christianity is premised upon the belief that a certain Jew is God, why should it be at all surprising that America, with its deeply Christian heritage, adores the Jews?

Jack Frost

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Quotable quote

The Christian idea that “God is love,” taken together with Christianity’s fundamental premise of universal brotherhood, means that anyone who opposes this, who wants to stand outside of this undifferentiated mass of humanity as a separate race, must be a hater.

Jack Frost

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