SS booklet, 8

‘We owe our existence, our physical appearance, our spiritual and our character to the eternally returning life from the generations of our ancestors before us’.

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SS booklet, 7

‘The SS-man has a healthy sense for natural female beauty’.


______ 卐 ______


Editor’s note: This is something that the more primitive American white nationalists lack. Where are the nymphs on the sidebars of their websites?

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SS booklet, 6

Are not this peasant and that farm girl [pics in German booklet] in their simple, straightforward and austere manner, best suited for the SS-man as wife and as mother of many children?


______ 卐 ______


Editor’s postscript:

When I closed the comments section for a while from the first day of January I linked to a page of mine where I said that those who identified a hundred per cent with the SS agenda could continue commenting and left an email for them to offer their comments via that mail.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but apparently no one who visits WDH fully identifies with what the SS said even in popular, illustrated booklets like this one.

For this reason, after this post I’ll change the subtitle of this site from ‘A site for priests of the 14 words’ to ‘The site of the priest of the 14 words’.

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SS booklet, 5

‘In all provinces of the Reich and in all German countries—as shown by these pictures of Dutchmen, Norwegians, Danes and Swedes—we find a Nordic-based, Germanic-German [germanisch-deutsche] type’.

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SS booklet, 4

‘The knowledge that Nordic blood, which predominates in the folk, stamps the folk race, determines the folk character and binds hearts, is today common knowledge in Germany’.

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SS booklet, 3

‘The SS man, when he enters the SS, voluntarily assumes the duty to choose his mate, the mother of his children’.

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SS booklet, 2

‘The young German receives the basics of his worldview in school and in the Hitler Youth’.

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SS booklet, 1

‘An early marriage with many children is hence a basic requirement of National Socialism’ (see pic here).

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April 20 gift

The best gift I received yesterday, on the Führer’s anniversary day, were the fifteen booklets I had requested from Third Reich Books: most of them authored by SS men. Although the publishers have been deplatformed by banks that issue credit cards, it’s still possible to acquire them.

In my previous post I reported the poison that the most successful series on television put us. What Himmler wrote inside the front cover of the original German booklet is the perfect antidote:

Men of the SS and Police!

Two weapons are available to each folk in the struggle for existence. Its fighting strength and its natural fertility. Never forget that the fighting strength alone cannot secure the folk’s survival into the distant future. The inexhaustible fountain of its fertility is also necessary.

Read this book, which I have given to you, and act accordingly. The victory of German arms must be followed by the victory of the German child.

H. Himmler.

The translation was published under the title SS Man, Be Fruitful. But the original title Sieg der Waffen—Sieg des Kindes (Victory of the Arms—Victory of the Children) better reflects the content. Nothing can be more antithetical to the ethno-suicidal feminism of television than the simple message of this brief pamphlet, packed with photographs.

A year ago I complained that the sites of white nationalism didn’t pay tribute to the birthday of the Führer. This year I didn’t want to inquire if the same thing happened yesterday. It is time to dismiss what is written in the US to find out what was written in these booklets available in several languages: here.