Trump cucks—Our turn!

In my previous post I wrote: “Crossing the river from liberalism to the other side involves several stepping stones: Donald Trump’s Alt Light, the Alt-Right (not yet a direct approach to the Jewish question), white nationalism (or southern nationalism), neonazism… and reaching the other side, National Socialism.”

Yesterday, after being questioned in the edifice of the execrable Jew York Times at NY, Donald Trump condemned Richard Spencer’s sieg heil Alt-Right meeting.

In my view, this represents a huge opportunity for those of us who have already crossed the river. As long as Trump disavows the Alt-Right we can remove our masks of Alt Lite, Alt-Right and even white nationalism. How to do it? After Trump swears on the Bible the next January the time has come for us to march—in full Nazi uniform.

American Nazi party members, (aka German American Bund) march while carrying Nazi and American flags during a Bund outing from nearby Camp Sigfried.

American Nazi party members, (aka German American Bund) march while carrying Nazi and American flags during a Bund outing from nearby Camp Sigfried.

Imagine the media hysteria that we would be able to generate by going to the Federal Reserve with pickets telling that the Jewish Janet Yellen’s monetary policies will lead, this decade, to the fall of the dollar.

My dream is to even burn Yellen in effigy with a Star of David patched to her effigy in one of these marches. Although we will carry banners saying truths like that the Allies committed a greater genocide than that attributed to Hitler, the emphasis of our speeches in front of the Fed will be the policy of Yellen and her predecessor, the also Jewish Ben Bernanke. Both have taken the dollar to the edge of a precipice from where it will fall under the watch of Trump.

To carry out this idea I would have to travel to the United States to speak personally with Andrew Anglin to see if, through the very popular The Daily Stormer, he is willing to call for volunteers for the march. We would need funds not only to transport our boys and pay their buses and hotels, but to make the uniforms.

It does not matter that the media, and even the white nationalist forums, call us clowns. Forget also what President Trump will think a few blocks from our flashy and “fashy” marches and protests. Just imagine what the average Joe who had seen us ridiculed in the Jew media will say after the collapse of the dollar actually occurs: “The Nazis were right!” They will really pronounce these words, especially after blacks chimp out in America’s big cities.

And so it begins…

Remember, remember that Hitler became so popular precisely because the Deutsche Mark had crashed.

Please make this post go viral. It is time to leave the confinement in our houses. True, we need plenty of funds to revive the political actions of George Lincoln Rockwell. But where there is a will there is a way!

A message to my donors


This day is exactly the right time to donate. Thanks to Trump’s victory the Mexican peso is crashing before the dollar, and as you might know presently I’m living in Mexico.

Due to the current devaluation of the peso/dollar exchange it will be miraculously amplified once it reaches my PayPal account.

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Black Monday

the real crash

Today, billions of dollars have been wiped off world markets, as I watched minutes ago on TV (see also: here). Below, a letter I sent earlier this month through regular mail to my donors. Brace yourself! Obtain precious metals now!


Dear donor,

My apologies for thanking so late about your generous contribution. Financially I am crossing through a very tough time in Mexico and I am still trying to figure out how I will be able to rise the proper funds for my projects.

Presently my idea is saving the money from the donations in silver coins, as I believe that Austrian economists are right that the American dollar will crash in this decade.

After the crash my saved coins—or little gold coins if I am able to afford them—will be worth a fortune, as the dollar will hyperinflate just like the Mark did in Weimar Germany. If I am capable to save enough coins, I will be far more resourceful to launch what in my blog, The West’s Darkest Hour, I call my “Hellstorm Project”…

I hope that concerned visitors of my blog, especially people like you, will also be prepared with due savings in precious metals before it is too late.

With genuine appreciation,

C. T.

Editor of the blogsite
The West’s Darkest Hour

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Where are the Syssitias?

“You can’t fight jewish tribalism with white individualism.”

—Alex Linder

In ancient Greece, notably among peoples of Dorian blood, i.e., pure white Aryans, and especially among the Spartans and Cretans, the custom that full citizens should eat the chief meal of the day in a public mess was called Syssitia. I first read about the Syssitias, or mandatory dining club of fifteen or less men, in the online book Esparta y su Ley published in the Spanish site Evropa Soberana (that I translated to English here).

Last year I was shocked to learn, after a street meeting of the British National Party that I attended right outside London, that the BNP had no headquarters or a house for its members. Unlike Greece’s Golden Dawn, there are no “Syssitias,” or guilds, for the most dedicated Briton combatants. (About a dozen of those who attended the meeting, myself including, had no choice but going to a pub after the event.) I later learned that the National Front used to have a house in England; not anymore.

Well, well… Wouldn’t you agree with me that, after a few years of working like atomized individuals who don’t even know each other’s faces or voices, and often with international distances separating us, the internet is utterly demoralizing? Wouldn’t our moral skyrocket if we could count with a safe place for the proper Männerbund such as those in the rigorously heterosexual Spartan army guilds? (again, cf. the translated book about Sparta).


We need a home for the most energetic and fanatic soldiers of the 14 words. It would suit the perfect candidate: the “lost kid” that the anti-white System had destroyed. (Unlike this kind of adolescents, bourgeois people are unsuitable: Mussolini, Hitler and now Golden Dawn figured that out. In the words of Commander Rockwell, “A National Socialist is someone who wants to save his race. A conservative is someone who wants to save his money.”) Isn’t it objectionable that the old guard, potentially capable of saving such lost Aryans, are not doing their best? Shouldn’t we try to get a shelter for potential soldiers recruiting among the working classes, or at the very least try to live within a maximum driving distance of fifteen minutes between each other? Who among my visitors is willing to move to form such a guild?

Any white country could serve this purpose, although there are special restrictions in occupied nations like Germany. Unlike most white nationalists, who are mere reactionaries, revolutionary Harold Covington has urged whites to move to the American Northwest and join what he calls the Northwest Front. Unfortunately, before Covington became known as a novelist he was known as a defamer of nationalist leaders. His character disqualifies him for a commander of future guerrilla warfare, after the dollar crashes. The Northwest Front discarded, this is my second question: Which wealthy white might be willing to sponsor the project (renting or purchasing a house)?

What shocked me last year in a bus with the dozen or so nationalist Britons after the meeting was, as I said, that they told me the BNP had not even one house in the whole UK. My guess is that in this darkest hour for the fair race, unlike the sponsoring that Mussolini and Hitler obtained (and apparently the embryonic National Front) there is no sponsor willing to fund a new political party based on racial preservation. If I am wrong—if you believe there’s indeed such a wealthy person—please contact me:

cesartort (at)

I have no illusions. But where there is a will there is a way—even if it is the will of only two or three fanatically committed priests of the 14 words with no sponsor at all!

It is a pity that Rockwell and Pierce could not find a legitimate inheritor for their respective groups, although in the case of Rockwell it is understandable for his premature death. Regarding Pierce, in and English restaurant-pub Arthur Kemp told me that the most serious error in Pierce’s career was rejecting the formation of a political party to fight in the real world (something that Rockwell so hard tried to do).

Let me put it this way: Unlike those who presently fly the Confederate flag throughout Dixie—again: reactionaries, not revolutionaries—, following Rockwell’s methods would place a new NS party immediately in the spotlight of the most vicious Western media. I know that such group would be forbidden in Germany, but when was the last time that uniformed fascists marched in the US? And in the UK?

I also met Jez Turner last year, the director of the London Forum. OK: he was not in uniform during the street demonstration earlier this month. Originally they were going to, provocatively, hold it in the Jewish area of London, Golders Green, but the MP for the area notified the Prime Minister David Cameron about the “neonazi” demonstration and pressure was brought on the police to deny the “Nazis” their right to demonstrate. So they moved the demo to outside Downing Street, where David Cameron lives.

On the other hand, and with Nazi uniforms, decades ago Rockwell did the same in the very heart of the anti-white regime, Washington D.C., also complaining about Jewish power. He got immediate TV attention—negative of course, but his purpose was recruiting adepts. William Pierce wrote:

The first step was general recognition. His earlier conviction that that goal must be attained at the expense of every other consideration was now stronger than ever. Thus, instead of following the natural urge to dissociate National Socialism from the Hollywood image that Jewry had been building for it for more than three decades, he temporarily threw all hopes of “respectability”—even among other National Socialists—aside and set about turning to his own advantage all the Jews’ previous efforts.

Toward this end he deliberately pinned on himself the label “Nazi” rather than “National Socialist,” using this bit of journalistic jargon which had been coined by the enemy during the early days of struggle in Germany, a term looked upon by National Socialists with about the same feeling that convinced Marxists must look upon the designation “commie” or “pinko”. Behind this step—one which was to cause much misunderstanding and suspicion in days to come—was the cold-blooded realization that a strutting, shouting uniform-wearing, Hollywood-style “Nazi” was vastly more newsworthy, had vastly more “shock value,” than any mere National Socialist.

Pierce’s tribute to Rockwell is a must-read to understand what I have in mind. After a couple of paragraphs, Pierce added:

Despite the news quarantine imposed on him, despite beatings and jailings, despite a chronic lack of funds, despite serious personnel problems, and despite a thousand other troubles and difficulties, his campaign to gain public recognition made steady progress. Newspapers found it impossible to completely avoid mentioning his brash and daring exploits; editors and columnists found irresistible the temptation to denounce or “expose” him. Even radio and television emcees, ever on the prowl for sensation, yielded to temptation and defied the ban on publicity for Rockwell.

The image of George Lincoln Rockwell and the America Nazi Party created by the mass media for public consumption was, of course, a grossly distorted one. Rockwell had succeeded in forcing the media, more or less against their will, to give him publicity.

And a few paragraphs later:

Rockwell’s original program was divided into three phases. The first phase, beginning in March, 1959, was to be a phase of provocative but essentially non-constructive activity, intended to generate publicity and build a public image, no matter how distorted. The second phase was to be a cadre-building phase, during which a strong, disciplined, effective, professional National Socialist organization was to be built and capabilities in propaganda and organizing developed to a high degree. The third phase was to be one of mass organization.

Phase one was masterfully executed. Rockwell proved himself an outstanding tactician in the rough-and-tumble game of smashing through the Jewish blackout barrier.

Phase two, attracting a few idealists to constitute the skeleton of an organizational structure started to be successful, and—who knows?—, hadn’t Rockwell been murdered phase three might have become reality…

Alas, since the fire in Rockwell’s torch was extinguished after the assassination, presently we would have to walk all the way through phase one—as Mussolini and Hitler also did. I imagine myself with a uniformed group picketing during this phase, reciting well-planned slogans about the Hellstorm Holocaust or the Holodomor that the typical man of the street has never, ever heard of. Wouldn’t this risky business be more fun, and heroic, than staying at your mom’s basement in the vain hope that the Luftwaffe key-commandos of your computer will make a difference?

Fact is, whether we follow Rockwell’s tactics or not, would-be soldiers badly need Boys-only, Syssitia-like guilds in every major city of the West.


P.S.: Since this entry is mostly about the two questions in bold-type, please post off-topic comments elsewhere.

Breaking the spell

It has been said that the most powerful weapon of the 20th century was not the machine gun or the atomic bomb but a mere word: the word racism which has the entire white race under its spell.

Help us find a wealthy sponsor to launch the Hellstorm Project and break the spell. Contact Tom Goodrich at the bottom of this post or me at cesartort (at)

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I’ve listened the recent radio interview of Richard Edmonds, who is 72 years old. Richard’s memoirs are a treat as they open a window for younger generations as to how patriotic Britons dealt with their traitorous government after the Second World War.

Richard is also an orator. I saw him last year during a BNP meeting outside London and later talked to him personally. A weekly radio program with the best orators would help to create a real, massive movement in the real world, missing throughout the West with the possible exception of Greece’s Golden Dawn.


Recently I cited Uncle Adolf’s quotable quote: “The course of a people’s history can be changed only by a storm of glowing passion, but only he can awaken passion who carries it within himself.” But which English-speaking orator carries a storm of passion? Which wealthy sponsor is willing to finance such project? Presently I don’t see in the English-speaking world “glowing passion” like, say, that of John Tyndall, a British orator who passed away ten years ago.

Language is a constant use. Theoretically I could try to do it but I’d need robust financing since the last time I lived in an English-speaking country was 1999, in Manchester (and only one year), which means that now I would have to spend lots of time among native speakers, preferably racial activists, to fix my broken English.

Meanwhile the only thing I can do is to pass the microphone to the noblest minds that have flourished in the West. And now that I have been quoting on a daily basis the greatest man that Europe has ever produced, why not do the same with the best (alas, late) mind of America?


American Dissident Voices, initiated in December 1991, is the radio program of the National Alliance. Eventually AM and FM stations were added to the mix and at its peak over two dozen radio stations carried the broadcasts. William Pierce used the program on a weekly basis to communicate his message up until his death on July 23, 2002.

Starting tomorrow I’ll be adding transcripts of Pierce’s speeches, or just some excerpts of them. But again: the real power, the power to galvanize the masses, lies in oratory. In the Beginning Was the Spoken Word said Andrew Hamilton about Hitler’s oratory in his most important article on the Counter Currents webzine.

(Incidentally, what has happened to Hamilton?)

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Humble project

It’s a week since the kind letter of Tom Goodrich about my Hellstorm Project appeared in this site. I must thank Tom and the donors from Germany and the US that have contributed to the project. However, we would need at least ten times a month the donations already received to make the project fly.

Making an audiovisual program for the alternative media is always ambitious. For most white nationalists radio podcasts are enough. We believe that an audiovisual program featuring someone like Alex Linder as host would make a big difference. But launching something similar to what I had in mind, using as a model the Peter Robinson interviews of respectable conservatives (interview of Pat Buchanan: here) but this time with someone like Linder interviewing racialists, would require a pretty robust sponsoring.

Alas, it seems that there is no really wealthy sponsor willing to make such project possible. Something more modest could be tried, say, only two persons discussing racial subjects using more than one camera. But even that requires at least the funds for a permanent studio and the full-time expenses of at least one of the individuals in charge of the preparation of the programs. Even this comparatively cheaper project, with no need to pay the round-trip flights and expenses of those invited to the programs, requires good sponsoring.

The humble alternative would be to make radio programs with two committed priests of the 14 words discussing race-related subjects, this time with a revolutionary message that contrasts the mere reactionary message of most radio podcasts in white nationalism. But even in this case some sponsoring and the helping hand of someone who knows the software would be needed.


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The Hellstorm Project

by Tom Goodrich

Back in 2010 my book, Hellstorm: the Death of Nazi Germany 1944-1947, was released. It was a great day. For the previous fifteen years I had tried to find a publisher for this book which dared describe the Allied crimes against the German people during and after the Second World War, but was unsuccessful. Thus, when a small publisher in Colorado finally accepted the book and published a very professional volume, I was overjoyed. Unfortunately, for well over a year after that, the book passed absolutely unnoticed by the public. Former radio and TV reviewers that I had counted on to help publicize the book were nowhere to be seen for this controversial look at the Second World War. And then, two events occurred that not only turned the book around, but changed my life, as well.

The first was a review of the book that appeared on the Counter-Currents website. This review by J. A. Sexton was as dramatic, horrifying and heart-breaking as the book itself. This emotional book review quickly spread to other websites, giving the book a mighty lift among white nationals in particular and history lovers, in general.

One website where the review was reprinted was The West’s Darkest Hour. This beautiful and passionate website was one of those rare stops in the cyber highway that not only draws the reader in, but soon becomes mesmerizing. Very quickly I noted that the webmaster and leading spirit of the website was a man named Cesar Tort. Clearly, the Sexton review had a profound impact on Cesar. Soon, we began corresponding.

Very quickly Cesar saw the potential for the book. Almost immediately he projected his vision for this “earth-shaking” book, as he called it. His dream was to immediately take the book to the masses via You Tube and other social media. Unfortunately, the money was never there… for either of us.

Now to the point: This is my personal appeal for you to help us launch the Hellstorm Project. Cesar’s goal in life, my goal in life, and hopefully your goal in life, is to free this world we call home from the Jewish slavery it now finds itself in for these past hundred years. Cesar believes, with my book as his sword, that he can do it. And I believe Cesar can do it as well. Anyone who knows Cesar knows that he is tireless, indefatigable and simply refuses to give up. Read any of his words on The West’s Darkest Hour and that determination to free this world of the evil which now enslaves it becomes instantly clear.

The grim facts about the Hellstorm Holocaust committed on unarmed Germans, the best-kept secret of modern history, must reach the peoples of all western nations. To reach them we must keep in mind that the printed word is not as powerful as oratory. See for example this video filmed by our opponents, the conservatives.


In order to make a series of professional interviews exposing the true Holocaust, a series we may call “The Hellstorm Project,” we need your help. Non-tax-deductible donations can be made via PayPal or by sending to the author of the book a check or a money order.

Help us to free the western world from the current narrative about the Second World War—the guilt narrative that is killing us!

Tom Goodrich
7001 Pinewood Lane
Punta Gorda, Fl
33982 USA

P.S. You can get a copy of Hellstorm from the author by sending $20, postage included if in the US or $25 if in Canada or abroad (Contact: PayPal donations go directly to Cesar and his ground-breaking project.

(Donate button located at the bottom of this site)

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Healing Amfortas


Re my previous and next post: I will reproduce Friedrich’s excellent translation of the Junge Freiheit later in this week.

Friedrich wrote (indented paragraph):

The point is that in both cases if you want to spread awareness, mentioning the mere facts helps little as it is an emotional and psychological problem and I don’t know how these mental barriers [among self-harming Germans] can be overcome.

I think I know how, and for the first time in my blogging career I am tempted to add a donate button in this blog to help us to purchase a teleprompter, a camera and proper lighting equipment in order to film high-quality films with me quoting what I have already typed from Hellstorm.

I have created a mantra of my own (“What the Allies did in times of peace was incomparably more monstrous than the crimes attributed to the Germans in times of war—precisely because it was done in times of peace”) that would like to hammer on Westerners in general, and the German people in particular, by the end of my audiovisual messages. And I will need some resources to be able to do the high-quality filming—think of David Duke’s well-planned videos, although unlike my Anglo-Saxon colleagues I look like a passionate Mediterranean before the camara.

The Holodomor message. Besides my mantra I shall convey my message already stated at the Occidental Observer about the “First Act” of the opera: Jewish Bolsheviks killing more civilians than Himmler. This message cannot be illegal even in Europe if I start quoting sources with the Establishment imprimatur, for example Jewish Albert Lindemann’s Esau’s Tears and Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag.

The Self-harming message. And I will mention the fact of a System feeding us twenty-four hours a day with the “Second Act,” the so-called Jewish Holocaust, maliciously omitting the other two (and since I follow Irmin Vinson and David Irving’s latest position on the subject I doubt I would go to jail even if I visit Germany).

The Hellstorm message. Last but not least, I’ll also speak out about the “Third Act” of the opera: the Allied forces committing a larger Holocaust than the one attributed to Hitler.

Since my films will be highly emotional—precisely the method that the System has been using for the Self-harming message—, if properly sponsored my future YouTube viewers, totally ignorant of both the Holodomor and the Hellstorm holocausts, will allow in their minds the plantation of the first seeds of a process to undemonize Hitler, the Nazis, Germany, Europe, and eventually the entire West and the White people in general.

I wish some of my readers could afford helping us in the project of taking the First and Third acts of our grand World War II opera to the public view—for the first time since the War! Isn’t it really amazing that the System managed to hide the other two Holocausts committed in the 1930s and 40s—and for so long?

Send me a little piece of advice on the subject of donation, either here or in private if you prefer (see “contact” at the sidebar). I am even willing to renew my studies of German so that, with the help of a teleprompter and colleagues like Friedrich at the other side of the Atlantic, with time the message could be delivered not only in English but in German as well…


P.S. There is a long follow-up to this post: here.

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