Civil war 2 in America – who would win?

Watch John Mark’s latest video on the subject: here. Up to 4:45 pm (CT), this comment by a Taylor Garza—:

This will cause whites in the millions to flock towards the alt-right and race-realism in search of an alternative solution, and when that happens, the alt-right can finally gain political power. Things will get chaotic in the short term, but there’s much to be optimistic about in the long term.

—has gotten 79 replies on that YouTube thread.

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White nationalists discuss GoT

Or: Why the subtitle of this site is
‘Under the Heart Tree of Bran the Broken’

I had written a supposedly ‘last word’ on Game of Thrones this Monday but Fróði Midjord, Greg Johnson, John Morgan, and Ramz Paul discussed the grand finale (YouTube video: here). See also the comments on Counter-Currents about the video (here). Under the penname of Trevor Lynch, Johnson expanded his critique on Unz Review:

Brandon, we are told, has the best story, and that qualifies him to rule. Except he doesn’t have the best story, but nobody objects to that. And why is having the best story a qualification to rule anyway? But nobody objects to that either. Beyond that, Brandon, is possessed by a figure known as the Three-Eyed Raven, who seems to know everything, especially about the past. But knowledge is not wisdom, and even wisdom is not leadership. So while Bran might be useful to keep around for information, he is not qualified to be king. But nobody thinks of this, and nobody objects.

First of all, Johnson ignores after minute 23 of the ‘round table’ video that the idea of crowning Bran came from George R.R. Martin himself, as revealed very recently by insiders:

Well, it looks like the finale twist did come from George R.R. Martin. This was confirmed by the actor, Issac Hempstead Wright, who portrays Bran Stark on Game of Thrones. During an interview, Issac says, D&D told him two big details about his character that came directly from the author himself. Unless he changes his mind, it does look like Bran Stark will become the king in the A Song of Ice and Fire series as well.

In the round table, Johnson called the Bran symbol ‘The dumbest story’ and Midjord, the host of the show, added mockingly: ‘The most boring story’. Obviously, these guys have not watched an insightful video that predicted why Bran would be king before the finale was premiered:

I have also called the attention to the same vlogger’s video, ‘The Power of Stories: How Bran the Broken was always the ending’, recorded after the finale. I don’t want to transcribe what the vlogger says to the written word. But the fact that the present subtitle of this site refers to Bran moves me to respond to those white nationalists who completely missed Martin’s point.

Subtitle explanation

Sam: Why? What does he [the Night King] want?

Bran: An endless night. He wants to erase this world. And I am its memory.

Sam: That’s what Death is, isn’t it? Forgetting. Being forgotten. If we forget what we have been or what we’ve done, we are not men anymore; just animals. Your memories don’t come from books. Your stories aren’t just stories. If I wanted to erase the world of men I would start with you.

Those who haven’t understood the ending have probably missed the above dialogue in the second episode of the last season. Bran’s stories are no mere adventures, but stories that mark the destinies of the white peoples.

See my recent articles on foundational myths to understand what I mean, including the story of Romulus stolen by Mark the Evangelist to axiologically invert the Roman foundation myth (in my post yesterday).

Zero-budget movies about the Gulag

From minute 40 to 43 Michael Kingsbury explains exactly what we have been saying this month: Whites need a very specific story, and Kingsbury wisely states which story should it be: a tragic story, like the Gulag that killed dozens of millions of whites.

Decades ago I was very naïve. I could not figure out why, in the middle of the Cold War, Kissinger and Nixon did not ask Hollywood to make films about the Gulag in order to win the cultural war that was already taking place in the West. I knew nothing about the Jewish question, let alone that whites were behaving like accomplices of the Jews. (Recall the phone call between Nixon and Billy Graham in which they worried that the media was controlled by Jewry but, from the presidential chair and the pulpit, they did nothing to solve the problem.)

Now I know that both Christians and secular whites are involved not only in the empowerment of Jewry, but in the internalisation of a foundation myth that diabolises the white race. What I did not understand in the past, times when I told people that the media feeds us with ‘a hundred films and documentaries about the Holocaust and zero about the Gulag’, I understand now.

Kingsbury is right in what he says, as I pointed out above, from the 40th to the 43rd minutes. That is why I place so much emphasis on Hellstorm, a true holocaust of Germans that even the so-called white nationalists in North America don’t want to see, apparently because those facts put their dear nation at the level of the USSR of Stalin.

The white man, compassionate by nature, must radically change the story he tells himself. And what better way that, instead of Game of Thrones fantasies, tell stories about real events of the 20th century: events that the System has been hiding for a century (according to Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, the Gulag system started in 1918 and ended a couple of years before the year I was born).

No one wanted to sponsor Kingsbury for his Gulag films. The three films he made were practically zero-budget movies. It reminds me the conditions in which I am also forced to work.

Don’t miss my point

The following was my today’s comment on yesterday’s thread, ‘Night King theme’. It still surprises me that visitors don’t get what I have been trying to say about the Game of Thrones phenomenon, whose finale millions watched on Sunday, a week ago.

______ 卐 ______

But don’t miss my point.

Whites are stupid. Jews are right: they’re just cattle and behave like cattle:

Linder is wrong. He believes that by solving the JP everything will be automatically all right. But he has not answered why, sans Jews, Iberian whites screwed big time in the Americas by polluting their blood, or why the Yankees fought for Lincoln against ‘evil’ racists, again sans Jewish press.

Whites (cattle) need a Fourth Reich so that the mythmakers will use (as Hitler dreamt) Germanic sagas to feed the proles instead of Judeo-Christian myths. Yes: prolefeed for the proles but with good messages; good stories instead of a show directed by two kikes and whose novels were authored by an extremely liberal goy.

Again: don’t miss the point of my dozen posts about the Game of Thrones craze. We need good stories. We need a sort of Game of Thrones TV show for mass consumption but this time directed by priests of the 14 words.

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‘Game of Thrones’ fan reactions

Do you see now why I wanted to be a film director when I was a kid? In good hands the audiovisual medium—with good music of course—would be the most powerful. You can only imagine how whites would be behaving today if Hitler had won the war.

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Night King theme

One of the positive aspects of Game of Thrones is that it invites the white masses to appreciate classic instruments better than the rubbish music we hear in most podcasts of so-called white nationalists.

As in the house where I live there are three pianos I can appreciate the art of the culminating part of the last season’s 3rd episode:

The same theme sounds even better with the orchestral accompaniment, exactly as we heard it for the first time on April 28. Pay special attention to the final crescendo, when the Night King was about to kill Bran the Broken:

If possible, listen to the theme on a TV set with good speakers instead of the very poor speakers that our laptops or cellphones usually have. And don’t miss this level of emotional involvement while watching, on April 28, the climax of episode 3:

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The Power of Stories


How Bran the Broken was always the ending

by Yezen IRL

Given the massive controversy and confusion around King Bran, and the ending of Game of Thrones, I figured I would give a brief explanation why Bran the Broken was always GRRM’s endgame, what this means for the story, and what it says about fate, free will, justice, and the stories that bring people together:

Melissa Krauss: I really did like this summary. Instead of criticizing, you explained how it really did fit the book. It did make a lot of sense. I’m glad that you showed this perspective.

Adrian du Plessis: A fantastic level-headed insight that enriched my experience of the show and renewed my excitement for the upcoming books. Thank you.

Nicole Cox: Well done! You gave a reasonable analysis of themes that were underdeveloped… But, nevertheless, present if we look for them.

Loopy Luppy: I would very much appreciate it if you were to continue this channel as I love your perspective on this show and would love to see it on others!

Kimseungsoofan: I loved Bran since the beginning and it made me happy to see him as the king, but what made fans mad was the build up!

Undertow: You know, I wasn’t a fan of the writing for the past couple of seasons mainly because of the rushed pace and the way they tossed the last two books aside, but it sure is refreshing to find a channel that stays positive and tries to find hope in the things we got. And considering you have read the books it sure is great you interpreted the spirit of the plot points… so thank you and keep up the amazing work!

Al Rezz: You make me love GOT again! I am going to rewatch it!


D&D: Were we right? In what we wrote?
RR: What WE wrote.
D&D: It doesn’t feel right.
RR: Ask me again in 10 years.

Ty Hijau: I was hooked on your channel since watching your last video about Bran being crowned king, well before the end of the series. Don’t know if I have ever come across another channel where the creator uses this level of critical thinking and analysis…please, keep it up. There are some out there, like me, who do appreciate this content. All your videos have been top notch!

Abilyn: Your perspective is the comfort needed for this end… Thank you.

Daniel Polanco: Thank you for appreciating and delve into the reasons for Bran’s kingship when everyone else seems enraged by it. This final season (and your video essays) gave me all the more reasons to dive into the books I’ve been holding back from ever since I started watching the show. Cheers.

______ 卐 ______

My two cents: Why am I posting so many posts about GoT?

Because of what I said a couple of days ago: ‘Jews win because they have a story. Whites lose because nowadays they’ve lost their story’.

It is high time for the white race to recover their stories, starting perhaps with Pierce’s Who We Are. Otherwise, the Jews will continue to win.

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Tyrion Lannister’s little speech

Watch it in the context of my recent reply to a commenter on Red Ice’s historical ignorance about the religion of our parents (the Red Ice couple are YouTube personalities, part of the Alt-right movement):

Update of 5 p.m.:

According to the plot of Season 8, the Night King planned to bring about an eternal night, wiping out mankind altogether, and in order to accomplish that he needs to kill Bran—the Three-Eyed Raven. As Sam points out, true death is only achieved when people are completely forgotten by the living, and the Three-Eyed Raven has access to all of human history, making him a crucial target for the Night King (NK).

In real life, this almost happened when Judeo-Christians destroyed all temples, libraries and even the human lives of the carriers of the white man’s culture, especially in the centuries 4th and 5th.

Following this analogy, white nationalists have failed to see the Three-Eyed Ravens’ messages to retrieve such history after the NK (Christianity) destroyed the most germane knowledge for white survival. I refer specifically to the histories of the white race by Pierce and Kemp that ‘nationalists’ still refuse to read, and apparently will continue to refuse until the eternal night finally reaches the entire West.

See the previous posts on this site under the title of ‘3-eyed raven’ (actually, quotations from Pierce’s Who We Are):

Three-eyed raven, 1

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Three-eyed raven, 8

First Amendment under siege

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Richard Spencer on Hitler

Today, after minute 59 Spencer said something germane about Uncle Adolf from the POV of this site.

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