The two Occidentals

Update of April 5: Yesterday, The Occidental Observer published two articles: the one by Sunic I mention below and another that I just read today, ‘The Coronavirus and Galileo: An Interview with Italian Nano-pathologist Dr. Stefano Montanari’. I wrote the text below the swastika without noticing the latter, which seems extraordinary to me.

In the racialist forums, Andrew Anglin, Ramzpaul, and some commenters of other forums are in denial (these images debunk the notion that ‘It’s just the flu’). But now we see one of the most respected racialist webzines, The Occidental Observer, posting an article that says, in more educated prose, what Anglin and Ramzpaul have been saying. To boot, The Occidental Observer commenters, at least till now that I read the article (five in the morning), praise the Montanari article in the comments section. I have always had a very poor opinion of The Occidental Observer commentariat, but what happened yesterday confirms it big time.

Kevin MacDonald is the editor of The Occidental Observer and in this regard Hunter Wallace, editor Occidental Dissent, has much more contact with reality, as we see in Wallace’s constant criticism of those who advance irrational sceptical views about the coronavirus.

The first article on the Chinese virus that I added on this site recommended Chris Martenson’s YouTube channel as the most reliable source of what has been happening with the pandemic. I still recommend it as an antidote to those who join the voices of Anglin, Ramzpaul, and now the commenters of MacDonald’s webzine.

Yesterday I wrote:

______ 卐 ______


In chess it is known that when an inexperienced player makes a mistake and panics, when trying to correct the position on the board he makes another move: a losing blunder.

Following the Austrian economists, since 2011 I have been alerting my readers about the economic crisis that only until now is going to unfold. January’s policies on the coronavirus, the curve which could have been flattened if the West had acted as Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea did, were that original mistake in world chess. But the measures, spearheaded by the US, that western governments are plotting—inflating their currency to hyperinflation—is the fatal blunder that will mark the beginning of the end of the System.

Curiously, among racialist forums very few are aware of what Austrian economists have been telling us since Nixon unpegged the dollar from gold in 1971. But the Cassandras had known this for a long time. We must not forget how Revilo Oliver complained about the very existence of the Federal Reserve, founded more than a hundred years ago.

I recently praised Croatian Tom Sunic for his understanding of the CQ, the Christian Question that most Americans still don’t get. Perhaps now I could say something similar just for a paragraph from a Sunic article that was published today on The Occidental Observer, where we can read:

The economic crisis will last much longer than the current epidemic; it will do far more damage and kill far more people. If it goes hand in hand with a global financial crisis, we will be witnessing then a tsunami: an economic crisis and therefore a social crisis, financial crisis, health crisis, ecological crisis, migration crisis. In 2011 I published a book called Au bord du gouffre (On the Brink of the Abyss). It seems to me that we have arrived there now.

Sunic seems to know that the virus was just an earthquake and that the real killer is going to be the looming financial tsunami. Compare the paragraph above with what Hunter Wallace has been saying these days. Neither Wallace nor the Occidental Dissent commenters seem to have any idea that it is only a matter of time before the tsunami hits their beaches. They are, as I said recently, living the calm before the storm. Mixing metaphors, Wallace doesn’t seem to realise that the actions the Fed is taking are like that chess blunder that will end in a tsunami.

Although I have announced the Chris Martenson channel for a long time, Wallace has recently popularised Martenson’s videos about the coronavirus on Occidental Dissent. I would recommend that every visitor watch Martenson’s crash course. Originally uploaded on YouTube in 2008, it was updated in 2014 and Martenson is planning to update it once again. The audiovisual course explains the looming economic tsunami in a very didactic way.

Heimbach’s introjects


Cute niglet nephews in your family?

After the sordid affair two years ago with Matt Parrott’s wife, the racial community lost interest in Matt Heimbach. But yesterday a commenter called my attention to how Heimbach recently cucked, and quoted his recent words:

To zoom out and see the suffering of every person, of any ethnicity / religious creed / sexual orientation, who is struggling under the shackles of oppression and exploitation demands a sense of shared community, shared struggle, and of solidarity.

I have said it many times: Christian love is destroying the white race. Heimbach continues:

I’d always been an odd duck in American white nationalism, with my disdain for the American empire and compassion for people of color. I recall a heated debate with a Klansmen over my “radical” notion that Black people have souls.

And with the following words Heimbach looks like the proverbial prodigal son of the New Testament:

I had become convinced that I needed to be a part of something bigger, for the whole of humanity’s sake.

Yes: unlike the Spartans, the early Church was universal in the sense of admitting all ethnicities.

Most racialist forums are silent about Heimbach’s recent pronouncements. Last week, Trey Knickerbocker published an article defending Heimbach on Occidental Dissent. But the article has been deleted [1] perhaps because of a phrase that, once Heimbach cucked, was too embarrassing for the webzine: ‘Matt Heimbach, who has proven time and again he would never leave another White man behind, nor would he ever cuck in the face of danger…’

Heimbach’s cuckoldry doesn’t surprise me.

This Wednesday I wrote ‘Slaves of parental introjects’. In my humble opinion, the racialist movement is not advancing in the US due to Christian introjects not only from the normies but from the racialists themselves. Consider Heimbach for example, about who in 2013 and 2017 I had already written a few words on this site.

Before the scandal of 2018, the slogan of the neo-fascist group that Heimbach led was ‘Fighting for faith, family and folk’, and I remember watching several videos showing Heimbach repeating this slogan at the meetings. Note that the first word is faith, by which Heimbach meant faith in his parents’ religion. Heimbach himself confesses:

I grew up in a middle-class home in a small rural town in Maryland, to loving, color-blind conservative Christian parents.

A parental introject! That Heimbach was already a cuck before the 2018 scandal can be seen in this snapshot of one of his internet discussions with a Christian Identity guy. In the discussion, Heimbach said: ‘And no, I do no think that miscegenation is a sin’. More to the point:

If my sister or brother was engaged in a mixed race relationship I would express my views but they are still my family.

Really? And would your cute niglet nephews also be your family, Matt? Note that the affair with Parrott’s wife and the fact that his comrades repudiated his immoral conduct did not produce this cuckoldry. He was already a cuck before falling from grace.

White nationalism will get nowhere unless they give up their parental introjects, especially when it comes to religion. Addressing the members, in his 1992 National Alliance Membership Handbook William Pierce knew something that white nationalists have forgotten today.

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other.


[1] A capture of the cache of Knickerbocker’s article can be seen: here. Although the three embedded videos do not appear in this copy, since I saw the original cache yesterday, which will soon disappear from the internet, I know they can be seen here, here and here.

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Very important subject

I am perfectly aware that virtually all people of white nationalism, or even the alt-lite, are unaware of the psychic havoc caused by abusive parents. The exception, as I have said more than once, is Stefan Molyneux as we saw not long ago in his review of Joker.

What bothers me is that Molyneux’s mother is Jewish, and one would expect a non-Jew of the alt-lite or white nationalism to venture into a subject that I consider fundamental: the actual aetiology of mental illness (as opposed to the psychiatric lies that we hear in the universities).

If the Aryan world shakes off all Jewish influence, beginning of course with a rejection of Christianity and its secular offshoots, over time it will ‘translate’, into Aryan language, the most relevant findings of Jews on the trauma model of mental disorders. In the introduction to my work for a racialist audience I recently wrote for this site:

For now, suffice it to say that Alice Miller continued to mention Hitler under the influence of the official narrative in almost all of her texts, so I currently do not recommend any of her books. It is not that I have repudiated Miller’s findings: a Jewess who, although she suffered as a child in the Warsaw Ghetto, after changing her Jewish surname she never wanted to return to the shelter of her mother’s religion. But I must say that Miller’s psycho-biographical analysis of Hitler is based on the great lie of our times. The Swiss psychologist never considered such elemental issues as the fact that the Holocaust of millions of Ukrainians, largely perpetrated by Bolshevik Jews, caused the legitimate fear, and eventual reaction, of the German state.

But that is a separate matter. The issue that concerns us in Whispering Leaves is very different: the Dantesque hell that some parents put their children in: something that Miller got right.

The issue of abusive parents is not only taboo in all societies, as almost no one connects the dots between mental disorders and poor childrearing. Like the racial issue or the WWII theme, as to mental health the values have been completely reversed.

For example, two years ago, in March 2018, a commenter told me: ‘I have since forgiven my father and every other person of note in my life needing forgiveness’. But forgiveness is a Christian doctrine, although many secular psychotherapists also subscribe such unhealthy way of treating their patients. I answered: ‘I cannot speak for you because I ignore the full story. Generally, for an adult child to forgive a parent who never recognised his fault is psychological suicide. Alice Miller said that a child can excuse his parents, if they in their turn are prepared to recognise and admit to their failures. But the demand for forgiveness that we often encounter can pose a danger for healing. These are some quotable quotes from her’:

• It is the resentment of the past, we are told, that is making us ill. In those by now familiar groups in which addicts and their relations go into therapy together, the following belief is invariably expressed. Only when you have forgiven your parents for everything they did to you can you get well. Even if both your parents were alcoholic, even if they mistreated, confused, exploited, beat, and totally overloaded you, you must forgive.

• The majority of therapists work under the influence of destructive interpretations culled from both Western and Oriental religions, which preach forgiveness to the once-mistreated child. Thereby, they create a new vicious circle for people who, from their earliest years, have been caught in the vicious circle of pedagogy. For forgiveness does not resolve latent hatred and self-hatred but rather covers them up in a very dangerous way.

• In my own therapy it was my experience that it was precisely the opposite of forgiveness —namely, rebellion against mistreatment suffered, the recognition and condemnation of my parents’ destructive opinions and actions, and the articulation of my own needs— that ultimately freed me from the past.

• By refusing to forgive, I give up all illusions. Why should I forgive, when no one is asking me to? I mean, my parents refuse to understand and to know what they did to me. So why should I go on trying to understand and forgive my parents and whatever happened in their childhood, with things like psychoanalysis and transactional analysis? What’s the use? Whom does it help? It doesn’t help my parents to see the truth. But it does prevent me from experiencing my feelings, the feelings that would give me access to the truth. But under the bell-jar of forgiveness, feelings cannot and may not blossom freely.

• I cannot conceive of a society in which children are not mistreated, but respected and lovingly cared for, that would develop an ideology of forgiveness for incomprehensible cruelties. This ideology is indivisible with the command “Thou shalt not be aware” [of the cruelty your parents inflicted to you] and with the repetition of that cruelty on the next generation.

I’ve added italics in the above quotations.

Again, I am not asking my audience to read Miller. But my writings translate, and expand considerably, her findings for an Aryan audience. It is a very important subject for the simple reason that mental health matters, and racialists who have had mental issues are generally clueless about what caused them.

Leaving the courtroom

In a post that five months ago I called ‘Ron Unz and JFK: Leaving the courtroom’ I criticised Unz for believing conspiracy theories. Now this Jew goes back to his old ways in an article whose discussion thread already has more than a thousand comments.

I will not repeat what I wrote five months ago, including what I commented in the discussion thread. Suffice it to say that it seems pathetic to me that racially conscious whites continue to believe conspiracy theories like those of JFK and 9/11, discussed in the recent Unz article.

Everything has to do with what I have said several times: most humans are unable to distinguish between the structure of their inner selves and the empirical world. The fact that conspiracy theories are so endemic in the movement only demonstrates that the process of psychogenesis in the human today still carries many ‘paleological’ atavisms.

If the commenters of the Jew’s webzine were preparing for the Chinese virus pandemic instead of this nonsense, they would do themselves a great favour…

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Carolyn Yeager: the only honourable

On the first day of this month I made a promise I didn’t keep (‘I have decided to freeze this blogsite with this entry’) insofar as, a week ago, I announced the translation of my first book (whose first draft, by the way, was written in 1988).

The idea of freezing that post (Chris Martenson is really the best on this subject) was for racially conscious whites to take preparatory measures for the Chinese virus pandemic, which has reached this continent.

Most of my time I indeed occupy in the translation, but once the promise of the first of this month was violated, I cannot resist the temptation to definitively distance myself from some commenters who, in the past, I had come to admire.

In this recent discussion thread on Unz Review the only person—a woman!—who in her life has dedicated herself to defending the image of the Führer has been Carolyn Yeager.

Most of the evil karma that the white race now suffers comes from their betrayal of the most heroic man of the modern age, whom I have been comparing with Leonidas and Hermann (both betrayed by another Greek and by another Germanic respectivelly). It’s a surreal shame that some American racists continue to throw dirt on the image of Hitler. From my point of view, everything has to do with the fact that whites have completely lost their story, even the white nationalists. Following the metaphor of George R.R. Martin, the perpetual night has fallen on Westeros.

Together with another racist who no longer comment here, one of the commenters who now discusses with Yeager came to opine here, last year, that Charles Manson was above Hitler! I wonder if the members of Atomwaffen, who are being arrested these days and who also admire Manson, share such infinitely surreal madness (I’ve heard that some of these losers are proud readers of Siege and despise the ‘bourgeois’ NS men)?

Don’t be surprised if I don’t let these commenters and others to comment here again now that, except for some preparatory purchases, I am so busy working in the translation. (In the afternoon I will buy more N-95 masks, which I’ll begin to use religiously from next month every time I go out.)

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Poisonous 1917

The Hollywood movie 1917, which I saw today, directed, co-written and produced by Sam Mendes, whose mother is Jewish, is poison to the Aryan race.

Of the most notable contemporary racialists, Richard Spencer’s voice is the least bad. I’m not saying it’s a good voice: it’s just the least bad. Let us listen, then, what together with Hollywood buff Mark, who never shows his face, Spencer said yesterday about Mendes’ movie.

The problem with Spencer is that he is very lukewarm. A truly fanatic priest of the 14 words would be furious not only against this new film, but against the entire film industry (with the exceptions of the 1995 and 2005 movies based on Jane Austen’s novels, of which I spoke this week.)

One of the problems with films like 1917 is that they are made with great craft and even art we could say. But that turns the film into an even more rhetorical poison, and therefore more dangerous, than a poorly directed film.

For me the seventh art, as a subject, is crystal-clear. As long as there are non-whites on Earth, every film must be propaganda: audio-visual spectacles that must have the imprimatur of a totalitarian Fourth Reich, as Yockey said in one of the quotations of The Fair Race: ‘L’art pour l’art values must be transvalued to Art practiced in conformity with the cultural task’. Of course, that was collectivist Germany, not libertarian, Mammon worshiper and Judeo-Christian America.

Compare the above way of seeing art—a priest’s POV—with the words of Spencer and the faceless Mark. Spencer said that 1917 ‘is valorizing WWI, and I think that is something that is extremely problematic’ (after minute 6:30, and he repeated these words after minute 34). Note the word ‘problematic’ and realise why, compared to me, I label Spencer as lukewarm. I’d simply say it’s Jewish poison for the Aryan mind. Mark added about the hero of the movie: ‘he defeated the villain, he defeated the foe… from the British side’.

Spencer also spoke of World War II but did not say a word about the Holocaust that the Allies committed on the Germans. I wonder if Spencer has read Hellstorm? This astronomic omission reminds me that Hunter Wallace wrote about Justinian I today in glowing terms about ‘reconquering the Western Empire’. These are words as deceiving as Sam Mendes’ visual art about the Great War. Does Wallace know about the Holocaust perpetrated on two Germanic peoples by Justinian I, the emperor of the capital of miscegenation, Constantinople? (see the final pages of the book I recently translated, Christianity’s Criminal History).

Just as in official history the Germanics that invaded the already miscegenated Roman Empire are presented as barbarians, in 1917 a ‘German is depicted as an insane maniac’, said Spencer around minute 36 and he added that the scene was ‘insulting to Germans’. Mark then said that in the film the German point of view is never represented, that it is taboo in Hollywood. I would add that, unlike one of Clint Eastwood’s films about WW2 where the Japanese POV is presented, the German POV continues to be taboo. Incidentally, both Spencer and Mark use the word ‘gay’ without realising that it is Newspeak to avoid.

Only until a few seconds before the 57th minute Mark said ‘I knew that the guy was a Jewish filmmaker’, something he should have said from the first minute. Then we hear, after 1:06, that the film is pro-Zionist and glorifies the two world wars that only favoured the Zionist Christians: wars that transvalued values in the US to a philo-Semitism based on the Schofield Bible. Spencer & Mark’s review aside, it is time to say a few more words about the American racialist movement.

George Lincoln Rockwell was the only one who understood racial reality. If he had not been murdered the journal National Socialist World, in which William Pierce and others collaborated, would have continued.

The wisest thing I heard in England the last time I visited the island was what Arthur Kemp told me: that William Pierce’s mistake had been not to form a political party. I recently talked about Pierce’s blunder, but degenerate music was only a tactical blunder. The fact is that Pierce committed something much more serious: a strategic blunder, not having followed in the footsteps of Commander Rockwell.

Only Rockwell tried to follow in Hitler’s footsteps. After Rockwell everyone else has been talkative, despite Pierce’s enormous intelligence (whom I cite so much in The Fair Race).

After the assassination of Rockwell, everything we have had in this continent have been impossible compromises with Christian ethics and the American way of life. The tremendous inertia of American Judeo-Christianity is such that, as a commenter said on this site today, the purported anti-Semite Andrew Anglin no longer speaks about Hitler. He now speaks about Yahweh and his son Yeshu, as the gods that the valiant visitors of The Daily Stormer must follow.

If white nationalism were a legit movement, everyone would be talking about Christianity’s Criminal History and the forthcoming revolution, although theoretically and patiently, waiting for the dollar to collapse so that the masses transit from happy mode to angry mode. But they are stagnated in the American way.

Possessed whites

Jordan Peterson may be a sophist but he does well to remind us, quoting Jung, that the human being in general has no ideas: he is possessed by ideas.

Since the Imperial Church destroyed the Greco-Roman world, whites literally became possessed by Jewish ideas. Think about how many centuries the possessed ones bent their knees to deities like Yahweh and his son Yeshu.

Whites are so possessed that even the souls of the supposed rebels of the anti-white zeitgeist continue to be possessed by this idea. And I mean not only white nationalists who remain Christians. Every time I see more clearly that the fact that books like Who We Are remain unpublished, even by secular racialists, is because Pierce breaks away from Christian ethics by advising ‘extermination or expulsion’ of non-whites throughout his book.

Understand me well: like the normies, all racialists in today’s world are possessed by an unhealthy idea. And like the normies they will remain possessed until the day of their deaths, as Thomas Kuhn saw. There are exceptions of course, including some commenters who have visited this site. But in general what Jung said remains: human beings have no ideas; they are possessed by ideas. And the idea that in this age governs westerners, including secular white nationalists, remains Christian ethics.

It is true that white nationalists are not normies. But since they are unable to break openly with Christian ethics they are in no man’s land. The metaphor I have been using is that, although they left Normieland, while crossing the psychological Rubicon they stayed in the middle of the river. They are unable to continue crossing into the lands of National Socialism, and will remain unable to cross it until the day of their deaths. The magnet exercised by the precepts of Yahweh and his son Yeshu from the side of the river they left behind is irresistible.

Our only hope is to appeal to the very young generations, perhaps teenagers or children, who in the future will read The Fair Race: a compilation that, as I promised yesterday, in the 2020 edition I added a paragraph in the introduction (and deleted the PDF of 2019).

Above, Catherine gets a woman released from her pact with the devil before dying, a painting by Girolamo di Benvenutto (1470-1524). What Girolamo ignored is that Christianity itself is the devil, and that we must get whites released from their devilish pact before their race goes extinct.

Crazy town

I remember that when I lived in California in the 1980s, from time to time I watched a few seconds of the preaching of the televangelist Oral Roberts. But I was unaware of the biographical profile about such a folkloric American until very recently.

The preacher Roberts, leader of a $120 million-a-year Christian organisation, was such a grotesque, and typically American, figure that the mere fact of his existence should invalidate the US as a serious nation.

This is one of the problems of white nationalism. They see Jewry but are unable to see the beam in their own eye: a beam that certainly has to do with the power that Jewry has gained in the country of white nationalists.

If one reads the webzine of Kevin MacDonald, for example, one finds that the subject-matter is Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew… And the Christians, that numerically are more in the country of MacDonald? Or is it that the fact that there are millions of morons who worship the god of the Jews has nothing to do with Jewish power in that country? Last year I quoted some words from Robert Morgan that are worth reciting:

Man has everywhere and at all times been a wolf to man. The big difference between Christians and others is that they lie about it, just as they lie about everything else. Case-in-point: The Christian apologists on this thread, who claim to be fighting Jews by worshiping a Jewish rabbi and calling him God. Needless to say, such people are residents of Crazy Town, with Kevin MacDonald as their mayor, and Andrew Joyce as his chief publicist and amanuensis.

But the problem is not Andrew Joyce or The Occidental Observer. It is the entire movement, and you must not have been born in the US to see something so obvious. I still remember Tom Sunic saying, after witnessing an evangelical event replete of pure whites in Alabama, that that was ‘worse than communism’—despite his sufferings in the communist Yugoslavia of Josip Broz Tito.

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Beyond myopia

One of the things that I liked about Richard Spencer’s recent eschatological speech about his country is that he recognises that what is at stake is the entire American paradigm.

If one reviews the sites of white nationalism, they are nearsighted. They try to locate the origin of white decline in the Jewish quarter without any substantial self-criticism about what caused the empowerment of Jewry in the first place. People like Tom Sunic have said, in public conferences full of white nationalists, that the Jews ‘did not fall from the Moon’, but that their empowerment was due to factors intrinsic to Western civilisation. The same I can say about Spencer. Unlike the endemic myopia in the movement, Spencer is an intellectual who has begun to see the big picture.

Spencer is a relatively isolated case. It is a pity that the other American intellectual who wasn’t myopic, Michael O’Meara, has retired from the forums of white nationalism. But if there is something irritating in the movement, it is for Christians to go out with specious arguments such as pondering whether Christianity is compatible with racialism, given the racial history of the United States at times when they seemed not to be fighting each other.

This is a specious argument as I said. This winter, for example, I suffered a terrible respiratory illness that, in my case, is chronic. The polluted air of Mexico City is killing me: and this shows more and more every winter.

It is silly to say that the capital’s air is compatible with health as apparently the contamination doesn’t affect my sister, with whom I live. Rational would be to recognise that the air is toxic, although at first it doesn’t affect everyone. Living in a toxic environment for health and saying that it isn’t toxic because the symptoms are not yet noticed is magical thinking. As magical as saying that Christianity hasn’t adversely affected us during every single historical stage of the West.

To have the god of the Jews as our god; obeying the precepts of a supposed new testament addressed to us gentiles (out of the pen of Jews, of course) and continuing to ignore Aryan history* is a formula for the continuing ethno-suicide. In fact, if we analyse it deeply, the ideology of white nationalists, in which I include secular webzines such as those by Johnson and MacDonald, is more in line with this continuous slip toward suicide than to what would be an authentic intellectual reaction against the American paradigm.

But at least someone like Spencer begins to glimpse that the problem has a much larger dimension than what myopics see in the movement.


(*) With the exception of Jake F., Arthur Kemp and an Englishman who sat on my right in one of the private meetings of the London Forum a few years ago, nobody I know properly values the only non-fiction book of Pierce.

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Confused nationalists

Recently I quoted Francis Parker Yockey: ‘The Jewish-American entity is Jewish as respects its head, American as respects its body… It will not surrender, since the very existence of Jewry is at stake, and the whole United States and its population is there to secure the existence of Jewry’.

My fundamental difference with white nationalism is the diagnosis of Aryan decline. White nationalists blame Jewry. Like Yockey, who was not a white nationalist, I say that it is the Americans who empower Jewry.

If white nationalists really wanted to get rid of the Jews, they would give up Jesus. Everything else is a non-starter. In other words, seek ye first the rejection of your enemy’s god and his ‘righteousness’, and the white ethno-state shall be added unto you.

But American white nationalists are extremely confused. As an example, see what Christian RamzPaul said today.

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