Have people woken up?

I cannot believe it. Last month I briefly discussed Stefan Molyneux’s dishonest video on the synagogue massacre but had not looked at the comment section of that video. This morning I’ve taken a look at it and am very surprised to see that so many people have woken up on the Jewish question. The fact is that Molyneux, a gatekeeper from our side of the psychological Rubicon, a steppingstone from the side of the normies, got completely crucified in the comment section of that video. These are only a few comments. Keep in mind that the subject matter was precisely the JQ:

• His most dishonest video yet.

• You’re intellectually dishonest. This is not how a good philosopher acts. The JQ shall set you free.

• This was a disgusting display Stefan. I write this as Jean-Francois Gariépy wraps up his response stream. I dare you to debate someone on this topic. JFG wouldn’t be a bad choice. Others have naturally suggested Kevin MacDonald as well.

• This video exemplifies what many of us have been saying for ages. Stefan is a fool, and anyone who believes his C rate acting is also a fool. It is painfully clear why he refuses to debate anyone of real intellect, and sticks to the safety of YouTube.

• This was just embarrassing. Stefan, Mr. “Not An Argument” delivers non-argument after non-argument here. He must have thrown out his back bending over backwards to misrepresent the JQ. For someone who likens himself to the philosophers of old, he sure does seem to know who to not criticize.

• Stefan has put himself in the corner here. It’ll be interesting to see if he addresses this comment section in his next video or if he’ll try to pretend it never happened.

• He won’t even bother with damage control. What can he do, lie about his heritage once more and avoid the JQ again?

• How stupid will he look though if his next video is just “let’s talk about why atheism is so smart again” or “let’s talk about how great capitalism is again”. Edit: looks like he already put up another video [unrelated to the challenges presented in the thread], typical kosher cowardice.

• The goyim know Stefan, it’s too late to shut it down. Address the JQ or lose your integrity forever.

• Reconsidering my donation subscription after this video.

• I never thought I’d see the day when so many people are aware of the Jewish question. Holy shit.

• Great video Stefan, give me more of those blue pills baby. They’re delicious! Yum yum yum yumyum. No more JQ hallucinations, yay, I’m cured!

• Ugh, you just gave up and showed your soft underbelly Stefan. I used to recommend you, now… I’m un-subbing, you are simply cringe worthy now.

This is only the tip of the iceberg in that comments section. How hilarious! I didn’t expect that within my lifetime so many people, apparently outside the hardcore of white nationalist forums, were red-pilled on the JQ.

If this awakening continues there’s still hope…!

Check, Stefan – your move

A JFG review of contradictory statements made
by Stefan Molyneux about his Jewish heritage:

Hunter Wallace’s Molyneux-like trick

This Tuesday, in my post ‘Jean-François Gariépy destroys Stefan Molyneux’, I linked to Gariépy’s #201 show The Public Space where he demonstrates that Stefan Molyneux embarked on a completely parallel track in his pseudo-response to what white nationalists consider the Jewish problem. (In his Sunday video, ‘The Truth About the Pittsburgh Massacre’, dishonest Molyneux had strawmaned the whole issue by saying that liberalism affects Jews in Israel and in the Diaspora too.) Throughout his show, Gariépy aptly demonstrated that Molyneux never addressed the central question: that Jewish influence is toxic for whites.

Something similar happened today at Occidental Dissent. Hunter Wallace wrote:

Chechar asks: “I am most curious how Lutherans like Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent could respond to what we have been saying in this site, especially the translations of Deschner’s work, Evropa Soberana’s essay on Rome and Judea and Catherine Nixey’s book about the destruction of the classical world by the Christians? How can racist Christians reconcile their worship of the god of the Jews with Aryan preservation is a mystery for me.”

Take note that Wallace calls me by my obsolete penname, ‘Chechar’ (it’s like I called him by his obsolete penname, ‘Prozium’). But that is unimportant. What is important is that, exactly like Molyneux, Wallace did not address a single point by Deschner, Evropa Soberana (penname of a Spanish blogger) or Nixey. In our translations, in this site I have not reached the book where Deschner writes about Luther; Evropa Soberana’s essay is about the psyops that the Semitic Judeo-Christians used to destroy the classical world, whereas Nixey’s book also focuses on that destruction but omits Jewish problem. The Leitmotif of the writings of these three authors is that, since Constantine, Christianity has been a disaster for the West.

Obviously Wallace has either not read the texts of these authors as quoted in this site, or he has conveniently used the Molyneux trick: going to an entirely parallel track in his ‘reply’. Wallace’s article consists of quotes showing Luther’s credentials as an anti-Semite.

That is not the issue. The issue is whether or not the ‘Christian Question’ exists: if Christianity inverted healthy Greco-Roman values in order that Whites would be conquered by the Semites. (Even in my latest piece of translation of Deschner’s books, the Wednesday post in this site, the CQ is apparent for anyone who does not use a Molyneux-like trick.)

Jean-François Gariépy destroys Stefan Molyneux

Although I find offensive the American flag that shows up sometimes in the studio’s background and disagree with Gariépy that Molyneux is honest, with a diametrically opposed character to mine (I’m a creature of boiling hate) Gariépy pulverised Molyneux in his most recent show. Gariépy has demonstrated that Molyneux’s most recent video on the Jewish question, that I briefly discussed yesterday, is full of strawmen.

After 1:10 to 1:18 it is very interesting to learn how Gariépy became interested in the JQ. Those who don’t have the time to see the whole show must at least watch those few minutes.

Unfortunately, at 1:24 atheist Gariépy reveals himself as a secular neo-Christian. If he already woke up in the JQ, he still has to go a long way to wake up in the CQ. (Later he says that he has people to ban hate speech in the comments section.)

After 2:31, almost at the end of the show, Gariépy believes Molyneux that the latter has no Jewish blood: a claim Molyneux made precisely in the video Gariépy is taking issue with. Well, I’m not so sure…

Extremely dishonest Molyneux

Stefan Molyneux has reacted on the massacre of Jews by Robert Bowers.

By the sixth minute, he mentioned Hitler shaking his head in disapproval. From the 7:20 minute on, he gave many statistics about the Jewish community in the diaspora and in Israel (the statistics are irrelevant to those who understand the Jewish problem). From minute 20 he began to talk about anti-Semitism and confessed ‘I had a Jewish step-grandmother’.

At no time did he address the Jewish problem, which on this site I have defined in a nutshell (Jews are never over-represented in organisations or movements that represent the interests of the white majority, only in those that weaken that majority).

Molyneux’s extreme dishonesty is obvious. He has uploaded thousands of videos and invited many intellectuals… but cleverly eludes every intellectual conscious of the Jewish problem. Not only does he fail to invite a Jew-wise blogger. He does not even debate with the most elemental writing of, say, Kevin MacDonald. Molyneux could, without inviting the professor, answer what MacDonald says only in the preface of his best-known book: an essay that summarizes his life’s work. But the dishonest Molyneux fails to do it…

Nor does he mention, even in passing, the webzine that best explains the Jewish problem, The Occidental Observer. At minute 28:47 Molyneux exclaimed: ‘Blaming Jews I do not see it! In fact I see the opposite’ in the sense that he sees the Jews as a positive influence for the West. He says that the Dark Ages had more to do with Islam than with Judaism, which makes him an ignorant (cf. the masthead of this site, ‘Rome vs. Judea; Judea vs. Rome’).

From minute 34 Molyneux launched such a passionate speech against gentile hatred of Jews that it makes me think he has Jewish blood; he almost cries. He ends by saying ‘We must reason with each other. Reason. Evidence’—but he violates exactly these words because of what I’ve said above!

Molyneux ends his clip with teary eyes. He reminded me that at some time in his life he represented works by Shakespeare. His YouTube show is more theatre than substantial ‘philosophy’.

He’s obviously trying to do a psyop trick on us.

The Indian and the Hebe

This is the level of discourse that naïve Aryans watch while they’re being dispossessed by the anti-white System. Pay special attention to the segment criticising Richard Spencer, from about 3:40 to 6:45. Those white nationalists who still are fans of Molyneux✡ ought to watch this interview.

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Shakespearian Molyneux

Watch the theatrics and lyric rant of Stefan Molyneux after the 7th minute of this clip. He passionately champions ‘the truth’ but, in thousands of videos, he hasn’t properly tackled the JQ.

Recently Spencer re-tweeted ‘Stefan Molyneux & Richard Spencer: Have a discussion gentleman. It’s time’. But the only open racialist that Molyneux has invited is precisely a philo-Semite: Jared Taylor.

I doubt Molyneux✡ will cross swords with a Jew-wise intellectual in the near future. If he ever does he will immediately be challenged, as Spencer recently did it with Jordan Peterson.

The Alt-Lite (Molyneux, Peterson) are stepping stones for normies. Those who have already crossed the psychological Rubicon do not need them. Personally, I hate those who get stagnated on a stepping stone in the middle of the river.

New era of censorship

I have been complaining these days about what happened to The Daily Stormer. Now Stormfront, the oldest white nationalist internet forum founded by Don Black (pic left) with the motto ‘White Pride World Wide’, a major resource for white activists around the world, has been censored.

See the articles on Occidental Dissent and Anglin’s provisional domain on the subject here and here.

I bet that (((Stefan Molyneux))) the hypocrite, a notable defender of free speech in YouTube, will continue to remain silent on the issue…

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Hypocrite Molyneux

Further to ‘Tucker on The Daily Stormer’. The Orwellian making of Andrew Anglin a non-person continues. Yesterday he complained:

Please continue to spread the fact that I am on here [Gab], giving updates. Tell everyone…

I want to reiterate that I am shocked that A[lex] J[ones], [Stefan] Molyneux and others on the right are not openly coming to my defence. Only Tucker has.

This is coming for all of you next.

I want to add something to what I already said in ‘On Stefan Molyneux’.

Molyneux is perfect as the first stepping-stone that a recalcitrant normie has to step on while crossing the Rubicon from Normieland to National Socialism. However, once you are already at the other side, a psychological phenomenon occurs. The hypocrisy of the Alt-Lighters, including Molyneux, becomes extremely annoying.

This documentary from the mainstream media about Charlottesville is, as expected, biased against pro-whites. But I confess that I found so inspiring the very first minute that now I wish I should have been in that magic night ten days ago!

The mystique of that moment will never be conveyed by someone like Molyneux, whose YouTube videos are quite boring for the highly red-pilled man. So much talk about free speech in hundreds of his videos… but when a Neo-Nazi like Anglin gets ‘vaporised’ in the internet, a word used by Orwell in 1984, he doesn’t say a peep.

Purple-pill your normie friends with Molyneux if you like. But once they are firmly at the middle of the river call their attention to the ‘best article on the Jewish question’, linked on the sidebar below the laureated coin of Pierce.

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On Stefan Molyneux✡

Stefan Molyneux, who’s six years my junior, is a Canadian YouTube blogger. He usually speaks on topics including politics, right-libertarianism and some consider him the smartest exponent of the Alt-Lite.

In this video Molyneux says Jews are hated because they are intelligent. This is exactly what I believed when I was unawakened about the Jewish Question. Before 2010 I believed that they were overrepresented in all the fields because they were smart. But that was a mistake on my part. Presently I hate Jews because they are never over-represented in organizations or movements that represent the interests of the Aryan majority, only in those that weaken that majority.

Molyneux is not an idiot. He is not like me before I became acquainted with the writings of wise anti-Semites. Molyneux is actually tricking us by confusing apples with oranges; intelligence with subversion. For example, high IQ Asians living in the West never say, as Talmudists do, “the best of the Goyim must be destroyed”, etc. That’s why Asians are not hated.

Molyneux presumes that his worldview is based on facts, and sound arguments based on such facts. If that’s true, why hasn’t he discussed Kevin MacDonald’s work in any of his thousands of videos? MacDonald and those who publish in The Occidental Observer have demonstrated without reasonable doubt that the statement I put above in italics is true.

So Molyneux misleadingly presents himself to the public as a philosopher who bases his views on facts. The reason why he will never face the facts about Jewry is that he has Jewish blood. Molyneux himself has stated that his mother was born “in Berlin in 1937 to a pretty Jewish clan.” Such genetic traits explain Molyneux’s superb command of language, a command that hypnotizes unwary YouTube gentiles.

I write this entry because it has recently bothered me that Molyneux cites an anecdote: that in the early 1940s it was said that there is no need to sing victory while the Nazis still were in power. Molyneux has iterated that old anecdote several times in various videos. But the straw that broke the glass of my patience was his latest video, in which he talks about the fall of Bill O’Reilly. Molyneux quoted a line of Inglourious Basterds as if the anti-German diatribe was hilarious…

Let’s be clear: the exponents of the Alt-Lite are not our friends, especially those who have recent Jewish ancestry. Alex Linder sums up in a few words what a genuine pro-white movement must be: “No jews, just right”. The recent events in the family of Donald Trump show that Linder is right.