Siege, 25


At this stage of things, kidding ourselves would probably prove fatal, sooner or later. I urge against taking it on the chin or “leading with the chin”, as there are violent, revolutionary types out there aplenty to get things kicked off good and proper. Blacks, every shade of color in between, not to mention fanatic Reds, etc., plus nuts and more nuts. Add to this the slowly but steadily deteriorating conditions in the country, economic and otherwise, and you have a cake baking in the oven. You don’t want your cake to fall and you certainly don’t want to get yourself burnt. Instead, you want to be around for the ICING and most definitely the EATING of the cake! (Meaning the final seizure of power and exercising of same.)

Most communist outfits share so much in common with the Democratic Party platform that they’d be stupid to start any general disorder, and they know it. Only the extreme Left can be looked to for hope in this area. Black and colored nationalists as well. The cities, where these types reign supreme anyway, will always be the first to erupt when it’s time for things to jump off. As far as the “first wave” up against the System’s Pigs is concerned, I’d much rather it be them instead of us. They’re primed and “psyched up” for it already, armed to the very teeth, and suffer no shortage of expendable manpower. And any blame would be leveled towards them in the event of a miscarriage. Wish them well.

Recall the cornerstone of the U.S. Nazi Movement’s “grand strategy” of the Sixties? Rings crazy as hell today in light of developments over the past ten or fifteen years. It involved depending upon and even HELPING the Pigs against the urban revolutionaries!! We’d be absolute idiots to attack the Pigs ourselves in any attempt to initiate something of the nature of a general rebellion.

I cannot urge strongly enough: stay out of their way; deprive them completely of any excuse to come after you. This does not mean stay legal. It means stay sane and rational. And stay alive and at full liberty, because dead or locked up you’re no good to yourself or the revolution. Let the revolutionary mobs over whom we have no control and who would also kill us take the brunt of the first, strongest System counter-attacks, and let these same numberless mobs in the cities chew the hell out of the System’s hired elite. It couldn’t happen to a sweeter bunch.

There’ll probably be more than one revolution, back-to-back. The Reds and the Blacks, because this is what they’ve preached and prepared for all along, can be expected to lead the way. In the opening days and weeks of this phase, we can watch how the System is going to react, and how well it reacts. For us to attempt the same thing in the middle of an atmosphere of order would be outright suicide. Once there exists an air of disorder, the cards will be more in our favor. And we’ll be dealing in the smaller cities and towns, the countryside, where it might be possible to take things without the massive death and destruction that will occur in the major cities. Ultimatums, backed up by very real force, handed to local governments once they’ve learned what happens to their big city brethren, might just work wonders.

Only after the System is BROKEN and DISCREDITED will there come a hope of mobilizing the masses of Whites to tackle the job of winning what will soon enough assume the characteristics of a civil war.

Until then, for the present, give the Pigs nothing to do regarding ourselves but sit and get edgy. Once the shooting starts, keep out of the way of the mobs because they only perceive us as friends and allies of the Capitalists and the System. In the opening phases of any revolution, if the Red mobs don’t get you, the Pigs will. Let them instead kill one another. Developments will progress rapidly once all central power is gone and people realize they have nothing to lose anymore.

Vol. XIV, #9. September, 1985

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Siege, 24


Here’s another new word to add to your vocabulary: Linkage. It used to be something known primarily to mechanics but, as of earlier this year, it could also be in your future. This one may replace ‘entrapment’ as the latest dirty trick of the System designed to deflate any potential the Movement may have before it can get off the ground. It’s a quasi-legal take-off on “guilt by association” which, even ten years ago, would never have held water except that, now, the source from which the juries and grand juries are drawn is sufficiently conditioned that they’ll indict or convict on cue from the System.

This arose out of the serious scare given to the System by one splinter of the Movement calling itself The Order. The System—so surprised and enraged that there is fight left anywhere—sought to tie in (or “link”) as many other Movement facets as they thought they could in order to, if not wipe them out totally, at least pin them down in a defensive legal jungle wherein they either retain expensive counsel or lose by default. Some top Movement people were literally on the run and others were sweating blood a few months ago because of it.

So be reminded: the bastards WON’T QUIT! You must—if you ever run seriously afoul of the System to where they can lay a legalistic finger on you—either disappear totally or confront them totally. No use playing.

Around here we didn’t worry so much about it (the Sedition trial investigations). Though we had about as much to do with The Order as did those who were being officially harassed (that is, practically nothing at all), our sympathies and our support for The Order ran the same as the others as well (that is, one hundred percent—as witnessed by those issues of SIEGE released at that time). Help for members of The Order? We were also in a position to lend about as much tangible support for those men as were the rest: zero. Again, the main difference was, we felt (correctly as it turned out) we were in fact untouchable in the newest System craze of “Linkage”.

Until things take a very radical turn, I’ll stand firm on one thing I’ve always said regarding System persecution: I’ve never yet seen smoke where there has not been some actual fire. The System cannot yet INVENT its cases out of thin air. They can ORCHESTRATE them but that requires your willing participation. They must have something to go on—however shaky—and they can only get that through their own agents or through YOU. In the case involving The Order, their prime move was based upon one of the annual gatherings held by the Aryan Nations group of Idaho, from out of which came the majority (if not all) of the members of The Order. Those who attended that latest gathering before The Order took their course of action were wide open and subject to this latest “Linkage” ploy to shut us down. Simply, if you were there, you must be involved.

Long before any of this was ever dreamt of, I ceased attending Movement gatherings. In complete candor, I did so because I dislike re-runs, especially when they entail traveling long distances and shelling out cash, so drastically scarce. Frankly, I can’t afford the journey plus I doubt there’s anything I could add that they haven’t already heard and vice-versa. The only thing that might have come out of such an expensive trip would have been my own name on a federal subpoena. And that I can really well live without.

No. Those few men calling themselves The Order said more in a month of furious action than the rest of us have said in twenty years. And of what significance to them at that point in time were federal subpoenas and the like? I don’t mind paying the price but, by God, I demand the price be worth paying!

Even before I stopped traveling around to Movement functions, I had become disinterested in such measly and bothersome things as “memberships”, etc. This really caused much anxiety among the faker-figureheads I’ve acted as general secretary for in the past. As Commander Rockwell said in the Sixties, there is but ONE membership, known loosely as “the Movement”—which is bled white and thoroughly confused and dissipated by dozens and dozens of useless, crappy fronts. In order to squeeze a tiny portion of the general pool of money held by this common membership, one is required to INVEST comparatively huge sums in becoming a professional mail-order con artist and, in the case of “Nazi” types, to engage in silly looking and potentially disastrous stunts for the press (which are then fed back to the membership to jack-off their emotions and draw off a little more money).

That’s Right Wingism but it’s not revolution. And I got tired of it.

Vol. XIV, #7, July, 1985

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Anyone interested?

Listen to this YouTube audio involving Andrew Anglin and Mike Enoch. In my humble opinion these guys are dead wrong. I know nothing about the AWD group they mention but I wonder if Anglin or Enoch have read The Turner Diaries or even The Brigade or Siege?

I believe that in this age of treason ‘black hats’ should coexist with ‘white hats’ even if the two sides never, ever meet each other for obvious security reasons. Incidentally, by having this site on the open internet I’m obviously a ‘white hat’. But I’d never condemn people like Breivik or Roof.

I wish I could speak fluent English but I can’t. Anyone interested to debate this kind of anti-black-hat guys in the WDH Radio Show within the limits of the Brandenburg v. Ohio ?

SIEGE quote

In revolution as in any war, actual accomplishment of it primarily involves killing and the consequences of that.

SIEGE, page 301

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SIEGE quote

There was no way my trained mind could not have reacted the way it did to the covers on those pulp tabloids depicting Negro darling, Michael Jackson, and burnt-out, used-up “White” renegade, Brooke Shields. There was just enough reactionary left in me to get my blood hot at that sight.

And immediately after the animal brain had subsided and the human intellect regained the upper hand, I remarked to my companion in the store check-out lane that here was a more worthy target for some of my comrades who lately have gotten themselves locked up for killing a few lowlifes.

“Send Them A Message”, as old George Corley Wallace used to say. The message would state that to dare use your celebrity status to set such an example for totally impressionable White youth would mean death.

SIEGE, page 295

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SIEGE quote

‘The last time there was a President worth shooting it was Franklin D. Roosevelt.’

SIEGE, page 284

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SIEGE quote

‘It has been said that a people deserves whatever it permits. Only a sick people would permit what prevails today’.

SIEGE, page 282

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SIEGE quote

‘Best of all is the fact that Franklin supposedly has been killing mixed couples… the rotten Whites right along with the Blacks. Bravo!’

SIEGE, page 275

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Siege – unavailable as hard copy

Note of November 25, 2017: I’ve just changed the title of this article from “available again” to “unavailable as hard copy”. However, this site hosts a PDF of the book that can be printed in your home (see sidebar). Below, the original post:


______ 卐 ______


It now seems that Lulu Press Inc. vaporised my account because James Mason’s Siege was selling well. I deduce this because Storefront Books’ Lulu account was also ‘vaporised’ (an Orwellian term). Of course: The social media, mostly companies led by Jews, are inventing politically-correct laws of their own. In America the PC enforcer is not a government that still maintains First Amendment rights. For example, the 1969 Brandenburg v. Ohio allows talking seriously about revolution unless you’re already promoting immediate use of violence, call for arms, etc. Therefore, Siege should be legal in the US.

I didn’t receive any warning about the vaporisation. Had I received it I’d have saved the PDF of the English-German translation of Hunter that only my Daybreak published (I hope a German friend has kept his backup copy safe!). Also, had I received a notice of the termination I’d have written down the stats of how many copies Lulu sold of my books in Spanish since 2011 (of which Day of Wrath is only a selection in English). Now I will never know.

In the novel 1984 vaporisation of people occurs without any warning. If my WordPress account that hosts the present site is vaporised you still can find me through my Wikipedia user page. As you can see, the last words of that page say, ‘So I moved on, outside the wiki’ linking to a quotable quote in this site. If my WP account is abruptly terminated in the future, the italicised words above will be linked to my new address of The West’s Darkest Hour.

In the previous post ‘Daybreak partner?’ I said I’d visit my traditional bookbinder. We talked last Saturday and he showed me his equipment. Now I know an approximation of what it would cost me to obtain a similar set to print books at home. For the moment I cannot afford it but I must sincerely thank our overseas sponsor whose generous contribution has allowed me to get sufficient toner cartridges to print whole books (and then take the ordered stack of paper sheets to my bookbinder).

For the moment the books he and I will manufacture will look like this:

Only if the business flies we may add, in the future, dust covers for these hardcover books. Incidentally, I have changed the colour and title of my ‘Addenda’ page to ‘Daybreak Publishing’ and will be modifying the page in the coming days.

My hunch is that only Siege will be censored if I request the services of another print-on-delivery company to host my Daybreak books. So I’ll keep the making of Mason’s great book exclusively for the shop (see: here).

But I guess other books won’t be censored. The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour for example has not made a single bleep in the PC radar, so I am prepared to take a chance in opening an account elsewhere for most of my Daybreak titles.

Any recommendation for another print-on-delivery service now that Lulu has failed us?

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Siege, 23

State of Emergency

Are you among the conventional survivalists with a few guns, a few rounds of ammunition, some medical supplies, maybe a C.B. radio, and enough food and water for anywhere from two days to two years stored away? Are you one of the ruggedly individualistic types who, as long as he owns his firearms, swears by God that this is a free land and he is a free man? Or are you one of those intrepid ones who says he’ll “shoot the first nigger” that comes rampaging up onto his front porch? In other words, do you count yourself among those rednecks who are smug in their sense of Right Wing-style “readiness”? If so, you can stop reading right here.

Years ago I wrote, after headlines appeared about the discovery of Wesley Swift’s hideout and arsenal (that included everything from automatic weapons to armored vehicles), that if Swift—who died in the late Sixties—could have foreseen the day when, after his death, all his extensive preparations were unearthed and captured by the System, without a fight, that surely he would have viewed it as the end of all hope of resistance. He had expected a full-blown invasion of the United States by Russian and Chinese troops and I know of no group or individual who was as well-prepared for the worst of emergencies as was Dr. Wesley Swift. The “emergency” never came. Swift died a natural death, and the government scooped up his vast arsenal.

Even Commander Rockwell was POSITIVE that the Blacks were going to go on an all-out rampage before the decade of the Sixties was out, and touch off the race war that so many talked about in those days. (In 1967, the year of his death, he had begun to organize what he called the “White Guard” on a quicker, more informal basis than the Storm Troopers, so sure was he that hell would break loose that very year.) But a massive welfare pay-off, a general caving-in of White resistance, and perhaps even a shift in Enemy strategy kept the conflict from coming out into the open.

It was just about two years ago that a number of otherwise respectable and credible Right Wing groups were issuing super-serious, straight-faced accounts of how, in the summer of 1983, Ronald Reagan would die in office, the economy would fall right through the bottom, and coloreds everywhere would go berserk. This was the prediction from the “experts” who were, thereby, unfortunately placing their reputations on the line.

I recall at about the same time one particularly provocative and sensational sheet released—not by what I would want to call “kooks” but by major Movement standard bearers—to the effect that in the upcoming weeks the Anti-Christ himself would seize all television networks (and automatically turn on all TV sets that might be off at that time) and mesmerize any and all whose glance was caught! Thank God the Movement has a shorter-than-hell memory span! Otherwise, that one would be impossible to live down.

Through no fault of his own. Commander Rockwell’s “The Jews Are Through in ’72” never materialized and 1972 came and went uneventfully. Black riots slowed and practically ceased. The economy certainly worsened but did not collapse. The government, the society, and the country itself is becoming more and more like one big, giant, pulsating blob of a stinking, noxious Jew. The next major landmark in time—1984—is behind us. And I’m betting strong that one of the favorites of the fakers—1988—will come and go likewise and hardly even be noticed. I wasn’t long in figuring out that it really meant sticking your neck way out to venture to put a date on practically anything of a social of historic nature. It’s gambling of the worst sort unless you yourself have the means at hand to force the issue according to your own timetable.

It is simply that there has never before existed a more CONTROLLED environment than the one in which we exist today. Things don’t just “happen” anymore. If they don’t come off Big Brother’s drawing board, then they’re not “sanctioned” and most of the time don’t take place at all or, if they do, they’re of a nature hardly worthy of note. Big Brother is in CONTROL. This plus the fact that the population DOESN’T GIVE A DAMN. Things are slipping constantly, gradually, but no significant upsets are being allowed that might either alarm the populace or provide the revolutionists an opening to take advantage of. I don’t expect it to change unless SOMEONE CHANGES IT!

In fact as well as in theory, we are in the period of “Beyond Nineteen Eighty-Four”! From here on out we can forget about even George Orwell. Of course, the astute have been aware all along that “1984” had come into effect long before if ever arrived on the calendar. And I, for one, about a decade ago abandoned the “emergency” school of thought. That is, betting in favor of and preparing for something of a very sudden and fixed nature to occur to transform the situation; something which has to be braced for, weathered in a comparatively short—if harsh—period, and then to be emerged from on the “dawn of a new day”. (I do favor full preparation for a “lights out” type emergency, but that would probably be of a rather long duration and, again, short-term thinking is useless.)

The whole thought was false all along but, up until perhaps this decade, the majority could have claimed ignorance. I began to sense the true nature of the situation, as I said, about ten years ago mainly because of experience born of intense involvement in revolutionary activity and thought. But for the rest, the object lessons are all there now.

Many can’t grasp it, no one really wants to realize such a fact, but there are also plenty who refuse to be parted from their fun and games (like children, they expect and want it all now). What we face is not an emergency, nothing of a romantic or extraordinary nature but, rather, an indefinite period of what Warren G. Harding would term “normalcy”. (I know that taken individually or collectively the manifestations of contemporary “society” are anything but “normal” to us but, as far as great numbers and great periods of time are concerned, they are quite normal indeed.)

Therefore WE are the abnormal and the out-of-place. We have always been such, except that until now most have figured that “Der Tag” was just around the corner which would turn things topsy-turvy in our favor.

That is not about to happen. What it means for each of us is this: as long as there was a hope, real or imagined, of a sudden change in the basic course of things, then we could almost afford to hide behind our “unreal” attitude and approach to the situation with a “You’ll see!” thought guiding us. Presently it has to be clear to all that nothing of the sort is going to be ALLOWED to happen and events are going to maintain a strictly business-as-usual complexion for the foreseeable future. And it is impossible to hide behind an abnormal strategy for very long in a stolidly normal environment, where nothing out of the ordinary is PERMITTED to happen.

It should be added right away that those who do continue to go on in the manner of the past do so as utter and complete fools.

Are you going to go on kidding yourself? Telling yourself that you’ll be ready for it when “it” comes? If you’re a reactionary and a Right Wing type, then it may well require a sudden emergency to get you off your ass. But if you are a revolutionary, then, for you, “it” is here right now, and always has been here, right around you. You were born into it and, unless you kill it, it is going to kill you.

Having nothing initially to do with the name of this publication, what we have to adapt to is not a sudden emergency and then back to normal but, instead, a state of SIEGE. The system WILL fall one day. But when? Certainly no time soon? I’ve said often in the past that the winner of this race, this “Deathwatch 2000”, will be the one who finishes LAST. So it is up to each of us, individually, to see to it that we outlast the System. And you don’t accomplish this by merely stockpiling anything (unless you are prepared to become a hermit for the next 50 years or so). You military buffs should already know that a static defense went out with the Nineteenth Century, and that now it is all up to the fast and the resourceful.

What must our definition of victory now become? To have survived another day, another year. To exist in and amongst the System… but not as a consumer, not as a statistic or as a victim. To exist decently and, to be sure, to “keep the wolves away from the door”. If you’re living smart, as you should be, you’ve already eliminated coloreds and criminals from your uppermost list and have gotten down to the very basics of defending against the real Enemy: the capitalist foreclosers. The old Right Wing types will know how to deal with a violent, one-on-one situation, but how about the ever-encroaching System? Here is where you have to become SMART!

Commander Rockwell said that the purpose of life was to struggle as hard as you can for what you believe in and to enjoy the fight. You cannot fight to your fullest potential for what you believe in while being a full-time slave helping to bolster the Pig economy. And you certainly can’t enjoy your fight existing under unrelenting social and economic pressure. The herds and armies of zombie-ized clones out there cannot or will not see that there IS an alternative. The revolutionary will ALWAYS find or make his own alternative. It is being done. And in this lies not only the definition of short term victory but the PROMISE of ultimate victory one day. We will LIVE. We will out-live the System. And, should we individually not make it all the way, then we will not have been cheated for we will have had our share.

Living within the Beast System as a revolutionary, day-to-day, is the REAL emergency and it calls for emergency measures to be taken on a ROUTINE BASIS. To be able to exist thus is the victory!

Vol. XIV, #1 – January 1985

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