Nailing WN

“American white nationalism is a giant step backwards from German National Socialism.”

César Tort

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Merry Christmas

“Liberalism is Christianity in decay.”


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Death & birth

“It’s a taboo for white nationalists to talk about it, but we don’t stand a chance unless our men become killing machines, and our women birthing machines.”

—Young White

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White nationalism

“WN is simply a stepping stone
along the way, not a destination.”


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No awakening

“As long as Christianity dominates the greater percentage of the collective, there can be no true awakening.”


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Quotable quote

“Anti-nordicist is a codeword for anti-white.”

César Tort

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Scorched earth


“Only a radical scorched-earth policy
is going to get the job done.”


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“When a nation’s state becomes a democracy, it is delivering itself up to be controlled and ultimately destroyed by the market.”

Matt Parrott

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“A new European Renaissance requires the death of everything American, including America itself.”


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Quotable quote

“Character is a diamond that scratches every other stone.”


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