Where is your fucking hate?

If you are white and your blood is not boiling over what is going on, then you are either asleep or part of the problem.

 —Stormfront commenter

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Enemy number one

Apparently for most white nationalists our bicausal diagnosis is hairsplitting and, for all practical purposes, prefer to see the Jew as the main—some would even say the sole—factor of white decline. To challenge this view, a Stormfront commenter said recently:

Jews are the enemy #1? That sounds superficial. Why blame them for white decadence? We practically gave them power. I would say that the masses (esp. liberals, progressives, or whatever label they’re called these days) ought to be the #1 enemy. Christianity ought to be quite high up there as well, as a primary vehicle of white decadence for 2,000 years.

“We practically gave them power.” You can see in that Stormfront thread that other commenters lack this metaperspective, including one who wants to take Christianity off the hook. A woman even asked if the author of the above quote would leave Jews in her country!

In the table talks that I have been advertizing sometimes Hitler gives the impression that he criticizes Christianity more than Judaism. Does that mean that his Reich would allow Jews stay in Europe had he won the war? Of course not: the subversive tribe must be expelled from the West even if its members are not the primary etiology of white decline. White people are. See “On the white genocide meme.” This is a post chosen for the updated edition of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour, a book which is being translated to German in Ahnenreihe; sample of translated chapter: here. (Note of November 2016: My friend Richard withdrew his blog for fear of the thoughtpolice.)

In the comments sections I keep linking to The Fair Race because several visitors, especially Christians, try to discuss here without apparently having digested the point of view of this site, so clearly stated in The Fair Race. If Christian or monocausal visitors don’t have time to do the proper reading before jumping on the comments sections, please read at least the collection of comments in “On the white genocide meme”.

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Appalled by the ongoing racial suicide throughout the West, and by the fact that men with honor are practically nonexistent even in the pro-white movement, yesterday I tried to find some refuge in one of my readings as a kid. I revisited my decades-old illustrated books and booklets and picked up exactly the same translated copy of Ben-Hur that I read as a child.

Alas, once you are unplugged from the Matrix you cannot take the bluepill and enjoy another moment of blissful, childhood ignorance again! Yesterday I was immediately confronted by the fact that even on the first pages of this abridged version the author put a Manichean dialogue between Messala and Judah Ben-Hur, where it is clear that the Roman will be the bad guy of the story and the Jew the good guy.

I then searched in the internet for an exposé of the American general who wrote and published the novel in 1880, Lew Wallace. At Stormfront I found Christians blaming the 1959 movie adaptation of Ben-Hur, directed by Jew Willy Wyler, instead of blaming the Christian author himself! After all, Ben-Hur was considered “the most influential Christian book of the nineteenth century” with book sales surpassing Gone with the Wind. Long before the famous adaptation was filmed starring Charlton Heston, in the late 19th century Pope Leo XIII had said that Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ was the first work of fiction to be honored! You can imagine how such an influential work of fiction could have been a contributing factor in the runaway American philo-Semitism of the following century…

My poor white nationalist Christians: Why beholdest thou the mote that is in the Jude’s eye but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

The fact that there are lots of mentally-blinded Christians in White Nationalism is one of the reasons why I have now completely abandoned it and presently only favor National Socialism.

The Bible in a nutshell

Kevin MacDonald’s first book of his trilogy opened the doors to my understanding of what the Christians call the “Old Testament,” the sacred book of the Jews. In a nutshell, the Old Testament message promises a strictly racial ethno-state for a Semitic tribe: a message by Semitic writers for a specific Semitic people.

In contrast, the New Testament message for the gentiles seems to say, also in a nutshell, An ethno-state for me but not for thee; your reign is not of this world.

Jesus (and by this I don’t mean the historical Jesus—whoever the hell he was, if he did exist after all—but the Jesus of the gospel) is presented to us as an universalist. At least that’s how the Jew Saul (the most influential author of the New Testament as far as the extent of his writing compared to the other apostles), called “Saint Paul” by the Christians, preached his good news. In Galatians for example he says: “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

In other words, throughout the OT the Jews teach ethno-centricity for the Jewish people, but in the NT the Jew teaches universalism for us gentiles. Right? That’s the Holy Bible in a fucking little nutshell.

Below, a recent exchange on Christianity in a non-American, racialist blog:


Saint Paul delivering the Areopagus Sermon in Athens, by Raphael, 1515.

aijahlon68 says…

I was banned for life from Stormfront.org by a Christian Identity zealot / moderator, for having the audacity to write a post saying that Yeshua was a Jew.

Christian Identity, and Christianity as a whole, represents the biggest disadvantage the white race has in overcoming the Jewish problem. Christianity (in any form) is nothing more than self-inflicted Jewish Supremacy. As a race, we will never overcome the Jewish problem, until the Christian problem is solved first. How does one battle against emotions fueled by religious devotion, which is the most dangerous kind of devotion, because it leaves no room for questions or common sense, and is devoid of truth.

Waking a race of people up from a deep dream state based on Jewish lies would truly be a miracle, but impossible as it seems, there must be a way, and those of us who are fully awake need to find it.

mk8 says…

Attacking Christianity is a bad idea before every other problem has been dealt with. Even Hitler said so, and we all like Hitler, don’t we? There would just be some form of spiritual vacuum which would soon be filled by Islam and various other dangerous cults. As it stands now Christianity is actually the least of all evils.

Varg Vikernes says…

No it is not a bad idea at all. Christianity is the problem we have today. Christianity is not the least of all evils; it is the indirect cause of all evils. The Christians allow their “chosen people” special rights to destroy us all. If it hadn’t been for the Christians the Jews would not have been able to do anything to us at all. Go to Thulean Perspective for more on that, and search for posts about Christianity.

Christians even revolted against the NS regime, in 1942, causing instability and many other problems too, so maybe Hitler should have dealt with them first?

If Europe had been Pagan we would not have had any of the serious problems we have today in the first place.

mk8 says…

Varg, you are right that much of the resistance against the Third Reich was by Christians, and their grip on the churches was not tight enough. Hitler was not that wrong about leaving Christianity alone though, as he saw what happened to the Alldeutsche Vereinigung in Austria-Hungary (a political party supporting the Anschluss of the German part of Austria to Germany). The movement fell apart soon after they started to openly attack the church, failing to reach the common people and losing most of their followers. Even if it was the right thing to do, it was a very bad strategic move in hindsight.

On a smaller scale, I’ll just assume the same thing happens in places like Stormfront.org. It’s an American site after all, it must reek of Christians. Confronting them with the truth about their religion is like a cold shower for them. Maybe it’s not so bad to be banned from there after all…

The word “hate”

Excerpted from “The Morality of Hatred” by Peter Anthony,
an article originally posted at Stormfront:

In an age where perception equals reality, the enemies of our race have thrived on their portrayal of our cause as one of “hate” and “intolerance” for far too long.

Knowing the natural propensity of humans to gravitate toward the positive rather than the negative, our enemies, in this topsy-turvy world, have succeeded in calling the good bad and the bad good, and have achieved a monumental propaganda victory by getting the vast majority of the public to believe it.

By simply stepping forward (through their control of the media, churches, and other outlets) and declaring what is moral and what is immoral for all the world to hear, they have seized the moral high-ground on all societal issues, especially those dealing with race and culture; consequentially all those who wish to be moral will seek to obey what has been dictated from on high, not knowing or suspecting that the source of that information could be flawed or motivated by something other than goodwill.

Unfortunately, most people have not developed the adequate hindsight necessary to understand how today’s morality has changed from that of history; that indeed most of the famous people of history, from Plato to Thomas Jefferson, would be considered far from moral by today’s societal standards.

There can be no greater morality than that of the survival of the white race, and yet this is the first age where those who espouse this viewpoint are widely viewed as evil and immoral—haters. Seventy years ago, a politician had a hard time getting elected in the South without Klan support. When the Klan marched, they marched in broad daylight down the streets of major cities to the cheers of an adoring public. At a rally today, fifty or so Klansmen need police protection from the hundreds and thousands of jeering fools. While this has much to do with the declining state of the overall quality of our movement, it also reflects the sheer magnitude of the change in societal values.

The white races, more than any other, historically have been the creators, the developers, and the sustainers of civilization, of culture as we knew it when, across Europe, vast cathedrals pierced the sky over great cities where white men and women carried out the struggle of their daily lives by striving to make them better through innovation, invention, and plain hard work.

In short they built a world, from the ground up, using nothing but their minds and their work hardened hands. They spread from sea to sea, then across the sea and back again. When Magellan circled the earth and Cortés conquered the Aztecs with a handful against thousands, while Gutenberg was inventing movable type so the Bible could be read by millions—others were ensconced in the same primitive, aboriginal state of life which existed thousands of years before.

Der RitterschlagThe truth is not hatred, but the truth. In an age when chivalry was the norm, when behemoth castles dotted beautiful countrysides brimming with bountiful harvest, nothing was more sacred than honor—nothing more priceless than to be counted among the Godly. Today—we have lost our very souls. Today we are shadows of the men we once were. Instead of going West, we go to the nearest Blockbuster and watch a movie about it starring some Jew.

Am I called a hater for loving my family more than the family of another? If I prefer my wife over another, does this mean I hate all other women? And yet this is the logic our enemies often use when they accuse us of hatred for loving or preferring our racial family more than another.

The enemy has taken this noblest of all ideals, that of the preservation of God’s creation, and turned it into something twisted and evil. They have taken what is perfectly natural and right, the innate propensity of people to prefer their racial kindred, and called it “hatred” and “bigotry.”

There is nothing wrong with hatred, if properly placed, but on the whole our movement is not and never has been about hatred. It is about building a new society based on the natural and historic order of things.

Orwellian Canada

Ezra Levant on Section 13 (part 1)

Ezra Levant on Section 13 (part 2)

Ezra Levant and guest on Big Sister

The future is for the bloodthirsty,

not for the alt-righters

Panina said

There are very tangible reasons to stop associating with the “white nationalist” movement:

1) It is dead. Anyone with two eyes, a brain and enough courage can attest this fact. Though disappointing, it is understandable that it has not achieved a single victory in its entire history. What is far more problematic is that it is losing adherents and sympathizers at a steady pace instead of gaining new ones. This is a raw estimation, but I don’t think there are more than 50,000 active and declared WNs in the entire US territory as of now… That’s called a sect, a cult.

2) It is pathetic. Read Stormfront, the world hub of WNism, to understand what I mean. Who wants to associate with those who post there? I’d rather live among Hispanics or Asians than among the lowbrow skinheads, mixed-race “Whites”, Slavs, feminist women and Christian creationists of Stormfront.

3) The term “white nationalism” bothers me because “white” is too vague. I’ve seen enough specimens of white Untermenschen in my life to understand that skin color alone is unfortunately not enough, in times of accelerating dysgenism, to assert the nobility, intelligence and probity of someone.

I like the terms “realism” (since were are, in fine, observers and accepters of scientific truths), “white advocacy”, “pro-white” (which has a double meaning), or “new right”.

I replied…

White nationalism is a term for American whites (I have the impression you live in Europe. Am I wrong? I for one live in Mestizo America). American whites need a nation now that they are becoming a minority.

I don’t believe that the movement is dead. It’s just a tiny embryo that has chances to grow after the dollar crashes.

It has scored zero victories not because the story of the movement or the character flaws of nationalists, but because after the war America reached a period of economic prosperity unparalleled in history, and now that I am studying the history of the decline and fall of Rome it’s clear that people tend to become lazy and even self-destructive in periods of easy panem and free circenses. If we have to blame something, we must blame the increasingly degenerate westerners of the last forty or fifty years.

The movement has no chance to make a real breakthrough unless and until the dollar crashes. After the coming financial armageddon we will experience runaway racial turmoil in western cities and after that continuing crisis, since the race problem cannot be solved until the ethno-state is established in NorthAm and non-whites expelled from Europe. Then the entire world will suffer from the peak-oil, energy devolution crises. The convergence of catastrophes predicted by Faye will become reality for sure. All of this will happen within the lifetimes of some of us, and contrary to Greg Johnson et al’s reactionary, non-revolutionary stance, I look forward to watch, as Pierce put it, “blood flowing ankle-deep in the streets of many of Europe’s great cities.”

Yesterday I listened the two hours of the opening podcast of Carolyn Yeager and Tanstaafl’s new internet radio show. It was good. If I were billionaire I’d purchase Fox News and invite these bloggers for a daily show. The sound of their voices is exactly right during pre-crash America.

But there’s no question that the dollar will collapse. And after the collapse people will be mad as hell. Then, and only then, will bloodthirsty revolutionaries like me have a chance.

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What Germany was trying to prevent (cont.)

English roses are the perfect Caucasians. One of my favorite films (see my YouTube trailer: here) depicts two English sisters marrying their kind in Jane Austen’s world.

Alas, yesterday my brother lent me a DVD of another British movie filmed this century. Orwellianly titled Love Actually, in this “comedy” one of the English actresses that starred in the Austen movie marries a Negro.

This made me extremely upset. I mean: even today I didn’t say any “Good Morning” to my bro, who had insisted that I watched the movie. But besides the marriage the other traitorous content of the film isn’t worth of more of my bile. Suffice it to say that, from a white nationalist perspective, Love Actually was reviewed here.

Elsewhere I’ve mentioned the “Day of the Rope.” However much I crave for such a day, I understand that in this Age of Treason a Nazi flag cannot touch anymore the vital keys of whites. Instead, to help deracinated whites understand why such kind of movies are sins against the holy ghost I need to make them see how the Zeitgeist of the post-liberal world, under the motto “There’s Only One Race” is not about love but about hate.

I just uploaded the image of a novel almost at the right top of this blog, Ward Kendall’s Hold Back This Day. It is a must read that has been tagged by one of the Amazon reviewers with these words: “Beware! You’ll be thinking about it after you read it!”

Today The Occidental Observer also reviewed Hold Back This Day and below I include an older review, originally published at Sormfront.

My brother may not be fluent in English: but I will nevertheless send him a link to my latest entries, including this review by a Sormfront member:

I have always been a huge Science Fiction fan, and I love any good story. Ward Kendall’s Hold Back This Day [available at Counter-Currents Publishing here] is a work of sci-fi that spins eternal truth in a mesmerizing web of technology, politics, and sociology.


Hold Back This Day examines the life of the protagonist, Jeff Huxton, a civil servant who functions as principal of a government school in what was formerly South Africa. I say “formerly” because the sovereign nations of the planet have ceased to exist as such in Kendall’s 22nd century.

In a global society of multi-hued brown, Huxton is an anomaly, a man of “sandy-gray hair,” “blue eyes and pale complexion.” Race or lack thereof, is not the only uniformity on this Earth of 19 billion humans. The planet itself is ruled from Beijing by one hedonistic, cosmopolitan bureaucracy. This is “World Gov,” the omnipresent and seemingly omnipotent ruler which is so reminiscent of “Oceana” and “Big Brother” in George Orwell’s 1984.

At this time, the Whites of Earth have been all but obliterated—primarily through government-mandated miscegenation but also as a result of mass executions following the Unification, a cataclysmic moment when the non-whites of the world were let loose to ravage and annihilate their technologically and intellectually superior brethren of European descent.

The result: Slavery in the name of freedom, monoculture in the name of diversity, perpetual famine in a gluttonous world, and technological stagnation—even regression—as a consequence of the unavoidable dumbing-down of global intellect.

To whom are the people slaves? To World Gov, of course! Despite their lofty rhetoric concerning “brotherhood” and “equality,” the leaders of the world actually demand a state of perpetual subservience from the global populace. They constitute an elite, and they stop at nothing to protect their status atop the swarm of starving mongrels.

Jeff Huxton, “skoolplex administrator,” has lived his entire life in this chaos. In his youth, he learned of the fallibility of the government. Nevertheless, any flickering doubts concerning World Gov’s righteousness are of no consequence: His indoctrination has been complete. To him, everything is justified in the pursuit of “cultural diversity.”

Huxton is reviled by his raceless contemporaries, and he likely would die as he lives but for one person, his son Adam. Like his father, Adam is of pure blood—wholly of European descent. He is ostracized at school, and he can find no satisfaction at home. Gradually, Adam finds the sense of belonging for which he yearns, but it places him and his father in extraordinary danger. Adam has found his own kind, not lost to the sands of time, but alive—on Mars.


Hold Back This Day is an easy book to read; the sentence structure and diction are relatively simple. I estimate a fifth grader could understand 99% of the vocabulary.

Upon my first reading, I found no plot oversights that begged for resolution. However, there were several instances where I found myself thinking “Why are they doing this? Sensibly, one would have done ‘such and such’ but for one reason—literary suspense!”

In fact, much of Kendall’s work made me feel as if I were reading a sketch for a much larger and more detailed novel. At 179 pages [in the 2001 Nayra Publications edition; the Counter-Currents 2011 edition is 212 pages], Kendall bites off a lot to jam into such a small frame. While other readers may feel gypped, I commend the author for his ability to weave intelligently such a grand tale.

The question then remains: Why is Hold Back This Day only 179 pages? Without speaking with Mr. Kendall, one can only hazard a guess: Hold Back This Day is self-published. I don’t think Kendall is exorbitantly wealthy, and he likely packaged the text in what he felt to be the most economical form that is still true to his vision.


The tale told in Hold Back This Day is merely clothed in sci-fi garb. It is a story of eternal truth, but the fantastic backdrop Kendall creates takes nothing away from the message.

And what is that message? The White Race is on a collision course with disaster. Regardless of the causes, action must be taken now or all may be lost. Only a sci-fi plot twist saves Whites in Kendall’s book. The reader should not expect such Providence in reality.

I was very uncomfortable while reading the first four chapters of the book. Kendall’s writing is matter-of-fact and not prone to hyperbole or whining. It was this cold, unemotional exposition that was so disquieting. In this regard, Kendall should not be lauded for foresight. He is prophetic in the manner of a statistician: He looks at the present and extrapolates from that a logical conclusion.

It is flabbergasting to me that this book is available in wide distribution. The travails of self-publication notwithstanding, this book challenges the mindless treason of egalitarianism, which is worshipped (and increasingly demanded by statute) in every college, government institution, and most churches in the United States. Is it any wonder Kendall’s book wasn’t published by the masters of the media, who are directly responsible for the distribution of such filth?

Hold Back This Day is required reading for those who wish to peer into the foreseeable future. It comes in under the radar screen of political correctness, and may be a dangerous book to those who seek to establish the tyranny portrayed between its covers.