What’s wrong with these guys?

In the abstract of the YouTube video ‘The Death of Europe, with Douglas Murray’ we can read:

In this episode of Uncommon Knowledge, Peter Robinson is joined by author and columnist Douglas Murray to discuss his new book The Madness of Crowds: Race, Gender and Identity. Murray examines the most divisive issues today, including sexuality, gender, and technology, and how new culture wars are playing out everywhere in the name of social justice, identity politics, and intersectionality. Is European culture and society in a death spiral caused by immigration and assimilation? Robinson and Murray also discuss the roles that Brexit and the rise of populism in European politics play in writing immigration laws across the European Union.

This pair asks the right questions but their answers are deeply mistaken. What is wrong is that they speak as civilians instead of speaking as soldiers. In the darkest hour of the West, the Aryans should speak as soldiers, even if the fire is so intense outside the trenches that they can never go out to shoot a single shot. But they don’t talk like soldiers. Like Jared Taylor and others, they speak like gentlemen in peacetime.

Something wrong with the interviewee, Douglas Murray, is that he openly declared himself ‘gay’ (Newspeak for homo). This Briton outside the closet complains about the sexual suicide of the West in his second book, without realising that his community played a role in the folie en masse that degenerated in gender ideology.

Peter Robinson, the interviewer, compared the situation of the death of Europe with what a late British journalist said about the 5th century, and referred to St. Augustine and the Vandals. Robinson didn’t realize that Roman civilisation was already fatally corrupted due to Augustine and other Christians, and that the Germanic tribes represented the liberation of a degenerative stage of Semitic inspiration. (Later Justinian would perpetrate a true Holocaust of Germans, as I have been insisting in recent entries.)

Neither Robinson nor Murray realised that the madness of importing non-white masses into the West began as a religious crusade after the denazification of Germany, as a YouTuber explained in a censored video which transcript I later rescued for The Fair Race.

It is curious to listen to this pair of completely clueless pundits about what has happened in the West. If we use my metaphor, it is similar to that, as soon as they stepped on the first stepping-stone away from Normieland, they are afraid to continue stepping on other stones that lead to our side of the river. Robinson did well when comparing our century with the 5th century. But although Part I of The Fair Race perfectly answers his questions, including the essay of Judea against Rome, just as the white nationalists the pair is forever stuck within the river.

The final minutes of the video represented the weakest part of the interview. If Robinson asked me what should we do, I would answer: ‘The Aryans must amalgamate their minds with The Turner Diaries’, something like the new Koran that inspires them to re-conquer the West. But for a non-soldier that is unimaginable and highly sinful, including white nationalists like Greg Johnson who hate Pierce’s novel.

Today’s secular people prefer racial suicide before abandoning their beloved Christian ethics, or recognising that the West has been catastrophically wrong about Hitler.

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Two JFG podcasts

Update of 11: 45 pm

Below I mentioned yesterday’s podcast of Jean-François Gariépy. In his podcast today JFG interviewed Richard Spencer, who despite his imperfections is a much more mature figure than Nick Fuentes to lead racialist Americans.

JFG and Spencer touched on topics that interest us on this site, such as Judeo-Christianity—a term used by both—and the need to change the moral paradigm about the Third Reich, instead of believing that pure revisionism about the Holocaust will make a difference.

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In the recent ‘blood sport’ of Sargon of Akkad vs. Vaush, the latter brought out his anti-white ideology when saying he cares about a damn that some UK schools are 70 percent non-white. A YouTuber commented yesterday: ‘Just needed to get this off my chest after watching what is possibly the most insufferable debate I’ve ever seen’.

People like Vaush exemplify what I have said a lot of times: the Aryan problem is more serious than the Jewish problem, as it means betrayal of the white race by whites. And there are many, many whites like Vaush.

If there were no countless people like him, who claims to have Polish and Irish ancestry, the Jews would find themselves isolated in their anti-white campaign. It is traitor whites who empower them.

If Vaush tells the truth about his Polish and Irish ancestors, that means he was one of those typical Catholics who, when distancing themselves from the church, become ultraliberal. In the country where I live I have met many former Catholics who embrace ultraliberalism, which includes feminism, that not only affects Creole whites but mestizos and all the gamut between them (castizos, harnizos, etc.).

Fortunately, Jean-François Gariépy did a good job yesterday debunking Vaush.

As a side note I would like to say that a commenter has been complaining that I am not letting his comments pass. I do not have time to answer them. And it irritates me that, instead of complaining about my antichristianism, he doesn’t digest what was said in previous articles about the millions of Aryans holocausted by Justinian.

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The eleven books

To be perfectly honest, I think the collapse of the dollar will surprise me before I finish translating my eleven books.

Some chapters of the second, fourth and sixth books are already translated in Day of Wrath. But in Day of Wrath I omitted most of the autobiographical narrative: the axis of the eleven books.

One might believe that the hybrid autobiographical genre that I want to inaugurate has nothing to do with the preservation of the Aryan race that is currently in a state of assisted suicide with the Jewish quarter.

Nothing further from the truth.

The 1956 film Forbidden Planet describes how an advanced extraterrestrial civilisation succumbed to the ‘monsters of the Id’, that is, the demons of one’s own subconscious. This is precisely what has been happening in the West in the wake of World War II.

Whoever does not believe it must wonder how it is that even many American anti-Semites who apparently want to save their race continue to obey the New Testament commandments of the god of the Jews. And exactly the same can be said of secular racists, who are still cajoled by suicidal Christian ethics, as I explain in the first essay of Day of Wrath, ‘Dies Irae’.

The only way to understand such a bizarre phenomenon is to dive into the bottom of the abyss of one’s mind in search of those monsters of the Id.

Whoever gets to the bottom realises that the idea of God is linked to our internalised parents. If this is so, there is no way to apostatise from Judeo-Christianity unless we put our parents on the dock of the defendants, especially if they behaved abusively when we were kids.

For that reason I will begin tonight the translation of my books beginning, of course, with the first one, Carta a mamá Medusa (Letter to mom Medusa) which I started more than thirty years ago.

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Tuesday’s comment

by Haas

You’re not talking to yourself. The work you are doing is fantastic. I thought I was “redpilled” before I found this website a few months ago. Now I know that I was still asleep (or better yet, in a coma).

In fact, this website made me realize that there isn’t just one redpill but many. For example, it was through this website that I discovered the truth about Christianity. Before, I was a stupid White Nationalist who thought Christianity was a White religion. But reading the texts and watching the videos you recommend was like being hit by a bolt of lightning. After watching the Richard Carrier videos, I felt like a total idiot. The whole thing is just so obvious and staring at us in the face.

I’ve also really enjoyed these past few articles about women. What an eye opener! For someone used to the White Nationalist sex egalitarianism of Red Ice, this was really refreshing.

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of success redpilling normies with what I learn here. My strategy is to plant a seed in their minds that will make them doubt the garbage they’ve been fed their whole lives and then they come back to me asking for more. I’ve realized that it’s better to make them come to the conclusions themselves than to just feed them everything.

You’re right, this website is unique. Please continue.


______ 卐 ______


Editor’s response: Interestingly, I just saw Episode 3 of the last season of Game of Thrones and I thought that all the normies are like the zombies of the Battle of Winterfell. According to Sam in the previous episode, the target of the Night King is Bran as he represents the memories of his race. Those blue-eyed zombies fighting for the Night King are nothing else, I thought, than blue-eyed whites who have completely forgotten their past: empty shells fighting for ZOG.

It doesn’t seem to occur to white nationalists that they should read Pierce’s book about their own history. Or don’t we return to the world of the living when introducing basic info such as that a 6th-century emperor of a mud empire committed a holocaust of millions of Aryans?

The fact is that all whites, including those who fancy themselves as fighting the bad guys in WN forums, live in that perpetual night that Bran was talking about.

But the real world is worse than Episode 3. It’s as if, after WW2, the Night King had killed everyone except the Three-Eyed Raven and his pupil, Bran, as no one wants to see the remote past of their race…

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On ignoring the other side

In his article today Hunter Wallace said: ‘It was only in the years between 1935 and 1945 that American racial attitudes were transformed and that “racism” went viral and became stigmatized’.

I have no stomach to look now for the links in which, with strawmen, Wallace answered my question of how an anti-Semite white advocate is capable of worshiping the god of the Jews. (He responded by claiming that my question was ‘What is your perspective on Luther?’, something I never asked.) Since I am not an American, I would not mind that the Christian who in the US advocates the interests of his race ignores the content of this site. But the fact is that they also ignore other Americans who have taken Christianity to the dock with more incisive arguments than those of Connor Grubaugh, whom Wallace quotes.

Yes: anti-racism went viral when Wallace’s nation fought Germany. But Wallace does not seem to realise that the American Robert Morgan has been demonstrating in Unz Review that American anti-racism has much older roots (see for example the following posts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and also my collection of fifty-five quotes of ‘Jack Frost’: 10). All those posts in a nutshell: Anti-racism clearly dates back to the times of the American Civil War if not before: something that Wallace should know as he calls himself a southern nationalist.

Beyond Morgan’s controversy with the racialist Christians with whom Morgan discusses in Unz Review, the southern nationalist who overcomes the prejudice that the admin of this site is not American should weigh upon what I recently said in red letters in ‘The uniqueness of this site’. If this hypothetical American visitor wants to delve deeper into the subject, I suggest you read Part I of the PDF that is linked in the sticky post, as well as Ferdinand Bardamu’s criticism of Kevin MacDonald in that same PDF.

All of this is related to Christianity. But neither Wallace nor other Christians have tried to respond to this information. Why?

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Chaos is a ladder

Once I sit down to translate my books (about 1,600 pages) there is no turning back: my intellectual life will remain enslaved until I finish. That’s why I find myself fooling around this week ‘before throwing myself into the cold water’.

I said I wasn’t going to hear anything from TFM but I couldn’t resist the temptation to listen to a podcast of the previous year. I stopped listening at the time he talked about his tender ‘relationship’ with his sex doll, in which he even gave details of his ‘affective’ relationship with ‘her’.

Something similar I can say about what Andrew Anglin recommends today in ‘Manly [sic!] Advice: Do Not Spend the Holidays Trying to Redpill Your Family! Don’t Even Mention Politics!’

The attitude of Anglin and TFM is inconceivably feminine. A true Aryan man with principles would never do something as humiliating as getting a sex doll. And if someone says an aberration in a family reunion, we must correct her in front of everyone. In my case, not long ago, I promised myself not to sit at the table when my sisters are present, or a first cousin female, as they do not want me to speak about the JQ, politics or race. Instead of following Anglin’s ultra-feminised advice I will do the opposite: I won’t even sit with them at the Christmas table next month.

Not long ago one of my sisters simply got up and left, telling her teenage son to leave with her, when I wanted to correct her about a System lie about Richard Wagner and the lachrymose narrative of the Jewish question. My white first cousin got up a few years ago when I talked about the IQ of blacks and brown Mexicans. And my other sister complained behind my back that she doesn’t want me to touch the sexist/racial issue again as I did when talking about an Alfonso Cuarón movie in front of a Catholic priest, who was having dinner with us.

When the Wagner scene occurred I made things clear: my pseudo-family has the right to get up so as not to hear me, but I have the right not to sit at their table again. (They’ll never change their attitude with me; they’ll never listen to my reasons.)

Anglin and TFM although they sound like men, are, in fact, tremendously feminised. A true man does not allow any woman to monopolise a family’s narrative or masturbate with a doll. If family members don’t want to listen, one simply has to stop seeing them and prepare for the revolution. And this can also be said about racist pessimists, as it is always possible to do something, even as a disinherited individual.

In Game of Thrones the character Lord Petyr Baelish, popularly called Littlefinger, is not my favourite. But his biography arc shows a kind of ruthless man to achieve his goals that currently does not exist in the racialist world. Below, Littlefinger describing his philosophy of manipulation at a time when he was allied to the evil King Joffrey:

As a GoT fan said in one of my recent links, the ‘climb’ is a metaphor for achieving power, and the ladder—chaos—is how Littlefinger climbs. When things are in disarray it allows him to manipulate so that he is ahead. Chaos means the great houses overlook his birth, because they need him. It means they are weakened, so they are brought more to his level. Chaos provides opportunities for him to advance, because there are problems to be solved.

I am quoting this because, instead of the pessimism from some racialist quarters, this is the attitude we must have if we take into account that the convergence of catastrophes could open a window of opportunity to climb the ladder away from our PC family. (Remember, Littlefinger had no family either.)

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Führer quote

The priests of antiquity were closer to nature, and they sought modestly for the meaning of things. Instead of that, Christianity promulgates its inconsistent dogmas and imposes them by force. Such a religion carries within it intolerance and persecution. It’s the bloodiest conceivable.

Hitler’s Table Talk, pages 322-323

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Talking to myself

Although there are only a few commenters on this site, I am surprised that nobody has said anything about feminism in my last two posts (both posts link the TFM article that I published a couple of years ago).

Just as the people of MGTOW are degenerates who don’t want to realise that the revolutionary wing of racism—let’s have The Turner Diaries as a paradigm—would solve the feminist psychosis, racists don’t seem to want to know the world beyond the WN’s provincial literature.

I have observed this attitude in other areas, such as the laziness of white nationalists to educate themselves about the financial collapse that is coming, or that there are pseudo-sciences taught in universities, such as psychiatry. If we take Hitler as a model of what a 21st-century racist should be, the man had knowledge of music, painting and architecture that are uncommon among contemporary racists.

One of the reasons for pessimism among some racists is to ignore not only the Austrian school economy, but a whole body of research on how oil is running out in the planet. If the elites do not find an alternative source of energy, millions will begin to die in underdeveloped countries: something that would influence our worldview, as it will be obvious that Christian ethics inflated the demographic bubble.

If, instead of the degeneration of ‘marrying’ sex dolls the people of MGTOW created a bridge to our side of the Rubicon, it would cheer them up because the holy racial wars would restore patriarchy. Remember the subtitle of my 2011 post, ‘How will the Castilian Wolf deal with Little Red Riding Hoods after the crash’. On the other hand, if today’s incel racists knew that their lack of wife is not their fault, but that the culprit is the third feminist wave (TFM already begins to talk of the fourth wave), that information would help their self-esteem.

But it seems that in my imaginary Rubicon there are islets of stranded people who do not want to cross over to the other side of the immense river, nor have contact with other men who are stranded in other islets.

It is not enough for someone to call my attention to the fact that Daily Stormer does publish anti-feminist articles as even they, or other Christians, do not want to argue with me about the Christian Question. For example, ‘Christianity’s Criminal History #124’ received no comments despite mentioning in bold type the 5 million figure of a Holocaust perpetrated by Justinian during his anti-German wars. Last week I cited this data in the comments section of Unz Review but no Christian wanted to argue with me.

In many ways I am talking to myself. I will stop doing it because I will begin, this week, to translate my books into English. This means that posting here will be reduced to a minimum.

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Whose arc is it that will move?

I have not finished with what I said about TFM in one of my posts from the previous Friday.

To write the text ‘Turd Flinging Monkey’s views quoted and paraphrased by C.T.’, most of October 2016 I had to listen to many of TFM videos and I wrote down what I was listening in two notebooks. When I finished my first notebook, I began to write down what I was listening in another notebook. Even there I filled dozens of pages with my calligraphy: notes that helped me to elaborate the comparatively short text linked above. In one of my unpublished notes I wrote down something worth mentioning today.

In one of his videos, ‘Two Steps Forward, One Step Back’, TFM said that if all men died and women could still conceive, society would degenerate as all matriarchal societies do. He added that empowering a woman is like giving a gun to a child. However, that is not what I wanted to talk about but what he says about us: something much more serious.

I have always complained about the ‘Empire of the yin’, in the sense that today’s Aryans behave like the Eloi blonds with Weena when she was drowning in a scene of The Time Machine, a 1960 film. What I had not understood is that the extreme feminisation of men today is due to environmental causes. See the section ‘The biological origins of patriarchy and feminism’ within the text linked above where the chimpanzee society, in which patriarchy reigns, is contrasted with the bonobo society in which matriarchy reigns.

The Eloi had everything: food, easy sex and a fair climate. In the aforementioned video TFM said that French revolutionaries rebelled because they were starving, but that human beings in general give a damn about politics.

That is very true. I have always suspected that the Westerners of today are not worse than those of before but that, having perennial bread and circus, they behave like the Eloi—in the real world, like the bonobo. Remember that the bonobos were originally chimpanzees, but were stranded in a privileged and isolated region of Congo where they didn’t have to compete with gorillas. Through the millennia they changed genetically from a dimorphic species to a species where the male is physically similar to the female.

The fundamental difference between the bonobo and the human society is that the earthly paradise of the bonobo can last millennia, while the human matriarchy of today will only last a few more years. The reason for this is that in our species matriarchy goes against nature, as Homo sapiens is a dimorphic species. Remember, ‘To understand the West’s darkest hour we must keep in mind that to reach a feminist society two things are required: abundance of resources and absence of external threats. It is my belief that both will be inverted in the aftermaths of a hyperinflated dollar and the subsequent misbehavior of blacks in America’s big cities. The flaw of the anti-white system is that the welfare state has produced a milieu of false abundance’.

Of the four modes of which I have spoken elsewhere (happy mode, angry mode, combat mode and killing mode), I already find myself in the latter while the vast majority of Westerners are in the former. That is the reason why this site receives few visits compared to other racialist sites. I am a creature of pure hatred while most of white nationalists do not think in revolutionary terms, not even as a purely academic exercise.

That has to do with the environment of course. My biographical past in Mexico was as brutal as the chimpanzee society in Africa. The gringos north of the Río Grande live in a privileged zone. But soon our barbarism will reach the whole West whose blonds, after WW2, live in an Elysian island equivalent to the bonobo paradise.

In other words we belong to very different psychoclasses. And in the next few years it will not be me who speaks more civilly and demurely, approaching the chivalry of a Jared Taylor. During the convergence of catastrophes it will be you who will gradually move from happy mode to combat mode. It will not be WDH’s arc what will move toward your side. It will be WN whose arc will be moving towards us and the characters in the novels of Pierce and Covington.

Winter is coming, and you don’t stand a chance unless the Eloi become killing machines again and your Weenas birthing machines…

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Turd Flinging Monkey

Turd Flinging Monkey (TFM) is a YouTuber who creates content for the community known as Men Going Their Own Way that advocates for the revoking of women’s ‘rights’. His unusual penname has to do with a clip in which a zoo chimpanzee throws a piece of his stool at humans. In one of his videos (or rather audios) TFM explains that his penname is perfect because men are unable to change the anti-male System, and the only thing they can do is complain on social media, like the chimpanzee locked up in the zoo.

A previous version of The Fair Race includes the text that is currently linked on the sidebar, in the words ‘Women understood: here’, where I used TFM’s work to understand the sexuality of women and men.* It is a brilliant essay that makes us understand feminism beyond what, in the forums of white nationalism, we can read in the work of F. Roger Devlin. If I do not include it in the latest version of The Fair Race, it is because TFM is a degenerate who has a sex doll at home as a substitute for a flesh-and-blood woman.

But I understand TFM and the MGTOWs who follow those steps so as not to fall into a rigged system that takes away their property and children in divorce courts: a system that did not exist when I was a child. (One of the things I mention in my autobiographical book is a memory from the mid-1960s when my dad told me and another kid that divorce cases didn’t exist.) The flaw of that group and the Incel community consists in that, like the white nationalists, they are not discussing the racial revolution, as recovering Western nations means recovering white women.

Although the text in which I collect the ideas of TFM does not appear in the latest version of The Fair Race (or in the PDF of the sticky post), it is vital to read it. The welfare state is mentioned several times. According to TFM, feminism was ultimately responsible for the emergence of the welfare state. This is pivotal to understand the runaway feminism of our days. Except for personalities as opposed as Andrew Anglin and Roger Devlin, very few racialists have a profound grasp about the anti-white ravages that feminism causes in the West.

TFM is a professional when it comes to feminism; Devlin and Anglin mere dilettantes. Although TFM’s analyses are deeper than Anglin’s and even Devlin’s, there is another flaw in the worldview of the Incels, MGTOW in general and TFM in particular. None seems to know exactly how feminism originated. Evropa Soberana and Robert Morgan have tried to ponder at the root of the whole issue, blaming civilisation and technology respectively. But a technological civilisation does not need to reject patriarchy with the anti-male vindictiveness of the third feminist wave, unless it is contaminated by another factor.

‘Why Europeans must reject Christianity’, an essay by Ferdinand Bardamu that does appear in the latest edition of The Fair Race, begins with these words:

The disease of Christianity. The classical philologist Revilo P. Oliver once described Christianity as a “spiritual syphilis.” The musician Varg Vikernes said Christianity was a “problem to be solved by medical science.” He described it as an “HIV/AIDS of the spirit and mind.” Only the paradigm of sexually transmitted disease can shed light on the true nature of the Christian religion.

In the case of syphilis, there is a latency period. This is analogous to the growth and spread of Christianity across the Roman empire, until the reign of Constantine in the early 4th century. The symptoms of syphilitic infection increase in severity, leading to a plethora of life-threatening consequences. The neurological and cardiovascular degeneration caused by syphilis weaken the body of the host. If the infection continues without medical intervention, death ensues. In similar fashion, Christianity weakens and then destroys the state through proliferation of its most degenerate Christian-derived ideologies, such as liberalism, socialism and feminism [emphasis added].

It seems to me that Bardamu is closer to the truth than Soberana and Morgan. As we never saw a victorious Hitler, we cannot know if the project of a patriarchal civilisation throughout the Third Reich would have succumbed to feminism. I doubt it very much! Following Bardamu, I believe that current feminism is more a product of the terminal stage of Christianity, which is a secular phase, than of Western civilisation itself.

To those who have read the sidebar text and wish to delve into the matter, I suggest a recent interview of some Frenchmen with TFM. Just as I ‘translated’ the TFM audios into text, these Frenchmen translated TFM’s philosophy in the interview in English (here) into an audio in French (here).

Remember these words that I have quoted more than once: ‘We don’t stand a chance unless our men become killing machines and our women birthing machines’. Reclaiming the West means not only that we become men again (like George Lincoln Rockwell). It also means that women should become women again.

Update of 8:47 pm:

It is not surprising to me how the people who have a good grasp of a field of knowledge are perfectly sane but, in other fields, they go become completely bananas.

I refer not only to racialists who see absolutely nothing wrong with feminism (they are crazy, of course), but to MGTOWs like TFM who see nothing wrong with the ongoing destruction of whites throughout the West.

None notice that the egalitarianism they fight (racial equality / gender equality) is only one facet of a geometric body greater than the single facet they are focusing on.

This day for example I listened to other TFM audios and realised that this guy doesn’t see anything wrong with a third facet of what we may call the trinitarian god of today: sexual orientation. He said he sees nothing wrong even with extreme sexual practices of people who, literally, like that the sexual partner ‘shits on you’. In other words, for TFM the current god of egalitarianism of racial and sexual preferences is okay. He only revolts against one person of today’s Holy Trinity: gender egalitarianism.

In another recent audio TFW talked about an Ethiopian immigrant who murdered his wife. He didn’t specify whether the wife was white, but TFM sided with the Negro because of the simple fact that he is a man! He is unable to digest that, with their spouses, blacks commit more abuse than whites.

It is not even clear that TFM is white. In one of his not-so-recent audios in Bitchute, ‘News: Unite The Clans (TFM 42O)’, he talked about the post-war Nazis as if they were the bad guys. The image he chose for that program is two muscular arms shaking hands: one of a white and one of a black. TFM said:

This is a call to put aside racial prejudices… We need to stop isolating ourselves as men. We need to stop dividing ourselves along racial lines because women got their shit together.

Although I won’t listen to this guy again, I still recommend the PDF on the sidebar.

(*) I used strong colours in the images that appear in the text so that, when printing the PDF at home, the images appear well demarcated.

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