War without end

by Sanguinius

‘Eternal struggle, within and without, until the end of the journey. It is not the fall toward the abyss nor the rise toward the heavens that spawns the great. It is the endless war, that bridge between the two that creates the greatness of Aryan. We are tested, and we should not break from the path to the Sun’.

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Be an ascetic warrior

by Sanguinius

‘The greatest one is he who applies the arts of war and divine knowledge in his life’.

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The monkey

Much of my autobiographical work was studying a psychosis that broke out in my family that destroyed several lives, a work that took me decades to write. Today I remembered a few words from Brad Griffin when considering the final state of psychosis in which westerners find themselves: ‘Having brought down kings and queens and aristocrats in the name of “equality”, it was logical [for white liberals] to declare war on Nature itself’.

But already in the 19th century Alexis de Tocqueville had seen the first signs of the psychic cancer with the words: ‘They [the Americans] have an ardent passion for equality; insatiable, eternal, invincible… They can put up with poverty, subjugation, barbarism, but they cannot stand aristocracy’ (De la Démocratie en Amérique II.I. §1), and in a lapidary phrase he nails it: ‘The desire for equality becomes more and more insatiable as equality increases’.

What would de Tocqueville have said about the cultural revolution that we suffer today, even in the previous Catholic Latin America, about equalising, with all the power of the State, trans people with normal people?

But like Griffin, de Tocqueville didn’t do deep archaeology. It was Christianity that originally psychotized Europeans with the first cancer cells, which only until now reached their final metastasis. I’m referring to the universalism of the Eastern Imperial Church, which admitted all ethnic castes in Constantinople. In Rome itself, Catholicism also implied blatant universalism, insofar as ‘all are equal in the eyes of God’.

I mention this because many racialists assume that things only began to deteriorate in the 1960s. More cultured conservatives believe that aristocratic values only collapsed after the French Revolution. But the cancer had started much earlier although, due to the nobility of the Aryan man, the metastasis had been stopped and equilibrium was reached in Europe (an equilibrium that the foundation of the US and the French Revolution broke).

All this reminds me of one of those silly movies that Hollywood produces. Outbreak, titled Epidemia in Latin America and Estallido in Spain, is a film based on the novel The Hot Zone. Starring Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo, Morgan Freeman and Donald Sutherland, the plot revolves around a small monkey carrying a virus that unleashed a global pandemic: a monkey that had been illegally captured and transported by boat from Zaire to the US. The plot of the film revolves around finding the infected monkey so that scientists may save the world.

We could see it as a metaphor. Let us find Subject Zero! Where did the first virus come that, in a state of a pandemic, is nowadays killing whites? (for newcomers, the masthead of this site may guide you). As William Pierce wrote in 1989: ‘If our race survives the next century it will only be because we have gotten the monkey of Christianity off our backs…’

Value your possessions

by Sanguinius

‘Value your greatest possessions of this world: your Folk, Gods and Family. Value means to love, worship and honour those possessions’.

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Duty never ends

by Sanguinius

‘Do for the sake of duty, treating alike happiness and distress, loss and gain, victory and defeat. Fulfilling your responsibility in this way, you will never incur dishonour’.

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Loyalty is the key

by Sanguinius

‘The foundation stones of any group are loyalty and trust. Therefore, stay loyal to your Tribe, Nation and Race. Betrayal is the greatest sin a man can do to his kin’.

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Quotable quote

‘Christianity is anti-Aryan in nature in its beginning and inception. It was born out of the destructive envy of the strength, vitality, beauty and nobility of classical Rome and Greece’.

A concerned reader

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Alekhine quote

‘I do not play chess—I fight at chess. Therefore, I willingly combine the tactical with the strategic, the fantastic with the scientific, the combinative with the positional, and I aim to respond to the demands of each given position’.

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Alekhine quote

‘You can become a big master in chess only if you see your mistakes and short-comings. Exactly the same as in life itself’.

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SS booklet, 7

‘The SS-man has a healthy sense for natural female beauty’.


______ 卐 ______


Editor’s note: This is something that the more primitive American white nationalists lack. Where are the nymphs on the sidebars of their websites?

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