The astronomic tragedy of Rockwell’s murder

This month National Vanguard published ‘102 Years of National Socialism’. Although I have barely skimmed it, the essay contains a substantial section about George Lincoln Rockwell (1918-1967).

In her 1958 The Lightning and the Sun, Savitri Devi makes a threefold distinction between men ‘above Time’, ‘in Time’ and ‘against Time’. Men above Time are visionaries and prophets who orient themselves by truths that transcend the present world. They are, therefore, impractical when it comes to changing the present world (e.g., my religion of the four words). Men in Time are entirely creatures of the present world. Therefore, they are more capable of attaining worldly success (the normies). Men against Time orient themselves by truths that transcend the present, yet they are capable of operating within the world to advance the cause of truth. (Rockwell was clearly a man against his time.)

As editor of National Socialist World, William Pierce created an abridgement of Savitri Devi’s The Lightning and the Sun for the first issue, an issue that Rockwell liked so much. Rockwell was, if he can be called that, the last priest of National Socialism who, by the depth of his convictions, equalled, on American soil and as a Yang activist, what Savitri did on the other side of the Atlantic as a yin writer.

It is a great tragedy that Rockwell was assassinated when he was at the top of his career. Everything else that has been produced in his country has been a gradual move away from Hitlerism to the ideology we now know as white nationalism.

Why am I reading the priestess’ Memories and Reflections of an Aryan Woman published in 1976 and not the essay on National Socialism published this month? Because you don’t breathe as deep a fanatic conviction of NS in NV as you did in Rockwell’s career, or the texts of Savitri Devi.

So I will continue my reading of Savitri’s Memories and will be adding some quotable passages on this site. When I finish it I will publish it with the elegant typeface of my Daybreak Press, so that the printed book will look more professional than the PDF currently available on the internet. On the first page from the pen of Hitler’s priestess we can read:

Dedicated to initiates,
dead or alive
of the Order of Schutzstaffel,
in particular those of the
Ahnenerbe section of the said Order,
and their followers and followers of today
and centuries to come.

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SS vs. racialists

I just removed this image from my Monday post because I changed my mind and now I want to use the below image of José Raúl Capablanca on the cover of the Spanish version (an image of Alexander Alekhine will appear on the cover of the English translation).

Note the size of the pieces with which the masters played in Capablanca’s time and compare it with the reduced size with which chess is played in official tournaments today. And the same can be said about the clothing from a century ago compared to the shitty T-shirts of today: courtesy of American culture. The collapse of the Aryan man can be seen from the way we dress to the music we listen to, which prompts me to say something more about another of the booklets published by Third Reich Books: Translations of the Originals.

This booklet is titled The SS Calls You! and is addressed to very young Germans. When I got to page 7, I couldn’t help but think that I shouldn’t visit again the sites of white nationalism, as they are crap compared to this fighting spirit. It is precisely because the US is founded on that materialistic phrase that contains the misleading word ‘happiness’ that makes America the antithesis of the Aryan hero.

Page 64 and others mention music as career number 87: ‘SS officer and SS music officer’. It refers to classical music of course. How many American racialists repudiate the degenerate music of their country to the point of never hearing it? And page 66 says ‘Sooner or later your son will become a soldier’. We can imagine saying that to racialist libertarians!

Many of those who visit this site do not take seriously what I said here. For example, the final pages of the booklet are about the Insignia Colours of the Waffen-SS. Those in the concentration camps got light brown. Could an American racialist, say one of those libertarians who comment on AmRen, conceive one of his children with light-brown insignia during a project of ethnic cleansing on American soil?

By the way, of the original 206 participants of the 2021 Chess World Cup, in the semi-finals, which will start tomorrow, all non-whites have been disqualified. Only four whites remain: the champion Magnus Carlsen, the Russian Sergey Karjakin, the Polish Jan-Krzysztof Duda and another Russian, Vladimir Fedoseev. Yesterday, Karjakin eliminated the American Sam Shankland, who is not properly white. As long as Americans continue to mix their blood with non-whites thanks to their declaration of independence from Europe and all that stuff about ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’, they will never have another Morphy or a Fischer.

I will dedicate this weekend to polishing the typeface of The Human Side of Chess for publication.

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SS booklet, 7

‘The SS-man has a healthy sense for natural female beauty’.


______ 卐 ______


Editor’s note: This is something that the more primitive American white nationalists lack. Where are the nymphs on the sidebars of their websites?

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April 20 gift

The best gift I received yesterday, on the Führer’s anniversary day, were the fifteen booklets I had requested from Third Reich Books: most of them authored by SS men. Although the publishers have been deplatformed by banks that issue credit cards, it’s still possible to acquire them.

In my previous post I reported the poison that the most successful series on television put us. What Himmler wrote inside the front cover of the original German booklet is the perfect antidote:

Men of the SS and Police!

Two weapons are available to each folk in the struggle for existence. Its fighting strength and its natural fertility. Never forget that the fighting strength alone cannot secure the folk’s survival into the distant future. The inexhaustible fountain of its fertility is also necessary.

Read this book, which I have given to you, and act accordingly. The victory of German arms must be followed by the victory of the German child.

H. Himmler.

The translation was published under the title SS Man, Be Fruitful. But the original title Sieg der Waffen—Sieg des Kindes (Victory of the Arms—Victory of the Children) better reflects the content. Nothing can be more antithetical to the ethno-suicidal feminism of television than the simple message of this brief pamphlet, packed with photographs.

A year ago I complained that the sites of white nationalism didn’t pay tribute to the birthday of the Führer. This year I didn’t want to inquire if the same thing happened yesterday. It is time to dismiss what is written in the US to find out what was written in these booklets available in several languages: here.

Sons of the Harpy

‘Sons of the Harpy’ is the fourth episode of the fifth season of HBO’s fantasy television series Game of Thrones, and the 44th overall. For personal and selfish purposes that have nothing to do with religion, Cersei empowers an army of religious fanatics. After two centuries of inactivity she revives the Faith Militant: the military section of the Faith of the Seven (see pic: here), now led by the High Sparrow.

Today these militants would be like a kind of Antifa and BLM combined. Just as Jesus drove merchants out of the temple, after Cersei’s empowerment the Faith Militant drives out merchants from King’s Landing who sold liquor and other profane things, and break into Littlefinger’s brothel where they castrate a sinner. They differ from the Antifa in that they are very puritanical, but the fanaticism is of the same intensity as what we see today.

In another story that runs parallel, this one in the cold north, the writers don’t refrain from degrading the male before the female. After Melisandre tries to seduce Jon Snow in Castle Black, she tells him exactly the words that the now-deceased Ygritte used to tell him: that he knows nothing about life.

But it is in the desertic Dorne where see one of the most offensive feminist scenes in the entire series. Ellaria Sand reunites with her daughters and together conspire to do something that sparks a war between Dorne and the most powerful kingdom in Westeros. The episode shows them as extremely masculinised female warriors, true Amazons although located in an environment similar to the Islamic! Except for the Faith Militant parallel story overseas, the plot is so incredibly stupid that sometimes I think the only thing worth watching are certain shots, like the one below where we see Dany from the top of her pyramid at Meereen.

After this senseless task that I set myself, watching a daily episode of Game of Thrones to comment on it the next day, it will be very refreshing to read some SS pamphlets that I’ve just requested.

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Wewelsburg Castle

Obergruppenführersaal (SS
Generals’ Hall) with the
Black Sun on the hall floor

A decade ago, in one of the threads of Counter-Currents Greg Johnson said:

To win this battle, it might be necessary for some of us to become monsters who cannot return to normal society to enjoy the fruits of victory. We need leaders who are willing to sacrifice their immortal souls to this cause. I don’t believe there is an immortal soul, but psychologically speaking what passes for it are immortal scruples or absolute principles other than victory. All these need to be slain and sacrificed on the altar of victory.

This could have been Himmler’s advice at the Obergruppen-führersaal of the Wewelsburg Castle right before launching their Master Plan East! But compare this splendid quote with Greg’s more recent pronouncements: ‘…and Pierce’s absurd Nordicism and repugnant exterminationism’ (exterminationism that we can read in Pierce’s Who We Are).

Greg Johnson is one of the most prominent figures in white nationalism, an internet movement that I consider schizophrenic because of things like the ones cited above—very typical of most white nationalists, so reluctant to abandon so-called immortal scruples or absolute principles.

Considering such schizophrenia I finally decided to rent a PO box, the first thing I’ll do tomorrow morning. Now the question is: Who should email me and who should send paper letters to consider both comments as candidates for discussion threads? The answer is simple: the priests of the fourteen words will write to me by email and non-priests by ordinary mail. But how to know who’s a priest of the fourteen words?

If we recall once more the Master Plan East from the final pages of On Exterminationism (PDF on the sidebar), unlike Greg and company such a plan seems perfectly moral to the priest. Unlike white nationalists the priest isn’t a schizophrenic insofar as he has left Christian standards of morality behind; and let us remember that the so-called human rights are neochristian mandates, ultimately inspired by the gospels despite the anti-clerical Jacobinism of the French revolutionaries (a cultural phenomenon we call ‘neochristianity’).

To the priest of the fourteen words the ethnocidal conquest of other lands seems so moral that, if you are an American for example, after due ethnic cleansing in your country you’ll long for a ‘Master Plan South’ to turn the continent into New Scandinavia. If you don’t want that with all your heart, write your comments to the PO box please. If you would like to carry out such a plan not only in the South but throughout the world—Pierce’s fictional dream in his Diaries—write to me by email.

If the person who writes me is a true priest (‘with all your heart…’), the entry of his comments on this site will be practically guaranteed. In case you are not a priest, your lack of passion to give your life during the wars for a New Scandinavia will show up in your prose, in case you want to deceive me by sending me your text by email instead of sending it to my PO box.

Let not those who try to deceive me be surprised that I won’t answer their letters. And a warning to the Antifas who would like to send me a little gift by ordinary mail: I’ve already hired an employee of colour who doesn’t know English to pick up the mail at the post office and even open the envelopes…

Childhood’s end

The recent exchanges with a couple of anti-natalists only show how futile it is to spend time with those with whom all we can do is agree to disagree. Of course, in addition to anti-natalism there are hundreds of ideological positions incompatible with ours. The same could be said of so many others who, over ten years, have commented here: from pessimists who believe that all is lost for the fair race to those who make the slightest concession to Christian ethics, even if it is done in the name of secularism.

(Cover of first edition hardcover.) ‘It had to happen to someone. There is nothing exceptional about you, any more than there is about the first neutron that starts the chain reaction in an atomic bomb. It simply happens to be the first. Any other neutron would have served—just as Jeffrey might have been anybody in the world. We call it Total Breakthrough. There is no need for any secrecy now, and I am very glad. We have been waiting for this to happen, ever since we came to Earth’, told overlord Rashaverak to an earthling in the final chapter of Childhood’s End. In this old science-fiction book Rashaverak was referring to a boy who spontaneously developed extra-sensory perception. When I lived in San Rafael, California in my twenties, I believed that a specific human being could ‘force the eschaton in history’ by infecting other humans with psi, as in Clarke’s novel, which would trigger the Total Breakthrough.

But psi probably doesn’t exist, so I had to find other means for my neutron to hit another mind with such force that in turn it hit other minds to force an apocalypse that fulfils the 4/14 words. Without psi the only way to do it is through a total psychogenic emergency that leads to infinite hatred for Neanderthals and other species to be exterminated, as they are causing intolerable amounts of unnecessary suffering on the planet.

Perhaps there will be a couple of commenters who won’t need to send me their comments by post, but whoever wants to join that short list must, in their hearts, think and feel like the SS Germans. Only in this way will it be possible to hit other neutrons for the long-awaited chain reaction that can only end in the conquest of the planet for an ennobled Aryan race.

To the new visitor of this site who doesn’t know what I’m talking about: Educate yourself with the books and texts linked on the sidebar. At my advanced age I can no longer afford to argue with beardless young men who haven’t reached the level of Himmler’s willing executioners.

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Who’s a priest?

Yesterday I said: ‘If a comment comes from a priest of the fourteen words, I’ll scan it and use a text converter for the discussion threads’. But what exactly is that priest?

Using Lane’s words, in this century we could say that the members of the SS were the true priests of the ‘fourteen words’. But since the evil gringos and the evil commies destroyed the Reich, and since unlike Weimar Germany it is practically illegal throughout the West for white advocates to associate publicly (just look at what happened in Charlottesville), I must define more precisely what this priest is than simply comparing him to the Germans of the last century.

A couple of articles I wrote for this site give us the idea: the first from 2015 and the second from 2019.

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commenting on this site the new visitor must read: this.

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New comments policy

I love this canvas located three meters from the place where I wrote this entry, an original by Antonio Zucchi (1726-1795) because it is a relic of my childhood, before the family tragedy that I tell in my books in Spanish.

For a brief time the subtitle of this blog read America delenda est. I took it away when I learned about anecdotes about Europeans who want to beat America with their own ethnosuicidal game. One such anecdote concerns the vile way in which the Norwegians treated their Lebensborn children after 1945: little children who before the greatest betrayal in history had been destined to rule the Lebensraum.

The hatred I promote for the Allies must extend to every contemporary Aryan who has embraced ethnosuicide as his new religion after the Second World War. If whites were good people not deserving of my hatred, they would wake up dreaming every morning that La Palma Island, near another Canary Island where I lived, had collapsed in 1945 causing a kilometre high tsunami that would have bounced back to the American mainland the entire American fleet that was going to invade the Normandy coast; and they would also dream that the Tunguska event that hit the sparsely populated Eastern Siberian Taiga had occurred in Moscow under Stalin.

But American racists don’t dream of that. In my other Daybreak Press books, The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour and Daybreak, we have insisted that the white man’s moral compass has undergone a complete shift from the north of the Hyperboreans to the south of the Orcs—a complete reversal of values to the state of florid psychosis we are in now: an inversion that began with Constantine and culminates in the 21st century.

If whites were sane and good people, in this age that craves their extermination they would also dream of demolishing all the churches and would imagine committing genocides as humanity has never seen, as we read in The Turner Diaries.

The priests of the fourteen words see white nationalism as a club for women who, as little women, are unable to see that a nation is only made with blood and iron. It’s a shame that even the online encyclopaedia that claims to protect the white race is a platform for the old values. For example, if one takes a look at the article on Lebensraum in Metapedia, not only does it fails to show enthusiasm for the Master Plan East of the Third Reich: it questions its existence!

To illustrate my point a little further, let’s take the most radical case of a white nationalist in the US. As we saw in this book* Linder didn’t feel what I felt reading The Turner Diaries because he, like the rest of whites, is subject to a tail of neochristian programming. On the other hand, Hitler and the leadership of the SS saw the world with a moral compass already transvalued to prechristian values: Nietzsche’s dream come true. But once the Third Reich was assassinated during the Hellstorm Holocaust by Western Anglo-Saxon Christians and Eastern Slavic neochristians, there are no longer transvalued persons except for a few visitors to The West’s Darkest Hour.

What I want to get to is something much deeper than simply telling Linder that we agree to disagree about the Master Plan East. Recall that Andrew Hamilton, one of Pierce’s most serious readers, when he read the Diaries he thought that Pierce was shooting himself in the foot. Only later did he learn, to his surprise, that others had liked the novel.

What I want to get to is that even the toughest white nationalists have been programmed with the old axiology, which prevents them from seeing what was more than obvious for the National Socialist leadership: Only with an exterminationist ideology was it possible to carry out the Lebensraum project.

It is this ‘operating system’ implanted in our psyches since our infinitely idiotic ancestors accepted the kikes’ Bible as their founding story—anti-gentile exterminationism for us (Book of Joshua) but Jesus’ universalistic love for thee—that keeps Linder, Hamilton and all the racialist-right folk axiologically stuck.

Only if white nationalism dies—truly dies—and flourishes again the spirit of the Germans who wanted to conquer the world for the children of the Lebensborn, would the world be saved.

December 9, 2020


(*) Most of the present entry will appear in the last pages of my next compilation, On Exterminationism. In this final article I refer to this quote from Linder, which appears on page 16 of the manuscript that I am compiling. After such quote I commented:

I posted Alex Linder’s words on my site on August 8, 2012. Linder is considered the toughest racist among those who try to educate other whites through the written and spoken word. At that time I didn’t criticise Linder but it is clear that we live in parallel worlds.

Not only did I love Pierce’s novel when I heard it as an audio-book a decade ago, but I saw myself so completely portrayed in it that, although Pierce had died in 2002, I felt I finally had found a twin soul, at least when it came to exterminationism.

Linder wants to exterminate the Jews, but as a typical white nationalist he fails to see that not only they should be exterminated. Either Linder has not read Who We Are, or a residue of Christian standards of morality in the anti-Christian Linder prevents him from seeing that only expulsion or extermination can prevent Norsemen from making, again, the mistake of crossbreeding.

I hope On Exterminationism will be ready before 2021.

And by the way, after Jamie’s last two comments on this site (see, for example: here), I’ll only let comments from those who think like members of the SS. If you are not exactly like them don’t be surprised if you are already banned from this site.

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