The war on whites

In yesterday’s featured article on The Occidental Observer (TOO), ‘The War on Whites: Harold Covington’s Northwest Novels’, Edmund Connelly used my old, now obsolete penname ‘Chechar’ (I currently use my initials, C.T.). I would like to comment on some of the things Connelly said:

The War on Whites is moving to a higher level—fast. Signs are everywhere; they are undeniable. First and foremost, understand and accept that this is happening. For many, there will be no escape. If you are White and don’t yet grasp what is happening, quickly find out from someone who does. Lives will depend on it.

In my previous TOO article, I reviewed ‘collapse’ novels by Matthew Bracken as a means to put average Whites in the frame of mind needed to accept that ‘our’ government is now fully ready to attack us. All institutions are now arrayed against the White Christian founding stock of the United States of America: from the government, to the media, to education, to corporations, to the military, to the churches—all of it. And I know many of you readers see this…

This war is being waged by the mainstream, organized Jewish community. This cannot be denied.

This is short-sighted. While what Connelly says is technically true, in the West there are more traitorous whites than subversive Jews. Before Jews came to Connelly’s country in substantial numbers, the US had already waged a bloody war of secession against the white and in favour of the black. The racialised right has been particularly blind to this history, as the American Robert Morgan has pointed out so many times in the comments section of The Unz Review. (A selection of Morgan’s ideas when he was commenting on TOO under another penname can be seen: here.)

To my amazement, however, a hefty majority who correctly write about the danger facing the White race either fail or refuse to take their analysis to its obvious conclusion: Who is behind this vast swatch of anti-White activism? I would have thought that with the release of Kevin MacDonald’s trilogy on Jews in the 1990s and its subsequent filtering into the growing culture of the Dissident or Alt-Right, the matter of who is on the attack would be settled.

Technically true but still myopic, since what happens now is a re-enactment of what happened 1,700 years ago when other white traitors, incited by Christianised Semites, seized the power of the Roman Empire: as a few years ago we explained on this site with a series under the title ‘Apocalypse of whites’ (our core essay) which I recently linked on another thread at the TOO comments section.

Myopic I say because Connelly ignores not only what happened in Europe when Constantine came to power, but what happened in Latin America more than a millennium later.

By subscribing to the hypothesis that the JQ is the primary cause of the war against the white man, white nationalists have been reluctant to see that, in Mexico, its War of Independence (1810-1821) was consummated by white Criollos against the Peninsular whites, and its Revolution one hundred years later (1910-1917) lowered racial taboos and led to the rise of non-Criollos.

They don’t know either that the first president of Paraguay went to anti-white extremes that the US has not reached even in 2021: banning marriages among whites who were only allowed to marry mestizos or mulattos! Revilo Oliver knew better the history of Latin America. Who of the white nationalist pundits knows it now? It’s precisely because Connelly ignores the history of Europe from Constantine, or what happened in the Americas, that he writes:

This present essay names Jews as ‘the architects of this modern horror show’, the sponsors of this War on Whites…

Rather, I’d argue that Covington’s premises in his Northwest novels concerning a Jewish War on Whites are more relevant now.

However, Connelly’s article has good points. Earlier this year I complained that except for the retired writer Michael O’Meara, the pundits of white nationalism today are reactionary, not revolutionary. In his article, Connelly vindicates revolutionary thinking by introducing the TOO readership to the fiction of Harold Covington, especially the best of his novels, The Brigade.

One of the last chapters is [literally] an incendiary account titled ‘The Hotrod of the Apocalypse’… The point is that O’Meara has an unusually deep understanding of Covington’s intent in writing the Northwest novels.

Those who want to read my excerpts from The Brigade can do so: here. It’s on my list of must-read books.

Covington’s rendering of this White war for survival is gripping, compelling, and prescient beyond measure. I’ve read the book three times and without fail the 517 pages flew by as if it was only a few hours of reading.

After quoting some passages from The Brigade, Connelly tells us:

If I were to give you five narrow-lines pages of notepaper and let you loose on the Internet, how long would it take you to fill those pages with examples of how America is now lost to us? Not long, I suspect. And the main reason for this state of affairs is spelled out in MacDonald’s Culture of Critique and other works. We face a Jewish War on Whites.

Sorry but this is myopic once again. The pundits of white nationalism ignore the anti-Aryan war that the white man already waged both in the Roman Empire when it was Christianised and what happened in the Americas: an experiment that resulted in colossal miscegenation throughout this continent. (The Iberian whites irreparably polluted their DNA when the Inquisition kept even the crypto-Jews at bay!) I am not saying that Jewry doesn’t want to destroy the best of the Goyim, but that whites themselves have been their worst enemies because of Christian ethics: the paradigm of this site that replaces the paradigm of white nationalists.

And speaking of Christian ethics, a notable Christian among the pro-white forums is Hunter Wallace, who today published a piece, ‘Der Movement: Frazier Glenn Miller has Died in Prison of Natural Causes’, whose abstract reads: ‘The death of Glenn Miller is symbolic of the end of an era’. Wallace is the typical reactionary who rejects revolutionaries. As stupid as Glenn Miller’s act that landed him in jail may have been, Wallace picks on flawed revolutionaries like him instead of picking on mature intellectuals who advocate revolution like Michael O’Meara.

However, what Connelly later says under the heading ‘Media Silence and Distortion’ referring to Jewry is completely true. Regarding black-on-white crime, Connelly adds:

The truth is not hard to find—but paradoxically, it is impossible to see. Well, it seems paradoxical only to those who do not know about the evil surrounding the Jewish Question.

Unlike Revilo Oliver, monolingual racialists don’t realise that in Mexico newspapers like the Christian-owned Reforma are as subversive as Jewish-owned newspapers in the neighbouring country to the north. At least in the Americas, it isn’t only Jews but mestizos and Criollo traitors who promote the anti-white zeitgeist. The vast majority of Criollos I know are traitors to their race (see e.g., what I say in Spanish in a brief note: here).

Given that Connelly linked this site from TOO and some TOO visitors have come today to see what we say in the link that Conelly put in his article, I would suggest that visitors familiarise themselves with our new paradigm that doesn’t leave the JQ aside but rather expands it into what we call the CQ, the Christian Question (see the book The Fair Race whose PDF is available on the sidebar).

So many wights!

The number of Christians in the racialist right doesn’t stop surprising me. See, for example, this recent exchange in the American Renaissance comments section.

As after midnight I saw ‘The Long Night’ I was left with the image of the Hound hiding from the wights* and telling Beric that they were too many. Exactly the same can be said of the enormous number of Christians.

It is useless to argue with them in the discussion threads of the racialist forums. Secular Christianity is already in its phase of wights or the army of the dead, spiritually dead whites that only want to spiritually kill more whites.

Robert Morgan has had the patience to argue with the Christians on The Unz Review. I have no patience with those who haven’t had the honesty to reply to my eternal argument: that long before Jewry took over the media, the Spanish and Portuguese had already ruined their blood in the Americas.


(*) In Game of Thrones’ fiction, a wight is a reanimated corpse, either human or animal, raised from death by the White Walkers using necromancy to act as their minions. Wights are often referred to collectively as the Army of the Dead, or simply as the dead.

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Failure of nerve

In ‘America’s Cultural Collapse’, a YouTube audio, Gregory Hood recently joined Lipton Matthews to chronicle the demise of America. In about three minutes (starting from this moment) they touched on the subject I am so passionate about: the root of the dark hour.

Hood and Matthews suffer from the same failure of nerve as Tom Sunic, of whom I said something last week. They somehow recognise that the current psychosis of the West has Christian inspiration, but are reluctant to condemn the religion of their parents in unequivocal terms.

Nietzsche wrote: ‘The Christian church has left nothing untouched by its depravity; it has turned every value into worthlessness, and every truth into a lie, and every integrity into baseness of soul… I call Christianity the one great curse… the one immortal blemish upon the human race’. But these 21st century Americans haven’t reached the level of the German philosopher in 1888, when he wrote those lines.

Always remember: Christianity is the ultimate conclusion of Judaism.

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Staying in the middle

Some issues of this site are being discussed at The Occidental Observer, in the comments section of a recent book-review by Professor Kevin MacDonald. I left a comment and a commenter said yesterday:

C.T.: Your central essay is highly educational and leads logically to its conclusion: ‘The Christian church has left nothing untouched by its depravity; it has turned every value into worthlessness, and every truth into a lie, and every integrity into baseness of soul… I call Christianity the one great curse… the one immortal blemish upon the human race’. I would strongly recommend your central essay and also your The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour to anyone genuinely interested in the truth of this subject. In particular, I strongly support the ‘Revaluation of all values!’ section in the latter work. I was a naive Christian for much of my life before discovering eye-opening material such as yours.

The thread is interesting. It shows how a ‘Christian-wise’ scholar—just as anti-Semites are ‘Jew-wise’—resorts to doublethink. This was the first comment of Tom Sunic:

Nice review, valuable comments. This subject needs to be covered more often in TOO—even at the risk of alienating some of our WN Christian friends.

One of them responded:

Tom: You are a great asset to the movement and I respect your work. I know that you are vehemently anti-Christian with some justification in light of modern-day Christianity acting in opposition to the interest of European people. Christianity is not the problem, but rather Jewish intellectual subversion of Christianity. Traditional Christians are potential allies and a recruitable population that can be moved into the dissenting right column. Examples: E. Micheal Jones, Giles Corey and Nick Fuentes.

This is how Sunic resorted to a doublethink-like compromise:

Yes. I agree. I am not hostile to Christianity—nor to Catholicism (having in my close and distant families and friends Jesuits, Dominicans, etc). I only stress that Christianity is not and must not be conflated with our white national/racial awareness. Our own sense of the sacred we should keep to ourselves—and not put it on public display.

But later he added:

I see no reason why we can’t critically and scholarly address the issue of the monotheist mindset? Being White doesn’t mean we must all abide, all the time by all evangelical, Levantine ukases. Saul alias Paul, Augustine, Cyprian, Tertullian, and their latter-day secular offshoots, Marx, Freud, Trotsky and Co, were of North African-Levantine ancestry. Not of European ancestry.

The problem with Sunic is that he insists on staying in the middle of the psychological Rubicon, where they will throw stones at him from both sides of the river (Normieland and our side).

I could discuss with Sunic the issues but I find it virtually impossible to talk to his ‘WN Christian friends’. They are not only wilfully ignorant of the work of Biblical historical criticism but their view about the gospel borders on fundamentalism. As Gaedhal said today on this site, when you see the craven and cultivated stupidity of whites, those who prostrate themselves before a book of Semitic nonsense, an obscene compendium scribbled by Jews, then you welcome the racial destruction that is coming their way.

Unz’s scholarship

Editor’s note: The October 2020 article by Ron Unz is worth reading, ‘White Racialism in America, Then and Now: An Intellectual History of the Last One Hundred Years’ of which I’ll quote only a passage:

______ 卐 ______


The overwhelming majority of the world’s leading academics and intellectuals from one hundred years ago—whether left, right, or centre—held many views that would surely have gotten them branded as ‘White Nationalists’ in today’s severely constricted ideological climate.

But whereas today’s WNs are an extremely vilified and marginalised group, with their ranks therefore necessarily skewed towards eccentrics and misfits, the situation was entirely different back then. Their counterparts of the past included many of the foremost academic scholars and public intellectuals of that era, who openly discussed their views in leading opinion journals rather than by pseudonymous postings in dark corners of the Internet. Partly for this reason, such individuals tended to approach the same issues with far greater sophistication.

Until the early 2000s, nearly all these names would have been almost unknown to me, either rating a sentence or two in my introductory history textbooks, or else being entirely omitted. But I spent most of that decade building a content-archiving system that provided convenient access to over a million articles from more than 200 of our leading periodicals since the mid-19th century, and was stunned by the severe distortions and enormous lacunae in my knowledge which this revealed. As I wrote a couple of years ago on related matters:

I sometimes imagined myself a little like an earnest young Soviet researcher of the 1970s who began digging into the musty files of long-forgotten Kremlin archives and made some stunning discoveries. Trotsky was apparently not the notorious Nazi spy and traitor portrayed in all the textbooks, but instead had been the right-hand man of the sainted Lenin himself during the glorious days of the great Bolshevik Revolution, and for some years afterward had remained in the topmost ranks of the Party elite. And who were these other figures—Zinoviev, Kamenev, Bukharin, Rykov—who also spent those early years at the very top of the Communist hierarchy? In history courses, they had barely rated a few mentions, as minor Capitalist agents who were quickly unmasked and paid for their treachery with their lives…

As I gradually discovered, large portions of America’s entire intellectual past had been hidden or altered beyond recognition, and racial beliefs constituted a major portion of this transformation. The ongoing ‘cancel-culture’ of today’s elite-backed Black Lives Matter movement represents merely the latest iteration of this long process.

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O Christians!

The quantity of Christians in the racialist right still surprises me, and I’m not just talking about Americans.

The last time I saw a video of Keith Woods, it seemed to me that this beardless boy was in the process of abandoning racialism in pursuit of his parents’ religion. Now he interviews an apologist of his faith on YouTube (here): a channel that hasn’t been taken down because Woods’ message isn’t a threat to the System’s narrative.

I think I should link here some of the most incisive criticisms of various racialist authors of Christianity because the message of this site seems to be being preached on deaf ears. No Christian that I know of has tried to refute, say, what we say in the masthead of this site (here). Even the shortest articles don’t seem to have prompted them to reflect.

Let’s start by quoting Tom Sunic, who unlike the beardless Woods is a mature intellectual: ‘Christianity became a Universalist religion with a special mission to transform the Other into the Same. The seeds of egalitarianism—albeit on the religious, not yet on the secular level—were sown. Many Whites make a fundamental mistake when they portray new civil religions as part of an organised conspiracy of a small number of wicked people. In essence, civil religions are just secular transpositions of the Judeo-Christian monotheist mindset’.

Sunic is European. In America, writing about today’s Christian racialists, William Pierce said: ‘They ignore the Jewish origins of Christianity’. Also in the US, Jack Frost compared Christianity to cancer that started as a sort of Jewish psyop in the first century: ‘Cancer, too, doesn’t necessarily kill immediately. You can have cancer for years until it suddenly metastasises and kills you. You can have it and be apparently strong and have many accomplishments; but nevertheless, you have it, and it will eventually kill you’ (read the long text: here). Frost had in mind something akin to what another commenter has said and I quote on the sidebar: ‘1945 was the year of the total inversion of Aryan values into Christian values’, the current metastasises that is killing the West.

What Wood’s apologist says about the mischaracterisation of Nietzsche and that the state ideology (the George Floyd incident) is unrelated to historical Christianity, is unfounded. See my article in English (here) that has recently been translated to German (here).

Okay, I am an obscure blogger. But Woods and his Christian apologist even ignore what Hitler said about Christianity (here) or what William Pierce said about the same subject (here). New visitors of this should know the ideas of a Swede that prompted my awakening to the Christian Question (here).

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Book of the Stranger

‘Book of the Stranger’ is the fourth episode of the sixth season of HBO’s fantasy television series Game of Thrones, and the 54th overall. Tyrion, Varys, and the mulatto couple outside Meereen are barely seen in this photo.

From this episode Sansa loses her femininity and begins to speak like a man. Interestingly, yesterday I saw a video from a Spaniard about ultra-Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem. I had never heard a rabbi speak in such perfect Spanish. The customs of these ultra-orthodox Jews allow them to have families of a dozen children, just what the Aryans need for the Master Plan of conquering the world.

If white nationalism were not fake, the first thing they would do would be to reclaim their women. And that can only be done through a transvaluation of current values to common patriarchal values in the West until not long ago. Such transvaluation would explode the Aryan population to world-conquering levels, the healthiest thing we could imagine. If Jews have power, it is because they respect male-female bipolarity. If the Aryans are dying out, it is because they believe that a beautiful nymph like Sansa can suddenly begin to think like a general, advising Jon Snow how to get Winterfell back from the Boltons. All messages from Hollywood, the media and the universities are toxic to whites. But if whites weren’t crazy, they would write reviews exposing every feminist message of the most famous television series.

It’s not just Jon, at the Wall, who is reluctant to wage war on the Boltons. At King’s Landing the High Sparrow allows Margaery to visit her brother Loras, both prisoners in the dungeons of the Faith Militant. And just as Sansa harangues Jon to fight, Margaery harangues Loras not to give up, as psychologically he seems a broken man. Margaery, on the other hand, is presented as the strong one who resists the pressure of religious fanatics. But Loras replies that he can’t be strong, even though Margaery wants to encourage him.

As if that wasn’t enough, after escaping from Ramsay, in the Iron Islands Theon talks to his sister Yara. Once again the male-female roles are reversed, to the point of rendering Yara as incredibly manly and Theon as another broken male. Those games in kindergartens where boys and girls exchange clothes are unnecessary in this brave new world if we see it even in hours of television entertainment, like this series that so many millions have seen. Worst of all is that Theon tells Yara that it is she, now that their father has died, who must rule the Iron Islands. (Remember that no woman has ever been the queen of that wild kingdom of fishermen that assaults their neighbours as the Vikings did.)

Then Sansa convinces Jon to declare war on Ramsay, but the role-reversal scenes don’t end there! In Vaes Dothrak, Dany provokes the gathered khals and kills them by setting fire to the Temple of the Dosh Khaleen (she is miraculously unburned). Martin seems to have been inspired by the Mongols to describe the Dothraki, who are even more primitive than the most barbarous in Westeros. To make matters more ridiculous, after cremating alive the great khals Dany is left with the armies of these ‘Mongols’ for her own SJW purposes. End of episode!

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Der Movement

‘Every doctrine of modern political correctness can be traced back to a Christian, New Testament source’. —Robert Morgan

Morgan’s response to MacDonald in my post yesterday reminds me of something vital. While I respect the studies of race realism that Jared Taylor has been publishing for decades, all of that is secondary. The primary thing is that we should hate non-Aryans just for being non-Aryans, even the mudbloods. That’s the tactic that other races follow. Jews detest Aryans and blacks alike. The so-called Hispanics don’t like them and that’s all too normal. Only whites are mandated to love their neighbour, in the Samaritan sense of loving someone outside their own ethnic group.

I don’t even look at IQ studies. What matters to me is the physical and spiritual beauty of the Aryan, as can be seen in the sidebar of this site. The rest—fighting for an ethnostate, etc.—follows from that fundamental premise.

What white nationalists don’t realise is that, by pointing to the uncivil behaviour of other groups and not the threat they pose genetically, they subscribe to the axiological system that is killing them. The concept of transvaluing values to the times when the Greeks were unmixed (as in Sparta) or the unmixed Romans (during the flower of Republican Rome) is alien to them. Furthermore, once one revalues values such elemental projects as the Nazis’ Master Plan East are taken for granted. If American white nationalists were like the Nazis they would fantasise about a Master Plan South once they conquer the state.

Hunter Wallace is a typical example of this blindness. He has just finished a series, ‘Der Movement’, in which he reviews the American white nationalist movement. But it doesn’t even occur to him that those same parents who put him in a mental hospital for a while were carriers of the most poisonous religion of all time. It doesn’t even occur to Wallace and company that they should become familiar with the liberal studies of other Christians, like the one I linked to today excerpting Ian Wilson in my latest post on Game of Thrones.

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A commenter said something today that portrays what’s happening in the American racialist scene like a photographic negative:

My question is why do you stay in Der movement? Why not acknowledge that it’s wrong on so many levels? Why not just become a genuine Christian and leave racism behind? The movement has failed and will always fail because it’s wrong. It’s not genuinely Christian, and its focus is on the flesh, not the spirit. Wake up.

The reality, as a regular reader of this site for priests of the 14 words knows, is to reveal the photographic negative into a positive:

My question is why do you stay in white nationalism? Why not acknowledge that it’s wrong on so many levels? Why not just become a genuine anti-Christian and leave anti-racism (i.e., Christian ethics) behind? The movement has failed and will always fail because it’s wrong. It’s not genuinely anti-Christian, and its focus is on the flesh, not the spirit. Wake up.

Remember that on this site we distinguish between pseudo-spirituality and genuine spirituality.

Incidentally, yesterday I was surprised that Occidental Dissent, the site where the commenter posted the above-quoted monstrosity, receives slightly more visits than Kevin MacDonald’s webzine, as can be seen in this AmRen article from yesterday, which includes a list of most visited racialist sites:

The Unz Review
American Renaissance
The Daily Stormer
Occidental Dissent
The Occidental Observer

I would like to say something about the site that is ranked Number One. If you look closely, my literary style is diametrically opposite to that of the Jew Ron Unz. My posts are laconic. Unz publishes such a huge number of articles, with such a throng of gentile commenters, that it’s impossible to follow them closely.

He who admires laconic Sparta dislikes the verbal diarrhoea of the Jew. It’s best to say it all in very few words like our links in the sticky post.

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Bloodraven’s cave

Brad Griffin, better known by his pen name Hunter Wallace, of whom I recently said a few things, has started a new series of articles where he says he’s disappointed with the movement. Yesterday and today he wrote two essays under the title ‘Der Movement’ (here and here). But what Wallace fails to see is that American racialists don’t understand that they’ll never win by playing by the rules and the cultural and economic roots of their country.

It seems to me magnificent that, after Charlottesville, the movement is confused and without daring to go out into the streets again. It is a good opportunity for an odyssey into inner space, into Bloodraven’s cave: an introspection and insight into ultimate questions, such as to question the worldview that led the white race to the darkest hour in the history of the West.

Imagine how absurd it would be to want to save the very few whites of Latin America without questioning the ideological DNA, or double helix, from which the Spanish and Portuguese conquered the Americas: the Catholicism of the Counter-Reformation and the search for gold and silver by bachelor soldiers instead of bringing the families of the Iberian Peninsula so that the conquest resembled what the Anglo-Germans of the north would do.

In other words: wanting to save the very few whites in Latin America without fighting to the death the Catholicism that allowed miscegenation, or the blind thirst for the exploitation of natural resources, would be folly. As folly as wanting to understand what is happening north of the Rio Grande without questioning the Protestantism that emerged from the Reformation, or Yankee capitalism.

The basic aetiology, or double helix, of the catastrophe of both the Anglo-Germans from the north and the Iberians from the south has been the same, with the difference that those from the south began interbreeding 500 years ago, and those from the north barely 50 years ago. Gold and Christianity, Mammon and whites worshiping the god of the Jews, have been the primary cause of the dark hour. This is so true that, even before the Jews took over the media, miscegenation had already been consummated in Latin America, and the American civil war to free the slaves had already been fought.

The obvious causes of Aryan decline are the Christian religion and a treacherous thirst for riches, but religion is the real perpetrator. While China currently adores Mammon, they are not so stupid as to import millions of foreigners while developing a vicious anti-racist ideology like the one that reigns today in the West. In other words, it is possible to be a degenerate Mammon worshiper in Asia and, in turn, refuse to mix their blood with foreigners.

If racialist whites weren’t so blind, the first thing they would do is investigate the causes of the suicidal zeitgeist that’s killing them. They would seize the opportunity the System gave them by cornering them back to their moms’ basements to rethink the matter and apostatise from the religion of mom who lives upstairs.

But neither Wallace nor those who comment on his blog or other racialist forums dare to question the god of the Jews. The price of not doing so is the extinction of their race. There lies the original virus that later mutated into the mental virus that destroys them today: a virus that has not infected the Chinese because they’ve never worshiped the enemy god.